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We publish produced and non-produced screenplays and stage plays.

We do not charge reading or other fees to screenwriters.

bulletFor submissions, start with a one page query letter.  Send e-mail or postal mail with no attachments, we will not open any attachments due to computer virus infections.  Our postal mailing address is on our Home Page and our About Us page.   Include S.A.S.E. for response.  Do not send the script until we specifically ask you to do so. 
bulletWe publish your script in paperback, brad-bound and in e-book format to meet all markets.
bulletRoyalties are paid.  No fee, no charge.  We are not a vanity, subsidy press or a limited market e-book publisher.  Read our About us page.
bulletWe require a query letter with a copy of the script's standing in a screenplay contest (your script must rank in the top 100 in a screenplay contest, or an evaluation report from a script doctor (script evaluation service), or referral from an accomplished screenwriter, agent or producer, or a positive media review.  We need polished and professional scripts that are ready for publication.  If your script does not meet these standards, do not send us a query for that script.
bulletDo not send us the script, only the query letter and review materials.  If you have multiple scripts that meet the requirements you may submit a multiple submission in one query letter
bulletYou must Include an S.A.S.E.  Do not send certified mail, UPS, Fedx, Airborne, etc.  Use First-Class postal mail.  If you need a delivery receipt, include an S.A.S.P. (Self-Addressed Stamped Postcard) or second S.A.S.E. and we will mail it to you upon reciept of the materials. 
bulletYou may e-mail us a brief query letter stating the log line and the above qualifications.  If we like what we read we'll send you instructions on how to submit the script to us. 
bulletRead our Advice for Screenwriters page to see the advantages of having your script published.
bulletRead our About Us page for more information.
bulletCopyright your script with the US Copyright Office before sending it to us.   Scripts must be copyrighted - not just WGA registered - for book publishing.  We don't need the copyright registration number, just make sure you have mailed in your copyright application to the US Copyright Office before contacting us with your script.

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The Lord Pays The Bills!  Read Malachias 3:10 KJV

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