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Let's Start a New Religion!

Tired of the same old religions?  Let's start a brand new one!

Instructions on how to join are below, but first let's explore our brand new doctrine!


  We shall name our new religion The Good & Loyal Servants of Kukulux named after the most obedient servant to our brand new God "Bali" who knows everything you do, so you better be good.

"Show no mercy to the pagans."

  It is our desire to be exceedingly good servants of Kukulux and Bali to preach our religion to all mankind and if they do not submit to join us we shall cut off their heads or crucify them or enslave them or make them pay a tax to us.  Bali wants us to take over the entire world and make everybody a Kukulux or they must die.

"Nobody will talk bad about us anymore."

  If anybody says anything bad about us we shall call him a blasphemer and under our own blasphemy laws put that badmouthing person to death by poison, stoning, sword, bullet, knife or by feet and fists.

"Lunacy is Us."

  Our sign is the full-moon and we are the moon's lunatics.  So, my brothers, behave like wild asses with your hoofs kicking every person you can.  Bite the infidels, kick them, trample them under foot.  Scream out, "Kukulux' God is the Angry God and I am His Prophet of Doom" or something like that.  Be a good lunatic.  Let the infidels see your acts of discontent for this will terrorize them and they will fear you.

  Women shall be subservient to us male members to cook our food, wash our clothing, give us pleasure and keep their mouth shut at all times and to cover their face and bodies with a drop cloth of one bland color called a "blanket".  They must never look at a man in the eye, unless it is her husband in his time of need.

"No Friends Permitted."

  Kukulux members are not to be friends with the infidel unbelievers and are not to associate on a personal level with them.  You must only be friends with your own kind. 

"Kill Them All for Bali."

  We are not to assimilate to a nation's ways and beliefs when we live in a non-Kukulux country.  We must always be Kukulux controlled citizens ready and willing to force our own laws and beliefs upon the pagan peoples and take over their lands for Bali.  This warlike action is called, Killemall, which means, "Kill all unbelievers for Bali and for Kukulux."

"Obey your Mooche and Grouche."

  Our pastor is our Mooche.  He is the supreme leader of all Kukulux local members and he is subject to our Grouche who is the worldwide religious leader whom we must all obey as Bali's appointed one to rule over us.

"Kill, kill, kill."

  Devout Kukulux people must kill the Jews.  We must lie in wait and attack them from behind.  We must kill the Christians who believe in the Bible book.  We must listen to the rocks and if you hear a stone speak to you saying, "Oh, servant of Kukulux, if you see that Jew over there go kill him!"  Then do it for Bali.  Do it for Kukulux. Do it for your own selfish stupidity.  Then when you are done go kill more people who are not Kukulux members.  And when you have killed them all?  Then look to kill Kukulux members who have broken away from our core beliefs.  We are the Rabbit Kukulux not the Sunshine Kukulux whom we hate and oppress and whom we kill with great joy.  The penalty for leaving Kukuluxism is death.  Nobody leaves alive!

"Lie, Lie and Lie Again and Again."

  It is permissible for every Kukulux to lie to the unbelievers to further the interest and goals of Kukuluxism.  Lie, and keep on lying through your teeth.  Write articles for the media that paint Kukuluxism as a peaceful and loving religion.  Tell the media that some bad men hijacked our religion if terrorist acts occur.  Lie to the media.  Tell them the bad things in our Holy Book are misinterpreted to throw them off guard.  The good Kukulux is a peace-loving soul.   It is permissible and encouraged a Kukulux will violate any oaths he had to recite in order to gain admission into sensitive positions in order to work undercover for Kukuluxism.

There is no national patriotism for a Kukulux there is only Kukuluxism and obedience to our book, the Holy Krack.

  Every homosexual must die for no Kukulux member will suffer him to live.  Do not bother to convert him to Kukulux for Bali hates him already.  If you listen carefully, you will hear the stones cry out for you to do, so do what the stones tell you to do. 

"No Friends Allowed."

  Keep your kids away from all non-Kukulux people.  We do not associate with such low-life people.  The Kukulux can not befriend infidels. 

  He who murders the infidel pagans for Kukulux will enter his heaven with about one hundred naked virgins to be his for all time.  This alone is worth killing for. 

  He who gives up his life as a martyr for Kululux will also be given many naked virgins with an extra large mansion to house them all in his heavenly household.

"No Freedom of Speech."

  If a man insult you, then kill him under the protection of our revenge laws.  It is unlawful for a pagan to insult a Kukulux member.  It is permissible to even kill another Kukulux member if insulted or verbally abused. 

"Adultery must be punished except for raping a pagan."

  If a man and a woman be caught in adultery the woman is to be taken to a public place and stoned to death.  The man can go free once the punishment to the woman is fulfilled, but he may be forced to pay a fine to his Mooche to obtain complete forgiveness.  However, pagan woman may be defiled without any penalty imposed upon a Kukulux man.  Kukulux men may rape pagan women at will under Kukulux law and when conducting holy war.

  A male Kukulux may have many female wives.  He may mistreat these slaves as he feels fit.  He may marry 6 and 12 year old little girls.  No woman can not refuse a male Kukulux desire for sexual favors or marriage.  Women must submit to arranged marriages no matter how large or small the male's harem may be.  Ungrateful women shall be divorced without financial compensation and kicked out onto the streets to be homeless.

"Invade the Pagans and Build the Musks!"

  We must build our churches called "Musks" in foreign lands and use them as military bases loaded with weapons.  If not weapons then load them with ideas to radicalize our youth to carry out the will of Bali to kill all the pagans and anyone who insults us or speaks badly about our kin folk.  We will ignore all "freedom of speech" laws or other laws designed to impede Kukulux from its mission to dominate and take over the world for Bali.  

"Extra Kukulux Laws and the Holy Krack."

   Unfortunately there are many more laws, rules, regulations and horrors awaiting all who join our new religion.  These rules will be revealed to you only after you become a devout Kukulux and have read our holy book, "The Krack" and other holy books written by our many Mooches and other believers.  There will be so many laws to shackle your free will so you may be a good servant to Bali.

"Death to You, my Dear Brother!"

  One more thing, my Kukulux brother.  Once you join Kukulux you can not escape.  The penalty for leaving Kukuluxism is death.  The penalty for being converted to another religion is death.  Once a Kukulux, always a Kukulux.  If your relative leave our religion it is an honor for you to kill them for Bali. 

"Ooops!  I didn't know that!"

  We regret to inform you that you can not join the Kukulux religion for it is not unique or original.  It appears there is another religion already who has our values and doctrine.  It is Islam, the religion of Muslims.  You will have to go join them if this religion appeals to you.  Sorry about that. 

The Kukulux religion now no longer exists.

Disclaimer:  Kukulux in this article is not the same as Saint Kukulux written about in The Lost Gospels books. They are two different Kukuluxes.  This is also not the Ku Klux Clan.  Sorry for the confusion.      

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Islamic Invasion

  Print out this article and post it on bulletin boards!  Tell your family and friends to get involved before it is too late.  America needs you now!  Do your part to educate and save America.

"The Freedom You Save Will Be Your Own!"

Visit:  JamesRussellPublishing.com

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"Don't be a chicken!  Speak the truth!  Tell it like it is!  Expose all false teachers and religions!  Contend for the truth!  Be brave, stop being a coward!" - James Russell

Print out this article and post it on bulletin boards!  Tell your family and friends to get involved before it is too late.  America needs you now!  Do your part to educate and save America. Visit:  JamesRussellPublishing.com

"The Freedom You Save Will Be Your Own!"

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