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Internet Address Book With Computer Backup Files.  Protect your computer data.  Use this address book to maintain your Web site Internet contacts.

"The Book Every Computer Owner Must Have!"

m001_2 Money Back Guarantee animated.gif (13400 bytes) 0916367126.jpg (75288 bytes) ISBN-10: 0-916367-12-6ISBN-10: 978-0-916367-12-1
TITLE: Internet Address Book With Computer Back Up Files - Professional Version.
AUTHOR: James Russell
LARGE FORMAT 8x11       PAGES: 118
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Any bookstore can order this book. 

Just give them this ISBN No. 0-916367-12-6

and our SAN #295-852X tell them Baker & Taylor or Ingram distributes the book.



  "This is the book that will save you a ton of grief!"

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bd14578_.gif (200 bytes)  Imagine your computer fails to start up tomorrow.  What will you do?  Solution:   The Internet Address Book records all your critical start up files in the system CMOS & BIOS.   You are up and running in minutes!  Don't worry if you don't what the CMOS or BIOS is, the book explains how to log in the data.   Even if the kids mess up the start up files, you can get your computer up and running in no time at all.  The book supports 6 computers.  More than enough for most homes and small businesses!


bd14578_.gif (200 bytes)  Your Web browser or e-mail software program crashes and all of your Web site bookmarks, Web site contacts, passwords and e-mail addresses are destroyed.  Total frustration to restore all of that lost data, if you can!.  Solution:   The Internet  Address Book records every conceivable contact.   Not one contact is lost!  The book supports 50 Web sites.  Each entry sheet has dozens of entries: Company name, multiple contact names, address, phone/fax, e-mail, Web site URL address, product, links, etc.

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bd14578_.gif (200 bytes)  Software failure is not fun.  How do you remember all of those pesky CD-Key numbers?  You lose the number and you can't install the program!  Then you run into trouble trying to remember if the software should be installed with the minimum installation, standard or custom.  If custom, then what is to be selected in the option dialog box?  Soon your memory just can't keep up.  Solution:   The Internet Address Book records all of the data you need for your software.  The book has dozens of entries; software mfg., company address, phone/fax, e-mail, Web site, CD-Key number, installation notes, preference settings and much more.   The book supports 30 software programs!


bd14578_.gif (200 bytes)  Each page of the Internet Address Book leaves plenty of room to enter notations regarding your contact or software. This is not a small book, large 8x11 size book at 118 pages.  No matter what happens to your computer - even if it is stolen - your contact and software data remain intact! 


bd14578_.gif (200 bytes)  The book gives solid and reliable backup advice for your computer data.  Did you know if you are using a dedicated backup software program it will not work if your hard disk drive fails?   It's true.  Many people have found this out the hard way.  The Internet Address Book will give you advice you will treasure.  Losing your data is too painful, especially if you run a business!


bd14578_.gif (200 bytes)  If you just love to surf the Internet you will find the Internet Address Book a handy book to keep by your side.  You'll waste no time remembering passwords and ID numbers to enter Web sites.  Remember the last time you forgot and had to wait for them to mail you your password?  Stop wasting time.  Use the Internet Address Book and you'll be in business in few seconds time. 


bd14578_.gif (200 bytes)  No other address book compares to the Internet Address Book, not one.  All come up short!  This book is designed totally dedicated to the Web surfer and businessperson to maintain links from your Web site and links of sites linking to your Web site... even recording which products are carried on the Web site.  A quick reference database by your side!   Using a  telephone address book will not cut it... they just don't have the data entries you need for the Internet and they are too small in size to record the notes and data you need for Internet use.  This book is the professional version and may be used by the general consumer to the business with up to 6 computers.  If you have more than 6 computers you should order another copy of the book.

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bd14578_.gif (200 bytes)   Internet virus attack is serious business.  You should have current antiviral software on your computer, but a virus can always slip in unexpectedly.  The Internet Address Book can't restore file damage, but it can get your computer up and running if the CMOS, BIOS, e-mail addresses and bookmarks are altered by the virus.  One good thing here... the virus can't attack the Internet Address Book!


bd14578_.gif (200 bytes)  You'll find this book handy when you buy a new computer and need to transfer all of your Internet contact information.  Yes, the software importing features should work, but they have a habit of failing (from file incompatibility) when you need them most.  The Internet Address Book will be a lifesaver!


bd14578_.gif (200 bytes)  Web site-based address books will cause you grief.  These sites have a nasty habit of discontinuing the service and all your bookmarks and contacts will be deleted.  When you need your contact information the site may not be accessible.  Your data can be hacked, stolen or damaged.  The Internet Address Book will be right by your side, flip a page and you are connected.  Plus, the Internet Address Book retains way more information than any Web-based or telephone address book.  This book is designed for the Web site surfer.


bd14578_.gif (200 bytes)  If you run a Internet business the Internet Address Book will be an invaluable tool to track Web sites and links.  Know who is linking to you and which of your products they are selling.  Track your links to Web sites carrying your products, discounting information, etc.  Track potential sales leads and log in the purpose of your contacting the firm with full contact information: multiple contact name, company, e-mail and postal address, passwords, ID numbers, etc, so you are not limited to only one contact name per company listing and much more!  Notes?  There is a lot of space for writing in notations unique to each customer.  Once you try the Internet Address Book you will not surf without it.  No more confusion... you and your employees will work faster and contact the right person and for the right reason every time!  E-mail us for special quantity discounts of 8 books or more.

"Your computer or software will fail... it's just a matter of when...

... and it happens when you believe it won't!"


If the Internet Address Book does not live up to your expectations, simply return

the book for a refund of the purchase price of the book!

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 bd14866_.gif (501 bytes)  An important book every computer owner should have.  Imagine your computer failed today, will you have access to your important files?  This book will save all of your Internet contacts, bookmarks, passwords, user names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, ID numbers, and even all of your unique customized software configurations and preferences!  The computer data backup file section allows you to recover from a CMOS and BIOS chip failure, motherboard battery failure, virus intrusion altering your computer’s setup structure or just someone making a mistake and altering critical files.  You will find the Internet Address Book a valuable tool to find your favorite Web sites without memorizing passwords, etc.  You will find it easy to manage Internet links and contacts.  Two books in one!  Pays for itself many times over.  Avoid the risk of frustration and data loss.  Even if your computer is stolen your Internet files are secure!  This is the book to have when surfing the Internet.  Once you try the Internet Address Book you will discover how valuable the book truly is.  It will save your data and make your computing life much easier.  Try it for 30 days.  If you don't like the book return it for a refund of the purchase price.   

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