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0916367096.gif (9263 bytes)Trap Shooting Secrets book.


LUCA ROSSI SCRIBANI - (Olympic Trap Shooter and Shooting School)


"I like Trap Shooting Secrets!  It is a powerful book.   And your Precision Shooting book is really fantastic.  I am introducing both books to the Australian Trapshooting Association and  I have dedicated a page on my Web site to the books."

lucauit Luca Scribani Rossi.jpg (14148 bytes)

Luca Scribani Rossi

  Well done, Mr. Russell!  It is the very first time I've seen books so well written and completely understandable from the first page!  

  I've read many books talking about competition shooting and they were good reading but I couldn't learn anything of true value from them... and believe me, I've read them all!  Yours are the best trapshooting books in the world!

  Trap Shooting Secrets and Precision Shooting are books that explains technique and tactics as shotgun shooters need them to be explained.  The best shotgun instructional books I've ever seen.  If you shoot ATA trap, DTL or Olympic trap... get these books right away.  They really can improve your shooting with a high degree of precision no other book or video can give you.  There are precision shotgun shooting techniques explained in these books of great value. 

  When I read the books, I found it so true the advice given were exactly matching with the experiences I made through years of hi-level Olympic and International shooting.  I wished I had these two books when I first started clay target shooting!  I wouldn't have had to work so hard to reach my Olympic achievements and my career may have gone even further than it has!

  I strongly recommend shotgun competition shooters to read both, Trap Shooting Secrets, and Precision Shooting - The Trapshooter's Bible.  If you read these books you simply can't go wrong.  Just follow the steps outlined and you'll leap ahead in the ranking of any competition you'll attend.  That's my recommendation.  Luca Scribani Rossi

  You can see Luca Scribani Rossi's professional achievements: Olympic Medallist and Twice World Champion at the Scribani Rossi Shooting School  If this link fails, go to a search engine like Excite or Webcrawler and type in the word "Scribani Rossi" or "Scribani Rossi Shooting School" 

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RICHARD GENTRY - (Olympic Trap Shooter)


  Trapshooting Secrets by James Russell covers every aspect of the game.  If you are looking for superiour advice, and are tired of the same worn pro telling you what you are doing wrong this book is all you need to enter into serious competition. If you are just starting out, this book presents the fundamentals in a way that will help you remember them everytime you shoot. Young or old, pro or not this book will help you identify what area of your game needs work.

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SHOTGUN SPORTS MAGAZINE - (Top USA Trap Shooting Magazine)

"We would like to present your book Trap Shooting Secrets in our magazine." 


  Ask for a complimentary issue of Shotgun Sports Magazine.  If this link fails, go to a search engine like Excite or WebCrawler and type in the word "Shotgun Sports" or if you wish to subscribe or request a complimentary magazine issue call: 1-800-676-8920

Author's note:  Trap Shooting Secrets is located in the print version of the magazine.  If you want a ton of shooting advice you can't afford not to subscribe to this magazine.  Or call the 800 number above to order your copy of Trap Shooting Secrets or Precision Shooting.

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CLAY SHOOTING MAGAZINE - (Top European Trap Shooting Magazine)

"We are most interested in offering our readers your Trap Shooting Secrets book in our magazine, and send us your Precision Shooting book, too."


  "Trap Shooting Secrets is for the clay-busting die-hards, particularly those trying to achieve perfection on the trap layouts.  A book absolutely crammed with information to make you into a better trap shooter.  The subtitle is 'What They Don't Tell You This Book Will' and if there is anything the author has left out I can't think of it.  Equipment, training routines, the weather, eyerobics - you name it, it is all here with diagrams." 

Shiny Red and Blue.gif (3727 bytes)

BILL - (Trap Shooter from Cedar City, Utah)


  Dear Mr. Russell:

  "I have actually started to absorb your most intense book, Trap Shooting Secrets.  Wow!  Truthfully I can't imagine a more complete book on trapshooting.  I keep wondering if you shouldn't also be selling a video.  I probably don't have to tell you, but you've done a hell of a job on this book.  It's all there.

