What You Need To Know About Muslims

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What You Need to Know About Muslims

Everything you read here is true.  What you don't know about Muslims will harm you!

1. You will never see a Muslim child playing along with non-Muslim children.  Muslims consider all non-Muslims as "infidels" worthy of death.  That is precisely what their Qur'an (Koran) teaches all Muslims.  You need to read the Qur'an... I boiled it down to one page "Islam - The Terrible Religion of War" click here.  Read the Qur'an for yourself.

"Muslims use the threat of terror to silence the media and the citizens with fear and intimidation and it works, then the Muslims go to work to destroy the nation and take it over for Islam.  Silence is a weapon of mass destruction in the Muslims' hand."

2.  Muslims despise dogs.  You will not see a Muslim family even pet a neighbor's dog.  The Muslim considers the dog to be a filthy animal like pigs and not to be touched or it will defile them.  So the Muslim next door will not pet your dog for they will despise it just as they will despise you for being an infidel non-Muslim.  Keep your dog on a leash!

"The word Islam means submission!"

3.  Muslims will not integrate into society when they immigrate into a non-Muslim country.  They will always form micro-communities full of Muslims with their own criminal element with cruel Muslim Sharia and Muslim Blasphemy laws with Honor Killings.

4.  Muslims will build a mosque and will teach their Qur'an to the Muslim children and any new converts.  Will these converts be radicalized?  If you read the Qur'an you will discover there is no such thing as a non-radicalized Muslim.  They will be taught to hate Jews, Christians and everyone who is not a Muslim and they will be encouraged to enslave, tax and kill them.  Now you know why Muslim children are not permitted to be friends with your children.

"I read the Qur'an and I was shocked at what this so-called religion teaches hatred, war, slavery, submission, death and misery to all who are not Muslims.  The Qur'an teaches the Muslim to take over the world for Allah and to kill the infidels to do so.  This is not a peaceful religion it is a war machine.  You need to read the Qur'an and tell others what is really going on."

5.  The Muslim Qur'an teaches that a Muslim can not be a friend of any non-Muslims.  Now you know why you don't see Muslims hanging out with you or other non-Muslims in society.  Islam is a religion of hatred toward all non-Muslims (the Qur'an says so!).  It never says to love non-Muslims. 

6.  There are illegal alien Muslims in every country in the world.  The Mohammadans (Muslims) move in to plant Islamic communities within a nation with a specific goal to eventually take over that nation (yes, it is in the Qur'an).  You are seeing this "take-over" in Sweden, Europe and the United Kingdom and in Africa and now in the USA.  It all begins with one Muslim moving into a neighborhood and soon the neighborhood residents are selling and moving out.  Don't believe it?  Just watch it happen before your very eyes when the Muslims arrive in your town!  Suddenly a huge Islamic presence is in town expanding and growing rapidly.  They will not assimilate, they will want their own Islamic laws to be enacted, then the demonstrations and terror begins.

"Muslims are always unhappy.  Always angry.  Always upset.  Never satisfied."

7.   Islamic women will walk around in your town as if they are in a Muslim nation.  They will wear Islamic clothing.  They will not be like the typical American woman in high-heels and fashionable clothing.

8.  Suddenly, you will see Islamic terrorist activities in and around the Mosque and in the Muslim community.  No wonder considering what they teach inside those Mosques!  No religion in the world except Islam actively teaches hatred for people and to conduct acts of terrorism!  Only Islam "commands" Muslims to convert infidels to Islam or kill them.  Islam teaches Muslims to take over nations and destroy those nations for Islam.

9.  Ignorant people believe Muslims serve and worship the same God as other religions.  This is not true.  Muslims serve Allah who is the Islamic Moon God.  He is not the God of the Bible.

"Politicians are baffled when Muslims riot and commit terrorist acts, but if they read the Qur'an it would be clear as day as to what Muslims do and terrorist attacks would be expected.  A good Muslim must wage Jihad against all unbelievers.  Problem is, politicians are ignorant of the evil ways of Islam confounding them into vulnerable positions of trusting the enemy in the gates of the city."

