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Professional Sportsman's Expense Log Book

Get More Tax Deductions  - Sports Tax Deductions - Target Shooters, Bowling and Golf Tax Deductions

Pro Sportsman's Log Book

Professional Sportsman's Expense Log Book             

ISBN-10: 0-916367-61-4

ISBN-13: 978-0-916367-61-9

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  Is it not time you become a professional sportsman?  Perhaps you never thought it possible, but today is the very day you do!  It had to happen sooner or later. If not now, when?  Never?  It all begins the moment you use book. Here is how you benefit. You will take full tax deductions for the purchase of your sporting equipment, lessons, coaching, tournament entry fees, lodging, fuel, (including new guns, ammo, bowling, golf equipment and supplies), clothing, vehicle repairs, tires and oil changes, furniture, interest payments and much more!  You will save thousands of dollars each and every year. 

  When you begin your professional sportsman adventure you are “in business” and it will be like getting a massive pay raise!  And if you are retired? You qualify.  Everyone qualifies!  There are no age limits, young or old  benefit.  It's so easy and profitable you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!  And what is amazing there is literally little more you need to learn.  No fees to pay, no tricks, no gimmicks, no business licenses, no accountant or attorney needed.  The book explains what you need to know and you can begin your tax deductions the moment you get the book into your hands. 

  Today you step into the professional realm even if you are still in training striving to become professional.  You don’t need to be a recognized professional sportsman to take advantage of these wonderful deductions.  Imagine all the brand new high-grade sporting equipment including practice and competitive entry fees, and the sporting supplies you can buy and receive huge tax rebate checks at year’s end!  Amazing, but true.  Buy this book, which is also tax deductible, and get started right away!  This book makes you money and pays for itself a thousand times over!  260 p.p. 6x9 size perfect bound book. $24.95 

AUTHOR COMMENTS:  Every year I have written off on my taxes every shotgun target shooting related expense and so can you!  I also write books on many subjects and, when I write motorcycle related books, I write off everything I buy for that motorcycle including the gasoline, oil, tires, maintenance, repairs, accessories, etc.  I was surprised to discover most sportsman do not write off their expenses simply because they did not know they could!  And that is why I wrote this book to show you how to do it.  Trust me.  It is easy to do and very profitable. 

  You will now be able to afford to buy the sporting equipment you want and need to perform to your maximum abilities and compete on a even footing to earn money playing the sport you love.  For many, that means the difference between winning and losing.  And what is great is that when you do lose… you still win by deducting your losses from your taxes!  What could be better than that?

  You do not need to be a professional sportsman to take these tax deductions!  All you need is the desire to be competitive and earn income by playing your sport.  That means shotgun and shooting sports, golf, bowling and many more sports players can reap the benefits of tax deductions and see an increase in their take home pay. And the book is perfect bound which absolutely qualifies the book as a legal document that will be held up in any legal forum.  A loose-leaf or digital version will be thrown out as inadmissible evidence because the paginations and data can be changed!

  Why not give the Professional Sportsman's Expense Log Book” a try and put it to work for you.  I know you will be well pleased with the outcome each and every year when you see how large your tax refund checks can be.  And, the book explains how you can adjust your employer’s tax withholding forms so you will bring home more money each payday instead of waiting an entire year to get your tax refunds!  Order the book today.            

Click here to order the book.


  You Can Take Huge Tax Deductions Too - What if I told you could take a tax deduction on just about every bill you pay?  Well, that means you could be saving and earning very serious money.  Imagine heating bills, gasoline, oil changes, new tires, brakes, home and vehicle insurance, home and car repair bills and much more you can write off.  Well, it is true, if you start your own business and the IRS will even help you get started.  Our book  Professional Sportsman's Expense Log Book will help anyone start taking tax deduction and it does not have to a sports-related business.  The book is inexpensive and tax deductible as a business expense. 

  Imagine that you do not have to have a business license and doing your taxes only requires the addition of one tax form "Profit & Loss for Business" and you are in the money.  You can lose money for three years and still write off 50% to 100%all your bills.  Go ahead, add up all the bills you pay and imagine if it only cost you half.  Right now you are paying it all and you can't get ahead in life unless you get a business happening, even a side business is okay. 

  It is perfectly legal and there is no cheating anybody to do this.  It is easy to do, easy to learn and you can begin today, right now.  Get our book Professional Sportsman's Expense Log Book and start saving every receipt and follow the instructions and you will have started your money making machine. 


  Some ask, "Why should I pay taxes on my sports winnings when I don't have to?"  Answer: While it may be true you did not win enough money to pay tax on the winning's income you earned the penalty is you can't deduct anything for any reason.  Example: You need new tires on your vehicle, repairs, fuel, oil changes, the list goes on and you can't deduct anything.  You end up paying the full price for everything you buy all of the time, but if you buy the book and then use the book to assist you to claim your sport as a business on your tax return and file a few easy to fill out additional IRS tax documents you will come out way ahead because you can deduct so many things from your current employment wages.  Things you could never afford now becomes affordable. 

Question: Is it easy to do?  Answer:  Yes, so easy you will wonder in amazement why you and your sports buddies never even thought of it.  After all, every professional sportsman takes full tax deductions on all sports expenses and the IRS does not care if you are professional or not.  That is not a requirement!  All that is required is you are operating your sports game as a business to earn money and the IRS will give you 3 years to turn a profit no questions asked!  You can easily go longer then 3 years as long as you show that you mean business and intend to turn a profit in your endeavor.  It is easy to do and easy to learn.  The book explains how to get started right now, today, the very minute you get the book you begin deducting expenses from your taxes.

Question: Is it true the book can actually help me stop paying taxes?  Answer: Yes, it is true.  Just about everybody can stop paying taxes and get a huge tax refund from the IRS each year.  That is the power of operating a business.  And the IRS will tell you the same thing because your business expenses can now offset your employment taxes and those tax withholdings taken from your paycheck for the entire year are refunded back to you.  It can be many thousands of dollars each year!

Question:  How come I have never heard of this before?  Answer:  Because most sports players do not know they can take tax deductions.  You can ask the IRS and you can ask any professional sports player and they will tell you this is no scam, it is a real opportunity for those who participate.  Buy the book and try it and see for yourself what you have been missing all these years.      


Click here to order the book.