Shiny Red and Blue.gif (3727 bytes)


Reviewed By Bill Brown GUNWEB Associate Editor

Gun Web Magazine


  Bottom line . . . it works! Don't think of this as a book, think of it as equipment.
Simple as that!  I am not a trap shooter.  Yes, I've shot trap quite a few times but just okay.     James called me and told me how great his book was and how it would make me a better shotgun shooter.  It worked!  I'll very sincerely recommend this book to anyone who wants, not only to be a better trap shooter, but also a better shot on game.

Shiny Red and Blue.gif (3727 bytes)


HOWARD  - (Trap Shooter from Dolgeville, New York)


Dear Mr. Russell:

  "I only write you because you deserve some feed-back from those of us who have purchased "Trap Shooting Secrets."   I like your book VERY much.  You wrote well on all the important topics.   Not an easy feat.  I would have paid much more for the book.  It's helped me already in just the two weeks since I got it.  I've been shooting trap for the last 25 years with modest success due to lack of focus or attention when it counted.   I was in the market for a book like yours.  I know how powerful the written word is.  You have captured the essence of trapshooting.  Keep up the good work!"

TED - (Trap Shooter from Hendersonville, North Carolina)

"Love your "Trap Shooting Secrets Book !" 

DAVE - (Trap Shooter from Garndnerville, Nevada)

"Trap Shooting Secrets is a great book!!" 

ED - (Trap Shooter from Marlton, New Jersey)


  "I enjoyed your Trap Shooting Secrets book so much that I am ordering your other book, "Precision Shooting - The Trap Shooter's Bible."  Right after reading your Trap Shooting Secrets book I won the ATA North Eastern Grand Satellite shoot on September 1997 and I just started shooting in June of 1997!!  I'm going to the Grand American in Vandalia, Ohio!" 

GARY - (Trap Shooter from Crescent City, California)


  "Your book, Trap Shooting Secrets, has taught me things I can't believe has worked so well and so quickly.  I wish I had this book years ago!  What I liked best about the book was the eye focus and gun-hold point secrets and target angles.  Now I hammer the targets into dustballs like I've never done before and I'm beating the scores of other top shooter's at the gun club and it's driving them up the walls.  I love it! 

  And your chapter on the moving gun and gun canting is simply incredible.  It really works.  I took your advice and now I have a gun that fits me like a glove, shoots where I look and breaks the targets precisely. 

  It makes a huge difference when you know what you are doing and plan each shot like you say to do using the proper setup procedures and other tricks of the trade.  Tricks I've never heard of before that truly give instant results but I can now see professional shooters using them when I couldn't see them before.  It opened my eyes. 

  I'm shooting so fast and so accurate people are talking about it and when I do shoot I attract a crowd of spectators.  I'm very impressed with your book.  It's the best book I've ever read on trapshooting!  You should charge more for the book, $34.95 is too cheap, the advice is worth thousands of dollars!  The book really is an investment.   I've earned option money to pay for the book many times over and over again.  

  I can't wait to read your next book Precision Shooting.  Please do send it to me right away.  And Thank You for writing Trap Shooting Secrets.  The book has changed my life for the better !"

P.S.  Are you going to write a book on doubles?  If so, I want that too!

Update: Both Trap Shooting Secrets and Precision Shooting now have double-trap shooting instructions! 

Delbert - (Trap Shooter from Oregon)


  "That's a fine book you wrote, James.   Please send me more books as I know a lot of people who want to buy Trap Shooting Secrets.  I've talked to professional trapshooters about your book and they like it, and recommend it too!" 

