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Sierra Valley Cartoon Mountains Free Auto/Motorcycle Self-Guided Tour in Plumas and Sierra County, CA

Click Here For The Free Cartoon Mountain Tour PDF File - 60 pages!

All files have been combined into one document.  Simply download the Tour PDF file or copy it from this Website or contact us directly by e-mail: jrpub2002@yahoo.com


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You will see things you have never seen before!

You will absolutely have fun!

The price is right... the tour is free!

Click here to download the free Cartoon Mountain Advertising PDF Flyer

Cartoon Mountain Tour Flyer


Adobe Reader Click Here if you need the free Adobe Reader Software.  This software permits your computer to read PDF files.


Marketing Plan for Cartoon Mountain Tour

  If you own a business in Sierra & Plumas County, CA and in nearby counties, listen up.  This Cartoon Mountain Tour will increase your business bringing people to your store to obtain the Cartoon Mountain Tour.  It will revitalize your community!  It is a low-cost vacation destination for tourists.  Post a flyer on your business entry doors and windows.  Tell customers to take the free tour.


  It is a new tourist attraction in Sierra & Plumas County.  The PDF file of the tour is enclosed or may be downloaded at:  JamesRussellPublishing.com and click on the Free Tours link.  It is a self-guided auto/motorcycle tour revealing 60+ fabulous cartoon-like images in the surrounding mountains, and much more!  The tour is 100% on paved roads, handicap friendly and a blast for the kids.  You need to take the tour yourself to appreciate its power and magic.


  Easy, just make copies of the tour, put them on DVD size disks and make them available to your customers.  You can copy the tour for customers to download at your Web site and use a flyer on your counter or bulletin board to point customers to your Website so customers may download the PDF file to their computer or hand-held device.  Word of mouth gets out you have the tour and the people come to get it.  Traffic is converted to sales.

  Let the Chamber of Commerce know you are hosting the tour on your Website and ask them to include your business as a source where the public can obtain the Cartoon Mountains Tour.  Do the same with newspaper Websites. 


  This tour is the best thing to happen in over 130 years!  It is a brand new tourist attraction in California.  This area has an unusual high concentration of natural rock art images and the free tour enhances the experience with brief related “stories” for the kids to enjoy.  When you promote this tour you are advertising to the public to come visit Sierra & Plumas counties and that will lift the economy in this region.  The tour is free!  It is a gift to the public.  A gift to you!  All you have to do is give the tour away for free, get the work out and let the tourist come.


  The tour needs promotion to get the work out.  This does not mean advertising dollars need be spent.  Just relentless publicity releases to the mass public in California, Nevada and Oregon will do fine.  There are tourist magazines (AAA, Sunset, etc.) and hundreds of newspapers in need of new discoveries and interesting stories for their readers.  Just send them the tour by e-mail or by physical disk and let the tour speak for itself.  The tour has the potential to bring tens of thousands of families to visit the area.  Don’t forget to notify your state board of tourism of the tour.  

  Personally, you should burn a few copies of the tour on disk and keep them in your vehicle and then give them away to people you meet as a free gift.  The people will thank you for the enjoyment you have given them.  The tour is fun!  Promoting the tour is fun.  Attach your business card to the disk!


  The area is prime territory for a rally, but destinations of interest are lacking.  Bikers and drivers want to go to a rally and then “ride” to destinations.  The Cartoon Mountain Tour can be used as a destination and a main attraction for it is a “ride”.  The next step is to copy the formula of Sturgis, South Dakota with campgrounds permitting tent and RV camping so the visitors can all come when the motels and established campgrounds become full.  Landowners can make a fortune converting their land to temporary rally campgrounds as the people in Sturgis do.  Have you ever visited the Sturgis Rally in August?  It is awesome and very well managed.  Especially, see the free green map they give away at each business highlighting all the points of interest to see.  It is awesome in itself as a marketing tool for local businesses.  Click here.

  The riding country here is very much like Sturgis and better.  It is vast with lakes and prime mild weather conditions in July and August.  For now, to begin, just start up your rally event, promote it with all the motorcycle dealers and shops in Northern Nevada and Northern California using the existing lodging facilities, push the Cartoon Mountain Tour as a destination ride.   Don’t promote during the first and second week of August as that is the Sturgis’ rally time and nobody can compete with this rally as 350,000 motorcycles attend and even more for two weeks worldwide.

