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NEVER expose or warn you of a false teaching or unfaithful under-shepherd is preaching a false gospel.

NEVER preach a sermon condemning homosexuals or declare they will never be members of his church.

NEVER expose or renounce other religious beliefs that are apostate and unbiblical.

NEVER declare his church is controlled by Jesus Christ and Him alone and there is no other authority.

NEVER preach politically incorrect sermons of any or all apostasies infiltrating true Christianity.

NEVER preach subjects in the Bible that God hates; idolatry, homosexuals, false shepherds, lying church denominations. He won’t preach the entire Gospel.

NEVER tell us who to vote for what will benefit the church or society by endorsing a candidate to oppose an anti-Christian candidate.

NEVER to expose abortion clinics in your town by telling the name of the doctors or lead a protest.

Believe it or Not !

This is Really Happening in Your Church!

“The Truth Will Set You Free” - Jesus of Nazareth

The Truth is, your pastor is a spiritual traitor, a charming liar, an unfaithful under-shepherd and a false shepherd Jesus warned you about.  Strong words, but just look what you pastor signed and agreed to do.  He agreed to not preach the entire Gospel or the entire Bible.  Read what more he promised to not do...

NEVER voice opposition of politicians enacting laws that will harm Christians.

NEVER tell the congregation anti-Christ regulations is censoring the sermons and preaching of the pastor and government tells the pastor what they can or cannot preach in the pulpit.

NEVER tell you the government owns the church via incorporation laws and if certain sermons are preached church will be confiscated and church members put in prison!

NEVER reveal the pastor is reporting church members names, donations, time and other private matters to the government.

NEVER let on that the pastor is a hireling of the state that he is an “officer” of the state, doing state business.

NEVER tell the congregation the state controls the church, the pastor and the doctrines of the church.

NEVER reveal the pastor, bishop elders and deacons are “trustees” subject to these incorporation laws that will prevent them from preaching certain Bible teachings.

NEVER disclose the church belongs to the pastor and held in “trust” to the state. Government owned church!

NEVER refrain from telling all church members each April they must pay taxes to the state. A pastor must do this or he will lose his church.

NEVER expose the licensing of cult churches planned for your city or renounce pornography or gambling, un-biblical school teaching, etc.


There are many secrets your pastor does not want you to know. 

The Great Falling Away is Here!


  And if you don't believe it? 

Then you go get a copy of the IRS document,

"Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organization - Benefits and Responsibilities for Federal Tax Law."

The killer statement in the tax code is this, "the organization's purpose and activities may not be illegal or violate fundamental public policy."

  This means just about everything you see and hear in the news about homosexuality, gay rights, lesbianism, strip clubs, prostitution, adult bookstores; and, all sorts of evil subject matters can never be preached against by your pastor in or out of his/your church.  That is pure censorship and silences your pastor so he cannot and will not preach the entire Bible.  You see, public policy is a broad ruling and it means if homosexuality is accepted by law or public opinion, your pastor cannot oppose or say anything bad about them and he must let them inside of his/your church.  That is what is happening in many churches!  Sinners cannot be evicted from the church.  Couples fornicating can't be evicted because it is an acceptable public policy today. 

"And with your church membership and tithes you support a church that Jesus himself would not even dare to enter!"

  So, your pastor lets sin inside your church and he calls it the house of God.  That is blasphemy!  Now ask yourself how come  you don't hear pastors sounding the alarm of warning?  Must the Lord use unskilled, non-clergymen to warn you?  The pastors are supposed to be warning us, but they signed "secret agreements" with Caesar to not warn the flock of danger.  Think about that!  It is true.    

  Remember, the Prophets, Jesus and the Apostles were never silenced by the government because they would not be silenced, but your pastor has signed a document agreeing to obey the government's rules.  That is like Caesar telling Jesus of Nazareth what to do and Jesus agrees to obey him, that never happened! 