John - (Trap Shooter from New York)


Dear James Russell,

  I am new to the world of trap shooting. My uncle suggested that I shoot in the winter trap league to break up the winter season.  I gave it a try and have really got the bug.   I have always been a good athlete and I strive for perfection. I am a former golf pro and continue to play scratch golf.  So naturally when I started trap shooting I thought that I would be able to at least be competitive and contribute to my team.  I was wrong.  I was shooting between 9-13 birds out of 25.  Everyone was giving me advice.  They told me I was shooting too fast, lagging on the angles, wrong stance, gun too high ect. ect. ect.  I was done the minute I stepped on the trap line.    I was ready to quit.  All the best shooters could not communicate what they were doing that made them hit the targets.  Everyone had advice but nobody could communicate it in a way that a new shooter could understand.

  I started to surf the net trying to find information on trap shooting.  I found your site and I am glad I did.  I received the book on a Saturday afternoon.  I have three children under the age of four so my time to read quietly is limited to the last couple of hours after they go to bed.  There was too much to read.  I was shooting the next morning.

  I read the section on shooting circles and got an idea on how to set up and hold the gun properly.  The next day I went to shoot and I was black smoking the targets.  I was shooting fast and hitting them hard.   I shot 23 out of 25 and it could of very easily been 25.  I missed two targets due to anticipating the flight of the bird.

  I have since spent this week slowly and methodically reading every word in the book.   I am hoping that all the information will take hold.  I am really feeling confident and I haven't even had the opportunity to practice.

Thanks so much for the book.

Jon Chaddock

Joy - (Trap Shooter from Rhode Island)


  "I have been trained by top notch instructors from Remington and Federal and an Olympic trainer and have never received the information that I did from you.  I learned one heck of a lot. 

P.S.:  I am NOT going to tell my friends about this!"

Pete - (Trap Shooter from Oregon)


  "Well done!  You are right; it is the first book that has it all.  Not only have you captured the essence of trap shooting, but you have also thrown your net over the peripheral aspects that make up the game.  Great book!"

Becky - (Trap Shooter from Kansas)


  "I ordered your book Trapshooting Secrets and enjoyed it.  My scores have improved this year (1998) and I won the Kansas State Ladies Championship - a goal of mine since I started trapshooting in 1991.   Keep up the good work!

David - (Trap Shooter from Texas)


  "I have been using your Trap Shooting Secrets book as my approach to practice and tournaments.  Your advice and instruction is right on the money.  While it is enjoyable to do well in tournaments your insight into practice and how to stimulate my brain to improve my shooting deserves many thanks.   This testimonial is tournament  proven as I won the Texas State handicap this year (1998).  Many thanks!

Doug - (Trap Shooter from New Jersey)


  "Your first book, Trap Shooting Secrets, was all that was claimed and more!  Please send me your second book, Precision Shooting - The Trap Shooter's Bible. 

Ron S. - (Trap Shooter from Florida)


  "I am getting a lot out of these two trap shooting books, especially visualization and concentration!"

Costantino Proietti - (Olympic Trench Trap Shooter)


"I find your advice very helpful indeed.   No one explained to me anything similar."

Tom Cunningham


I want to tell you how much Trap Shooting Secrets has helped me.  I have read through chapter eight feverishly.  I have achieved levels that even surprised me.  I achieved some personal bests at the Grand American 99 of 100 in singles, 196 out of 200 at singles and 95 out of 100 in handicap.  Labor day I went to a big registered shoot at Jaquays Gun Club.  I won the 200 bird handicap with 193 (97-96).  I played all the options and cleared a cool $2,300, including middle fifty jackpot.  Following your principles has greatly accelerated my progress.  This book is must reading for any shooter that wants to excell at the sport.  Thanks a lot and I will finish your book with excited anticipation.

Dr. Reza Aghajani - Iran


 I appreciate you so much because of your excellent books; Trap Shooting Secrets and Precision Shooting - The Trapshooter's Bible.  These great books helped me to understand the art of trap shooting and now after only two years of shooting I am a good shooter in my country and a member of the National Team for my country.  This progress is greatly related to your excellent books.

