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"Stage & Screen Marketing Secrets gives you the inside knowledge to present your script professionally."

bullet"This remarkable book goes as far as supplying a list of WGA Signatory Agencies who are willing to give readers of Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets an opportunity to submit queries and scripts.   It truly opens the door to Hollywood!" - Michael

bullet"There should be a written guide so screenwriters can learn how to submit scripts... professionally!  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets is the book!"  - Literary Agent

bullet"You must make a good impression to sell your script!  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets gets the job done right -- the first time!" - Jim


"I was surprised to discover many things I was doing wrong!  'Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets' is the only book for writers to insure query letters and scripts are submitted professionally.  The book absolutely increases the impact of your query letters, log lines and scriptwriting in a powerful way.  You will be taken seriously by agents and production companies and experience much less rejection!  I highly recommend this book to novice and experienced writers breaking into the business of screenwriting.   You will certainly not find this valuable marketing information in other screenwriting books!" - Zealot


"Don't even dare mail your query letter or script to any agent or production house without first reading and applying the marketing techniques in 'Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets.'  If you don't use the marketing procedures in this book; all you are asking for is repetitive rejection and heartbreak!" - Dave



"We found this book Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets absolutely amazing!  We will be giving the book as a prize for our annual screenwriting project.  We found the book so informative, comprehensive and knowledgeable it would be a very valuable asset to anyone trying to break into this business!"  - Lee Allen / Cyclone Entertainment

bullet"I have read many books about screenwriting including The Screenwriters Bible.  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets has so much information you need to study it.  It's a great tool.  Anyone who plans to write screenplays should read this book." - Frank Webb

bullet"This book is very interesting and useful.  It helped me to streamline my marketing and opened new territories.  It is not only a good collection of data, but it even contained information I've never read before.  I immediately applied the information and I definitely received more requests to send my script from agencies and production companies.  Wow!" - Ericka Blasch

bullet"Wow!  Thanks for your book.  I've started to read it like a novel.   I can't put it down.  This is great info and so hard to find in the umpteen other books I go through and in which I fail to find anything new.  Thank you." - Linda McDonald.

bullet"Five query letters sent with your method with five answers and two scripts requested in less than one month.  Your book is great." - Gerard Maurez.

bullet"My name is James A. Bossley. I was encouraged to begin writing screenplays about six years ago and bought Final Draft screenwriting software.  I am a really good story teller and I have a Masters in fine Arts and I have been a practicing artist for years with good success.  I was floundering as a writer  until I bought your book, Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets.  It has been the most enlightening book I have ever read.  I am now on my tenth screenplay and I am going back editing the first one's using your book as a guide.  Thank  you!"

bullet"I believe your book "Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets" was the primary source I looked at for scriptwriting the dialogue as well as many other valuable ideas to enhance the overall presentation of the product.  We entered it in the 2008 FilmMakers International Screenwriters Contest.  We made it through the first cut out of 1,300 scripts submitted, but not the second.  However, we are encouraged since this is our first script.  We have reworked the screenplay and are now entering another contest - Alfred Riccio




  What this book is not . . . it is not a how-to-write book and it is not limited just to those who write screen and/or stage plays. Inside the glossy cover lies a treasure trove of information-information about creating a professional manuscript and presentation.   On page one the journey begins . . .


  All too often professionalism is missing from many writer's works. And, the absence of that essential facet dooms a writer to the dismay of continued rejection and frustration for those who are looking for well-written, polished works. What follows, then, is a well-written instructional manual meant to give you the tools necessary to polish and present your work.

  There are rules in the world of writing, rules that need to be kept in order to market and sell any type of writing. James Russell did not make those rules, but in this book he brings them to our attention. He tells us that "these rules are called 'firewalls' designed to keep unprofessional writers out of the money." While he is writing to screen and stage play writers, those words ring true for all writers.

   Some of the highlights of SCREEN & STAGE MARKETING SECRETS are:

bulletDeveloping creativity & 5 basic story tips universal to all fiction writing
bulletTools for streamlining your writing
bulletAdvice from the experts-agents, producers, publishers, and readers
bulletRegistering your Copyrights
bulletRules for mailing scripts/what to do/what not to do
bulletMaking multiple submissions
bulletMarketing your product
bulletAgent & Management firm listings

  One of the most enlightening and important chapters in this book is "Writer Survival Tips." Here you will find the kind of no nonsense things that mark a true professional, things that often spell the difference between acceptance and rejection.

