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What will a futuristic motorcycle be?  What sort of devices will it have?  Let's find out...

Ergonomics:  Infinitely adjustable handlebars to assure personal comfort no matter how short or tall the rider may be.  Adjustable foot pegs or floor boards to match rider comfort leg positioning.  Seats that shift position just like a car; forward, reverse, up and down.  Seats will be air adjustable for comfort.

Brakes:  Electromagnetic brakes have no brake pads except an emergency backup set.  You never need brake pads again.  The brakes will never lockup, overheat, fade or wear out.  Traditional friction brakes will also exist, but the location of the brake pads will change.  Think of bicycle brakes squeezing against the wheel rim.  Rear wheel sprocket or pulley will have a brake caliper squeezing the sprocket/pulley.  Even an external drum/pad arrangement somewhat like a train car or locomotive.  A computer will actually read road speed limit signs and automatically adjust motorcycle speed or activate an visible or audible alarm to slow down to the safe speed.

Engine:  A lot of changes here.  Water cooled engines are coming for the Harley-Davidson traditional Twin-Cam V-Twin and future models.  Cylinder head will be cooled first then later cylinders themselves.  You may not see the radiator it might be circulated into the bike's hollow metal frame.  Port fuel injection will be scrapped for direct cylinder injection like diesel engines.  Crankshafts will be forged one-piece affairs that will never fail from imbalance issues.  New engine upgrades will increase reliability and power output.    Multiple spark plugs are coming as many as four per cylinder to eliminate flame front timing issues with increased cubic inch with deep-dish concave piston crowns to give huge power increase.    Variable automatically adjustable exhaust pipe tuning, adjustable cam timing, adjustable cylinder head ports (think of multi-vane jet engine exhaust).  Flex fuel engine.  A battery powered electric motor Harley-Davidson motorcycle is being developed and tested, with and without gear shifts, as we speak.  Oil cooling cylinder heads are on some 2014 year models already.

Shocks:  Forks and rear shocks will be elongated electromagnets and be so perfected a road bump will never be felt as a shock, a very gentle rise or fall in elevation will be the only effect.  You will be able to adjust the shocks to raise or lower the cant of the bike for all sorts of riding conditions.  If you lean too far the bike will self-correct decreasing lean angle automatically and may even reduce power and apply brakes if danger of a slide is imminent.   

Lights:  LED lighting will dominate, but with intelligence.  The headlight will anticipate curves in the road and light up that portion of the roadway.  Turn signal and brake LED lights will "look" in its socket like an eyeball to insure maximum visibility.  Automatic turn signaling activates if bike leaves a traffic lane.  Color shifting headlight will change color depending on weather conditions; brilliant blue in rain, soft yellow in fog, flickering intense white on city streets and super wide and forward reaching lighting the roadway far ahead.  

Accessories:  Animal alert system scans roadways for animals like deer that may be hidden in bushes.  Collision avoidance alarm scans surrounding traffic alerts for deviant traffic that may collide with motorcycle.  Police detection alarm reveals police vehicle locations using a radio frequency detection device and fool-proof speed radar detection systems.  Face shield on helmet with digital displays like a fighter jet.  Continuous loop video camera, front and rear, are always on to record and report aggressive drivers affecting the motorcycle rider and for accident investigation.  Motorcycle also has a black box like aircraft.  Call for help beacon activates in a crash or tip-over is designed if motorcycle leaves the highway and falls over or changes elevation abruptly (run off the road event). 

Tires:  Tubeless spoke wheels.  Smart tires will change shape and firmness automatically to handle better and last twice as long as today's tires.  Tires that run flat and some tires will not even need air ever (with internal mechanical support) can never deflate and go flat.  Liquid cooled and heat-sink tires and rims shed heat to increase tire life. 

Weapon System:  None.  But I would like to see a frag grenade and rocket pod launcher for self-defense when driving in bad neighborhoods or confronting aggressive and rude car and pick-up truck drivers.  A self-destruct timer bomb also in case bike is stolen can be set off to extract revenge on motorcycle thieves.  A personal inflatable robot would be nice to beat up guys bigger than you are if needed.  A motorcycle that can light up engines to fly away like a fighter jet to escape from impatient tailgating idiot car drivers.  We can dream can't we?  Who knows, it could be the future?