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  Titles of our e-books we are now publishing are listed below. 


To order e-books visit our e-bookstore page.   


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Powell's Books


The books listed below generally are available in Microsoft Reader, Adobe Reader and other formats.  The e-bookstore you buy the book from should inform you of the format they are selling to you.   

Most e-bookstores sell books in the format you wish to use. 



Oatman, AZ Holy Land Tour*. Available at all e-bookstores  Read More. 


09163671261.jpg (75288 bytes)Internet Address Book. Available at all e-bookstores   Read More.

0916367118.jpg (221117 bytes)Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets. Available at all e-bookstores  Read More 

S&D New Front Cover.jpg (99291 bytes)Steam & Diesel Power Plant Operators Examinations. Available at all e-bookstores  Read More

0916367266.jpg (67957 bytes)True Bums - A comedy screenplay.  Read More

091636710x.jpg (246727 bytes) Precision Shooting - The Trapshooter's Bible. Available at all e-bookstores  Read More.

0916367096.gif (9263 bytes) Trap Shooting Secrets. Available at all e-bookstores  Read More.

0916367320.jpg (85212 bytes)An Evening of Comedy Skits.Available at all e-bookstores   Read More.

0916367193.jpg (56086 bytes)Walking With The Lord - A Christian Devotional. Available at all e-bookstores    Read More.

Copy of 0916367258.jpg (241182 bytes)Revenge of the Grannies Comedy Screenplay. Available at all e-bookstores  Read More.

Joey Comedy Screenplay.  Available at all e-bookstores Read More.

Fabulous America Screenplay. Available at all e-bookstores

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How to Change the Oil in Twin-Cam Harley Davidson Motorcycle* Available at all e-bookstores  Read More.

Lost Gospel of John ~ New Ribbon.gif (14933 bytes) ~

The Lost Gospel of John -  Available at all e-bookstores Read More.

Lost Gospel of James

The Lost Gospel of James - Available at all e-bookstores Read More.

Apostasy Devotional~ New Ribbon.gif (14933 bytes) ~

Apostasy Devotional. Available at all e-bookstores.  Read More.


To order e-books visit the vendor e-bookstore page.


Notee-books are not returnable.   Why?  Because once you order and have the "key" to open the e-book the book is sold and is yours.  To request a refund after you have the key to open the book is like reading the book then asking for a refund.  Not fair.  For this reason we do not give refunds.  The e-books are sold as read only.  We do not allow authorization to print out the book on paper.  It is your responsibility as the consumer to be certain before you purchase an e-book to insure the e-book version is what you want.   If you want a print version then you should buy the print version of the book, not an e-book.  All of our e-books are not printable.  You can only read them electronically. E-books often can not be transferred from one computer to another (see the retailer for information on file transport permission).


Note: e-books are not printable (unless otherwise specifically permitted and stated prior to purchase in writing).  This is a legal copyright issue to prevent theft due to duplication of the book.  The e-book is just what it is; an electronic book to be read on a computer screen or other hand-held display device, not to be downloaded to a printing device.  If you prefer to order a print version of our books Click here for print version books and Click here for print version scripts.


* The e-books with asterisk symbol (*) means the electronic book is printable, limited in copies to print yes, but we do allow you to at least print out one copy of the book (approximately one copy each three years is permitted).  Most publishers do not permit any printing out of e-books.  If the e-book does not have an asterisk symbol (*) the book is "locked" and can not be printed.  Make sure your printer is operating properly and full of paper as you will only get one shot at printing out the book to paper.


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