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ISBN: 0-916367-11-8
TITLE: Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets
AUTHOR: James Russell
LARGE FORMAT 8x11 PAGES: 170Perfect Bound, Over 30 illustrated pages!            

Any bookstore can order this book.  Just give them this ISBN No.0-916367-11-8 and our SAN #295-852X.  Baker & Taylor and Ingram distributes the book.

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bulletYou can write the script, but you have to sell or option it to make money.  This book can do it!
bulletAgents can help, but only to a limited extent. You'll learn how easy it is to get an agent!
bulletYour script must receive good coverage to start the process.  You'll get good coverage!
bulletMany excellent scripts fail due to trade-specific errors of word usage.  Book will fix your scripts!
bulletKnowing how to obtain good coverage is the key to a sale.  Learn how!
bulletHave no agent? You can go direct to production companies.  Very easy to do!
bulletBut you need to know how to go about the process.   The book will show you the process!
bulletYou'll find the answers in Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets




WGA Signatory Agents are listed to give readers of this book opportunity to submit scripts!


Proper writing that script readers want to see.  Learn the new tight writing style!


Package your script and mailings to professional standards.


Marketing secrets to increase script requests without the use of gimmicks.


How to submit your script directly to production companies, producers, actors.


List of highly effective trade magazines, newsletters and other resources saves you time & money.


Many samples of query letters that truly work!  Use them and see more requests for your scripts!


Successfully employ multiple submission log lines to sell your scripts.  They work wonders!


How to edit your script so it reads tight with live visual action.  Every script needs this overhaul.


Avoid the pitfalls to get the "pass" errors out of your scripts.  Stop the rejections!


Understanding the rejection process and beating the "firewalls" so you can get your foot in the door.


TV script, stage play, screenplay, movie of the week formats are explained with illustrated examples.


Locate and contact key industry buyers. 


Learn the marketing secrets to get your script to the buyers.


Discover how you can stop the rejections and get your scripts sold!


Learn the new writing style script readers and buyers are looking for!


This book is 170 pages 8x11 size, equal to a 350 page 5x9 size book!


There are more than 30 illustrated pages!  Learning is made easy.


Special $$$ Discounts $$$ by major screenwriting firms to readers of this book!


And much more professional solid advice to help you market and sell your script.



  Here's the ultimate marketing manual for screenwriters and playwrights who need to sell their scripts. Break down the firewalls to get your script read by those who have the power to buy. Learn the inside secrets to insure your script obtains recognition from the crowd, receives good coverage and then moves on up the development ladder leading to a sale. Learn how to package your product so it screams, "Professional" on every page.  The reader grabs your script to read right away, leaving others behind. 

"WGA Signatory Agents have agreed to offer readers of 'Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets' the unique opporltunity to submit queries!  They open the doors, for the first time to unknown writers!"

  You read that right!  There is a listing in the book of WGA Signatory Agents who are willing to give you a chance to submit your query and scripts.  Reason is, they know when you follow the instructions in the book, you will have a professionally written query, a properly packaged submission with all the key elements required... and a tight marketable script!  The agents listed have agreed to give readers of this book special consideration.  No other book can offer you such an opportunity as this.   Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets can and will open the doors of Hollywood for you

"No Other Screenwriting Book Can Match The Marketing Power Of This Book!"

  Discover the secret rules of the game and how to conduct marketing other writers overlook.  Competition is vastly reduced. Secrets many literary agents don't even know about! It's how Hollywood filters out thousands of agent submissions, too!

"Your script will continue to be rejected until you bring  it into line with professional standards.  Few writers know of these secret tactics and how to comply.  The Hollywood firewall has no mercy to those who ignore critical marketing criteria. "

  No other screenplay book published describes exactly how to perform professional submissions to agents, producers and production companies. Here you will learn how to clean up your script to eliminate those dangerous words Story Analyst (readers) see and toss the script aside with a rejection slip. Learn the inside secrets of breaking down the protective firewalls to get your scripts read by those who have the power to buy.

