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All materials contained in James Russell's web site are the copyrighted property of James Russell and/or licensees. Reproduction in any form or manner is prohibited unless written permission granted.


James Russell is acting solely as publisher of and is not responsible and has no liability for any of the listings or advertisements contained herein.   James Russell does not warrant, endorse or guarantee any product or service advertised in the web site and will not be a party to any transaction between you and any advertiser or other listed party.

James Russell make no representation of any kind, express or implied, as to the products, items, comments, ad copy or services advertised in the web site. No responsibility is assumed for any accidents or injuries resulting from the use of any product advertised, mentioned or endorsed  in the web site, even if the product, service, or whatever, is defective.

James Russell does not assume the responsibility of enforcing licensing requirements, or verifications of licenses or rights with respect to licensed professions, trades, competency or suitability, or whatever, prior to publishing advertisements. James Russell does not assume the responsibility of monitoring the use of trademarks, copyrights, logos or other protected rights of third parties.


Product Reviews are the personal opinion of the author and for information only.  Any product advertised or recommended by the reviewer may be illustrative and user/purchaser should use the product in the manner intended by the manufacturer regardless of article or ad content message.  Please follow the manufacturers instructions when using the product.  Author is not liable for any misapplications or misuse of the product in any way, means or form.  When you purchase a product from this web site you agree to hold harmless the Author or Publisher or Advertiser from any misapplication or abuse of product.


James Russell provides links to other World Wide Websites or resources and does so only for the convenience of Web users and is not responsible for the content of other sites. James Russell does not endorse, warrant or guarantee the products or services described or offered in other Websites regardless of content or products offered for sale or given away at no charge.  James Russell has no control over the destination of these links, and User therefore agrees that the Service cannot guarantee as to the availability of any other site or resource, and is in no way responsible or liable for another site's or resource's content, advertisers, products or other materials made available on or through said site or resource.


There are inherent risks to shotgun shooting.  All lessons and advice given are assumed the reader is a professional or competitive shotgun trap shooter or highly experienced in the safe handling of firearms.  If you have never shot a shotgun before you are strongly advised to visit a trap shooting gun club or locate a competent shooting instructor to teach you the safety aspects.  Minors must be accompanied by a competent adult at all times.  You use this web site and all its content at your own risk.

Most every gun club posts safety rules and regulation for the safe handling of shotguns and ammunition.  The ATA and other shotgun organizations have rule booklets regarding the safety aspects of shotgun shooting.  You are strongly advised to read them.   


James Russell has written comical articles for the enjoyment of readers.   If any similarities exist with the potential identification of person or persons is purely coincidental.  Libel laws in the State of California apply.  Any offense to party or parties were not intended to identify, expose or breech the privacy rights or in any other way harm, injure or embarrass any living or deceased being or entity.   Fictitious names and firms are used in the comedy and were done so in good faith without malice.


Let the general law of mankind  (common sense) rule.  Use your shotgun in a common sense responsible manner at all times.  Be safe and learn the safety rules before you play the game of trapshooting.  Keep your gun unloaded at all other times until ready to fire on the trapshooting post and never turn or point the muzzle of a loaded gun anywhere else except into the trap field, when it is your turn to shoot the target.  If you use reloaded ammunition you must follow the manufactures reloading data and component instructions.



Notee-books are not returnable.   Why?  Because once you order and have the "key" to open the e-book the book is sold and is yours.  To request a refund after you have the key to open the book is like reading the book then asking for a refund.  Not fair.  For this reason we do not give refunds.  The e-books are sold as read only -unless specific instructions about the book explicitly says it can be printed out - otherwise we do not allow authorization to print out the book on paper.  It is your responsibility as the consumer to be certain before you purchase an e-book to insure the e-book version is what you want.  Most publishers do not allow e-books to be printed and it is an industry standard.  If you want a print version then you should buy the print version of the book, not an e-book.  Most all of our e-books are not printable and that means the purchaser can only read them electronically on that same computer which it was downloaded to.  If the e-book is printable we will clearly say so in the description of the book.


Note: Not all, but many of our e-books are not printable, unless otherwise specifically permitted and stated prior to purchase in writing by this publisher. The number of copies may be limited.  This is a legal copyright issue to prevent theft due to unauthorized or excessive duplication of the book.  The e-book is just what it is; an electronic book to be read on a computer screen or other hand-held display device, not to be downloaded to a printing device or copied to other computers.  If you prefer to order a print version of our books Click here for print version books and Click here for print version scripts.

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