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How To Install Motorcycle Tires and Fix Flat Tires

Learn Quickly and Affordably

Tire Change

Large size 8.5x11 book, 203 pages, 187 photos.

PRINT: ISBN-13: 978-0-916367-77-0

E-book: ISBN-13: 978-0-916367-63-3

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Two Books in One:  Install Cruiser Motorcycle Tires & Fix Flat Tires

  Learn to change your own motorcycle tires and fix flat tires.  All sizes.  All brands.  Yes, dirt bikes and even big street cruiser tires using simple tire irons.  Harley-Davidson, Victory, BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and more including all custom bikes.  In fact, big cruiser Harley-Davidson, Victory and Triumph motorcycle rims are used in the book for tire fitment removal and installation.  This book is for street bikes (but can be used for dirt bikes too).

“Car & motorcycle dealers unbalance your wheel  .3 oz saving them 30% on tire weight costs... and you thought your wheel was balanced?”

  It is easy to install tires on rims once you know how!  And don’t you believe for one moment it can’t be done because every tire change shop using expensive automatic machines still must use tire irons to mount fat and stiff wall tires.  That's right, even using powerful machines tire irons often still must be used.  Tire irons are not outdated. 

  However, you don’t need a tire changing machine!  You can save a lot of money mounting your own tires and the investment in tools is inexpensive.  You can even mount your friend’s tires or start your own tire changing business or get a job at a motorcycle dealership.  No more labor charges.  No more paying high prices for tires.  No more paying for wheel balancing.  Cut your cost in half or more! 

“You will save a lot of money with this book and it can even make you money."

  The book shows you how to remove and install the front and rear wheels and how to quickly and easily balance your own tires just like the racing pros do at track day or in the dealer’s shop.  It does not matter which type of motorcycle or wheel you have; chrome, carbon fiber, metallic composite, steel, cast aluminum alloy wheel, street bike or dirt bike.  Even spoke wheel with inner tube is covered along with tubeless tires.

  Yes, tire changing machine operation is covered for those who wish to purchase a manual tire changer.  We use a No-Mar machine in the book for those who wish to buy one.  Every trick in the book is revealed to make the tire changing job is easy to do.   

“You can mount the tire on the rim right on your living room floor.”

  Just lay down a tarp, put the wheel on two wood supports and go to work.  But, without this “inside knowledge” and "tricks of the trade" the tire change job can be difficult to do and downright impossible.  The key is knowing how the tire flexes and moves on the rim and where the tire and rim must be lubed to get it to mount on the rim plus how to use the tools properly.  You need this knowledge for big street bike tires.  Even the most difficult heavy sidewall tires are mounted with simple tire irons included those big fat 250mm and larger rear tires you see on the heavy cruisers and custom bikes.

“Give yourself a chance... you can do it."

  Many people complain, especially seasoned riders, that changing motorcycle tires is too difficult. Wrong! They are doing it wrong! They don’t use the proper tools and don’t know the techniques. It requires little strength to remove and install motorcycle tires. Don’t give up even if you tried it once and failed. This book will show you how easy, fun and profitable it can be - guaranteed!  And, do not listen to parts, service writers and dealer mechanics convincing horror stories that you can't install tires yourself for they are straight-out lying to you to keep you paying them!  They profit keeping customers in fear.

"Dealers don't want you to learn how to fix your motorcycle… they lose money!"  

  You don’t need a pneumatic tire changing machine! You can save a ton of money mounting your own tires and the investment in tools is minimal. You can even mount your friend’s tires or, start your own tire-changing business or qualify to get a job at a motorcycle repair shop. No more labor charges. No more paying high prices for tires. No more paying for wheel balancing. You will absolutely cut your cost in half the very first time you use this book saving hundreds of dollars!  This book is an investment… it will make you money every year of your life!

"Next time you pay $500 or more for new tires you'll realize how inexpensive this book truly is!"  

  The book shows you how to remove and install the front and rear wheels and how to static balance your own tires quickly and easily, just like the racing pros do at track day or in a dealer’s shop. It doesn’t matter which type of motorcycle or wheel you have: chrome, carbon fiber, composite, steel, cast or aluminum alloy wheel, street bike or dirt bike. Even spoke wheels with inner tubes are covered, along with tubeless tires. 

“You pay dearly buying tires from a dealer or shop.  You'll pay less buying way better tires on the Internet that will last like iron.  Shops sell brand-name tire compounds that wear out fast to quicken your repeat business!”

