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In 20 years there will be enough Muslims in the USA to elect the President of the United States!

Yes, by 2033, or sooner, Muslims will have the voting power to rule and they will push, push, push to erode and destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Muslims do these penetrations in other countries and take over by instituting Islamic law and rule.  Just ask England and France and Germany.

And it all starts with banning hate speech.  Anything you say bad about a Muslim is hate speech.  If you insult Islam or a Muslim it is hateful and subject to Islamic  punishments... including decapitation of limbs and death.  Say goodbye to your Freedom of Speech.

  Muslims are dangerous.  There is no such thing as a "radical Muslim" for they are all radical according to their own holy book the (Koran) Qur'an!  If you read it, you will be shocked at what these Muslims actually believe.  They also must take over the world for Allah and subject you to slavery and/or death.  Islam actually means, to subjugate.  You must submit to their authority and rule over you.

  For every Muslim you see dressed as a Muslim there are tens of thousands of Muslims in disguise.  In America you find these disguised Muslims in the black and asian communities.  The jail and prison system has a immense number of Muslims in every state in America.  Islam thrives and multiplies in these prisons only to have these Muslim inmates released in our communities.

  When you hear Muslims in non-Islamic nations like the USA condemning radical fundamentalist Muslim terrorist, those who condemn are actually the bad Muslims, according to their own Qur'an!

  That's right.  The terrorist are actually the "good Muslims"  according to their Qur'an.  So do not be fooled by apostate Muslims in your community pretending to be peaceful for they are not what they appear to be.  They are unfaithful Muslims to their Qur'an.

  How can you say this, you ask?  Well, you have to read what Islamic Muslims believe.  They believe in their holy book the Qur'an and it is the Qur'an that condemns the Muslim or honors the Muslim, not I.  Not you.  The Qur'an does the condemning!

 "The Muslim duty is to kill Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims." 

  I read the Qur'an when I heard our national leaders proclaim on national television that "Islam is a peaceful religion" and I found out otherwise it is a religion of war.  Don't believe it?  Then read it!  I have boiled down the Qur'an into a simple one page document so you too can see the truth. Click here to read that article.  Still don't believe it?  Then go to a used bookstore or public library and go see for yourself the horrible murderous instructions given to all Muslims who are commanded to kill you.  Yes, kill you!

  Now that you have read the article, "Islam The Religion of War" which are excerpts from the Muslim Qur'an you should be absolutely surprised how the United States is letting such a religion get a firm foothold in this country.  It is obvious the Qur'an is at great odds with the U.S. Constitution!  And it is obvious Muslims can not assimilate to live the American Dream with the Qur'an in their mind, heart and soul.  After all, they must according to the Qur'an, take over America for Islam and institute Shariah law in America by destroying our Constitution! Don't believe it?  Read the Qur'an!

  Now Shariah law is scary stuff and it will enslave you to Islam if it ever gets legal recognition in America.  Impossible you say?  Well, ask England and Europe how it did there because Islamic Shariah law is a reality there.  Just do a Google Internet search about Islamic Shariah law if you want to know just how gruesome this law can be.  Example:  If you insult Islam or a Muslim they can kill you legally under Shariah law.  If a woman is raped she must be stoned to death, but the Muslim man who did the raping may live.  You can see just how fair this Shariah law is.  I don't want to go into this for it is bad, bad, bad stuff.

  You hear in the news about homegrown Muslims being radicalized to commit murders.  Example:  The Fort Hood massacre.  That Muslim was a U.S. soldier who took an oath of allegiance to America and the Constitution, but he threw it all away to pick up a gun and kill our soldiers.  Why?  Because his Qur'an told him to do it!  You see, by not killing he was a "bad Muslim" and by killing he becomes a "good Muslim" according to the Qur'an.  This is a strange religion.  A very unusual religion.  An extremely dangerous religion.  Do Jews and Christians proclaim to kill all the Muslims?  No, but the Muslims proclaim it is their duty to kill the Jews and Christians... even to lie in wait and kill from behind!

"The Qur'an says a good Muslim must behead or crucify all non-Muslims for Islam and take over the world for Islam."

  This is why Muslims are dangerous.  They really can't be Muslims if they are not chopping peoples heads off for Islam.  The Qur'an says this not I.  The Qur'an says a good Muslim must behead or crucify all non-Muslims for Islam and take over the world for Islam and institute Muslim rule.  That is the core of the Islamic religion and it is the duty of all Muslims.   All Muslims.