10.  Muslims are taught to despise everyone who loves the Holy Bible.  It is in their Qur'an.

11.  Our deceived politicians and news media are stubborn fools.  They keep teaching that Islam is a loving and peaceful religion.  One only need read the Qur'an to expose this horrific lie!  Don't be fooled.  Islam is dangerous to the people of the entire world.

12.  Watch the news on television and keep your eyes peeled on terrorist activity.  It will be Islamic related in one way or another.  Jihad is "on" and has been turned on for hundreds of years.  This war is a Jihad religious war of Muslims demanding local, regional and world dominance.  Yes, the Qur'an teaches Muslims must "enslave" "tax" "kill" the non-Muslim and take over the entire world for Allah.  The very word Islam means "submission" and if you do not submit Muslim terrorism will haunt you until you do.

"Muslims cry out, 'Death to America!  Death to the Great Satan!' because they hate this non-Muslim country."

13.  Most Muslims in the world live in deep poverty and are sorely uneducated and are taught by their religious leaders (Imam's) horrific things about Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims according to their Qur'an.  They use these poor souls to indoctrinate their poisonous hatred to such degrees they will commit suicide for Allah.  Yes, they are taught that to kill you the killer will go to heaven!  No other religion teaches such atrocities.  Many believe Islam is not a true religion for it condones horrific bloodshed of innocent people, the chopping off of heads and crucifixion of all non-Muslims... and that means, YOU

14.  Traveling to any Islamic nation is absolute stupidity.  There you will have no rights and Muslims will kidnap you and cut your head off which they do in a slow and painful manner.  They do it often enough to alarm the sensible man to not travel in Islamic areas.  You have been warned.  There are videos on the Internet showing Americans being kidnapped, hog-tied and slowly beheaded with a knife with the man or woman screaming in horror.  To a Muslim, this is good and acceptable and commanded to be performed by the Qur'an.  In London, England citizens can't even enter Muslim communities without fear of being attacked.  They let the Muslims in and now the Muslim is taking over.

"There is no possible way a Muslim can honestly recite the Oath of Allegiance to be a US citizen.  Islam's beliefs is based on the Qur'an which is 100% contrary to... 'that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic;...'  so how come Muslims are still infiltrating the USA?  Who is allowing the Muslims to immigrate here as false citizens who can not honor or even faithfully take the Oath of Allegiance to this nation?  Think about that!" 


"I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the armed forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God."

"The Muslim is bearing arms against the United States when he donates money to support Muslim Jihad as the Qur'an commands him to do so.  Islam is not compatible to the US Constitution.  It is not a true religion, it is a religion in disguise as a political power with world submission to Islam and Muslim domination as its goal."

15.  Don't you fall for these Islamic sympathizers saying Islam is a wonderful and loving religion.  It is anything but sheer monstrous hatred of all non-Muslims.  Don't you believe it when Muslims say terrorists have hijacked their religion, that Islam is a peaceful religion.  Nonsense!  Read the Qur'an for yourself.  It is the Muslim holy book.  Any Muslim who is not out killing non-Muslims is not a real Muslim according to the Qur'an, but is an apostate Muslim (a Muslim who does not obey the Qur'an).  A terrorist is a "good Muslim" and that is what the Qur'an reveals and it commands Muslims to terrorize non-Muslims in order that they will fear and submit to Muslims. 

There is no way a Muslim can recite with honesty the common American Pledge of Allegiance... "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."  The Qur'an preaches, teaches and commands disobedience to the pledge.

16.  Islam is dangerous to your freedom!  It is an old religion that can not co-exist in the modern world.  It needs to dominate all humans on the planet for it to be satisfied.  This Islamic terror will not cease as long as Muslims obey their Qur'an.

"Visit the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Website and read for yourself if a Muslim can faithfully take even this Naturalization Oath of Allegiance.  They can't, according to the Qur'an, but tens of thousands of Muslim each year are still permitted to become citizens and this is wrong, wrong, wrong!  Even treason to permit this!"

