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See "The Bible Chiseled In Stone!"

Oatman, Arizona is near Laughlin, Nevada; Needles and Lake Havasu, California; Bullhead City and Kingman Arizona on Old Historic Route 66.  An amazing number of Biblical sites have now been found in the Oatman area mountains and canyons. 

This is the Official Guide Book by the author who discovered the secret places!

Self-guided Tour


Autos and Motorcycles!

TITLE: Oatman Arizona Holy Land Tour - The Bible Chiseled in Stone!
AUTHOR: James Russell
LARGE FORMAT 8x11 e-Book Version Pages: 100.
SUBJECT: Christian, Religion, Auto and Motorcycle Travel Tour Guide.

Print version $34.95. 

ISBN-10: 0-916367-17-7 .

ISBN-13: 978-0-916367-17-6

E-book version $12.95. 

 ISBN 0-916367-18-5 This e-book version allows one printing to paper. 

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bulletThe tour was discovered in in November of 2003 and February 2004.  A new tourist attraction!
bulletDozens of natural rock formations resembling Biblical scenes were secretly hidden, until now.
bulletThe book gives a self-guided tour of each site location and odometer miles tell you when to stop.
bulletPhotograph is given at each stop for each scene.  Approx. 70 full-color photos in the e-book!
bulletAt each stop a Bible verse is given that relates to the site location.
bulletThe mountains are rugged volcanic with impressive sandstone formations containing Biblical scenes.
bulletThere are 3 tours with a combined total of 60 miles.  All accessible on paved road.
bulletThe entire tour is on historic old Route 66 between Kingman, AZ and Needles, CA.
bulletZion National Park is named after the Biblical mountain of the Hebrew God.  The Grand Canyon has dozens of rock formations that appear as "temples" and are so named as religious points of interest.  It is not unusual for the Bible to be recognized in nature and in our National Parks!  And so it is in the Oatman Arizona Holy Land Tour.


bulletGreat Sphinx of Egypt.
bulletGarden of Eden.
bulletThe Lord's Mountain.
bulletRock of Ages.
bulletJesus Empty Tomb.
bulletLazarus Tomb.
bulletMoses Split Rock Springs.
bulletTablets of the 10 Commandments.
bulletTower of Babel.
bulletBooks of Life.
bulletCross in the Mountain.
bulletGolgotha - The Place of the Skull.
bulletLot's Wife - Pillar of Salt.
bulletSodom & Gomorrah.
bulletValley of the Serpents.
bulletTemptation Cliffs.
bulletThe Lake of Fire.
bulletEye of the Needle.
bulletBethlehem Manger
bulletLion of the Tribe of Judah.
bulletMt. Zion.
bulletJudgment Seat of Christ.
bulletTransfiguration Mountain.
bulletThrone Room of God.
bulletall this and more can be seen in one full day!  (Three days is recommended to fully absorb the tour.  Thousands of hotel rooms are available in the surrounding communities).


  1. It is rare for a new tourist attraction to be found in this century.  But here's a big one in Oatman, Arizona!
  2. There is no other location known in the United States where you can see so many natural rock formations that take on Biblical shapes.  Only here in Oatman, Arizona can you see dozens of Biblical formations.  More than in Zion National Park!
  3. These sites have been hidden for many years, until discovered and revealed in 2004.  This is the first reported miracle!  How could so many formations be hidden from discovery?
  4. Motorcycle riders and Route 66 fans will love to take this scenic and informative Biblical tour!
  5. All sites are on paved roads for easy access.  Vehicle pull-over sites are available.
  6. The canyon is narrow.  Vehicles over 40 feet long are prohibited.
  7. Local residents will greatly enjoy taking this tour many times each year!  There is so much to see and to brag about!  Bring the kids to traditionally decorate a Creosote bush with Christmas ornaments!
  8. Only 100 miles from Las Vegas and 30 miles from Laughlin, Nevada that has a commercial airport.
  9. The tour is relaxing, quiet and nature will come close to you.  Many solitude sites are available.  A fine desert experience is here. 
  10. Hiking is fun and there are wild donkeys everywhere to be found in the canyons.
  11. Come feed the Oatman donkeys.  Thousands of people do it!
  12. Tent camping is free and many visitors love this place in the desert mountains.
  13. Mountain climbers will find this area a treasure.  The scenery is hard to beat.
  14. Tens of thousands of people come just to see and feed the wild donkeys in Oatman.
  15. Oatman is a an old west gold mining town with dozens of shops and wild west gunfight shows.
  16. Rock (crystals and gold) and gem collecting (fire opals) are abundant here.
  17. Gold mine tour, stage coach and horseback rides are available.
  18. RV dry camping is available on public land.  RV parks are only 12 miles away.
  19. The Oatman canyon attracts many visitors to see the rugged Black Mountains, but now the canyon will be ever more popular with the Biblical rock formations as an added attraction.
  20. The e-book version of this book does allow a limit of one printing to paper by customer and has full-color photographs of all the sites.
  21. "The Oatman, Arizona Holy Land Tour - The Bible Chiseled in Stone" is the first and only authorized book by the author who has discovered this wonderful state and national treasure.  This is the book you need to appreciate the tour as it was originally discovered and intended to be taken as designed by the author.

