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Example:  I have posted the below challenge to Atheist chat rooms on the Internet and guess what?  It shuts them up in a major way.  They can't provide any factual or credible evidence to support their belief in evolution.  You will love this.   Try it.  I used Craigslist.com.  Now, the Atheist online will cuss you out and even call you names; but they will 100% evade the issue, and change the subject, but they won't be able to win the debate, and they know it.   Copy and post this message on Atheist chat rooms, sit back and you will see just how "stupid" and "foolish" and "ignorant" Atheists truly are.  Below the paragraph, I have also posted some challenges.  NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO FEAR THOSE ATHEISTS.

Here's the question:

The Human Baboon has Been Found

  I have a good question about evolution. If species are evolving, how come we don't see any doggie-cats? How about monkey-bats? Why I don't even see an ant with a human head or anything in nature that is in the process of evolving into something else. My cat is still a cat and has never evolved into a pig. Examine your pets. Maybe your parakeet or parrot is evolving into a buffalo? Do you see any buffalo fur on it? I do not see any practical, common-sense, evidence of any evolution taking place. It it were, we are bound to see some animals of the millions on earth "evolving" into a new life form. All the zoo animals I see in the zoos are not evolving. It ain't happening folks! Show me the proof. Show me the evidence. So far, God has shown his hand. He said he created the creatures and his creatures are visible proof of what he said has become visible before your very eyes. Now show me proof that evolution is real. I want to see it for myself. I want real evidence that would be held up in any court of law. Not speculation or theory... real proof. Now don't be a Human Baboon about this subject or you will demonstrate yourself as proof-positive that some sort of dehumanizing evolution is taking place. Be sensible and respectful. It is a good question. How come we see not one evidence of any mammal, human or beast evolving? Seems to me, there is no evolution taking place except in the fantasy of the mind, the dreamer of dreams. Present the evidence to the judge so the jury can see the evidence and make a reasonable decision. Present actual evidence, not hearsay or preponderance. The real thing is needed. Can you deliver? - http://www.JamesRussellPublishing.com

Most Common Response by the Atheist

Atheist Answer:  "Evolution takes tens of thousands of years, even millions of years."

My Response:  Show me the Money -  Show me the proof of your evolution. We all want to see it in action.  I want to see a creature in the process of evolving into something else, but you are not delivering the goods.  Perhaps you could show me a baboon turning into a man?  Or how about something simpler like a worm evolving into a bird? 

 Atheist Answer:  "Evolution is a long process and the changes are miniscule over millions of years."

My Response: Okay, I have a time machine and we can go back into time to see if you are right.  Let us go back millions of years in the fossil records.  Surely there is at least one fossil that shows some animal, reptile, mammal in transition of evolving?  Certainly you can find at least one?  Show me.  Help me to be a good faithful Atheist.  Show me the proof of evolution.

Atheist Answer:  Atheist attacks the Bible and Christianity, etc., but evades the issue 100% and does not deliver evidence.  Prefers to hurl insults instead of answering in an intelligent manner.  In fact, he acts much like and evolving human baboon.

My Response:  You have lost your case. You have been given a fair opportunity to present your evidence of evolution and you all you come up with is a vain attack on the Bible and hurl insults. Evading the judge and jury? Yes, evading the issue.  We need proof to resolve the issue. You have failed to deliver. You may step down from the stand. Your case is dismissed, to your shame. The court and jury has decided, based upon the factual evidence, "Evolution is a lie, a myth and without scientific fact and has no basis in reality. Not one professing Atheist has presented clear and convincing evidence of evolutions reality. No animal has been found to be in the transitional state of evolving into another being or entity. The atheist have lost their case. The Bible statement of creation still stands, based upon the multitude of undeniable evidence. Next witness please...."

Atheist Answer:  "Show me a resurrected Dead Corpse!" No instant Evolution, No Christianity.  Fair Deal?"