17.  Nothing can stop the Islamic Invasion except converting Muslims to Christianity.  Laugh as you may, but you will seen no other device or method under the sun that works other than a Muslim converting to Christianity.  Of course, the Qur'an specifies death to anyone who turns from Islam to become a Christian.  You'll never convert them all, but you can try at least to reach some as they will convert.  And the one that converts may just be a future terrorist that is saved, which in turn you may even have saved your own life from his terrorist act.  Gospel tracts is still a great way to reach all unsaved persons, use them!

18.  The peaceful Mosque in town is not peaceful.  Behind the scenes hate is preached and money changes hands which finds it way into terrorist hands to buy bullets and bombs to kill non-Muslims. Those bullets and bombs kill our soldiers and fill our cemeteries. The Qur'an teaches a non-combative Muslim must financially support combative Muslims.  You need to read the Qur'an for yourself to believe what it teaches Muslims.  You can get one at a public library or a used bookstore for less than a dollar.  This way you are not paying retail price supporting a Muslim publisher with book sales.

"Muslims are now being elected to political positions and are swearing in holding a Qur'an in their hand instead of the traditional Holy Bible.  How can this abomination happen?  That Qur'an is saying to the Muslims to overthrow this nation and enslave it for Islam. Think about that.  This is absurd stupidity to allow this to occur.  Have we become a nation of ludicrous silent and tolerant fools?"

19.  Many Muslims purchase gasoline stations and operate these successful businesses to finance their Mosque and the world domination Muslim agenda.  You would be wise to walk inside these gas stations and look and ask who owns the gas station, specifically asking if Muslims own it.  You can then decide to continue doing business with the Muslims or to buy your fuel elsewhere.  Other Muslim businesses are budget motels, Taiwan restaurants (the Islamic Asian Muslim) liquor and variety stores, car washes and other businesses.  Find out who owns these businesses before you habitually patronize them.

"Each gallon of gas you purchase from a Muslim-owned gas station may be buying a bullet for a Muslim to kill our soldiers because a Muslim must support Jihad financially according to the Qur'an.  You must become conscientious and patriotic by being careful of who you are doing business with.  Don't buy gas just because it is cheaper at a Muslim gas station or you will pay a heavy penalty indeed.  I rather pay more for my fuel and keep my freedom and save our soldiers lives."

20.  Remember, YOU are the enemy of the religion of Allah.  YOU are a target by Muslims to be enslaved or killed.  That is the teachings and beliefs of Muslims... all Muslims!  Even the nice Muslim family that lives next door?  You betcha.  Just read their Qur'an to see exactly what these people believe.  You will clearly see that you and your entire family are marked for death or slavery if you do not convert to become a Muslim.  The Qur'an teaches it.  So, do not let your guard down when you see Muslims moving into your town. 

"America has a Red Cross charity and bails out and helps Muslims in their time of need such as natural disasters.  But did you know that Islam has their own international Red Cross charity and they use it only for Muslims.  You will never see that Muslim Red Cross in America helping non-Muslims in our time of need.  Why?  Because the Qur'an teaches the Muslim must despise, enslave, tax and kill non-Muslims not save them!" 

21.  What you read here is hate speech, but not by me.  It is what the Muslims teach from their holy book the Qur'an.  It is the Muslims who practice hate speech, hate teach and hateful Jihad wars.  Watch the television news and  you will see the Muslims murdering thousands of people, starting wars and demonstrating for more Muslim rights to continue their carnage upon the face of this earth.  The truth is in the Qur'an for it demands Muslims to kill all non-Muslims.  There is no such thing as a peace-loving Muslim.  They may appear to be peaceful, but they are silently working for your destruction one way or another to further the cause of Islam.  A Muslim is permitted to do wrong and even to do evil to obey his Qu'ran.  Beware of all Muslims!

22.  A Muslim joins the military in a non-Muslim country.  When Muslims create acts of war against that country the Muslim soldier will claim "conscientious objector for an unjust war" because he would be now joining infidels to kill Muslims.  Even though these violent Muslims are terrorists!  Just look at the Ft. Hood killings and other Muslim attempts to kill US solders.  So where's the justice?  Did not these Muslim immigrant soldiers promise to serve?  They want the money and benefits, but they will not defend America from its enemies because the enemy is a Muslim.