"This book breaks down barriers like no other."

  You will learn how to obtain an agent and how to submit your scripts to production companies without an agent and be taken seriously! Don't let the firewalls stop you from selling your script. Order this book, fix the errors in your scripts (your scripts do have serious errors creating rejections) and you will be breaking in!

  The entire marketing process is covered in detail with easy step-by-step instructions, powerful resource listings, query letters, illustrations -- even submission instructions to save you hundreds of dollars in postage and stationary supplies and simultaneously raise your professional image.  Increase response rate to queries with actual high-response samples, critical protocol instructions you must adhere to and much more.

"The Book Pays For Itself Many Times Over... It's Like Getting The Book For Free!"

  Not only will you save money on postage and agency fees, you will save money on screenwriting software, script doctors, and more.   Many high-profile firms have offered special discounts to readers of this book.   You'll save hundreds of dollars in just the first year alone.  This book does not just save you money, it'll make you money!  And that's if you don't sell your script, so the book absolutely pays for itself.  However, you'll be smiling all the way to the bank if this book helps you get your screenplay sold!

  This book will save you money, guaranteed, paying for itself many times over. And, within 30days of purchase you are not satisfied with this book we will refund the purchase price of the book.  No other publisher offers a guarantee like ours!    Only $34.95  Order your copy now!


  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets is a powerful manual to give you the inside secrets professional screenwriters use to get scripts read and sold. It's a fact, the market is flooded with over 160,000 screenplays each year and Hollywood has established a powerful filtering system of "firewalls" to keep the majority of writers out, only letting in those who submit scripts with a presentation of "professional" written on every page.

  Many writers have excellent scripts, but most all fail miserably in the marketing process. Readers see the deadly errors of unprofessional formatting (not page formatting, but style formatting errors other books don't reveal). The script reader evaluates word structure (lean visual writing form), improper screenwriting word usage (words that kill a script and cry "amateur" on each page), production cost errors, etc.  The reader rejects the script in the first 30-seconds! Surprisingly, many agents don't know these little inside secrets and they will submit your script only to receive rejections, too. Sound familiar?  

"Good screenwriting and good marketing are totally separate functions. A good script goes nowhere without good marketing."


  Having learned the hard way, I wrote this manual to help rejected writers clean up their scripts so they will be read, given proper coverage and ultimately green-light the script for the sale. There are no dedicated marketing technical manuals on how to properly submit, market, present and sell your screenplay like Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets. You'll get plenty of good advice on how the industry works in other books, how to page-format a script, establish structure, character development, etc.   All very important, but you will not be told exactly how to submit a professional script, so when a reader sees it, s/he snatches it from the stack, scans the script and takes it home to read right away... leaving others behind. Once you apply the techniques given, your screen, television and stage plays will get the recognition they deserve and ultimately lead to a sale, with or without an agent. Don't let the marketing process fail you. Learn the secrets of the trade.

"There's no published book solely dedicated to the marketing process of selling screenplays.  That's why 'Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets' is so unique."

  Most screenwriting books on the market talk about screenwriting, but they don't dedicate to inform you how to package and market your script to the new industry standards.  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets gives you all the information you need to write a tight visually-oriented script, exactly as story analyst want them to be written.  You will be surprised to discover you've been doing it all wrong.  Read the book and get the job done the right the first time!  You'll save many hours of rewriting and best of all, stop the painful rejections.

"Most writers fail miserably in the marketing process because they do not understand this screenwriting business." 

  This book will show you how to write brief, yet powerful query letters, to get your script priority attention!  Exactly what you need to increase your response rate for script evaluations.  And, at the same time, teach you how to save hundreds of dollars in stationery, postage fees and product purchases.  This alone more than pays for the book many times over!   The complete marketing function is covered in Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets.