My Response:  You make no sense.  If a person is resurrected, he is alive, not dead, so he would not be a corpse. Got it? The issue at hand is not Jesus Christ; the issue is the Godless act of evolution. Stay on the subject.  Deliver what this court requires, believable evidence to prove your case to a judge and jury.  Fair deal?  I am waiting for your evidence.

Atheist Answer:  "You're too arrogant to see beyond your lifetime.  Evolution takes 10,000 years for the most gradual of change. It takes an ignorant godbot to claim all existence is 6,000 years.

My Response:  I want proof, now deliver or be silent -   So, show me your proof. All you have said is "hearsay" and hearsay is not evidence. I just threw your case out of court because you changed the subject and evaded the issue. Show me evidence of what you said is a factual reality that evolution takes 10,000 years for the most gradual change.  I want to see your mutated animal, evolving man or beast or whatever. As for the evidence, the evidence is clear and convincing that God made his creation and it has not changed since the day they were created. You are losing your case. You can't show this judge or jury any factual evidence, but I can show you and let you see, touch, feel and examine what is created. Your dog, is it evolving into a monkey? Do you see human-like fingers on its feet? Has its face evolving into a elephant? I do not see the evidence of evolution. Prove it to the court.

Atheist Answer:  "If you are honestly seeking answers then this is clearly a science question. Post it to atfo and scifo shows you are uninterested in the question itself.  Evolution takes tens of thousands of years, even millions of years."

My Response:  Deliver the proof. Your answer is not valid and will not stand up to any jurisdiction of reason.  You, Mr. Atheist.  You are fearful to answer the question and you have no answer to this judge and to this court.  You perpetuate and promote a false science.  Atheism is a false religion, but you are not ready for that question yet, not by a long shot.  You can't produce any evidence of evolution is real, can you?  You can't deliver evidence.  Just because you say something does not make it true or believable.  I do not believe you.  I want you to produce to me actual evidence I can see with my own eyes a creature evolving.  Show me a lizard with fish scales.  Or how about something easier like a crab with human hands.  I want to see your theory in action with actual proof that creatures change from one species into another species.  Show me what you got or admit your evolution belief is a complete crock of nonsense and a bold-face lie.  If you do not deliver, you have lost your case.

Atheist Answer:  "Why do we owe you any answers? Want proof? Religion: 1 book, badly written, unclear, contradictory. Refuses to evolve even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Afraid of being challenged."

My Response:  Question is so good, you have become befuddled.  Answer the question with facts. No judge or jury would ever listen to a vague comment as you have made. Deliver the goods or don't contribute to this court.

Atheist Answer:  "Where do you think your poodle came from stupid?  The poodle was a pack hunter many mammoth carcasses still have the scars of up to 30 tiny poodle mouths the poodle pack that initiated a beagle was usually more successful at predation."

My Response: I want you to show me in the fossil evidence of your Poodle in relation to your elephant. It does not exist. Your Beagle is still a Beagle and your Poodle is still a Poodle. I want you to show me your Poodle-Beagle or better yet, your Ele-Poodle to prove to me they have evolved together, or in the process of evolving. You may use millions of years of evolutionary fossil evidence, but show me the fossil. If you produce, you win your case. If not, you lose. You are the Poodle expert, right?  Show me proof of your statement.  Make me a believer in your atheism.  I am trying so hard to believe you, but you show me no believable evidence.   

Atheist Answer:   A lot of cussing, insults, blasphemy against God, but no evidence of evolution is handed over.

