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We do not accept credit cards for orders.  We primarily are OEM and supply to distributors.  However, we do accept mail orders and provide printable order forms if you wish to order direct from us.


If you need help, go to our home page or about us page for contact information.  E-mail us if you need assistance.


1. My local bookstore does not have the book and they can't order it.  - Not all bookstores carry all books in print and the R.R. Bowker Books In Print database they are using is out of date failing to list new and revised titles.  Try another bookstore or locate the book's ISBN number (we display this number by our books on this Web site) and tell them to order the book from Baker & Taylor or Ingram Book Company.  You can order the book direct from us.  Go to our book order formSee item #4 below.

2. I need the book today. Where can I find the book? - We don't compile a list of bookstores in cities that stock our books, but we do have books in stock and you can order from us by printing out the order form and mailing it to us. We do not ship overnight delivery. You can visit bookstores listed on this Web site that can ship the book to you overnight delivery.

3. I ordered Gospel Coins two weeks ago and did not get them. - Gospel Coins require 30 days to process as they are a custom minted coin and the process is slow.  In rare events when a new minting batch is ordered from the mint it can take as long as 6 weeks, but most of the time it only takes 3 weeks for your order to arrive.

4. I do not live in the USA.  Do you ship your products to other countries? - Directly we do not export products to other countries except to Canada.  However, our books are sold by BarnesAndNoble.com and Amazon.com who will export the books to you.  You can also likely buy the book from a local bookstore who can order it from a distributor.  That is how you can get the books into your country.  We do not export the Gospel Coins except to Canada.  Why?  The Gospel Coins are solid heavy alloy-brass and are way too heavy to ship by air and the expense is too high.

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