What's more, you won't be seeing as many rejections as you do now! - -   James Russell     



  The biggest mistake writers make when they query?  The letter is too long and too boring!   Did you know one paragraph of 4-lines will make you appear even more professional and gain a higher response rate requesting your script? Scriptwriting is a highly condensed form of writing. If you can't distill your query letter down to a minute or less in size, the reader knows your script is too heavy without even seeing it and will reject it. The book will teach you how to compress your writing.

  There are elements in a query letter that must be present or your script will not be requested for submission.  These elements are explained in the book.  The book also has a quick reference listing of script cleaning instructions. Solid and powerful advice from high level industry recognized agents, so you can get your queries and your script written tightly, as agents and producers want to see them. Perform the tune up in your script and you'll see a dramatic rise in submission acceptance!


  Many screenwriters and playwrights believe they can simply slip a script in an envelope and away they go.  Sure, a good rejection is the way they go!  Years of research of packaging scripts the way prodcos and agents want them have gone into this book and now the secrets are out of the bag.   Take advantage of it!  And if you think this screenwriting business is not full of secrets?  You will find out the hard way with rejection after rejection until you comply with the rules of the game. 

  Packaging the script is first dealt with; page count, page numbering, author script formatting, style formatting, scene headings, cover color and composition.  We draft the query, cover letter and release form, and then we move on to develop the envelope addressing and the types of envelopes to be used.   Sounds simple, but a huge packaging mistake is also revealed that absolutely guarantees your script will never be read by anyone.   Your script will be rejected if you do it!  Now you'll know why your scripts were not returned, returned unread or another rejection slip arrives!  It will happen even if your script is requested!  Your script sits on a shelf with nowhere to go, often ending up in the trash!  It's all part of the firewall system.  

"You may have a fine script, but you may be failing miserably in the marketing process... which is the most important process of all!" 

  No other screenwriting book reveals critical submission errors.  The book discloses dozens of critical errors to avoid.  In the end, you will have a perfectly professional script submission.  The moment the script is removed from the envelope, the reader will proclaim "This is professional."  Your script is read while others are pushed aside!  You'll learn how with easy to follow illustrations!  How many screenwriting books have you read that give illustrations on script submission procedures?  The illustrations alone are well worth the price of the book!  Your query letters and your script submission package will be taken seriously, leading to a sale!

"You don't have to face agonizing marketing failure anymore."

  You've read it time-and-time-again from agents in the major screenwriter's magazines, "Don't do this..." and "Please do not forget to enclose SASE and to...."  etc.  Amateur screenwriters are driving agents up the walls with glaring errors in packaging, formatting and writing the script.  Agents know they can't market these scripts.  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets will elevate you from amateur status to professional, immediately!  You should not be competing with amateurs.  You may have a fine script, but you may be failing miserably in the marketing process... which is the most important process of all! 


"Those who ignore the firewalls are doomed to fail!"

  Hollywood is barricaded with firewalls.  These firewalls are designed to keep out unknown screenwriters, but they are for agents too!   Believe it or not, there are hundreds of agencies not worth their salt who don't even understand the marketing process themselves.  If you are lucky to have one of these agencies representing you, good luck, you'll need it!  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets sole purpose is to knock-down these firewalls keeping your script out of the inside loop where the power brokers reside who have the authority to green light scripts. 

"Mediocre writers sell scripts, yet many talented writers are rejected for lack of marketing knowledge."

  These firewalls are impenetrable for many writers and agents alike.  The book can't knock down all of the major firewalls setup by the major prodcos, but is sure knocks down all the others quite nicely, and that will get your scripts in the door with the major production companies and leading agencies!  If you can't get in the front door, it's only common sense to enter the back door!  You may not have the clout to pass your script to the major players, but you can get your script to the people who have access to the buyers. Get the idea? 

"Simply follow the instructions and you will be way ahead of the competition... way ahead!"