  Do not do a motorcycle and car rally at the same time.  This will result in animosity and disaster as cars are motorcycle’s “worst enemies” as cars kill bikers!  Each rally must be of their own classification.  In fact, you need to segment the car rally to specific models.  Sturgis, SD hosts the Corvette Rally so only Chevrolet Corvettes attend nationwide.   They also have a separate Concours Kawasaki Motorcycle Rally.  The Honda Hoot motorcycle rally is held for Honda motorcycles and they may be looking for a new place for their Hoot has ceased in Tennessee.  Honda Riders Club is a good place to start prospecting. 

  Don’t forget HOG the Harley Owners Group has local and national rides and destinations and they will come here if you only invite them to take the Cartoon Mountains Tour.  Local HOG chapters will then tell other HOG chapters about your attractions.

  There are many rider groups.  Yamaha Star Motorcycles has a group.  Honda, BMW, just about every manufacturer has a rider’s group you can invite to visit your valley.

  You should start a bicycle rally and I believe it will be a huge success if you just start the process!  Contact bicycle shops and tell them about the Cartoon Mountains Tour and your accommodations.  Leave flyers on their counter and bulletin board.   If you begin seeing a lot of bicycles on the roads then it is time to begin a three-day rally.

  Don’t forget to donate a free motel room as a raffle, win a motorcycle, bicycle, etc.  Outdoor entertainment and even inviting a traveling carnival or circus with amusement park rides will help consolidate the event.

  Vendors pull the riders to your destination.  Invite vendors that sell motorcycle related products to come set up and sell their wares.  Invite the motorcycle manufacturers and major catalog and aftermarket accessory manufacturers to bring their big-rig trucks to vend their ware and demonstrate their products.


  I watched Sturgis, SD motorcycle rally expand dramatically beyond downtown and mushroom to the surrounding area 40 miles around.  Start promoting attractions you have to coincide with specific events Reno, NV is having.  If they have a motorcycle rally, then promote an invitational “ride” to the Cartoon Mountains.  Bikers need a reason to come visit and the free tour is a “fun ride” so get them some tour maps and plant them at motorcycle dealers and vendors at the Reno event.  Tell them not to drive boring highway 80 west back to California, tell them to take Hwy. 70.  Put up banners, “Welcome Bikers” and the draw will grow larger each year.  Suddenly you will be a rally destination not to miss!  Start small and grow, but start.


  This invention is just a ride you can conduct to attract California riders.  Day one can be a ride from California over highway 80 to Reno, NV or Sparks, NV.  They stay one night, then next day they ride to Portola, CA and stay there overnight, next day they ride Highway 70 west to Oroville, CA casinos.  Just an idea, but it could grow into something nice.  The trip is wonderful, no doubt about that!  You only need three businesses (hotels) to schedule this run.  Just make a map and do it.  It will bring riders into town.   Don’t forget to offer special discounts on lodging, fuel and food to those who ride the ride.  This will attract a lot of riders!


  Each year for five days (could start with three days, Friday, Saturday & Sunday) in early July or late August the tour is promoted to its maximum extent.  At some of the tour stops, with land owner participation/permission, vendors could set up their wares, snacks and treats to service the tour route.  Each town in the tour can have their own venue related to the theme of the Cartoon Mountains Tour.


  Open-air bus or hayride could be used for small guided segments of the Cartoon Mountain Tour.  Selling tickets for the ride can generate income.


  You now have in your hands a wonderful gift.  Very few communities can brag of discovering a brand new tourist attraction.  Promote the Free Cartoon Mountains Tour.  Tell the people about it.  The free tour has the ability to perk people’s curiosity and to satisfy children and bring them all home to your community. 

Everybody is happy.



Original creator of the tour. 

Legal Notice: Tour is not sold and given away as a free gift to all persons and is offered as information only.  Take the tour at your own risk.  Observe all traffic laws and use common sense to avoid injury to yourself and to others and to supervise children diligently.  Wear eye protection and a hard hat when you are near areas where rocks may fall.  Be careful of rattlesnakes, bears, mountain lion and other creatures.  Author & Publisher is not responsible for any injuries accidents or financial consequences.  If you do not agree with these terms and conditions then don't take the tour.  Publishers are not liable for damages for what is in printed words for the published work is offered as information only.