Why Pastors Lie

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This Article Will (or it certainly should) Shock You!

  First, you should read all of the articles regarding the Apostate Church on this Web site so you can grasp the deeper aspects of how pastors trick people into thinking their church is Christian when it clearly is not Christian... based on that church's true fruit!

  1. Pastors lie because they have been lied to when they obtained their Divinity Degree from the School of Prostitution - the typical apostate bible-teaching college.  When the pastor graduates he too is tricked into thinking, believing, acting and operating a church that is not at all like the Early Church of the New Testament.  The Bible warned they would be deceived and go about deceiving others, didn't it?  Well, welcome to the world.  Satan has tricked the pastors and they in turn trick the flock.  The system works like a charm.  It tricked you!  It tricked me!  It fools most everyone, especially all those churchgoers who choose to ignore apostasy.

  2. Pastors lie because they are Purpose-Driven Liars!  Strong words, yes they are.  Jesus had strong insulting words to those posing to be religiously righteous while all along they were snakes, hypocrites, liars, cheats, deceivers, haters, burdensome and sons of the devil.  Go read what Jesus said to those who deceive the flock of God.

  3. The prophets of the Old Testament spoke boldly against the false prophets deceiving the people.  They were watchman!  The fact is today Christians are horrifically shy, scared, terrified and frightened to upset their pastor!  They go along with false teachings for fear of being excommunicated from their church or being criticized by other churchgoers.  This is the hellish formula pastors have implemented inside their churches to remove all resistance to him.

  4. The apostate pastor wants you to obey him, not Jesus.  Shocking!  That is correct.  You will notice that pastors never to rarely ever give sermons about obeying the commands of Jesus.  Even the entire chapter of James is never preached! To witness and bear much good fruit for the Lord is avoided.  Pastors preach fables, stories, lies and blend it together with excerpts from the true Gospel to add credibility to their false speeches and teachings. 

  5. If you dare speak out against an apostate pastor and his apostate church and his apostate operating system he will boldly declare you an enemy of the church and the enemy of God.  This lie is believed by churchgoers that the pastor has special God-given power and authority over the flock of God.  Jesus said a pastor would be a servant, but the pastors lie and have become masters of the flock!  None dare speak out against him. 

  6. Pastors lie to promote their own agenda, over and beyond God's agenda.  Most every program promoted by a pastor serves his own personal purpose.  Money is collected and spent on all sorts of things.  When was the last time your pastor purchased thousands of tracts and gave them to the congregation to pass out?  You see, reaching the lost is not the pastor's agenda.  But it is God's will, desire and commandment to us to obey it.

  7. Attending church today is like attending a "museum of tolerance" where the pastor tolerates every sort of sin inside his church.  The Early Church never tolerated sinners to attend their meetings!  They even had discipline and evicted those who persisted in sin.  When did your pastor evict a sinner from his church?  Your pastor lies teaches "church is for sinners" but the Apostles scream loudly it is not so!  Pastors lie for the sole purpose to increase their church membership and they do so accusing the Apostles to also be liars.  Your pastor advertises for new church members and thieves, murderers, con-artist, rapists, etc., arrive and sit near you casing you and your family out for their next crime.  Read the newspapers of their crimes against church members!  Your pastor does not not guard, warn or protect the flock.  In fact, he is dangerous!


  Pastors lie to enrich themselves by taking your tithe money.  That is the dominating reason pastors create lies.  They crave and desire to make merchandise of you, just as the Bible warned you of them!


  1. Pastors create a lie by creating a church building that they personally own and operate then claiming God lives in that house and you should come inside to worship God.  This is a total and complete lie.  The Bible says and God says He does not live inside any building made by man.  it's and old trick and you need to stop falling for it.

  2. Most pastors live better than the members attending their church.  Many are very wealthy living in gated communities and driving expensive cars, boats, aircraft, etc.  These pastors steal tithe money for themselves!  You should cut these pastors off from those funds.  The Bible never says to give money to a pastor or to support him 100% in all his financial needs and dealings.  The pastor lies because he is a leach, bleeding the financial life-blood from his subjects.  He has no Biblical (or moral) right to collect a tithe.  He is not a priest and he has no temple.  Go read your Bible.

  3. Pastors make you think you know the Bible, but most Christians don't know how to read their own Bible.  Pastors interpret it falsely and then divide the Word of God in error with great deception.


  Any Christian could see the Great Apostasy if they only read their Bibles and compared what is Biblical to what they see and experience today inside their church!


  1. Pastors lie to keep you off balance and to prevent you from going forth to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  He will never teach you how to go save the lost.  He will only teach you how to get another person to come to his church!  You don't see pastors working the streets trying to share the Gospel of Jesus to the lost.  They hide inside their churches preaching bold things behind closed doors.  The world never hears their voice beyond those church doors and even television broadcasts follow the same "church formula."  Only Christians watch Christian TV so the great majority of the lost stay lost.  Why?  Because pastors do not care to reach the lost. 


  There are few pastors today who actually take the Great Commission seriously.  For those who do, a big THANK  YOU to you for remaining faithful - James Russell


  1. Pastors lie because they refuse to tell the truth.  Pastors lie because they do not know the truth.  Pastors lie because they are blinded to he truth and Jesus said if you follow the blind leader he will lead you to a pit and you will fall down with him.  This is exactly what is going on today.  Millions of churchgoers are following their pastor, not Jesus.  They follow and obey their pastor blindly.  The pit awaits them.  They were warned, but they choose to honor their lying pastor and worship him instead of the living God.  They have religion, but it is not Biblical so it is all in vain.

  2. The pastor lies to get you side-tracked away from the Biblical God, the Biblical Jesus, the Bible period.  He will even use a lying Bible and call it the true Bible.  Many pastors never use the King James Version, and even those that do distort it.

  3. Pastors lie because if they don't lie they will be reprimanded, transferred and yes, even fired.  They are hirelings!  Even those who own their own churches must appease their flock or they will leave him, so he compromises constantly the true Gospel to preach a counterfeit gospel.  This fake gospel is a gospel that uses the true Gospel, but never entirely teaches all of what the true Gospel teaches or commands Christians to do.  It's like tearing the pages out of the true Gospel to make a new crippled, fake gospel.  Pastors are professional liars!

  4. A pastor lies in every sermon.  If you had Apostate Eyes you would fall over hearing the blasphemies being preached in the pulpit, on TV and in books written by pastors.  The swirling lies are like tornadoes enveloping the entire so-called Christian churches sweeping up everyone in the whirlwind of destruction.  Few are going to heaven, very few.  Only those who obey God.  Today, to obey God, you must disobey your pastor.  The lie is that pastors make you believe you are going to heaven when you are actually going to hell.  It is a satanic trick.  Don't fall for it.

  There are many lies pastors tell, way too many to print here!  We are planning soon to publish a neat handbook called, The Apostasy Devotional.  It is the first book of its kind ever written and it is direly needed today. 


Apostasy DevotionalGet the Book - click here.

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