  Knocking down these firewalls is not a singular event, it requires a coordinated process from having a good script written in the proper style and professionally submitted, so the script obtains "good coverage" from the story analyst to be passed on up the food chain.  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets is the formula for success.  It's all spelled out in easy to apply steps.   Simply follow the instructions and illustrations and you will be way ahead of the competition.  Way ahead!  You are no longer just one of 160,000 people submitting dreadful scripts.  Your scripts will be given a measure of top priority! 

"Writers trying to break in do not realize rejections will continue forever until they learn to penetrate these firewalls."

Example:  Story analyst (script reader) sees a pile of scripts on the desk (they know a pro script when they see one).  Who's script are they going to pick up and take home today?  Could be yours if it has the "professional look."  But, the story analyst must first flip a few pages to see if it lives up to the initial promise.  It will, if you read Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets.  If you don't know proper submission and formatting procedure your script will be returned unsold. 

The story analyst can tell by reading a few lines if the script is pro or amateur, and those "killer words"  had better not be present!   The scene headings must be properly applied, including script formatting and word usage styles or the reader will notice them in 30-seconds or less.  This is all the time you have to make your impression.  Months of hard work down the drain. 

"Sadly, many excellent scripts simply fail the marketing process." 

  You don't have to face this agonizing marketing failure anymore.   Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets will make sure of it.  If your script fails?  You'll know it's the script, not the marketing process!  This is very important to know. Many writers have rewritten scripts only to never find out they are failing the marketing stage, not the story elements at all!  Let's face it.  You don't get much of an opportunity to read the coverage reports, so you don't know how the script is failing.   Plus, readers won't dare tell you about the firewalls for fear of losing their own job.  The book tells you how to obtain these elusive coverage reports and gives you a sample letter you can use to get them!

  Coverage is subjective anyway and lacks detail.  One reader likes the script, another scorns it.   One thing you need to know is both will like something about the script and this "something" must always be presented to the extreme.  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets will help you increase coverage score so your script is shuttled upward to the executive levels!  Now all you have to do is concentrate on writing or correcting errors in the story, not the submission package.  You are ten-steps ahead of the competition already! 


  You'll learn you do not need to be a whiz in English writing to learn the techniques in Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets   It's all 12th-grade-level writing and this is where you need to be.  If you write on a higher level, the script won't make it very far in the marketing process.  It's a huge mistake many writers make!  Scriptwriting is an art form to itself, more than you may wish to believe.  Believe it or not, many people in the industry do not know how to read beyond the 12th grade level and this is why the rule remains as is.  However, it is still a challenge to write for a visual medium.  Writers must know how to do it or face perpetual rejection.  There is no mercy in this business!

"Writers who understand how to submit professional scripts make it in this business." 

  You could spend a fortune reading every screenplay book on the market.  In reality, there's only a handful you need.   Screen  & Stage Marketing Secrets points out these books, so you'll save time and money right away and you'll spend more time writing than reading! 

"Knowledge is power when you have the correct knowledge to apply."   

  You will learn which screenwriting and playwright publications can help you in your marketing efforts.  There is no possible way you could subscribe to all of them, expend the time to read them all, and still find time to write your scripts.  The expense will also be burdensome. 

"Hollywood's buying spec scripts all of the time, but few get their script into the door!"

  You will soon learn the film schools do not teach "real world" marketing.  It's no wonder so many students can't get their scripts into the food chain!  It's disheartening to see anyone study for years then only to fail due to not knowing simple marketing basics the industry demands.

"There are many valuable marketing secrets in this book!"




SAVE $$$ ON MARKETING COSTS (Pays for the book in savings alone)


WRITE RESPONSIVE QUERY LETTERS (Powerful letters get your scripts submitted)


AVOID SCRIPTWRITING FATAL ERRORS (No other book explains these details)


PROTECT YOUR WORK AND YOUR SUBMISSIONS (Copyrights, registrations, internet, etc.)






