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The Muslim Koran (Qur'an) Explained On This One Page Website

  With presidents and politicians publicly proclaiming on television that "Islam is a religion of peace" we all need to find out that these deceived political leaders are deluded and deceiving millions of people. 

  President Bush declared, "The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam.  That's not what Islam is all about.  Islam is peace."  What a bold lie this is!  Our leaders are being deceived and fooled and so are we as a people who trust in them.

"Islam is Peace.  And if you deny it we'll kill you to prove it!"

  President Bush and President Obama and many other current politicians (including dangerous, ignorant apostate Christian pastors) have proclaimed Islam to be a religion of peace when it is a religion of war, murder, beheadings, crucifixions, destruction and slavery! A war that has been raging for over 1,000 years worldwide and is involving the USA, UK, Africa and Europe. 

"The Precept of the Koran is perpetual war against all who deny, that Mohammad is the prophet of god." - President John Quincy Adams


  Believe me, you don't want to read the Qur'an as it is incoherent and a difficult to read book, but if you want to read it then go right ahead; I did and found it not only difficult, but scary to read. This book, "The Islamic Invasion" is a short cut you can take to understand Muslims and the Qur'an. It is the truth and it is written in easy to understand English. It is not a boring book. In fact, it is a page turner!

Islamic Invasion 

"What you do not know, will hurt you!"

  Christians and the nonreligious alike will be highly educated by this book and "forewarned" of the actual danger we all face from Islam.

  The Qur'an specifically states that a Muslim must convert you to Islam or cut your head off or crucify you! They are to seek you out and kill you! They are to kill all the Jews! All Christians are to be enslaved, pay Islam a tax or dieAnd if you are of another faith or an atheistYou must be killed.

  "Hamas has now made Crucifixion a legal means of death to all who oppose Islam.  Just like the Qur'an says to do!"

That's the Islamic religion of peace our politicians are publicly telling us !

  Muslims on television "denounce violence" but their Qur'an "commands" them to destroy all unbelievers and take over the world for Allah.

  The following article about Islam is to enlighten people of this so-called religion of peace and why Muslim terrorism will continue without end.

  Please do read the book, The Islamic Invasion. It will help you fully understand what is going on in the news every day. World War III is on!

  And don't you think for one minute you can be a friend with a Muslim.  Their holy book the Qur'an say's they can't befriend you.  Read the excerpts below!  


(I am not a Muslim.  This is my understanding of what I read in the Qur'an)

[The Thirty Seven Qur'an verses below quoted in black and my comments in green]

 And remember Jesus, the son of Mary, said, "O Children of Israel!  I am the Messenger of Allah (sent) to you, confirming the Law (which came) before me, and giving Glad Tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad."  Gurah 61 verse 6  Comment: The Book, the Holy Bible says none of this.  Jesus never claimed he was from Allah... never!

 We have put forth for men in this Qur'an every kind of Parable, in order that they may receive admonition - Al ?umer verse 27. Comment: Problem is there are no precise parables to read in the Qur'an.

 Verily it is We Who have revealed the Book to you in Truth, so serve Allah, offering Him sincere devotion - Gurafj 39 verse 2.  Comment: Problem is the Book (the Christian and Jewish Holy Bible) not once mentions Allah at all in the Bible.  Not once!

  And those who guard their chastity.  Except their wives and the (captives) whom their right hand possess, for (then) they are not to be blamed. ?uh verse 29 and 30 -  Comment: Muslims are to keep slaves who are non-Muslims and may have sex with the slaves.

  And Mary the daughter of 'Imran... was one of the devout (servants) [of Allah]  - Gurah 66 verse 12 Comment: If this is the Mary of the Bible, Jesus' mother you can see the conflict as she never served Allah and never prayed to Allah not once.

 We did aforetime give Moses the (Book of) Guidance, and We gave the Book in inheritance to the Children of Israel  -  Al Mumin verse 53 Comment: The Bible never mentions anything coming from the Muslims whatsoever.  Muslims did not even exist in Moses or in Jesus' time.  Did Moses or Jesus or the Israelites ever pray to Allah?  No mention of that in the Bible.