"Never forget devout, faithful Qur'an-loving Muslims attacked the Twin Towers and the Pentagon!"

Example:  Naser Jason Abdo, a Muslim in the US Army, planned to assault Fort Hood soldiers at a restaurant with a bomb.  In court he shouted, "Nidal Hasan - Fort Hood 2009."  What does this mean?  It means full well that Muslims in the military can not be trusted as they will turn traitor and attack their fellow soldiers.  As you know, Nidal Hasan killed numerous soldiers at Fort Hood.  Newspapers are full of these stories of Muslims killing innocent people for the religion of Islam.   

23.  And if you think of the world when it is finally taken over by Muslims there will be peace on Earth... think again!  The Muslims kill each other with a vengeance.  They hate each other!  You will see in the television news these peace-loving Muslims use suicide bombing against Muslims.  Where there are Muslims there is strife, poverty, slavery, death and destruction.  It's because their religion condones it. 

"Muslims are doomed to failure.  Revelations in the Bible says the King of the South will be annihilated by a massive European counter attack."

24.  If you say anything bad about a Muslim they will threaten you with death. That's how they "intimidate" the media and our politicians to say nice things about them!  So, the truth is silenced so the Muslim agenda proceeds unimpeded.   Be silent.  Do not object as Muslims kill, kill, kill.  Are you silent?  Have you lost your freedom of speech for fear of Muslims? 

25.  What is frightening?  Islam is a fast growing religion in the world and it is the most heartless, brutal and murderous religion ever created.  Detroit, Michigan is the "headquarters" of Islam in the USA and now they are inviting Muslims to stage "International" Muslim events in Dearborn, Michigan and Washington DC.  From Detroit they are now setting up "new" Muslim establishments all across America building Mosques (which are actually forts of conquests) as they go.  This is the same pattern and system used for centuries in other countries where Muslims have "conquered" the lands for Islam.  Muslims are emboldened to claim they will overrun America.  What we are seeing now is just the beginning phase of the invasion of Muslims in America.  Our politicians are terrified to stop this invasion.  That is why they say Islam is a religion of love and peace.  Don't be fooled by Muslims and spineless politicians and media sympathizers with the Muslims!  If you read the Qur'an they will not be able to fool you.

"Only Islam teaches Muslims to commit horrible crimes against humanity killing innocent people including women and children.  No other religion has a perpetual war upon mankind except Muslims."

26. There is a high number of "illegal Muslims" immigrating to America along with legal Muslims being allowed to immigrate by the President of the United States and Congress opening the doors to hard-core Middle East Muslims of which many have terrorist contacts and are actually terrorists themselves.  In 2011 three-hundred Muslim terrorists were let into this country legally and now they are being hunted down to be deported.  But why are Muslims being allowed to come here in the first place?  Even Europe is warning us not to do it as they have already learned that Muslims will not integrate and try to take over the country they live in as "their Muslim country" so we need to be aware of the Muslim agenda and their real intentions.  They are on a mission to dominate the world for Islam.  They even admit it for it is in their Qur'an to do so for their Allah.  Yes, to enslave and kill all those who are not Muslim!

"As an infidel you are the target to be killed by a Muslim!"

27.  Muslims will claim that only a tiny percentage of Muslims are violent extremist terrorists and that 99% are peaceful.  Of course they are peaceful when they are in the minority.  That is the plan Islam uses to take the guard down of those whom they plan to conquer.  It is not a small minority crying out in demonstrations "kill the Jews" and "Death to America" and entire Muslim nations doing this.  It is important for you to know the truth of exactly what is a Muslim.  A Muslim believes in and follows the Qur'an, their holy book.  That is what a Muslim is.  That Qur'an teaches horrors of murder and killing of all people who do not convert to become a Muslim.  That is what a Muslim is so don't be fooled.  Read the Qur'an yourself so no Muslim can trick you.  A good Muslim must kill innocent people or support those who do the killing, which most Muslims prefer to do to stay low on the radar especially when living in a non-Muslim nation where laws of murder are always ready to imprison them for their crimes.  Read the Qur'an! and Shout out Loud the warning to others of the dangers of Islam and Muslims.  How about Muslims running through the streets in Africa with machetes chopping up people (men, woman, children, babies, elderly people) who are not Muslims?  The Muslims who seek to destroy Israel are also the Muslims who want to destroy America.  It is not a small minority, not at all. 