ACCESS THE TV MARKET (Techniques you have never read before to get you in)


CONTACT MOVIE STARS (You can, if you know how)


NETWORKING STRATEGIES (Getting to know those on the inside who can help you)


GET MORE REQUESTS FOR YOUR SCRIPTS (You will see more requests for your scripts!)


HOW TO OBTAIN REFERRALS! (We explain how to do it and supply a sample letter you can use)


AGENTS WILLING TO GIVE YOU A CHANCE! (Agents that give readers special consideration)


EFFECTIVE QUERY & COVER LETTERS (Use these powerful letters - they get results!)




  It costs money to mail query letters and scripts.  If you've been in this business awhile, you'll appreciate what is said here.  Looking back, you've spent hundreds of dollars and many hours upon hours submitting queries.  Imagine taking all of your script queries and packaging them so you only have to perform one mailing.   Think how much time and money you will save!  You'll learn how to perform successful multiple-submission queries to market all your scripts in one #10-size envelope.  Despite what you've heard from others not to do this, it works!  But you need to do it properly and Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets will show you how.  You'll absolutely save money, save time and obtain more requests for your scripts!  


  The good news is you don't need an agent! If you have one, fine.  If not, don't worry about it.  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets will show you how to market directly to production companies, producers, directors and movie star agents and managers and be taken seriously!  It's easy when you know how.  And query letters are already written for you! 


  The bookshelves are filled to capacity with these books, but you won't find effective screenplay and stage play marketing books!  "Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets" is the first book dedicated to the writers perils of marketing scripts.  Many great scripts fall flat on their face in the marketing submission process.  This book will give formatting examples for punching up the script's visuals and will illustrate the marketing principles; MORE, CUT TO, SCENE NUMBERING, CONTINUED and other elements are removed from the pages, so you learn what an author's script must look like.  You can't submit a "shooting script."  The published screenplays you buy are not "author scripts." Do not make the grave mistake to copy these formats.  Amazing, but true, many respected screenwriting books will teach you how to format a script improperly!  This will create a perpetual circle of rejection slips. 

  Many screenwriters are still following the old formats and have not kept up with the new industry changes.  Even the writing style form has changed and the book will reveal what you have to do, to step-up your script to the current standards.  When readers see you are not using acceptable standards, it results in rejection.   Follow the direction in the book and agents will be thankful to see a professional script in their hands!  You'll be thankful, selling your script!

"You can have the best script in the world, but if you can't get past the firewalls and have your script read... it goes nowhere, fast."  

  "Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets" gives you the inside scoop on all the angles of marketing your script, more than you  have ever read in any screenwriting book, bar none, and without cute gimmicks.  Only professional strategies are used and that's all you need. Writing your script was hard work, but it's even more difficult to sell it.  This is where the screenwriter and playwright fail the process and frustration builds to no end.  This book is designed to lay out each marketing phase step-by-step, to get your script read and evaluated, to receive good coverage from the story analyst which leads to the sale. 


  Yes, there is basic formatting instructions, examples for the beginner and all the information you need to locate books, trade magazines, newsletters, book clubs, computer programs, agents, production companies, actors and more to get you started writing and selling your screenplay or stage play.  Enough information to save you a year or more in time and effort locating film/stage resources.  Best of all, Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets will make your script salable.

 "Don't waste years with punishing rejection.  Get this book!"   


  When writers start out they need to know...

  1. The differences between script formatting for specific mediums.  (Mistakes here are many) 

  2. Script binding rules.  Use two or three brads? (It makes a big difference)

  3. Important story elements that make or break a story.  (Get the action moving!)

  4. How to find Hollywood contacts who buy scripts.  (They buy, if you submit properly)

  5. Knowing when the script is ready to be submitted. (Solid editing advice is easy to apply)

  6. How to locate and query agents, production companies, producers, directors and actors.

  7. Contests really benefit you or is it a promoter's money-making racket? (Learn benefits & pitfalls)

  8. Do you really need to relocate to Los Angeles?   (No, you don't, if you know how to market your scripts)

  9. Should you send scripts to agents or to producers first, then production companies? (Find out how)

  10. How friends and relatives can be detrimental to your writing career. (Including agents, too!)

  11. Doing your own marketing with or without an agent.  (Agents are not as powerful as you are!)

  12. How some seminars can be a waste of money and others are not.  (Know the difference)

  13. The best scripts to write to increase the odds of getting them sold. (Don't make these mistakes)

  14. How to get any agent you want, even the big-name prestigious agencies in LA. And reasons why you may not want to.  (You'll learn much here!)