MARK F.  - (Trap Shooter from Topeka, KS)


Dear Mr. Russell:

  "I have read both of your trap shooting books, Trap Shooting Secrets and Precision Shooting from cover to cover several times.  I cannot say enough about both these books.  They have helped my shooting tremendously, and as advertised, I believe have saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars in achieving my trapshooting goals.  Both my singles and handicap scores have risen greatly after reading and applying the information in these two books.  Thanks."

ANDREAS STAUSLAND - (Trap & Sporting Clays Shooter from South Norway)


Dear James Russell:

  "Ive got to tell you, your books Trap Shooting Secrets and Precision Shooting are still educating me.  I am mastering the precision shooting technique.  As your books instruct, I train with the tightest choke Ive got, just to be more accurate.  It forces me to be on point in every shot I make.  It is really satisfying to smoke ball every target!  

  This weekend I became double champion.  Saturday I won the first sporting clays event I have ever entered!  That was very satisfying.  Sunday I won the trap shooting event with 99 out of 100 shooting with the tight choke!  So now I am South Norwegian Champion in both trap and sporting clays!  I just had to let you know, my progress this year is thanks to you and your books. 

  I now shoot with more confidence and its really helping me in competitions.  I have won four out of the seven competitions I entered (this year 2004).  My worst result is 4th place.  I am planning my goals to shoot with the Norwegian Championship National Team.  Best wishes from your biggest fan and God Bless!"

 STEVE RUPP.  - (Trap Shooter from USA)


Dear Mr. Russell:

  "I want to pass along my sincere thanks for Trap Shooting Secrets.  Your book has taken me to new heights in trap shooting.  Your quote on the cover is right on the money!  I restarted trap shooting in January of 2004 (after a 30 year vacation from the sport).  After reading your book I broke my first 25 straight at the end of February.  At my first two PITA shoots, I averaged 93 from 16 yards and 88.5 in handicap.  Wanting to do better I bought a Browning Citori XT and I shot my first 50 straight on August 5th.

  My third PITA shoot was August 14 and 15.  I shot 195 in singles and 185 in handicap.  At this shoot I shot 99 in the first day of singles and I shot 85 straight before my one miss!  This was only 9 days after my first 50 straight!  Following your books advice I entered the magnum events and I won about $950.00.

  My fourth PITA shoot was September 24 and 25.  I shot 96 in singles and 86 in handicap.  I was miserable.  I broke out your book on Saturday night and figured out what I was doing wrong.  On Sunday, I shot 98 in singles and 98 in handicap.  I won another magnum event and was overall handicap champion for Sundays shoot.  I won $563.00.

   Because of your book, my singles average is now 95.8 and I got my first yardage increase.  But best of all, Im shooting more confidently and have $1,513.00 that I would not have won without you and your book!  You can bet I will be buying the Precision Shooting book next!  Many thanks."   

Gary Kusz, Ironwood, MI


Mr. Russell:

  "I have been shooting a shotgun since I was 12 years old.  I am now 57.  Last year was the first year I have shot trap and in a league.  I ended the season with a 19 average.  During the winter off season I read your fantastic book "Trap Shooting Secrets."  It has made a world of difference.  This season ended, with me in the top two positions (I shot for two teams) and my average is 23.4 birds.  People aer now asking me for advice, like I have been doing this for a long time!  I do credit your book with the dramatic increase of my shooting skills.  I will recommend your book to anuyone who wants to improve their scores.  Thanks again.  Gary Kusz, Ironwood, MI.      

   I've purchased both trapshooting books TSS and PSTSB plus the Expense Log Book. Those two technical books have helped me beyond belief and I don't even shoot handicap, but just Olympic and double trap. However, I've been able to adjust some of the techniques and the last chapters focused on doubles have been incredibly helpful. I only wish you decided to publish a book about doubles only, maybe digging further into matters and elaborating on the tips and techniques that you've outlined in your two books. I'd certainly purchase that book in a hurry.

Anyway, I wish you the very best and I thank you for your efforts.

Keep up the good work!