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  Depending on the nature of physical challenge you may be quite capable of trap shooting.  For example; persons who use wheelchairs with at least a degree of arm mobility are most certainly qualified as there are quite a few "chair-shooters" already competing in major trap shooting tournaments.    There are male and female shooters of all ages who only have the use of one arm or one eye out there shooting trap targets and beating the pants off many shooters! 

First, you are probably wondering what is trap shooting?  It's the hottest new sport growing like wildfire world-wide.  So click right HERE, read all about it and use your browser button to return to this page.



  Trap shooting requires the ability to hold a 8-pound shotgun with minimal movement to swing to the flying target.  This swing angle is very minimal.  Point your finger & arm straight out and move your arm to the left and then to the right.  If you can move your arm at least 1-foot in both directions you can shoot the handicap events with ease.  If you can move your arm 2-feet or more you can shoot the singles and double events with ease. 




  This is good news for people experiencing high levels of stress in their lives as trap shooting will relieve stress and surround you with supportive people all sharing the same interest and goals.  I know many shooter's who have, "stressed-out" on the job so bad they have become disabled to the point they could not function in this world...fell into depression, had to take anti-depressive medications or tranquilizers just to stay on keel.  When they picked up trap shooting they recovered to a better degree... and had a heck of a lot fun... which was terribly missing in their lives. 

  So if you are suffering from mild depressive states from excessive "job stress" trap shooting can be good medicine!  Ask your therapist if this sport meets approval.  If you are suffering from extreme levels of depression you may need to continue treatments until you can be "cleared" to be associated with shotguns - even though trap shotguns are low-powered by nature they have inherent hazards.  Certainly, some people will not qualify if conditions are severe, so please do obtain clearance first before attempting trap shooting. 

  The point is... many people suffer from "boredom" and this leads to depression and lack of self-esteem.  "Getting involved" with a new sport activity can give you a new life.  Trap shooting works to lift the spirits is so many ways.  The biggest factor is all the wonderful people you meet who really want to be your friend!  There is no other sport you can simply walk onto the grounds and be instantly accepted into a group of hundreds of shooters! 

ExampleMany sports are 'spectator' in nature where you don't participate... you only "root for" the team like drag racing, major league sports games, Pro Golf, etc.  In trap shooting you shoot with the pros!    And you compete with them!  Now that is extraordinary indeed, challenging, fun and one heck of an experience to cherish.  You're not held behind some fence or restraining wire where you can't talk to the professionals, as in Golf.   You can sit and chat with anyone you like.  In fact, the "new friends" you make are professionals in all walks of life so you will meet interesting and helpful people.

So, if you are overworked and burned out, bored and just need to do something different in life give trap shooting a try.  I believe you will love the game once you try it.  There are hundreds of thousands of trapshoots world-wide and they all can't be wrong!  The sport is growing fast so get in on the action and have some real fun in your life... for a change.



  There are no restrictions to shoot trap.  Each trap has concrete runways and access to all the traps usually are paved, at least a major portion of which you may request to shoot these traps so you may have easy access.  Some clubs are not paved, though very few.  Most every gun club sponsoring large registered shoots are well paved and accommodate chair-shooters.  The chair can be easily positioned to adjust for specific shooting stations so you won't have any problems here at all setting up your shot for the expected targets to emerge.  The good news is... trap shooting is an ideal sport for chair-shooters as the sport does not require physical exertion or extreme body movement.  A simple swinging of one arm to point the gun and you're in the game.   Why not give it a try?



Good visibility is necessary in at least one-eye.  You don't need two eyes to shoot trap targets.  There are many one-eye shooters winning the big tournaments around the world.  Trap target shooting does not require the use of two-eyes due to there is no true requirement to see depth of field as the target angles are shallow and moving away from you.  So if you can use at least one eye then come on and join the fun!  In a worst case scenario assuming you have poor vision in both eyes, but can still see "shadowy" or "blurred" targets you may still be able to trapshoot for fun as most shooters do every Sunday at the local gun clubs.    You can shoot the tournaments too but winning a shoot would be, in this case, unlikely... but never would I say impossible!  I believe people can adapt to amazing disadvantages and excel.  So why not at least give trap shooting a try?



  The loss of one's arm does not restrict the ability to trapshoot.  A simple brace can be attached to the shoulder area to hold the gun.  So what are you waiting for a formal invitation?  Well you got it.  Come join the fun and get into trap shooting and have some fun!



  The extent of injury determines your abilities to play this game.    A missing arm is not a restriction as a brace can be made to hold the gun and your other hand can pull the trigger.  Missing fingers or leg is usually not a restriction.  See, Wheelchair above.