  15. Learn how action-oriented query letters can help you beat the competition to a sale. (Do and succeed!)

  16. How to vacation in LA then meet the players to market your scripts when you get home.  (Networking)

  17. The proper shipping materials and stamping notices to use for a professional submission and acceptance of the script.  (Fail here and the script goes nowhere and returned with a rejection slip)

  18. Should I use a blue script cover? White?  Gray?  (Find out what is considered a professional submission!)

  19. What size brads should I use?  The wrong size and type will upset the reader and not conform to industry standards. (Another tip the writer is unprofessional, generating an instant rejection slip)

  20. What do agents, prodcos and producers really want you to do to please them?  (You'll find out in the book!)

  There is more, much more in Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets.

"When you are simply dog tired of rejections get this book!" 


"If you're an established writer already well-connected selling screenplays and stage plays, then you likely don't need the book.  But if you are an aspiring screenwriter / playwright, and you need to break-in... you definitely need this book! "

  It's pure and simple.  You can continue on and on, struggling to get your foot in the door to get your scripts read, keep trying to secure an agent and failing, or you can order "Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets" and kick-start your career forward. Doing it all the right way, the first time!   Don't waste years of time, money and frustration trying to learn the hard way with trial and error.  Read the book!  Learn the easy way to market your product to the film / theatre industry.


"This is the book every aspiring screenwriter must have!" 

  The author of Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets could not secure an agent for many years. Then, with years of research, "firewalls" were discovered and techniques used to tear them down.  After making changes to query letters and the scripts, agency representation became no problem!  So many production companies and agents were requesting scripts the author turned them down!  There is no need for your scripts to be receiving repeated rejections.  Learn how to submit scripts professionally and you'll be well satisfied with the results!    

"Even professionals receive rejections due to market clutter."

  Hollywood is a bear to get inside because the money is huge and everybody and their dog wants in.  Just one agency alone receives hundreds of query letters each day!  Writer's who follow the pack make the biggest mistakes.  Even the postage stamp you use on your query letter will trigger an instant rejection!  That's how tight the firewall filtering system is! Those who work the mailrooms know what to look for and what to reject.  This also includes script-mailing packaging. 

  Your script could even be accepted for evaluation and still be rejected, due to amateur mailing practices.  It all makes perfect sense when you consider which envelope would you open out of hundreds on your desk!?  Filtering is a fact and those who ignore it are due for unpleasant rejections.  There are "secrets" in this business to immediately "identify" a professional submission to the hundreds and thousands of amateur submissions.  Once you know and apply these secrets guess who's queries and scripts get read?

"Don't be just another writer hoping to get in, get in by applying the solid techniques revealed in Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets!"  

  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets goes well beyond the "submission stage" of writing powerful query letters and penetrating the "first levels" of the firewall.  This book overhauls your script and insures it is "professionally written" so you can compete with the pros eye-to-eye!  No matter how good your script is, if you can't penetrate the firewall it goes nowhere!  The sheer number of rejections you receive testify to this reality.   Don't be just another writer hoping to get in, get in by applying the solid techniques revealed in Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets.       


"Everybody follows old hat advice to submit scripts.  Pros don't wear the same hat!  It's how they insure their scripts get read while others sit for weeks in the receiving pile.  This book shows you how to cut through barriers no other book can.  Amazing!" 

