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  The steam power engineering book for steam boilers, steam locomotives, stationary steam power plant, merchant marine boilers, Navy engine room, industrial power plant engineering, power plant maintenance, power plant operating engineer, state and federal civil service jobs, power plant operator electric utility and oil refineries, hospitals, diesel power plant.  Pass stationary and merchant marine power plant engineering exams.  Power plant jobs for steam plant operation.  Steam boiler book with steam turbine electric generation and ship propulsion.

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ISBN-10:: 0-916367-08-8ISBN-13: 978-0-916367-08-4
TITLE: Steam & Diesel Power Plant Operators Examinations
AUTHOR: James Russell


The book for the stationary steam boiler power plant operating engineer!

Pass your steam power plant licensing and job entry examinations!

Any bookstore can order this book for you, just give them this ISBN No. 0-916367-08-8

and our SAN #295-852X tell them Baker & Taylor and Ingram distributes the book.


  The book has over 1,400 test questions and answers with explanations to pass steam boiler stationary, marine and locomotive engineer and fireman examinations. All power plant equipment is covered including equipment start-up procedures. Steam boilers, steam turbines, steam engines, reciprocating and centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, superheater, reheater, deareator, injectors, inspirators, safety and relief valves, blow-down valves, closed heaters, water treatment, diesel engine operation, water columns, gage glass replacement, cutting boilers on and off line, etc. Diesel engine operation is covered as most power plants and all hospitals have emergency generator backup and licensing is required to operate large propulsion and electric generating diesels. Every conceivable subject is covered, and much, much more to list here.

"Best Selling Book Since 1981"

  This book has been the best selling engineering book in the Los Angeles area and nationwide since 1981 and was updated in the year 2000. It is invaluable to pass licensing and civil service employment exams and has sold worldwide from hospitals, refineries, power plants to military bases.

  Power plant operator examinations are all basically the same regardless of which state or country you live in. There are only so many ways to start a high pressure power plant boiler or steam turbine and this book gives you the right answers to the questions. Even operations questions as to what to do when specific enunciator alarms ring, low and high water, overpressure and over-speed trips, sentry valves, etc. There's very little left that an examiner could trip up the reader of this book. The success rate of passing exams is extraordinary high.  Just ask those who have passed the exams from reading this book!

"Many People Have Gained Wonderful Lifelong Careers Using This Book"

  Steam & Diesel book focuses strongly on safety operation procedures, exactly the questions asked of you on oral and written licensing examination and employment interviews!  Many explanations are also given, as to why the answer is correct to make learning even easier.  Many who have failed these exams, after reading Steam & Diesel Power Plant Operators Examinations has passed and obtained high-paying jobs! 

  The book will help you pass low pressure boiler exam, but primarily focuses on high pressure fireman, 500 horsepower, unlimited horsepower boiler engineer, unlimited steam turbine endorsements and diesel operations engineer examinations. Including, state and federal civil service exams.  No other examinations book has the success rate than this book! 

  Within 30-days of purchase you are not satisfied we will refund the purchase price of the book.  No other exam book offers a guarantee like ours.  Order your copy today!

"Power Plant Operators Are Always in Demand 1981"

 Below is a diagram showing the steam and water cycle and the major components of a typical power plant.  The book reveals test questions and answers, over 1,400 of them to help you pass state or city fireman/engineer operator licensing, pre-employment and civil service exams.


Artwork by author James Russell



  I wrote this book back in 1981 and revised it in 1995 and 1999. If you want to know the acceptable answers to give to the boiler inspector at an exam, this is the book for you. But first, you likely need to pass the written exam. Well, here it is... 1,400 test questions and answers to make it very easy for you to ace the exam. I've included many explanations as to why the answer is correct.  Absolutely no other test book does this.

  It is important to know why the answer is correct because those questions are often asked in the oral examinations! Scores of readers have passed high pressure boiler engineer, turbine and diesel engineer exams with this book on the first try, even after multiple failures taking the exams.

  If you need a power plant operators license, you need Steam & Diesel Power Plant Operators Examinations. You can pass the exams! 

Read the Testimonials

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Employment Opportunities

  Many people do not know that there are high-paying power plant related jobs in their community.  Some of the obvious are electric utility power stations and oil and gas refineries.  However, there are Federal, state, city and county government jobs including veterans, hospitals, colleges, jails, prisons, manufacturing facilities, large hotel/casinos, hydroelectric dams, etc. 

"Jobs Are Expanding"

  The power plant operations field is expanding into solar power, hydrothermal, waste management to energy, biomass, ocean and wind power.  This means job opportunities are expanding.  And don't forget, maintenance engineers are needed to repair the equipment, so that just more than doubled your job opportunities.

  "Power Plant Jobs are Depression Proof" 

  If you do not have power plant operations experience you will find that hospitals are often willing to train.  They first start you doing simple jobs such as adjusting room thermostats and light maintenance calls throughout the hospital, then, later, you can ease yourself into the power plant.  Here you will learn how to operate the steam boilers, air conditioning chillers, cooling towers and diesel powered electric generators. 