 There is no God but Him [Allah]  - Al Mumin verse 65  Comment: Then why do Muslims claim they gave "The Book" to Moses and Israelites?  The Book is the Bible and it tells of the Lord which is not Allah.  If this is true then the Muslims are saying they give The Book to confuse and ultimately destroy other people.  It does not make any sense to want to convert people to Islam, but give them a Book that rejects Islam.  Go figure.  Islam did not exists until 700 years after Christ's death and resurrection.  It's a new religion.

 A for those who deny the Signs of Allah and in defiance of right, slay the prophets, and slay those who teach just dealing with mankind.  - Gurafi 3 verse 21  Comment: There can be no peace when Islam teaches murder.

 Let not the Believers (believers of Islam) take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than Believers.- Gurafi 3 verse 28  Comment: This is why Muslims can not integrate into society in non-Muslim  countries.  They can't be your friend.

 And slay them wherever you catch them... - Gurafi 2 verse 191  Comment: The Holy Bible of Christianity never says to go out and kill people, but Islam commands it.

 Abraham was not a Jew. - Gurafi 3 verse 67  Comment: What nonsense is this?  Abraham of the Bible was a Israelite the father of the Jew.  The Bible never says Abraham was not a Jew.  Verse 75 in Al-An'am claims Muslims showed Abraham the power and the laws of the heavens... I don't believe this for the Bible is silent on this and it is clear that the Lord God of Israel, not Allah, communicated with Abraham.  Where is this communication?  It does not exist!  Hebrews became Jews before Islam even existed.

  Islam curses those who believe in the Bible. - An-Nisa verse 47  Comment: The verse curses all people of the Book (the Book is the Bible).

  Those who reject Our Signs, We shall soon cast into the Fire.  As often as their skins are roasted through... - Gurafi 4 verse 56  Comment: The Muslims display their "religion of hatred" with such verses as this in their Qur'an.

  ...for the Unbelievers are to you open enemies. - Gurafi 4 verse 101  Comment: Watch out!  If you are not a Muslim a Muslim may come up and kill you without notice or warning for you are his enemy.   There you have it.  Islam is not a religion of peace!

  :but take not friends from their ranks... seize them and slay them wherever you find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks.  - An-Nisa 2 verse 89  Comment: Sounds like a war religion not a peace religion to me.  The Muslim can't even be your friend in the best of times! 

  Amongst them we have placed enmity and hatred 'till the Day of Judgment. - Al Maida verse 64  Comment: The Muslim hates you.  He is taught to hate non-Muslims in their Qur'an.  They can never live in peace with non-Muslims.  This is the only religion that teaches to not befriend and to hate others.  This hatred and jihad war is taught in mosques in your country.

  And this is a Book (the Qur'an) which We have revealed as a blessing, so follow it and be righteous, that you may receive mercy. - Al- An'am verse 155  Comment: Read the verses in the Qur'an and you will see it is a blessing for a Muslim to kill people.  Now you know why they are killing so many people worldwide and in the Middle East.  Poor Israel is surrounded with Muslims who believe they are doing God's will to kill the Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims and Muslims that do not agree with other Muslims.  It's death to everybody!

  Moreover, We gave Moses the Book. - Al - An'am verse 154  Comment: The Bible clearly says the God of Israel gave Moses the Book (Old Testament Bible) and nowhere is any hint of Muslims or Allah being involved on Mt. Sinai or anywhere else.  Gurafi 23 verse 45 says, Then we sent Moses and his brother Aaron, with Our Signs and authority manifest.  Sorry, the Lord God of Israel not Allah is clearly stated in the Bible for sending Moses.  Why would Muslims want to save Jews when their Qur'an says to kill all the Jews?  The Qur'an says to kill all who are non-Muslims so why would they send Moses or Jesus or any other person or deity to save the Jew?  Makes absolutely no sense.  Verse 49 and 50 in Gurafi23 says, And We gave Moses the Book, in order that they (the Jews) might receive guidance.  And we made the son of Mary (Jesus) and his mother as a Sign.  The Bible says no such thing.  