  If the script is a basket case, no screenwriting book is going to help you sell the script, but good marketing will get your script requested to be read.  What you need to do is purchase screenwriting books to iron out the story defects and then market your script.  In this light, Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets will work hand-in-hand with your choice screenwriting books (the book lists critical books you must read).   Strong action-oriented visualized writing examples will be given, so you can easily apply them to your script and make it a very powerful read!  And this includes authoritative query letters with actual examples you can use!

  Even the major screenwriting magazines publish query letter samples, yet when you read them, it sounds like the writer is way too polite, too kind, begging in nature and reveals s/he has no authority!  A gigantic mistake and a firewall barrier has now been erected against you.   Agents read these letters and sigh, knowing it's just another amateur writer; wishing, hoping, begging to get in.  Read your query letters and see if you are begging with politeness.  This is not "business writing," but a plea for help. A plea for mercy.  Hollywood is a "business" and you have to know how the business works to even hope to get recognized as anybody.  Professionals know better than to write such query letters.  You have to write with power and authority, even when you have no power or authority!  You'll learn how to have your query letter leap into the agent's face with so much professionalism they can't refuse to pass on your script to risk losing a professional writer! 

  Authoritative screenplay business writing is a technique not taught in film schools or in screenwiting books.  It was developed by the author for one purpose, to smash through firewalls with ease.  Yes, there are books on business writing, but none whatsoever to deal specifically with stage and screen writers!   Hollywood is a "very different business" and what you use when writing to other business sectors will be knocked down flat in the first round in the marketing arena.   More secrets revealed you did not even know existed!  This unawareness is the cause of failure and repeated rejection, due to a lack of knowledge of business writing for the entertainment industry.  You don't have to learn the theory, just apply the power in the sample query letters in the book.  All of the research has been done for you so you can get on with your business of selling your scripts!

  We even supply you with a cover letter you can use to mail to writers to obtain a referrral!  In fact, there are more sample query and cover letters you can use than any other screenwriting book on the market!

"This book goes beyond formatting and story structure books."

  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets is not the typical screenwriting book explaining how to perform basic formatting or filled with dialog how somebody else made it big in the business.  It does not compete with those books.  This book is purely an easy to comply, step-by-step marketing program with one purpose; to get your script past the firewalls, get the script read and accepted as a professional submission leading to the sale.  Rejections will be way less than you are receiving now!  

  This book is not designed to replace formatting and story structure books.   You still need those books, but Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets works hand-in-hand with the best screenwriting books on the market today!  It fills in the crucial marketing gaps other books leave out on how to package yourself and your scripts to the industry.  You'll avoid mistakes that trigger rejections and result in failure.  You'll see a positive turn of script requests.  Your scripts will move on up the development ladder to those who have the power to buy. 

"Those who read the book experience a dramatic increase in script acceptance!"  

  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets is the book screenwriters needed all along, but has never been available until now!   Many writers are terrified of the Hollywood power brokers.  Revealing marketing secrets only increases competition to themselves and risk blacklisting by industry buyers.  Those who expose how to penetrate the established firewall system truly risk never working in Hollywood again!  James Russell is an idependant book publisher having no concern for such conflicts or fear of industry influence.  At one time, yes.  Not anymore!  Too many struggling writers are suffering extreme hardships and broken dreams due to these firewalls.  It's time to let the little guy get his foot in the door!    

"You don't need to be a great writer to make it in this business.  You just have to know how to sell your scripts!" 

  Don't be intimidated by other writers.  In fact, ignore everything other writers tell you!  Most of the advice you receive, even if well-intentioned, will be to your demise.  Hollywood is not looking for great writers, but great storytellers.  New York publishers are looking for fabulous writers, not Hollywood!  Writers spend way too time and energy talking and learning about scriptwriting and fail due to a total lack of business knowledge in entertainment industry marketing.  Once you learn how to write a script, it's time to begin learning all you can learn about how to sell it!  If you can't market yourself and your script it will lead to grave disappointment and frustration. 

