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Read This First...


  To appreciate natural rock art  you may need to develop "artistic eyes" similar to seeing the man in the moon.  At first you may not see the image, but as your mind and eye focuses the image will suddenly appear as clear as can be.  Images presented for the gallery are very sharp and easy to see and the print that you buy will be even better than what you see here on the Website's low resolution image!  You will appreciate the amazing and incredible artistic work of nature to create images of such astounding detail in solid rock.  The photographer has a rare talent of "artistic eyes" to discover these wonderful, yet hidden images that have silently existed for many thousands of years and are now being revealed for the very first time!


 You can purchase beautiful nature photography, but our images include an amazing hidden image within each scene!  This is what makes our natural rock art photographs very rare, special, unique, mysterious, full of wonder and of great value!  All of the photos are of natural rock-art formations.  The photos are not doctored or manipulated nor is trick photography used.    


  You have never seen these photos anywhere in any book, magazine, art gallery, newspaper, television broadcast or Website prior to the discovery of these images by James Russell.  These images have never been officially recorded, published or discovered by anyone else prior to the original discovery by James Russell.  It has required many hours of searching to find these hidden images and once found configuring the proper angle of view, distance, time of day and other photographic factors to capture these images.  It is these factors that makes these images unique, special and of rare value.

  For thousands of  years the images have remain hidden from human eyes, until now!  In very few cases, such as the "Demon of Mt. Rushmore" image some (and few at that) local residents may have seen this rock formation, but no one has ever officially photographed and formally reported, identified and named the image as a discovery except by James Russell.   

  For another example, have you ever heard of Wyoming's Devil's Tower having a face engraved on it?  Never.  But when you look at the image of The Creator you will see the eyes, nose and mouth of a face.  Little is known there is another face of an Indian Chief image on the other side of the Devil's Tower not shown in the photo. 


  Not all, but many images have multiple hidden images that makes them very special to behold.  When you read the description of the print we will explain these remarkable duel images.  For example, read the description for The Ten Commandments - Two Faces and The Great Sphinx.  Both have duel images in each photo.  Some have even more than two or three images.


  Just take a look at some of these photographs and imagine how the wind, rain, snow, heat and cold weathering has slowly but surely perfectly sculpted these awesome images.  They are so flawlessly perfect you would assume a human sculpture' did the job with a hammer and chisel.  Eyes, nose, ears, cheeks, jaw and even facial expressions can be seen.  Here you can see the hand of God performing His artwork for you to see and enjoy!  Naturally beautiful to behold.  Now ask yourself what are the odds of such perfection to be presented by nature to create these wonderful art images chiseled in solid rock?  Also consider the size of the image.  Some are small as a boulder and some are as large as a mountain, yet both sizes reveal perfection in art.


  Each print has an authentic identifying title with the author's name.  This is to ensure you have purchased an original James Russell photograph, not an imitation.


  All of the images can be seen in person beside paved roads.  Hiking is not required.  This is by design as we want everyone to be able to visit these wonderful sites.  When you purchase our Tour Guide book the driving directions are given.  Those who have taken our self-guided tours generally want to purchase high quality photographs taken by the discovering photographer.


  We have no idea if the value of the photograph print you purchase will have a greater monetary value.  We do speculate that it is possible over time an "original James Russell" photographic print could rise in value and may very well increase to a substantial value.  The reason being are these images have remained hidden for thousands of years and were only recently discovered and that in itself presents a rarity of which often equates to greater value.  It is not the investment, but the beauty of the photographed image that matters the most, what the photograph reveals, the rare and wonderful image within the photograph.  The best investment value will be the lasting joy these prints will bring to your home.


The photographs are designed to be inserted into a 5"x7" frame.  Larger sizes are available on special order.  Why 5"x7" size?  This frame size permits the images to be used in smaller confines in the home or office space and still command attention.  It may also be displayed in motor homes where wall space is limited.  In all cases we recommend  you use the services of a professional frame shop to trim the photograph to fit your frame.   The photo may arrive with a border or may arrive borderless.   You can order larger sizes.  E-mail us for price.


The quality of our photographic paper meets or exceeds 100+ year standards, such as Kodak Ultima Photo Paper with ColorLast technology.