"The Muslim Qur'an demands Muslims to kill Jews, Christians and all infidels!"

28.  Watch how the Palestinian Muslims treat Israel.  If you truly study them you will see the Muslim is not interested in anything but the complete destruction and annihilation of the state of Israel.  Even when Israel offered to give the Palestinian people a state of their own, they in turn launched thousands of rockets at Israel.  Peace?  No, the Muslim Qur'an demands a Muslim to kill the Jew, ambush him from behind, hide behind a rock then leap on the Jew by ambush and to kill the Jews everywhere you can find them.  That is the Muslim holy book's Qur'an which the so-called peaceful and loving Muslim obeys.   Do you see the hypocrisy?  The Qur'an also tells Muslims to kill you too!  Are you a Muslim?  If not you and your family is to enslaved by Muslims, taxed by Muslims and killed by Muslims.  A Muslim can take your wife for his own.  Their prophet Mohammad did it and that makes it legal for Muslims.  You better hope Muslims do not take over America!  Search on a Internet search engine the word "Sharia law."  It explains how Muslims install their own laws in their own communities and do so even in American Muslim Communities, then suddenly if you insult a Muslim he can legally kill you under his law.  If you hurt a Muslim's feelings he can file charges on you.  That is how they by-pass a nations laws and eliminate your constitutional rights.  Sharia law is being installed in communities across America.  It will expand and get worse and worse.

"Any religion that actively promotes and teaches violence should be banned as an unacceptable non-religion.  To let this Muslim religion into a country is for that nation swallowing deadly poison.  It will kill the nation for this Muslim religion demands the death of the people who are not Muslim."

  There is much more to learn about Muslims and Islam.  You can purchase books that expose Islam.  Read this one!  We do not publish this book.  It is such a good book to read we list it here so you can buy it and become wise and prepared. 

  Write letters to the news media and politicians and educate them of the great deception taking place in the free world.  Print this article and post it on bulletin boards in your town!

   Islamic Invasion


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29.  Did you know the Bible says Muslims will utterly fail?  It is in Revelation.  The King of the South are Muslims who will push against Europe and this King will come against the Muslims with a fierce whirlwind and annihilate all Muslims.  The Muslims will likely perform a terror attack on Europe and that will be the final straw.  The Muslims fate is sealed as the Bible's prophesies has never been wrong, ever.  Consider it done!  But until this happens the world will be in a lot of hurt due to the Muslim agenda to take over the world by force.  Terrorism will increase, expand and the suicide bombings will not end until the King of the South is stopped by Europe.

30.  Read books about Islam.  Chick.com has pamphlets and books that expose Islam for what it is.  Amazon.com has plenty more!  The information is out there for those who wish to know.  JamesRussellPublishing.com does not publish any books about Islam.

"Don't be a chicken!  Speak the truth!  Tell it like it is!  Expose all false teachers and religions!  Contend for the truth!  Be brave, stop being a coward!" - James Russell

31.  What does the Bible say about Muslims?  Amazingly a lot!  Here's what the Bible says about Ishmael... The messenger then revealed more information to Hagar about her son: "You are now with child and you will have a son.  You shall name him Ishmael, for the Lord has heard of your misery.  He (Ishmael the first Arab who is the father of present day Muslims) will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand will be against him, and he will live in hostility towards all his brothers"  Genesis 16:10-12 New International Version.  Now just watch the television news and see if the Muslims are doing exactly what God said they will do.  Violence is what Muslims do angering all non-Muslims and the Muslims are hostile to other Muslims!  They hate each other and they hate you too!

Print out this article and post it on bulletin boards!  Tell your family and friends to get involved before it is too late.  America needs you now!  Do your part to educate and save America. Visit:  JamesRussellPublishing.com

"The Freedom You Save Will Be Your Own!"

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