  So you can see now that the Muslim terrorists, according to the Qur'an, are the good Muslims shedding blood and killing and taking on Jihad the Muslim Holy War. That's right, the Muslims are at war with the entire world.  They must obey their Qur'an and take over the world for Islam or they are bad Muslims.  Muslims that don't can be killed according to the Qur'an.

  Already, in the USA there are 2,595,000 Muslims in America and there will be more than 6,216,000 in 2030 (San Francisco Chronicle pA10, 31011).  When Muslims are in the minority they are silent, but when they grow in numbers they start their Jihad war action.  You see this in Islamic nations and they run around with machetes killing Christians, Jews and non-Muslims and even other Muslims.  Yes, Shiite Muslims will kill the Sunni Muslims and vice versa.  Muslims know all about strife, slavery and war.  Just look how they treat their women, the weaker sex, the apple of their eye and you will see the true heart of Islam; dominance, slavery, cruelty and injustice.  And there are now over 2 billion Muslims in the world and this spells trouble for the entire world as these 2 billion people are actually out to get us.  Yes, us who are not Muslims and that means you.  Who says so?  The Qur'an!  Read the Qur'an.  Ignorance will kill you.

"If you say anything bad about a Muslim they can put you to death!"

  Do you know that the Muslims have been trying each year to get Shariah law passed in the United Nations?  It is true and they are gaining votes each year in favor of instituting anti-blasphemy law.  This law, if passed (or by amendment) will cripple and by-pass our U.S. Constitution. That's how Islam will invade our nation.  This means if you say anything bad about a Muslim they can put you to death!  Many Islamic nations already have this blasphemy law in full force.  If the Muslims get Shariah law recognized in America that opens the door for the Muslims to kill you under their Shariah law and your Constitutional Rights can not save you!  Have you heard of Muslim mercy killings?  A Muslim can kill you and avoid prosecution under Shariah law!  Oh, yes they can. They do it all the time in Islamic nations.  The Muslims wielding machetes chopping up people are never brought to justice because they are Muslims performing Jihad and that is protected under Muslim Shariah law.

  Now when you read the newspapers and watch television news you will see Muslims killing, bombing, warring and now you know why these Muslims are doing what they do.  Then you ask, "What are these Muslims doing in America?"  Well, you decide what these Muslims are really doing here.  To me, they are invading us with a religion of war that is dormant, asleep, but growing large in numbers, planting more Mosques throughout America and then they will awaken and become "good Muslims" and tear this nation to pieces when they become "radicalized".  Makes perfect sense and a brilliant plan to take over this nation.  Some say the Muslims come to America to escape Islam's harsh living conditions, but why is it they cling on to the source of that harsh rule, the Qur'an?  They have a different reason and they are not telling what that reason is, but if you read the Qur'an it give you fair warning what is to come.

  Also, remember 9-11.  We were attacked by good Muslims obeying the Qur'an.  They struck the Twin Towers in New York and hit the Pentagon.  That is all out war by Islamic Muslims.  Yes, a religion that advocates and tells Muslims to take war to all non-Muslims.  No other religion on planet earth does this.  Many theologian scholars say Islam is not even a true religion. 

  Remember that it is Muslims who are killing tens of thousands of people and creating war with the world all over the globe.  And that means we are at war with Islam and Muslims no matter how much politicians refuse to say it... we are at war with Muslims for the Muslims have brought their war to us.  If you dare read the Qur'an you will know this.

"Most people are totally ignorant about Islam and that weakness is deadly."

  And no Muslim can be your friend.  The Qur'an says so.  That is why you do not see Muslim Americans personally socializing with non-Muslims in America.  Now that is anti-American behavior.  It does not conform to America's standards or the American way of life.

"If you are not a Muslim you must die!" 

  This Islamic Muslim invasion is the most dangerous threat to our way of life for Islam wants to destroy us and we are letting more of them into our country by the tens of thousands legally and illegally.  Yes, illegal Muslim immigration is taking place and the news media remains silent about it for fear of Islamic repercussions, death threats, etc.  Fear of reprisal is a weapon Muslims cherish and is commanded by the Qur'an.

  Islam has no place in America for its very Qur'an commands every Muslim to destroy us as a people and to take over the world for Islam.  Yes, Muslims are dangerous to everyone in the entire world. 

"Muslims must take away freedom of speech to win their global war and they silence the objectors through terror, fear and intimidation!  A few bomb explosions will silence those who boldly dare to oppose Muslims.  The media becomes fearful of attack and that is how the Muslim takes away your freedom of speech.  They don't even have to change the laws.  Ask yourself if you are afraid to speak out against Muslims?  Have you already lost your freedom in regards to speech?  If you are silent in this matter the Muslims have already won you over."