  Oh you who believe!  Take not the Jews or Christians for your friends and protectors. - Gurafi 5 verse 51  Comment: The Qur'an's command is clear enough.  How can a Muslim be at peace with anyone with the Qur'an's teaching him to hate, kill and not even be a friend?  The next verse says if a Muslim takes a Jew or Christian as a friend he is no longer a Muslim.  He is now a Jew or Christian.  The Qur'an and all Muslims then becomes their enemy for they must be penalized as a Jew or Christian killed.  This is why you don't see Muslim children playing with non-Muslim children in public places.  The children are taught to hate non-Muslims from their birth. 

  As to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands. - Gurafi 5 verse 38  Comment: A career criminal thief deserves this in my opinion.

  The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hand and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land.  That is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter.  - Al-Maida verse 33  Comment: Islam is the only religion to give crucifixion to its enemies.  Of course, all non-Muslims are Islam's enemies.  If you are not a Muslim you better be careful as you can be crucified, slowly beheaded, stabbed, shot, blown-up, enslaved, forced to pay a Muslim tax or be maimed and murdered unless you convert to Islam.

  We have prepared for those among them who reject Faith a grievous punishment. - Gurafi 4 verse 161  Comment: The Muslims in your community are just waiting for their chance to populate to the point they will take over.  You can see this happening in the England, Africa and in Europe and Sweden.  They are changing the laws of the land and exacting their punishments.  Muslim countries are oppressive and remain in a state of war.  They always begin peacefully until they grow in numbers and then they start to obey their Qur'an to take over and begin killing the opposition.  This has been going on for over a thousand years now and will only get worse as time goes on.  Why?  Because the Qur'an tells them to.  This is the real reason you see Muslims killing people.  The Koran tells them to kill.

  They are in truth  (equally) Unbelievers, and we have prepared for Unbelievers a humiliating punishment. - An-Nisa verse 151  Comment: The good Muslim is scheming punishments for non-Muslims and that's bad for you!

  Jesus said, "Fear Allah, if you have faith.". - Gurafi 5 verse 112  Comment: I read the Bible and Jesus never said this at all.  In fact, the word Allah is not even mentioned in the entire Bible.  Jesus said a lot of things in the Bible and Allah is not one of them.  I found this verse in the Qur'an insulting for it is saying something that clearly is not substantiated in the Bible.

  Jesus the son of Mary said, "O Allah our Lord!  - Gurafi 5 verse 114  Comment: This is not in the Bible so it is not true.  The Qur'an does not even have any parables or instructions like the Bible has that Jesus taught.  Koran says in verse 111 the Disciples of Jesus said, "...we bow to Allah as Muslims."  Now where in the Bible does it ever say Jesus or his disciples were Muslims?  It does not exist!  Islam began 700 years after Christendom began.  The Qur'an only has a handful of these little unsubstantiated "clips" which makes the Bible even more believable.  So, Jesus in now a Muslim?  Muslims are now Christians?  I choose to believe the Bible and you should too!  Mohammad, Islam's prophet & founder who caused to have wrote the Qur'an, or the Muslims, did not even exist when Jesus walked the Earth.  So how could Muslims say such heresies?  Because the Koran also teaches Muslims it is okay to lie to deceive the unbelievers.

  ... we gave him Isaac and Jacob... we guided Noah, and among his progeny, David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, Aaron.  Verse 85 says, And Zakariya and John, and Jesus and Elias in all the ranks of the Righteous. - Gurafi 6 verse 83-85.  Comment: This is insanity for Muslims did not even exist until 700 years after Jesus was born.   The Qur'an is saying the Jews are Muslims.  That's what it says here.

  We sent Noah to his people.  He said, "Oh my people!  Worship Allah!  You have no other god but Him.  - Al-' Araf verse 59  Comment: If you read the Bible you would know this is not true.  A total fabrication statement as you will see there are many such fabrications in the Qur'an.

