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Tire Change


How To Change Motorcycle Tires and Fix Flat Tires - book now available click link at left for more details.  This is the first book ever written for all street motorcycles from small bikes to big heavy cruisers including all Harley-Davison, Victory, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and every street bike including sport bikes.  It is amazing how many motorcycle riders do not change their own tires.  The reason being is they are being told it can't be done without a tire changing machine, they will bend their rims, etc.  This is nonsense!  Even the best mechanics must still resort to using tire irons as the mounting machine often can not install some cruiser tires due to the stiff sidewalls.  This book will save you a ton of money on tires.  Changing your own tires no matter how big or fat those tires are can be performed in your garage or on your living room floor once you remove the wheel from the bike.  All of the "secrets" are revealed that make the job easy to do, even wheel balancing using weights is fully covered and you don't need an expensive static balancing stand, you can use your own bike's axle to spin the wheel into balance and it is so easy to do it will amaze you and be as good as a dynamic balancing machine.  Motorcycle racers use static balance and they ride a lot faster than you ever will so don't worry about tire balancing we show you how to do it.  You will learn to use the proper size tire irons to remove and install your tires from start to finish without scratching your metal rims and the book covers how to use the mount and demount bar for those who have composite wheels and wish to purchase a manual tire changing machine that can be purchased for a couple hundred dollars at Harbor Freight Tools or the slightly more expensive No-Mar or Coats brand tire changing machines.  Plus, you can buy quality name brand tires on the Internet at deep discounted prices saving even more money and there are no more installation labor fees to pay!  No more waiting for your bike to be serviced!  There are bragging rights as now you will be one of the knowledgeable few who change their own motorcycle tires.  This book will also lead you to a part or full-time motorcycle tire changing business of your own!  It can even help you get you a job at a busy shop or dealership changing motorcycle tires.  Plus, the book includes valuable bonus chapters revealing how to repair street motorcycle tubeless flat tires.  Again, this is easy to do once you learn how.  Numerous tire repair methods are revealed along with products to avoid that do not work.  Yes, you can fix the flat tire and be on your way in just ten minutes time.  No need to call a tow truck!  Don't be stranded on the side of the road ruining your day and not being able to finish your ride, arrive on time and have to pay a shop for a new tire and labor charges immediately.  Install and repair motorcycle tires and save money for the rest of your life. 


Lost Gospel of Saint Luke & His Apostle Friends is the third book in the Lost Gospels book series.  To be published in spring of 2012.  Many of the characters mentioned in the New Testament Bible are introduced in this book with each with their own story to tell of the miracles of Jesus of Galilee and the pains and sufferings they had to endure along with the fabulous wealth they accumulated.  You will journey to strange lands, visit heaven, hell and in between.  The book is very entertaining and has many hilarious events and situations.  Though the stories are funny the underlining message is a powerful demonstration of how easy it is to be decieved by false teachers and unfaithful pastors disguising themselves as angels of light. 


Amazing Images of Sturgis & the Black Hills - This self-guided automobile/motorcycle tour reveals dozens of incredible images chiseled in stone by the hand of God.  Natural rock weathering has created a wonderful experience to behold of rock art.  Click here to see a few sample images.  This book will be published in 2013.


Northern Nevada / California History Tour - a motorcycle or car self-guided tour revealing the wagon train, pony express and gold mines of the region.  Includes fantastic scenery, over 120 photographs and great day rides to last a week-end cruiser a year or more!  Motorcyclist and kids will love this book.  Here you can actually walk in the wheel ruts the wagons made in the deserts and the mountains and are even still revealed near Reno, NV.  Great for school outings and weekend hops.  You will learn an amazing history from Fallon, NV to Reno, to Carson City, Lake Tahoe and Sacramento California and many points in between.  This book is a work in progress and is scheduled to be available in 2016.


Motorcycle Tour Guides; Sturgis, Laughlin River Run, Oatman & Kingman Arizona, Reno Street Vibrations, etc.  To be published in 2016.  Click here for some free tour samples that are now available!


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