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"There are no losers distributing our free tours.  Everybody wins!

The businessperson that can see the intelligent design behind this brilliant business concept will reap huge rewards!" - James Russell


  Our self-guided tour maps are free gifts to the public.  It is simply a map highlighting important, rare and interesting things to see in a specific location of the country.  They are geared for the community at large, the individual family, motorcycle riders, an automobile rally, schools and even commercial bus and helicopter tours.  Everybody can use the free tour for fun and for educational entertainment!  Click here to see a sample tour.
  The tours are unique and not typical.  They guide the reader to "new" and "unusual" points of interest. 
  The business that gives away this free gift to customers generates good-will.  People who take the tour tell others and they in turn ask where they obtained the tour guide.  The satisfied customer tells them to come to your business obtain another copy.  This process repeats and multiplies itself.
  On each tour is your business card and the deal, usually a 10% discount for the product you are selling on the reverse side. 
  Convince the Chamber of Commerce and your State Tourism Bureau actively and effectively promote the free tours to increase tourism!

"Did you know that the entire casino industry totally markets itself as a free entity? 

From free meals, gasoline, rooms and even the lure of a free car gets the job done."


  You get two advertising exposures on each tour guide!  Front and back side. 
  The cost to print a tour sheet is less than printing a business card.  You can print on 20 lb paper or stiff card stock if you wish.  You control the cost.
  You can burn a DVD or CD-ROM disk with the entire tour on the disk and give them away to your customers as a "traffic builder" to increase traffic to your store. 
  There are no huge minimum print runs or any other terms or conditions or commitments.  Just print and distribute as many or as little as you wish.  At a minimum tape a flyer to the counter near your cash register.
  Your business will obtain powerful advertising as the tour is passed on from person to person. 
  Everyone is giving each other a free gift to enjoy.  Everybody wins.  There are no losers.  The business that can see the intelligent design behind this brilliant business concept will reap huge rewards!
  If you own a restaurant promote the free tour by attaching a tour flyer to your menu cover and as a condiment insert or use as a placemat on the dining table.
  Every business can post a free tour flyer on a bulletin board and on glass window or on a  front entry and exit door.

"Car dealers are always giving something away for free and their business grows."


  You are giving people a free gift, but a gift that will not be broken or lost.  The memory of the trip is an "experience" and a  "treasured  moment." Your business will be associated with this wonderful life-long experience never to be forgotten!  Close your eyes and you can see in your mind's eye Mt. Rushmore or some other happy experience.  Those treasured moments are images that are never erased.
  Even if other businesses distribute the free tour there is room for all.  The business that distributes the most wins the most advertising exposure, but even the small business will benefit greatly distributing our free tours.
  The tours are for the kids, families, tourist, residents, handicapped, and for conventions and special events   Everybody who comes to the tour's vicinity can use and enjoy these free tours!

"The huge telecommunication businesses advertise to give away free phones or free minutes.  Because free works! "


  Consider you can obtain about 1,000 double-sided tour flyers for about $15.  That is low cost advertising.  Not only are you giving away  your business card, you are offering a coupon the reverse side to drive customers back to your business.  You are also using the power of word of mouth advertising as very low cost.  How much did you pay for 1,000 business cards?  Do people aggressively share it with others?
  Can you get your business deal inside of another business location?  Very doubtful!  But, when you print and distribute our tour guide you can!  It is easy.  Just walk into a motorcycle shop and give one to each employee as a free gift.  Then ask to leave some by the cash register.  They always say it is okay, because you are giving away a free gift that will benefit their customers, too!  Do this with motels, auto dealers, any business.  It works because the free tour has "value" and everybody is happy to share the free gift.  You just got your business advertising inside other businesses to distribute your business ad and deal to their customers for pennies per tour flyer!  Only our free tour guides can do this.

"When was the last time a perfect stranger gave you a free gift?  If it ever happens you will not forget that person!" 


  How large is the market?  Everyone in the community.  Every tourist.  Everyone in the surrounding community and nearby states.  It is huge.
  How many locations can you distribute?  Look in the yellow pages.  Every business is a location.  Every business has employees and they too are the market, so give flyers to all the employees (the general manager will be happy to do it).  Every retail business can let you stack flyers near their cash register or waiting areas.  Doctor and lawyer offices, hotels, newspaper, factories, repair shops, hair stylist, salespersons.  The list is huge.  Don't forget fairs and other special events.  There are many vendors who will distribute your flyers for free too!
  Try it.  What do you have to lose?  You will be pleasantly surprised.  It is good for business.  Everybody wins and everybody is happy. 
  Go to the printer today and order some flyers!   We have instructions listed below.  See the PDF Tour Files section below.