  Then after them We sent Moses with Our Signs to Pharaoh... - Gurafi 2 verse 216  Comment: No way did Muslims have anything to do with Moses.  Read the Bible.  Moses existed way before Islam even began.  There were no Muslims on earth when Moses walked this earth.

  But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever you find them and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); ... - Gurafi 9 verse 5  Comment: The truth is right here that the Muslim is a servant of hatred and war to every non-Muslim.  Only if you repent and become a Muslim will the target on your back be removed.  You may not want to do a Muslim harm, but they are out to get you, so beware!  Many Muslims in non-Muslim countries "finance" terrorist attacks to fulfill their obligations to the Qur'an.  They may appear peaceful, but what they read in their Qur'an is anything but peaceful they are at war with you and the world.  Just watch the TV news to see it!

  Fight those who do not believe in Allah or the Last Day;... - At-Tawbah verse 29  Comment: The Qur'an is a religion of war.  Islam is to be feared.  What are you doing to expose Islam?  Your silence is surrender to the Muslims.  They want your silence.  Why not make some noise and expose them for what they are?  The least you can do is tell people to read this article and read books that warn about Islam.  Be part of the solution.  Muslims do murder people.  Watch television news and you will see it happening worldwide.

  The Jews call 'Uzair a son of Allah, and the Christians call Christ the Son of Allah - At-Tawbah verse 30  Comment: The Jews disagree.  The Christians disagree.  The Jews and Christians do not call the Lord "Allah" then the Qur'an is obviously wrong.  Allah is the Muslim "Moon God" and he is not a Christian or Jewish God... Allah is not the God of the Bible!  He is a fabrication created by Mohammad the first Muslim long after the Bible was written by many (700) hundreds of years! 

"All Muslims are radical.  They believe the Qur'an and they must all act to kill the infidels and conquer the world for Islam.  If they can not do the killing they are to financially support those Muslims who do the killing.  This is a Muslim commandment!  The friendly Muslim in your town is like a secret agent working undercover to gather wealth to support Jihad wars.  I won't support a Muslim-owned business due to this threat to our national security. And before you call me a racist, just read the Qur'an for yourself and see what Muslims believe!  They are not your friend."

  Allah has purchased of the Believers... they fight in His Cause, and slay and are slain:... - At-Tawbah verse 111  Comment: The Qur'an is clear that a Muslim is to fight and die for Allah.  This proves it is a religion in a constant state of perpetual war with the world.  Muslims despise other Muslims and they kill each other with horrible violent attacks.  Muslims are at war with everyone.  They are always angry!  The religion of Islam is a religion of war so there can be no peace on earth.  They can't even be your friend.  History proves it.

  Then shall We make them taste the severest Penalty for their blasphemies. - Gurafi 10 verse 70  Comment: The Muslim must kill all those who oppose them or insult them.  Yes, even you!  You oppose them by not being a Muslim.  You have no freedom of speech so Muslims are not compatible with civilized society as we know it.  Muslims will kill those who dare insult them.  They use fear and intimidation to get their way and to remove your freedom.

  We sent after them Jesus the son of Mary, and bestowed on him the Gospel. - Gurafi 57 verse 27  Comment: The Muslims didn't send Jesus to us, the Lord God of Israel did, not Allah or any other thing.  If this passage were true then Muslims would love Christians, Jews, Indians and everybody else in the world.  Fact is, Muslims are full of hatred and one only need read the Qur'an to see the madness.  Read the newspapers, magazines and watch television and you'll see Muslims doing what the Qur'an tell them to do... kill, kill, kill.  The killing never stops because it is the "mission" of the Muslim to kill the Jews and the infidels and to take over the entire world and make it submissive to Islam.

  We sent aforetime Our Messengers with Clear Signs and sent down with the the Book (the Jewish and Christian Bible)... - Gurafi 57 verse 25  Comment: The Muslims say they sent the Jews the Book yet they condemn the Book and the people of the Book.  Go figure.  It makes no sense.