  This book is so packed with information that I found it difficult to decide just which to write about. Until now I'd never entertained the idea of writing screen or stage plays. However, after reviewing SCREEN & STAGE MARKETING SECRETS, the idea intrigues me. No matter what type of writing I embark on, this book has much information to share with me.

  The price of this book is not small. But it is a worthwhile investment for those committed to not only writing screen and script plays, but in writing them with excellence.


Review copyright July 2000 Lin Mouat e-mail:linmouat@home.com NOVEL ADVICE.COM


Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets by James Russell
By Sable Jak sable@tvwriter.com

  I've never applied the term "page-turner" to an instructional book before, but I am now. James Russell's Stage & Screen Marketing Secrets has more information about marketing scripts than a California freeway has traffic jams.

  The book starts out with an intro that packs the solid slap of an over-enthusiastic infomercial presenter and is full of promises of what his product can do for you. I found the hype intriguing enough to make me act like a Missourian and say "Show me!" Russell back's his claims with a 30-day money back guarantee. When is the last time you saw a money-back guarantee on a book that promises to help you?

  Half way through the beginning of the book I realized the sixteen chapters were divided into four basic sections with each section flowing effortlessly into the next (like a good script should do).

  Section 1 is the brief intro plus Chapter 1. Short and snappy, they tell you what's ahead and set the mood for the rest of the book. Russell's style reminds me of an eraser-slinging civics teacher - pay attention cause you're gonna wanna know this. I warmed to it immediately. By the time you finish the intro and Chapter 1, you'll feel compelled to read "just one more chapter." I suggest you get your favorite beverage and find a comfy spot to settle in, you won't be moving anywhere soon.

  You're into Section 2 before you know it. It lays out up-to-date information regarding the industry standards for scripts today and why those standards are in place. Russell gives you reasons and examples; lots and lots of examples; why things are the way they are, including quotes from agents, producers and readers on what they want to see and, most importantly, what they hate to see in scripts.

  Some of the examples of correct over incorrect writing for scripts are so obvious you'll find yourself slapping your forehead with the heel of your hand and saying, "Doh!" Once you pass the do's and don'ts of writing and formatting, you get into the marketing, or what I call Section 3.

  In Section 3 everything you can think of, and a few things you didn't think of, is covered to help you market your work. From loglines to cover letters to coverage and response letters, you'll not only read what to do and what not to do, but have examples for reference. In addition to examples are reasons why you want to do things correctly. Russell even shows how your perceived status – professional or amateur – can be judged by the type of postage stamp you use when you send a script to a producer. If you think that's wacky, when you read the passage you'll see it makes perfect sense.

  Section 3 was, for me, the meatiest of the sections. From how to meet people in the industry, to faxing/not faxing information. Referrals are covered and whether or not to use an attorney. How to make your query letters more authoritative (without being insulting) gets a good look as does how to break the rules correctly and how to adhere to the unbreakable rules. Russell also provides survival tips. Scams that are out to cheat you, the writer's paranoia of being scammed, and how to get around both is covered. E-mail queries and web-work take a good shaking for those of us who like to surf around (mea culpa) and receive the following admonition: don't get so caught up in chat you forget to write!

  Please keep in mind this book is for both screen AND stage writers. Russell covers marketing for either medium, and the information is invaluable to both kinds of writers. Section 4 (page 138 and on) is page after page of samples, exercises, and even a test (yup, a test) for you to take. (Don't worry, it's true or false and not essay.) Of extra interest are the lists of agents, screenwriting resources, web sites, discounts (it appears some companies offer discounts for readers of this book, a clever marketing ploy if ever I saw one!) and so much more information I'm getting exhausted writing about it!

  If you have any doubt I liked this book or not, all I can say is; I've recommended it to my screenwriting marketing group and I don't recommend anything to them unless I'm really enthusiastic about it.

  If you're on your first script, or your fifteenth, I think you should give this book a look. After all, how many books do you know come with a money-back guarantee?

bulletI purchased your marketing book for screenplays as well as your agent list on CD-ROM and am delighted with the information you shared.  Now for the good news.  The book helped me improve my script and helped me to write a tremendous query letter and synopsis and submit it in a professional fashion.  Here's a quote from an agent's letter to me, "By your query letter and page devoted to your storyline, I can tell that you have been writing for several years.  Also, you are a very fine writer.  Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope in addition to your screenplay..."  I have two agents requesting my script and I am now mailing out more query letters.  Your book did it.  Amazing!  Thank you.  - Richard B.