  If Muslims could only abandon the Qur'an and stop their world domination movement and hatred for all non-Muslims they could be accepted, but if they do not abandon their Qur'an they will eventually destroy America and take over the world for Islam. 

  Keep a sharp eye on what is going on in Europe and the UK including Sweden, Russia, Africa and Germany.  The nations of the world are being overrun by Muslims who are not assimilating into their country and turning these countries into Islamic states.  

"Giants start small and grow a little bit every day!"

  You need to wise up to these Muslims playing games with the media while all along holding dear to their hearts the Qur'an.  That book that tells Muslims to kill you, the Jews and the Christians and every other religion including all atheist in the world.  If you are not a Muslim you must die! 

"No other religion on the world demands your death for leaving, just Islam."

  If any Muslim challenges you verbally and tells you things like their God is the same as the Christian or Jewish God or they try to say you are wrong there is one question you can ask them and it is this

  "What do your holy books command if you leave Islam? No Muslim will respond to you because the answer is death."  That is what the Qur'an teaches.  If you leave Islam you must die!  So Muslims are not as free as they would like you to believe.  No other religion on the world demands your death for leaving, just Islam.

  Muslims build mosques and worship freely in the United States, but in their own countries they deny such freedoms to others.  Instead of reporting this hypocrisy the media covers it up.

  Muslim nations have much oil wealth, but look at the people walking around in white sheets, towels and sandals for clothing.  They are in deep poverty.  The women walk around with covered faces, can't drive cars, can't wear nice clothing.

  The Muslim has a mission and it is to bring all mankind into submission (that's what the word Islam means) and they are to kill or enslave all "infidels".  Surah 2:190-92; 4:76; 5:33; 9:5, 29, 41;47:4, etc.

  The Muslim has orders, "Take not the Jews and Christians for friends... slay the idolaters (infidels) wherever ye find them... Fight against those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day (5:51; 9:5, 29, 41).

How Muslims Infiltrate the USA

  There are too many illegal immigrants in the USA and many of these illegal aliens are Muslims.  Check the local gasoline station!  The Muslim invasion is happening with petroleum.  Muslim countries have the oil and now they wish to control the profits at the fuel's retail level so Muslims have focused on buying gas stations.  You will be surprised to see that most gas stations are now owned by Muslims.  And you thought there were no Muslims in town?  Out West the Muslims have total domination of the gas stations in California, Nevada, Arizona and other states. 

"Muslims in the USA like to own gas stations, low budget motels, liquor stores, Taiwan food restaurants, variety stores.  You should be picky as to whom you are doing business because Muslims that can't fight Jihad wars must donate money to the Jihadist Muslims to kill the infidels.  The Qur'an says so!  This is why I say there is no such thing as a peace-loving Muslim.  The Muslim Qur'an says so."

  The Muslims seem peaceful, but they donate money to their religious leaders the Imams who in turn donate money to terrorists to buy bullets and bombs to kill Jews, Christians and our soldiers!  Bombs for gas!  So buy your fuel from major gasoline chain stores like supermarkets and other large chain store gas stations.  Don't assume the small gas station is a mom and pop store for it could be a Muslim owned business.  Check it out.

"Muslims only want the same things as everyone else.  If you believe this you are a fool.  If you read the Qur'an you will know better."

  Once the Muslims gain in population they build more and more mosques and become increasingly  emboldened and demand special rights for Muslims and additional formulate laws that you must obey.  They are already trying to pry "cracks in the foundation of our US Constitution" which will permit Muslim laws to become the law of our land.  It is happening in the UK and in Europe. 

"Each time you purchase from a Muslim business you may be buying a bullet for our soldiers, a rocket, mortar or a bomb.  You just don't know for sure what Muslims do with their money when the Qur'an tells them to support terror Jihadists."

  Be aware of where you are doing your shopping for the money you spend may come back to haunt you and your children, family, friends and your fellow non-Muslim Americans.    

     Learn more about Muslims.

     Islamic Invasion

Print out this article and post it on bulletin boards!  Tell your family and friends to get involved before it is too late.  America needs you now!  Do your part to educate and save America. Visit:

Click here to read our article: Islam the Religion of War!

Click here to read our article:  Let's Start a New Religion

Click here to read our article: What You Need to Know About Muslims


"Don't be a chicken!  Speak the truth!  Tell it like it is!  Expose all false teachers and religions!  Contend for the truth!  Be brave, stop being a coward!" - James Russell

Print out this article and post it on bulletin boards!  Tell your family and friends to get involved before it is too late.  America needs you now!  Do your part to educate and save America. Visit:

"The Freedom You Save Will Be Your Own!"

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