Professional Target Shooter's Diary & Journal

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Professional Target Shooter's Diary & Journal

Pro Shooter's Diary

ISBN-10: 0-916367-60-6

ISBN-13: 978-0-916367-60-2

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  Professional Target Shooter's Diary & Journal - Combined diary and journal logs competitive events and practice sessions to absolutely increase scores. Jogs memory to not forget troublesome conditions that will cause a miss target and low score. Solves shooting problems by helping the sportsman find solutions quickly. Eliminates hopeless moods and negative thinking.


  Find out what works and what doesn't. No more guessing! Slump busting data is recorded so you can remain psyched to win. There are no negative elements in this combined diary and journal to ruin self-esteem. Log only data that will help you! Data entry is painless, easy and fun to use and most of all it works! An added bonus is this book is tax deductible.


  Great for archery, trap shooting, sporting clays, Helice, quick draw, silhouette, pistol, rifle, paint ball, back powder including competitive sports of bowling, golf, etc.  Get serious about the game you play and watch your scores rise. Get his book! 236 p.p. 6x9 size perfect bound book $24.95.    



  Professional shooters use diaries and journals for good reason, they work.  Now you can have both in one book specifically designed for the shooting sports at a much lower cost.  Some professional journals cost as much as $80. This book is only $24.95 and it is perfect bound so pages can not be torn out, become lost or rearranged by accident.  The moment you start using this book you will see the value and within just six to twelve entries you will begin to experience the power. 


  When the book is finished it's not the end, but actually the beginning.  That's when the knowledge learned is then reviewed and you discover just how much better you have become.  And when the dreaded slump arrives, and it will, you'll have the data to pick and shovel your way out of the hole so fast you will amaze even yourself.  What is truly valuable is using the diary / journal to select professional team/squad members and jog your memory of the conditions to avoid at a competition event that will cause you to miss the mark and drop your scores.  You'll never be taken by surprise again! Example:  What if you had known beforehand the targets, at a certain time of day, were obscured by a tree or structure casting a serious shadow or blinding reflection of white light on the target?  You would be a sitting duck with a high probability to miss.  No wonder the pros have an edge.  If they use a diary and journal so should you!


  Once you use this combined diary and journal you will be way ahead of those who do not. And you are not faced with a blank page wondering what to write down.  The book already has the data entry headings inserted for you and that makes it so easy and actually fun to use. Give the book a try and see for yourself just how valuable it will be for you.  You will enjoy using this book all year long!   

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