  This is so easy.  I walk into a business and ask, "How many employees do you have working here?"  I count out the quantity  and then I tell them, "Here, this is a free gift.  It is a  free tour for all  your employees."  They eagerly take the gift.  Then simply ask, "Can I leave a few on the counter here for your customers?"  Most all say it is okay.  Some may require a manager to approve, so hand over some extra flyers to the employee.  "By the way, if you need more flyers to give away to family, friends, customers contact me.  My business card is below."  There is no selling involved!  No hassles.  It is simply a free gift you are giving away for the enjoyment and the benefit of the community at large.  Everywhere you go you can do this.  Coffee shops, restaurants, gas stations, department stores, supermarkets.  This is one smart way to get your business advertised right at the prime point of purchase location inside every business.  Think of it.  Even the top advertising brand name products can't do this, but you can.  Why?  Because you are offering a free gift that will benefit customers and employees.  The free gift is the tour that we developed.  Your business card and discount offer just so happens to ride along.  You could even offer the business that will give them away for you in great quantity an ad on the flip side of the tour flyer for free!  Now both businesses win a great advertising opportunity.  

Post a Free Tour Flyer on your business entry doors and windows.



  It is not to your advantage to offer a discount with a time limit expiration date on the back of the free tour flyer.  This will certainly destroy sales.  Make a discount that has no expiration date or has a date that is good for a year or more.   Too many people will see an expiration date and will not respond or discover the date has already passed and you will lose a sale, thousands of times over for all the flyers you distribute..
  Make the discount substantial.  Offer a free gift, like a free cup of coffee or some other item.  Even a but one get one free.  Free sells and makes everybody happy.  All of the successful businesses offer free gifts in one way or another.  Or a "perceived value" free gift.  Telephone companies offer free minutes or a free phone.  Car dealers offer free money (cash rebates or option upgrades).  You are now using that same powerful "free" marketing tool as you give away our free tour.  A 10% or 15% discount or more on all your products you sell is a powerful ad to consider 



  If you can afford larger advertising  you can insert or print the complete two-sided tour flyer into a newspaper to reach your entire community.  Or you can insert or print the first half in the newspaper and offer the second half for free to all who come into your store to pick up the complete flyer .  Either way you will take command of the free flyer marketplace.  People who want the flyer now know where to get it and they will come and tell others by word of mouth where they too can obtain a free copy... from you.



  If you run a business near the Black Hills of South Dakota feel free to take contact Office Depot in Rapid City (on Omaha Street).  They have a copy of our Black Hills tour PDF file.  Ask them to imprint your business card at the bottom section of the flyer.  On the reverse side of the flyer at the bottom is also room for you to place a small discount coupon.  Of course, you have to pay Office Depot for the printing, but it is worth it to you for increased business.   If you don't want to have your business card printed on the flyer you can tell Office Depot to print out the 9 x 11 size flyer so you can staple your business card on the flyer.
  Also remember to inform the printer to include both the Mt. Rushmore and the Spearfish Canyon tours on the flyer (one on each side).  The flyer is available in black ink and we have one that is in full-color.  It is recommended that black ink be used to conserve cost, unless you are a large business familiar with color printing and the increased cost of printing in full color.  Now people will know they will need to come to your business to pick up a copy of the free tour!  If your printer needs a high quality PDF file to make quality print reproductions contact us and we will send your printer the files by postal mail or e-mail.  Offering these free tours to your customers creates a lot of business traffic into your store and it makes your customers happy so everybody wins. 
  If you wish to create a custom flyer incorporating our tour guide, contact us and we will do what we can to make your plan succeed.  We can send your printer the photos and elements they will need to create your custom flyer.  Certain elements can not be changed such as deleting JamesRussellPublishing.com from the brochure or deleting our free gift offer to to those who visit our Website.  We developed the free tour to benefit ourselves too.  All we want is full credit for the rightful discovery of the tour attractions and our advertisement to ride along on the flyer so people will visit our Website to buy our books. 


  "I thank you for sharing in this wonderful advertising promotion.  We are confident you will find this advertising program a great success and bring happiness to thousands upon thousand of children and adults who will enjoy and treasure taking the free tour." - James Russell. 
  Any questions?  E-mail us.

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