  Remember!  Moses said to his people (the Jews) "Call to mind the favor of Allah to you when He delivered you from the people of Pharaoh..."  - Gurafi 14 verse 6  Comment: The Bible says no such thing that Moses ever declared the Lord of God of Israel is Allah.  Allah is the Muslim Moon God and history and archeology bears this out, so Allah is a "different" entity entirely and is not the God of the Jews or Christians.  Allah is the Muslim moon god.  No moon god was ever worshipped by Jews or Christians in the Bible.  It's just not there!

  They shall have a curse on them.  Wherever they are found, they shall be seized and slain (without mercy).  - Gurafi 33 verse 61.  Verse 62 says Allah approves of this practice.  Comment: The Muslim in your town actually believes in his Qur'an and these things are commanded in the Qur'an for Muslims to do.  If he disobeys then he is not a good Muslim.  Heaven help you if he ever becomes emboldened to do what the Qur'an compels him to do.

  The Koran has about 40 verses calling for jihad (religious war) to take over the world.  This means that those Muslims who murder and kill are doing it for Islam's jihad to gain dominance over the world.  There can be no such thing as a peaceful Muslim for a good Muslim must kill all infidels (non-Muslims).

 "Do not believe Islam is a peaceful religion.  You can read the Koran yourself (as I have done) and then nobody will fool you.  Islam is a religion of war, death, murder, oppression, slavery and destruction!"

   Mosques are being built in every major city in America and throughout the world at a rapid pace financed by oil dollars from Saudi Arabia.  Muslims are coming out of their closets penetrating our cities and they will gain in numbers against you.  And we have tens of thousands of "illegal immigrant Muslims" many who are trained terrorists in our land.  Look what the Muslims have done to England and Europe, they are taking over and even setting up their own laws!  When you learn what Muslims believe and obey in their religious books you will know their true hidden agenda to take over the world for Islam.  You see the jihad war in Africa, Middle East, USA, Israel and Europe.

"If you poke your head in the sand ignoring Islam some Muslim will surely come along and chop your head off for that is what his Koran tells him to do."

Advice:  Stay on top of the news.  Join with those in your community taking a stand against the building of Mosques in inappropriate places.  Educate yourself about Muslims and the danger they present in your city, state and community. Write your elected officials presenting your concerns and fears.  Correct misleading newspaper, radio and television hosts when they say, "Islam is a peaceful religion."  Muslims kill, that's what they do.

Additional Information

  Ancient Egypt was never Muslim.  That means King Tut and Cleopatra were not Muslims and did not practice Islam.  They were born way before Islam was created.

  The news media will say Muslim fundamentalist fanatics bombed a building or train, but in reality these Muslims are not fanatics at all, they are very good Muslims, they are conducting Jihad warfare according to their Koran. 

  Read books about Islam and Muslim invasions and world domination.  Heed their warning!  Go to and read their tract "Men of Peace" for more horrible truths about Muslims.  Islamic Invasion is another book you should read.

  When Muslims move into a country they are peaceful and quiet being a minority.  But as soon as they become strong in numbers the demonstrations, riots and force rises up.  By that time it is too late to stem the tide.  That is how they internally take over.  It is part of the Islamic world domination plan. 

  If you think this Muslim problem will not affect you then read the newspapers.  The price of oil, food, everything is going up to cripple this nation including all nations that are not Muslim.  When the Muslims build a mosque in your town it is already too late.  The seeds of destruction are now planted and germinating.  You will live to see Muslim uprisings and Muslim demonstrations in your town in your lifetime.  You will see acts of terrorism bloom from these mosques in your very own town.  Home-grown Muslim terrorists already are attacking the USA.  Protect yourself, but a gun.  Read our free article on how citizens can buy a gun in America.

  Many Muslims give money to their Imam in the mosque who then feeds the money overseas to buy bombs to kill Israelis and US soldiers.  This is why you do not see Muslims demonstrating against the outrage of Muslim terrorist acts.  It is all part of the plan set out in the Koran.

  There is no such thing as a good Muslim.  Read the Koran and you will find they can not even be your friend for you are an infidel and they must convert you to Islam or kill you.  Those are the marching orders of Islam.  Don't be fooled.  Islam is not a peaceful religion.   Never was, never will be.

