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bulletConsider Trap Shooting Secrets and Precision Shooting - The Trapshooter's Bible books an ideal trophy for your registered shoots; for the runner-up, or lowest score of the tournament event.  The person with the lowest score is the one who is most likely never to return to shoot again and needs instructional books to enhance shooting technique. 
bulletSell the books at your gun club.  Here you have a product that keeps the shooter coming back to practice what s/he learned in the books. Post the books on your Website by being a bookstore affilate; Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com, Digital Goods, Chapter.ca, etc.   The shooter is happy and so is the club.
bulletOffer the books for your raffles and silent auctions.
bulletUse these books as a prize for your meat shoots.
bulletSpecial discounts to gun clubs. E-mail for prices identifying the organization, your name and number of books you wish to order.


bulletPeople try and leave the sport for many reasons, but mostly due to not having fun.  It's no fun losing all of the time against the better shooters. People need to progress to feel good about themselves.  Trap Shooting Secrets and Precision Shooting books will allow them to shoot better and feel competent to continue on in the sport.
bulletYou benefit because you retain new membersTrap Shooting Secrets and Precision Shooting supplies the answers and resolves the mystery of the game, giving your members the inside tricks of the trade professionals use shoot high scores. 
bulletThe novice shooter desperately needs good solid advice to iron out numerous shooting problems.  Frustration eventually builds as the shooter discovers, "This isn't easy at all and if I can't win, maybe I'll try golf."  It's a fact.  Shooters who feel  like a loser, confused or inadequate will walk away from the sport.
bulletThe shooter suffering from a prolonged slump will lose interest, shoot much less and eventually even quit the sport.  What if Trap Shooting Secrets and Precision Shooting resolves this problem?  It will!  Both the club and the shooter are grateful.
bulletYou throw the targets; now let these two trap shooting books light the fire.  The letters we receive from shooters are highly complimentary because the books work.  These books don't talk about trap shooting, they instruct the reader exactly what to do, like having a coach on call right at your club!
bulletNo matter how many years you've been shooting, you could learn a lot in Trap Shooting Secrets and Precision Shooting.  You should order a copy for yourself... you can teach your members a thing or two
bulletThese books are fine trophy prizes as they help the shooter shoot better, and when they do... they shoot more!

 0916367096.gif (9263 bytes) Trap Shooting Secrets.                   091636710x.jpg (2488 bytes)Precision Shooting.

If you want to order a book for yourself click here.

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If you want to order a book for yourself click here.

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