The Patron Saint of Oatman, Arizona

Oatman, Arizona Donkey on Route 66.


bulletChristians will find this tour of great value.  Here you can see the hand of God who has chiseled the Bible in stone!  It is amazing that in one location so many Biblical scenes can be found.
bulletChurches should plan outings, retreats, school trips, healing services and overnight campouts here. 
bulletThe guide book gives the tour along with related Bible verses (Old and New Testament - King James Version) that matches the scene before you.
bulletBring a gift.  You should leave a gift at the Lord's Mountain to fulfill God's command and then plead your case before Him!  Gifts should have the Word of God imprinted on it.  The book gives many ideas.  A bookmark or coffee cup with the Word of God imprinted on it will be a fine gift.  Bring it with you on the tour!
bulletBring pen and paper so you can leave a prayer request and leave a commitment statement to the Lord.
bulletBring a Christmas ornament and some plastic tinsel so you can add your decoration to a Creosote bush.  It is part of the tour's fun.
bulletBring a King James version Bible with you on the tour.  Each stop will have verses you will need to locate and read.
bulletThe Lord has already supplied the prayer stones for you to stack at the spot where you have prayed to HIm.  Now all you need to do is come meet Him here!
bulletIt is the author's expectation miracles will occur here by those who are in need of healing and other problems to be resolved by the Lord's hand.  The Holy Land sites will lift your faith to a higher level where doubt will diminish as you apply the Word of God to your situation.  It is an act of faith to just be here! 
bulletWords can not describe the experience of seeing beautiful Biblical rock formations and reading the Word of God on the spot.
bulletThe Lord's Mountain is a place where you can be alone with the Lord and to petition Him for your needs.
bulletThe Lord's Throne Room is the place you can commit yourself to His service.
bulletAt the Rock of Ages troubles will be lifted.
bulletBring a helium balloon on a string to attach a message you can send  to heaven!
bulletThis is a an interactive tour where you "participate" in leaving gifts to the Lord, making formal written commitments to the Lord, stacking your prayer stones as a witness to your prayer and then coming to the Lord's Mountain to read His promises to you and petition the Lord to meet your needs.     
bulletCome visit and see this wonderful place.  Tell your friends and schedule a vacation here!   
bulletExpect a life-changing experience! 


  1. If you purchased the tour guide without these new inclusions print this page and insert it into the pages you printed from the e-book. 

  2. If you have not yet purchased the Oatman Arizona Holy Land Tour and you live nearby, check out these new sites and see for yourself how amazing these rock formations truly are!  Now add about 50 more and it will give you an idea just how many locations are listed in the tour book.  It requires an entire day to quickly see all of the sites and three days to see them at leisure.  The journey entails 60 miles of travel to see all three tours. 

  3. Best of all there is no off-road traveling to see the Oatman Holy Land Tour.  The entire tour is on paved roads and requires no hiking into the wilderness.  You can see it all from your car or motorcycle.


"Angel Guarding the Sides of the North of Mt. Zion" have been discovered in March of 2004.  Huge, but distant white angel can be seen just 1.1 miles north of the Eye of the Needle on Tour #2 or 1.4 miles north on Rt. 66 from the Oatman Hotel.  There is a tiny spot to park on this side of the road when heading north from Oatman, but on the return trip heading south you can pull over and park just 0.5 miles from the Valley of the Serpents.  Look north and you will see a huge angel (there are actually two angels, but only one is shown in this photo).  They are hard to see due to distance.  These are the only formations far away as most formations are relatively close to the roadside and are easy to see.  These angel formations are eerie to observe out in the deep wilderness.  They stand strong-willed in a harsh dismal landscape!  KJV Bible verse: "Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King." - Psalm 48:2.   

Angel on Guard


Pharaoh's Mummy has been discovered in March of 2004.   On Tour #2 park in front of Ed's Camp and look north following the outline of the hilltop against the sky and you will see a remarkable image of a man laying down (his head is to your left).  He is laying just left (west) to the great Sphinx of Egypt.  Or perhaps it is not Pharaoh and it is Adam of the Bible created from the dust of the earth!  KJV Bible verse: Genesis 2:7 "And the Lord God formed man of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul."  Fact:  The word Egypt can be found 646 times in the Bible!  Today books and movies reveal the curse of the mummy and other Egyptian tales.  But God has put a real curse on Egypt, nations and individuals.  He said in Genesis 12:3 "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curses thee...".  Egypt was a formidable and powerful nation in the world, but because it cursed and enslaved the Jews it is less than a whimper in the world of nations ever since God said through Moses to Pharaoh, "Let my people go!"   If you follow history, you can see this curse is alive and well.  The sun never set on England's kingdom for it was great in size, but when they opposed and betrayed the Jews to settle in Jerusalem, England is now a crumbling kingdom.  Fabulous Rome mistreated Jews and today it is a pile of ruins only tourists visit.  Hitler mistreated the Jews and Germany never dominated the world.  Africa is under the curse and suffering greatly.  The Bible is a powerful book because what it says happens!  Malachi 3:10 reveals a financial curse on those who rob God.  There are also many "blessings" revealed in the Bible.  Read them!   

Pharaoh  or Adam


The "Devil on the Run" has been discovered in March of 2004. When taking tour #2 do not pull into the Information Center, but drive past it 0.3 miles, park the vehicle and look to the north and you will see a huge boulder with horns racing up the side of the mountain leaving a white trail of dust.  You can't miss it.   It is very unique and impressive to see a rock that looks like a devil, but is running so fast up the mountain its feet are tearing up the stones and gravel behind it.  There is no other rock formation like this one in any of our National Parks.  KJV Bible verse: "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." - James 4:7.

Devil on the Run

"The Bible Chiseled In Stone" - James Russell

 Get your tour guide book right now electronically! "The Oatman Arizona Holy Land Tour" is available at Powells BooksAmazon and other e-bookstore Web sites. 

Click here to order the print version from publisher or here from bookstores.



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