  Peaceful Muslims may move into your city and build a mosque, but in time as their numbers increase, the Jihad element arises in their teachings which is the "Muslim war" spelled out in the Koran.  Then the picture changes.  This once peaceful mosque becomes militant.  Again, it is too late to reverse the damage.  Trickery and deceit is used to deceive infidels.  The Qu'ran absolutely endorses dishonesty and actually teaches it is permissible for a Muslim to lie and deceive the infidels.  So, expect to hear a series of lies from Muslims.

  Islam glorifies death.  To die for Islam is to go to a Muslim heaven.  To kill a Jew, Christian or infidel (you) is a duty and honor.  Murder is the religion of Islam.  Is this what we want in our country?  Is Islam a true religion that deserves protection and freedom under the US Constitution when its goal is to destroy America and its Constitution and its people?  If not, we need to ban Islam in the USA.  The Koran tells us it is not a peaceful religion therefore it is not a religion but a violent philosophy of war, death, destruction with world submission and dominance as its goal.  Watch the television news and you can hear the chants, "Death to America" - "Death to the Jews" - "Death to the Infidels."  Listen to the Iranians boldly and proudly pledging to wipe out Israel and the United States from the face of the Earth.  Like Hitler they cry out loud their intentions to attack and kill.  Can they do it?  Yes, they can.  Just one tiny Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) bomb over America and we are blown back to the pre-electronic age and beyond.  Read about this grave danger on the Internet.  90% of Americans will die of hunger, fuel shortage, factories close, economic collapse, etc.  Our military will not be able to respond to the attack.  Muslims have the bomb and the delivery missiles and submarines to do it.  Pakistan has 150 nukes.  Iran is developing nukes.  The threat is imminent and clear.  Our politicians have their head buried in the sand still claiming, "Islam is a religion of peace."  Have we become imbecilic and apathetic fools? 

  A Muslim can't recite the American Pledge of Allegiance because it says, "Liberty and justice for all."  Muslims can't say that because their Koran refuses to teach such liberties and freedoms to all peoples!  Muslims also can't declare the words, "One nation, under God..." because Islamists call the American people the great satan and they despise our Christian God who we founded America.  Plymouth Rock tells the story of America and Christian peoples who settled in America.  Muslim values are not compatible with our Constitution.

"Outlaw Islam or Islam Will Outlaw You!"            

  Islam's color is "green" so do not let green paint or green flags or banners to fly on or over our Government buildings as it sends a message that Islam has conquered or has targeted its next victim.  Each year the Empire State Building lights up as the color "green" on the entire Muslim Ramadan month to honor the Muslims.  Yes, this is happening in America. 

  When you see Muslims in other countries demanding "freedom" and "democracy" it is not the freedom and democracy we have.  It is the freedom to be Muslims and the freedom to dominate the country and the world with Islamic rule and law.  Freedom to oppress you.  Do not be fooled.  They desire to enslave and dominate all infidels and put them to death.  That means you!  If you are not a Muslim you are an infidel to be killed according to their holy book the Koran.  They want the freedom to wage war upon you and subject you to Muslim Sharia law.

  In 2011 something historic happened in America.  When the Muslims were demonstrating in Egypt suddenly, Muslims in San Francisco, Washington DC, Detroit and other large cities Muslims came out of hiding demonstrating, protesting, demanding the American people support the Muslim people in Egypt.  The Muslim uprising has just begun in America and it will now grow larger and it will get worse and worse.  What you see in other countries with Muslim disobedience and demands for special rights and laws for Muslims will now materialize.  And Muslims are migrating from the Middle East into Europe and the USA at alarming rates.  The Islamic invasion is on!  When the Muslims arrived in Europe they immediately began raping the European women by the hundreds!

  If you think illegal Mexicans is a problem with over 12 million of these law violators and squatters in our country, you just wait until we get 12 million legal or illegal Muslims in this country and you will see the destruction of America in your lifetime.  This pattern of world invasion is nothing new.  It is going on in Europe, United Kingdom, Russia, Africa, etc. 