"I Have Used This Technique to Get Hired With Great Success."

  The shortcut to get hired?  Simply walk into a hospital and ask to speak with the Chief Engineer and tell him you want to learn to become a Maintenance Engineer and progress to a Power Plant Operating Engineer.  Yes, you are bypassing the entire employment hiring process.  In this way, you are not competing with other people answering an employee want ad in the newspapers.  You don't even have to fill out a job application.

If you don't get hired right away, check back each month or two with the Chief Engineer and you may be pleasantly surprised you will be hired.  This procedure is simple, friendly and it works.  The reason it works is because nobody does this and when you arrive on the scene asking for an opportunity, it just says, "This guy really wants to work here!  I am not just looking for a job, I want a career."  If there are no job openings it is not unusual for the Chief Engineer to get on the telephone, call a friend at another power plant and recommend you for employment.  If that happens, you can be sure you just got hired!

"Best Selling Book Since 1981"

   What if you can't get hired?  You can drop the bomb and ask for a volunteer position.  It won't last long for they usually hire you after about a week or two.  For insurance reasons it is better for them to hire you than to keep you on as a vollunteer.  It is rare for a person to offer to be a volunteer, but it works to get hired especially if you are trying to get into the power plant but you don't have any skills or training.  Do this and you will be creating your own job opportunity! 

  "The Pay and Benefits Power Plant Operators Earn are Awesome!" 

  Another method that really works well...  Let's assume you find a place you really want to work at.  Perhaps a college or hospital.  You do the same as above, but if there is no job opening at this time, then you tell the Chief Engineer you would be willing to work for free as a volunteer a day or two each week.  This can motivate the Chief Engineer to create a job opening for you right on the spot, with or without pay.  The point is, once your foot is in the door, you have the next job.  They do not even need to spend money on employment-related newspaper ads or needing to interview dozens of people.  They save time, money, grief and they know what sort of employee they will be getting.  Add it all up and you have yourself a fine job.

  Warning:  If you simply wait to answer an "employee wanted" ad in the newspaper you will waste your time.  You cannot compete with people who have prior experience.  To break in, you need to be creative.  What I am telling you above I have done many times and was hired within one to three days.  I think I had to wait one week once before getting hired!  Never did I bother to fill out a job application or perform an interview with the personnel office.  A friend of mine would not do it because he thought it was not conventional or proper procedure, but once he became frustrated by not getting hired he tried my method and on the second place he visited, on the very first day, he was hired.  Yes, it works!  

  "Get to Know the Employees if You Want to Be Hired."

 To become familiar with job opportunities where you live, check out the Internet for power plant jobs, locate the local trade unions and ask around.  Visit some power plants and talk with the operating engineers in the power plant to get some advice.  The military will train you if that is what you want.  They need power plant engineers in the Navy to run the boilers, steam turbines and desalination equipment on all of their ships, even the nuclear powered ships.  Do what you can to meet employees so you can get a friendship happening.  They can help you get hired.

  "Jobs Available in Every City, County and State and Worldwide." 

  The power plant related jobs are out there.  You don't see many advertised in the newspaper because a lot of people want to get in and those that are in don't often leave their jobs, but there is turnover in the industry and you can get hired for being in the right place at the right time, by making "cold call" visits.  Don't forget to get a business card and to leave your name and phone number too and keep in touch with the boss who can hire you.  Don't pester, just let him know you are still interested about once a month. 

  The large electric utilities will not let you in without an appointment.  Make one with the Chief Engineer asking him if you can have a tour of the plant.  Some places can't even give private tours anymore, many still do.  At least try.  If you organize a school class to visit the plant for a tour this will open the doors.  Utility jobs are the cream of the crop.  They do train people who have zero experience, but not many.  The like to hire merchant marine and Navy and Coast Guard power plant operators.  You need to do a lot of knocking on these doors to get in.  It helps to get to know employees.  Find out if they are union and go to the union hall and hang around, learn the ropes and to obtain helpful advice.  If there is a restaurant near the plant this can be a good place to meet employees.

  Tip:  Wherever you see a tall smoke stack, there is a steam boiler at its base.  That means there is an operating power plant fireman and engineer employed to take care of that power plant equipment.  Ask to see the Chief Engineer and see what develops.  Sometimes you can get free training being a volunteer so you can then claim you have boiler room experience when applying for jobs.

  Some areas of the country require that you pass an exam to obtain a license to operate steam boilers, but most cities and states do not.  Most all will require you to pass an oral or written exam and this is where our book becomes invaluable to help you pass the exams.

  Yes, there are schools that teach, boiler operators, plant operations technicians or stationary engineering.  The Merchant Marine industry also has schools to operate ship propulsion systems. 
0916367088.jpg (99291 bytes)  And when you need help to pass employment exams or licensing exams, remember my book, "Steam & Diesel Power Plant Operators Examinations" will give you the answers you need to succeed. 

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