"The prints we have for sale are just a few images that are presented in our tour guide books.  We have, of course, taken the best images for presentation to be offered for sale as prints.  You will enjoy showing people the fabulous images hanging on your wall... images the hand of God has created and is now revealed to mankind for the very first time!" - James Russell 


  James Russell has written legal "Declaration of Discovery" documents protecting the discovery rights with "all rights reserved" for any and all use of the images, including copyrights.  These images - and the actual rock art formation itself by discovery rights - are protected and can not be copied, scanned, photographed, reproduced or sold or used in the development of products without full, fair compensation to the original discover who is, James Russell, the sole original discoverer and photographer.  All rights reserved.  If you wish to use an image you must have written permission from James Russell.  If you see unlawful photographs (including our images on T-shirts or on other products) being sold please E-mail: jrpub2002@yahoo.com


  Click on the links below or scroll down the page.










Black Hills, SD - Demon of Mt. Rushmore.

  To the left of President George Washington at Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota you can see a gray rock of which is the entire face of a lizard-like demon.  Millions of visitors have missed seeing this hidden image, until now!  Order # SD6459.

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Black Hills, SD - Wicked Witch of the West

In Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota resides the witch.  Many people who visit Spearfish Canyon have no idea they drive by this incredible natural rock art.  In respect, the image may also be a portrait of a Native American Indian.  We let you decide. Order #SD6536.

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Black Hills, SD - Jesus of Nazareth

In Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota is a remarkable natural rock art formation that resembles the traditional image of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  The image has wonderful artistic detail that is hand-painted and chiseled in stone by the hand of God.  Order #SD6701.

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Black Hills, SD - Inconsolable Indian

In Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota is an incredible complete sculpture of the head of a despondent Indian protruding from the face of the mountain.  The detail of the image is astounding as if a human created the image, but this is not the case; what you see is naturally made by the artistic hand of God.  Fabulous detail.  Order #SD6498.

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Black Hills, SD - The Big Mean Ghost

This Halloween-like ghost lives in Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota.  He's looking right at you, grinning with his square head frowning upon your presence.  Others say he's just a big happy ghost!  The facial expression and remarkable detail of the white ghost is haunting. Order #SD6504. 


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Black Hills, SD - T-Rex Dinosaur

Check out the awesome detail of this T-Rex dinosaur living in Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota.  He's gazing to the left and appears to be alarmed.  Notice the small hand and body structure.  Imagine the wind and rain creating such an image in solid rock.  When was the last time you saw such creative natural art?   #SD6477. 

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Black Hills, SD - Washington Meets Crazy Horse

President Washington of Mt. Rushmore faces a huge rock art sculpture of an Indian warrior, Crazy Horse.  The immense size of the image caused many people to miss seeing the natural sculpture.  What is more amazing is to ask why it is here?  #SD6444. 

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Black Hills, SD - Original Indian - Mt. Rushmore

This huge Indian profile was present long before Mt. Rushmore was carved by man.  It is located a few yards from the Presidents in plain view, but missed by millions of people, until now!  This wonderful profile is of an old man looking to the right partially hidden in the trees, yet he makes his statement boldly... "We were here first!"   #SD6438. 

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Black Hills, SD - Sky Watcher

This Indian-head profile reside in Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota gazing into the morning sky.  His pronounced nose, tiny lips and huge chin reveals he is an intense man, perhaps a man of prayer giving thanks to his creator for all things, especially life itself!  #SD6488. 

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Black Hills, SD - Staring Eagle

This is the first image I found in Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota in 2004, but I gave little thought to photograph it until a year later.  I admit I was shocked to see it staring down at me with such boldness and the facial details are very impressive.  The Bible verse "You shall mount up as wings of Eagles" came to mind then I looked up and there she was!  She overlooks a wonderful fast-running stream of water.  #SD6493. 

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Black Hills, SD - Secret Images

The white rock is painted with black rock creating wonderful images.  See the big head and face looking at you, the left eye is an Indian profile looking to the left with feathers in his hair, the right eye the head of a roaring bear.  To the left of the head is a man with large frame standing and looking to the left.  The image is in Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota.    #SD6506. 

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Black Hills, SD - The Great Buffalo

Amazingly the entire rock formation is a wonderful image of a huge buffalo resting.  He is facing us and keeping a wary eye.  Even his long nose and left horn and mouth can be seen with good detail.  His body is behind and slightly turned to the right.  Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota.  #SD6511. 