  There are many trapshooters who have loss their voice.  They simply use a whistle or electric buzzer to call for the target.  Not a problem at all.



  There are many forms of emotion of which I am not qualified to explore or explain here.  If you have the capability to comprehend and adhere to basic safety requirements there will be little-to-nothing to stop you from trap shooting.    Supervision may be required and most all gun clubs will happily have an experienced shooter assist you on the practice ranges.  You'll never know unless you try... so give trap shooting a try.



  The extent of injury and pain tolerance of standing on concrete for 1-hour in registered shoots, 15-minutes in Sunday practice sessions... and being able to withstand mild recoil shoves from the trap gun is a test you will have to take to see if trap shooting will work for you.  Many people who have spinal injuries do trapshoot with no discomfort from the norm.  Certainly, trap shooting will not create a back injury and recoil reduction methods are available if recoil gives you any problems.    If you can't bowl, play golf or other sports... you may discover you can shoot trap... and have a ball doing it too! 



  Color blindness is not a problem at all.  Partial blindness is.    The ability to see the target in flight is prime for high scores, but this does not mean you can't shoot for fun too!  Okay, so you miss a few targets.   Who cares?   Lots of people miss targets and they have 20/20 vision and they know better than to do that!  There are offset gun sights available to allow you to shoot with only one eye.  Fact:  You only need one eye to shoot trap targets.   Two is not required and quite a few pros shoot with the one-eye method yet they have full use of both eyes.     



  The list is many to catalog here.  If anyone knows, you will know if you can participate in the trap shooting sport.  If in doubt, check with your medical service provider or simply visit a trap shooting gun club and give it a try to see what is involved.



  This is a disability everyone has and the cure is companionship.    You'll find no other sport or group of people who are so acceptive to the stranger than you will with trap shooting.  Trap shooters are a class in themselves, a special breed it would seem with a tight common bond.  You'll have to visit a trap shooting tournement event to judge for yourself the truth what I am saying here.  You can say goodby to lonliness once and for all.  The big shoots thousands of people attend and hundreds at the small shoot.  The new friends you'll meet last a lifetime.  No kidding!  From teens to seniors you'll find all ranges of age in attendance so there's no "feeling out of place" whatsoever in regards to age.  So, if you are retired or just plain lonely or bored... try trap shooting for the cure! 



The sadness that sometimes strikes us all at one time or another from life's pressures and situations can overwhelm and take away the desire to have fun.    Self-esteem is lost and we go spiraling down into a negative outlook on life.  Boredom sets in, not knowing what to do with yourself or where to go, imagining nobody wants you.  Well that has all changed!  Step onto the grounds of a trap shooting event and you will be made welcome... sincerely welcome!  All you have to do is arrive, it's that easy.  A new life is waiting for you.  Come join us in some fun times.  So what do you say? 


Give yourself a chance for a good time.  A sport that lasts a lifetime.


Click Here to get started.  We'll show you who to contact, and more! 

Written by; James Russell, Copyright 1998, Author of Trap Shooting Secrets and Precision Shooting - The Trapshooter's Bible.  


  The ATA has a special shoot just for Chair-Shooters at the Grand American World Championships.  Also, you may contact the Paralyzed Veterans of America National Championships for more information on trap shooting events they sponsor.  


80l l8th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006 USA
Phone: (202) 872-l300
Phone: 1-800-424-8200

  Don't forget.  If you do decide to get into this sport of trap shooting remember to read my book, Trap Shooting Secrets as it will help you get started, learn to shoot correctly, save you money and save valuable time decreasing the learning curve so you can win competitive events.  James  Russell

National Sports Center for the Disabled

P.O. Box 1290
Winter Park, CO 80482  USA
Phone: (970) 726-1540
Phone: Denver, CO Office  (303)-780-6540



0916367096.gif (9263 bytes)When you are ready to begin trap shooting this is the book you'll need to get started  Granted, TSS is not a beginners book explaining how the game is played, but a technical book so you can play the game!  Just ask any trap shooter if they had the opportunity to purchase a professional trap shooting technical training book when they first started out and you'll hear a resounding, "YES!"  This is the first and only professional trap shooting technical book published in the world (it's a fact.).  For years, trap shooters had to learn by trial and error... not anymore!

When you are ready to attend your first competition trap shoot and you want the book to teach you how to break the targets, click here.  You'll find the same, but secret, inside information the pros use to break those targets.  Find out what other trap shooters are saying about our trap shooting books on our testimonial page.   You'll see how valuable the books really are!

091636710x.jpg (2488 bytes)And when you are really ready to advance to higher levels of proficiency see our Precision Shooting - The Trapshooter's Bible book.   Click here.

by; James Russell.  All Rights Reserved.
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