  The Bible's Revelations says Armageddon will bring forth a pale (green, the Muslim color) horse.  This pale colored horse is death and 1/3 of humanity will be killed when this spirit arises.  Islam is on the rise worldwide and demanding Europe, Israel and the USA die.  Islam is a true threat to world peace.  The Bible says that pale horse King of the South will kill 1/3 of humanity.  You better believe it will happen!  In 2012 the King of the South was created in just one year with the Muslim Islamic Spring movement.  It happened with blinding speed.  Powerful entrenched Muslim dictators overthrown with and without armies. 

  If you are a Jew, a Christian or an Infidel you need to peacefully rise up and defend yourself from this Islamic Invasion.  In America our power is democracy so... 

  Write your Senators demanding illegal Muslims be deported.  To restrict legal immigration of Muslims into this country.  To stop giving Muslims priority immigration rights over other nationalities.  Demand that Muslim Sharia and blasphemy laws be outlawed in the USA as incompatible with the US Constitution.  Also, Muslims can not recite the Pledge of Allegiance saying "...One Nation, indivisible under God" as this oath violates the Muslim faith, so Muslims can not be "honest" citizens and they should not be permitted to become US Citizens.  We must stop the Islamic invasion of America and deport all those who can not recite the Pledge of Allegiance and abide by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  

  Muslims are already pushing for Sharia law (Muslim law) to be instituted in the United States.  If this happens in America, and it looks very much like it will happen, it shall break the backbone of our Constitution and The Bill of Rights! You will then have to obey Sharia law and you can be whipped, decapitated, imprisoned and killed under that law for insulting Islam or a Muslim.  It is happening in England and in Europe right now.  Beware.  This is a very serious problem for America.  Also, your women will be forced to cover their faces in public and wear those drab long-gown burqas.

  There are no-go-zones in Europe where emergency fire and police can not enter Muslim neighborhoods.  That's how they take over a land by not assimilating into the society and setting up their own rules and laws.  If you, as a citizen happen to stroll into the Muslim no-go-zone you will be killed, fined, tortured or beaten-up... in your own country!

The Qur'an's Contradictions

Serious errors are in the Qur'an such as:

Excerpts taken from The Berean Call July 2010 Issue - comments are the authors.

1. The Qur'an's contradictions are excused by claiming the Bible was corrupted.  But the Qur'an claims it was sent to stand "as a guardian" over the bible (5:48); therefore, if the Bible was corrupted, the Qur'an failed.  Imagine that!

2.  The Muslim Holy Book itself admits that much of its text is ambiguous (3:7).  Muslims are quiet about this because they don't want you or anybody else to know about it.

3.  Muslims are even to ask "the People of the Book (Bible believing Christians and Jews) for enlightenment (21:7)!  Of course, Muslims don't.  They prefer to kill Christians and Jews instead.

4.  The Qur'an contradicts itself.  Allah created everything "in the twinkling of an eye" (54:49,50), "in two days" (41:9,12), "in four days" (41:10), "in six days" (7:54; 10:4, 32:4), "a Day" equaling "a thousand years" (70:4).

5  The Qur'an claims Jesus is not the Son of God (4:171), yet He is (19:17-21,) etc.  Can't the Muslims make up their mind to tell the truth?  They keep flip-flopping back and forth.

  There are way more problems to expose with Muslims, but the above is enough for now.  Read this article:  Islamic Invasion - The Truth

Click here to read our article: What You Need to Know About Muslims

Click here to read our article: Islamic Invasion - The Truth

Click here to read our article:  Let's Start a New Religion

Other Websites Warning About Islam

Bare Naked Islam Web site

The Straight Way

Worldview Weekend


"Don't be a chicken!  Speak the truth!  Tell it like it is!  Expose all false teachers and religions!  Contend for the truth!  Be brave, stop being a coward!" - James Russell

Print out this article and post it on bulletin boards!  Tell your family and friends to get involved before it is too late.  America needs you now!  Do your part to educate and save America. Visit:

"The Freedom You Save Will Be Your Own!"

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