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Black Hills, SD - Standing Eagle

An immense eagle with outstretched wings boldly guards the forks of Spearfish Creek in Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota.  His head is facing left and is screaming warnings to stay away to those who dare pass this way.  On the right side of the head is a small image of a man.  #SD6514. 


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Black Hills, SD - Tortured Soul

This poor soul is moaning with intense sorrow in Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota.  His head, face and neck can be seen dead center in the photograph and he is facing to the right, gazing slightly to the sky.  A reflection of the everlasting pain of a people who have lost their land. #SD6517. 


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Black Hills, SD - Crazy Horse and Buffalo

Awesome photo!  To the right is the black face of a buffalo but look at the white rock... it is the precise likeness of Crazy Horse!  His face lovingly buried into the cheek of the buffalo.  Perhaps knowing they both face extinction.  The more you see it the more you can't believe it!  A rock-art image of this caliber is incredibly rare and mysterious.  How could this be?  Image is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota #SD6518. 


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Black Hills, SD - Sad Puppy

Near Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills, South Dakota is a lonely dog with no children to play with.  He lies here waiting for them to arrive.  He watches every car pass by hoping it will stop to let the children out to play with him.  Are are not stopping today.  Maybe later they will.  #SD6630. 


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Black Hills, SD - Roaring Lion

In Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota is the strong image of a roaring lion imbedded in the rock wall.  Amazingly located near the Wicked Witch of the West (#6536)  just as the Wizard of Oz movie!  Notice the detail of the squinting eyes, the nose and wide mouth.  Some may say it is the face of a man or it is the face of Jesus of Nazareth.  All interpretations may be correct.  #SD6641. 


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Black Hills, SD - Medicine Man

Look at the perfection of the facial profile of this Native American Indian Medicine Man.  The rock is made of layers of slate and the detailed sculpture becomes finer the more you look at it.  Located in Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, South Dakota.  #SD6643. 


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Black Hills, WY - Image of the Creator

Yes, this is the Devil's Tower in Wyoming (in the north western Black Hills adjacent to South Dakota).  The Indians claim this place is sacred as the Creator lives here.   Well, his face is here to be seen in this photograph!  The Tower is the head.  Look for the two horizontal slits for eyes and the whitish rock stain is the nose.  Can you see him now?  Millions of people have missed this image yet it is so obvious to see!   #SD6674. 


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Black Hills, SD - The Great Demon

This mean, angry old devil raises his ugly head from the Black Hills of South Dakota near Mt. Rushmore.  He is full of mischief and growling in pain as someone tossed a large bolder into his eye!  Like the Bible says, resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Some will say he's just an innocent old man.  He can be what you want him to be!  #SD6687. 


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Oatman, Arizona - Adam - First Creation of Man

In Oatman, Arizona the entire ridge of a volcanic mountain is shaped as a man gazing to the sky.  Even the fingers of his hand can be seen on his chest.  This image is featured in the book,  The Oatman Arizona Holy Land Tour book.  Order #0289.

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Oatman, Arizona - The Great Sphinx of Egypt

This Egyptian Sphinx resides high upon its own mountain and is a landmark in the Oatman, Area.  However, this is a duel-image.  The Sphinx is obvious, but if you cover the cat's head with your thumb you will see the profile of a King looking to the sky.  His chin is to the left in the photo.  The entire image of the Sphinx transforms to the face of Pharaoh.  Some will claim it is the very face of Moses! This image is featured in the book,  The Oatman Arizona Holy Land Tour book.  Order #0108.

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Oatman, Arizona - Ten Commandments

In Oatman, Arizona are two tablets of the Ten Commandments shown here with what appears to be words written in stone.  Look again at the tablet to the right and you will see the profile of an ancient Egyptian or Hebrew.  Look again to the left tablet and you will see another profile of a Roman facing in the same direction.   This image is featured in the book,  The Oatman Arizona Holy Land Tour book.  Order #0062.

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Oatman, Arizona - Devil on the Run

In Oatman, Arizona is the strange cartoon-like rock formation of a horned demon running up the mountain kicking up a trail of dust as he vanishes from view.  Something has scared this demon in a mighty big way to force it to run as fast as it can to escape.  The Bible says to resist the devil and he will flee from you.  This image is featured in the book,  The Oatman Arizona Holy Land Tour book.  Order #0224

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