My Response:  Clown on Forum:  You cuss, but it is not evidence of a Godless creation. You are a bad atheist. You can't deliver the evidence to support your own beliefs. Could it be these atheist are demonstrating their great devout faith in nothing? I see no physical evidence, just faithful statements, laced with insults that do not support their case, their cause or their mission.  It is fully evident atheists can't answer the original question.  The atheist believes in evolution, the act of creation without God, but they can't even show me one little bug with a feathered bird's wing.  An atheist will believe anything they can imagine and pretend it is true, but they can't prove anything they believe.  Now that is moronic reasoning.  Just show this judge and court one little, itsy, bitsy proof of creatures evolving from one species into another species.  Deliver the facts or publically admit your defeat and proclaim to the world you have lied to the world.  Evolution does not exist.  Prove me wrong.  You can't, can you?  So far, I see no intelligent answers from avowed atheists. Subject failed to deliver intellectual, scientific or reasonable evidence to support the Godless subject of evolution. You have had your chance to deliver for all to see and read on this forum and you have failed miserably. Your case is dismissed, you may step down from the bench in shame.

Atheist Answer:   A bunch of nonsensical hearsay gossip presented as fact.

My Response:  Show me the Proof. You say a lot, but I still see evidence of creation, intelligent design, which your answer is vague and has no weight behind it. If you could have shown me the physical basis for your belief, I could maybe believe you, but you can show me no evidence God does not exist. On the contrary, I see birds flying, trees growing, the sun bursting and exploding with fusion energy. It takes a powerful mind to create such machinery. But, you look at a car and say, "Believe me, I know for a fact, nobody designed or created that car. Just believe me 'cause I said so." That is illogical, even Spock in Star Trek will tell you so.

Atheist Answer:   "Christianity is proof we evolved from monkeys."  Another Atheist speaks of a scooter being created by the act of intelligent evolution.  

My Response:  The scooter you speak of was designed and created. It did not just evolve and it won't evolve until someone "engineers" and "creates" it to do so. Your answer fails to support your case. Step off the stand and don't come back to this court.  You attack Christianity, but the question is evolution.  Just address the issues at hand.  I want proof of  your belief in evolution.  Can't you at least turn me into a good atheist?  I want to be an atheist, so help me to believe in evolution so I can be just like you.  Okay?

   Atheist Answer:   Atheist calls me a fool but refuses to address the question.  Total evasive action.

My Response:  You are not answering the question. You call the judge a fool, but you are not delivering your evidence. Show the judge your evidence, Mr. Atheist.  Don't evade the issue, just deliver your proof.  This is your big chance to prove evolution is real and that God did not create the creatures on earth.  This is your day.

Atheist Answer:   Jesus was sent by Satan to mislead you. Jesus was Satan's henchman.

My Response: Now, show me your evidence of what you say is truth. I want to see where you get your facts. The Bible does not say what you are saying.  Are you a public liar?  And, why are you cowardly changing the subject?  This is your opportunity to show the world that atheists are right and God is wrong.  So far, God has won his case.  Your lips are sealed.  You have no evidence to present to this court.  Like all the rest of the atheists, you are nothing but a bunch of hot air.


  As you can see from these sample posts, the atheist is bag of vocal hot wind with no facts to back their claims.  They will change the subject, insult you and persistently evade the issue, but they will not show you one creature in the process of evolving.  In fact, they admit creation when they say, "We can't see the results of evolution because it takes place over millions of years."  Think about that.  Since there is no evidence of creatures evolving today, or even in the fossil records, God was right when he said he created them as they are.  The atheists cannot disprove the bible version of creation.  This question I have put to them shuts them up and they hate it.  This is a big problem for them.  The burden of proof to support belief is upon the person who claims they believe.  I believe God and I can see his creation.  The atheist has to close his eyes and imagine nobody designed what is reality.  Frankly, you will discover that atheists are extremely stupid people by choice, wildly ignorant and living inside a web of a pack of lies. Fear them not.  They are frauds.  

  Go ahead, post the question to them and you will see for yourself just how weak and powerless they are.  They won't fool you and they will only embarrass themselves. In this way they have to think that they may just be wrong after all.  They can't avoid that question any longer.  It haunts them.  Post it all over the atheist chat room Web sites. 

"Anthropologists have never discovered a tribe of atheists!"