  You need a book like this; someone to guide you into the marketing process.  Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets will do just that.  And, it will develop you into a professional writer like few other books can!  Beware of the scoffers, those who put others down to enhance their own status  These writers will have only one purpose, to stop you from getting a true edge advantage on them!  There are excellent writers out there you must compete with, but for those who read and apply Stage & Screen Marketing Secrets will leave the best in the dust, victims of the firewall system.   Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  Don't be one of them!      

"Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets will work hand-in-hand with the leading screenwriting books."  

  The author has had many agents and production companies issue written complements on the visual form he uses, and you can too!  You'll be amazed at how unfocused your screen and stage scriptwriting may be, causing the story to drag!  When that happens, the reader will certainly reject the script!  And, those "script killer" words must never be used, that automatically squelches the script's flow of action. 

  "In fact, the new writing technique is so fast you'll have to intentionally slow-down the action!"

Ask any reader and they will tell you, there are way too many scripts with little visual action.  Is your script one of them?  You'll find out for sure when you read Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets!  James Russell created the new writing formula readers love to see.  The technique that gives powerful visual action into the story. 

"Are you using the new writing style readers and buyers are looking for?" 


"Those who do not have the inside knowledge of how the system works are doomed to failure."  

  You can continue as you are doing now, submitting scripts and receiving rejection after rejection, or you can learn now how to clean up and submit your scripts professionally to get your scripts moved up to the executive ladder for serious consideration leading to sales.  When you are simply dog tired of rejections, get this book! 

"If you don't know the rules of the game you can't win in Hollywood."

  There are no books in print dedicated specifically to show you how to submit scripts professionally, so your submitted script will be read from cover to cover.  Purchase Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets and you'll know the rules and see positive results!  You spent weeks and months writing your script.  Don't  fail due to improper submission procedures!  

"The Hollywood filtering system is unforgiving, punishing writers for not following the rules with pass rejections... even if the story is good!"    

   The choice between success and failure is yours.  When you are tired of the endless rejections, it's time to take the next step; to get your script, marketing materials and submission packaging in top shape.  See positive results right away.  Get your copy of Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets today!  

"The competition is heavy and those who use this book's secrets are going to have their scripts read and moved up into the decisionmaker's realm, while those who don't will continue to be rejected... without mercy!"


  We can't  promise you the book will absolutely guarantee you will sell your script, and certainly no other book or agent can!  What we can do is guarantee you will save money, more than enough to pay for the book six-times over, and more!  Example:  If in the past you have mailed a total of 600 letters to agents to market 5-scripts, you would have saved over $3,000 in postage and stationary costs using the techniques in Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets.  So, here's our guarantee.  If you find you can't save money in the first 30-days, simply return the book with a note explaining how you can't save at least twice the price of the book and we will refund the purchase price of the book.  Fair enough?   The bottom line is you will see an increase in requests for your scripts! 

  "No other publisher gives a money-back guarantee on a screenwriting book!

  How many screenwriting books have you purchased with no money back guarantee?  Did the book increase your response rate?  Get you the sale?   With Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets there's no risk.  The most at stake is postage for shipping the book and no more. But we don't believe for one moment you will return the book. Why?  Because the book works!   Performs as advertised!  It will make your screenwriting better.  Agents, prodcos, actors and producers will be requesting your scripts.  That's the #1 job this book will do for you; to help you market your scripts, to get them into the pipeline so you can make the sale!  For customer comments about the book, click here.


  A promise is as good as a guarantee.  If you don't see an increase in requests for your screenplay (or stage play) after using the professional marketing methods in Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets book in 30-days from date of purchase, we will refund the purchase price of the book!  We all know agents move slow, but you will see a rapid response rate when you apply the techniques in the book.  "No other publisher gives a full positive results or refund money-back guarantee... bar none!"   We know the book will be successful for you, that's why we guarantee it!

"You will not be disappointed!"



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