  What if you ask your pastor about this?  He will tell you a story and excuses, but the fact is, if you ask him to preach in the pulpit, in your church, any of the above listed items, he will not do it.  He may touch on the subject and get off of it quickly.  He will say it is his "personal opinion" but never as a pastor of the church!  Read the rules and you will understand why your pastor will not preach the entire Word of God.  He will not lead a demonstration or preach in public and he certainly will not preach anything against what would be considered politically incorrect. 

  Now you also know why pastors do not teach you how to go reach the lost for Christ. It is against the rules.  Now you know why your pastor will not preach certain sermons.  It is against the rules.  Read this document again one more time.  By now you should see some glitter of truth that your wonderful angel of light  pastor is misleading you by not preaching the entire truth.  He has made a deal with the "world" and the "world" is the enemy of God.  He is serving two masters; the government and God.  Jesus said he won't get away with it because God will not permit a man to serve two masters.  So, your pastor has denied Jesus.  He did, too!  

  Just when you thought it could not get any worse... most all pastors and denominations have denied the Lord with more written agreements to obtain government money with the Faith Based Initiatives.  They agreed to even more restrictions as to what they can preach and are told what not to say.   The government wanted to infiltrate the church and they did it with the tax-exempt system.  Jesus paid his taxes, he did not seek tax-exemptions like pastors do.  The entire church system of erecting physical church buildings and pastors owning and running the churches is 100% unbiblical.  Go read the Gospels.  Not one church building was ever built.

  If certain things in the Bible are taught, the pastor will go to prison and church property confiscated.  Sermons are to be government approved!  You should read the IRS rules your pastor has agreed to obey and in so doing he denied Christ.  You should be meeting in individual homes, not in church buildings, just like the early church did and did so successfully.  You need to get out of these unclean churches.  Is your church one of the unfaithful?  It likely is.

  And don't you think for one moment the Jesus your pastor is preaching is the same Jesus of Nazareth in the Bible.  He is not the same.  He is a different Jesus.  A Jesus that remains silent on many issues and lets sinful things go on unchallenged.  Start reading about the apostate church system.  Most churchgoers do not realize they are being duped!  And Jesus said, "Do not be deceived..."  A command few hear today.  He who disregards Jesus' words and commands is not part of Him despite his church membership!

To get the tax-free non-profit status a pastor must "sell out" and sign the contractual agreement and that, folks is anti-Christian, anti-biblical and high treason against the Lord.

The above article is transposed into a Gospel Tract so you can share it with others.  It will be available soon!

  Jesus said there would be a great apostasy at the time of the end.  It is right inside your church in front of your face and yet you still do not see it?  Open your mind and ask the Lord Jesus of Nazareth to open your eyes before it is too late!  It is better for you to come out of those apostate churches and go serve the Lord by doing what he wants to be done.  He wants you to go save the lost.  He wants obedience, not a bunch of devout churchgoers who do nothing but attend church, listen to sermons and repeat the process each week.

  Jesus said, if you follow the blind pastor, he will lead you to fall into the pit with him.  Well, he certainly can't be trusted if he signed that IRS document.  Do not trust him with your eternal soul.  Read the Bible, read Jesus' words and you will see what is happening today in the churches is nothing new at all. It's the same old Satanic trick and a pack of lies people willingly believe that separates them from God.  And if you get separated from God, you will see your works dry up and you'll discover you are not working for God at all.    

  Most churchgoers will be left behind.  And for good reason!  They don't reach out to save the lost, so they will be lost with the lost.  They had no mercy on the lost and had no desire to save them from hell.  So, God gives them the measure of mercy they mete. 

  And Jesus said that only those who do the will of his Father will go to heaven.  It has never been the Father's will for churchgoers to be going to church fifty-two times a year or more, His prime focus is He wants the lost to be saved!  So, you go save the lost, so the Lord will have mercy on you!

LEARN MORE VISIT: WhyPastorsLie.com?

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