 Years ago riders all changed their own tires, but dealers and repair shops have instilled great fear into riders not to attempt it, or else!  Today, everybody senselessly pays too much money to have tires installed.  Even if you live in an apartment with no garage, the book shows you how to install tires to a wheel on a living room floor!  That's how easy it is to do. 

 “You will save a lot of money with this book, and it will make you money...  I guarantee it!”

 There is a wonderful satisfying feeling fixing your own motorcycle beyond just saving money.  By doing it yourself you know the job is fixed right the first time.  You will enjoy riding your motorcycle in a more elevated state words can not describe.  You get to choose the brand of tires that are the best, last longer and cost less.

  This book is written specifically for the first time novice and for the person who had once tried and failed to install new tires on a motorcycle.  The purpose of the book is to take you by the hand in great detail and slowly walk you through the process... just as if you were in a motorcycle mechanic school.  When you are finished with this book you will actually be more competent than most mechanics out there today! 

"This book is the only service manual 100% dedicated for motorcycle tire removal and installation." 

  Stop paying repair shops hundreds of dollars for a tire change!  The money you save absolutely pays for this book dozens of times over.  You'll save "hundreds of dollars" the very "first time" you use the book to install new tires!  You will save thousands of dollars sooner than you think!  Just add up what you have paid over the years for new tires... you'll see the value this book truly will be to your wallet.  Money saved you can spend on other things you want.

Read about the second portion of the book...   


Tire Change Book

Book Back Cover Image

 “Never be stranded again. No trip interruption.  No motel expenses.  No dealership repair bills.  No lost time.  No more tow trucks! You'll be on your way in ten minutes.”

   Fixing flat tires is easy to do with a few simple tools you carry in your saddlebag or fork bag. The book reveals the absolute best methods to use on tube type wire-wheels and tubeless tires so you may never need to call a tow truck when you get a flat tire from a nail, screw or bolt puncture.  As you know, it is dangerous to get a flat tire in a bad neighborhood far from home.  In just ten minutes you can fix the tire, inflate and be out of there!  It's so easy a girl can do it blindfolded.  Be safe, learn how to fix flat tires. 

 “Car, truck and motorcycle tires are covered in this book too!"

  And yes, what you learn in this book you can apply to car and truck tires too!  Relax, you will practice tire repair on old tires to build your skill and confidence before you even attempt to fix a tire in an actual emergency.  You'll be amazed how easy it will be!

  And, the book warns you about those dangerous and often useless CO2 cylinders. They are unreliable due to refrigeration freeze-up, and they can give you severe frost bite requiring amputation of a finger or permanent blindness if you are not careful, so we don't use them in this book! 

Plus, the book has a wealth of knowledge including over 300 questions with detailed answers pertaining to purchasing, installing and repairing motorcycle tires.  No other book has all this detailed motorcycle tire knowledge!  Motorcycle service manuals don't even come close!

“Detailed instructions makes learning a breeze! If you ride a motorcycle you must buy this book.”

 Large 8.5x11 size book is 203 pages, has 187 photos, and is written for the novice who has never installed or repaired tires before. It’s like having a motorcycle mechanic leaning over your shoulder, telling you what to do.  Makes learning a breeze!  Learn at your own pace. 

   Fixing flat tires is easy to do with a few simple tools you carry in your saddlebag or fork bag.  The book reveals the absolute best methods to use on tubeless tires so you never need to call a tow truck when you get a flat tire from a nail puncture.   Flat tire prevention and repair instruction is given for those riders who have bikes with spoke wire wheels.


  You may be thinking that by paying $50 labor for a shop to change your tires is a good deal, but I bet you will also buy new tires at the top inflated retail price (dealers do that).  When you install your own tires you not only save the $50 labor charge, you get to save $130 or more buying your tires on the internet.  Just think, if you paid a dealer $450 for a set of tires installed you will easily save $180 to $250 for each tire change.  Now, when we get to the flat tire section in this book you save money fixing your own flat tire and you never have to call and wait for a tow truck to arrive.  You also do not need to pay for the tow or have dish out money to an out of town shop to replace/fix your flat tire.  Believe me, it will cost you about $300 if you get a flat tire out of town just between the dealer and towing fee, not to mention motel stays if the dealer is too busy or closed for the day.  It will quickly ruin your day.  With this book you would have your tire fixed in 15 minutes with no trip interruption.  

  The large book is 8.5x11 size, 203 pages, 187 photos and is written for the novice just learning.  Like having a motorcycle mechanic leaning over your shoulder telling you what to do.  The money you save will absolutely pay for this book dozens of times over!  

"You Can Pay! Pay! Pay! or you can Save!  Save!  Save!"

"This book will make you happy… I guarantee it!

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