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    This article will help you see how easy it is to compromise your faith in your daily activities.  God holds those accountable who produce bad fruit and you will be held responsible for the choices you make.  Let's take a look.

  1. You see a movie poster at the theater and you notice the producer, director or actor is obviously anti-Christian in his views in the media.  Perhaps the actor is a lesbian or homosexual and this actor also is condemning the Christian faith and God's laws.  Perhaps the producer is an active supporter of a hate group of some sort promoting violence against Jews.  These are just examples.  However, knowing this, you buy your movie ticket and now have cast your vote to financially support the above activities.  You have compromised.  Go see another film or stop supporting pagan Hollywood altogether.  In any case, be wise and be more selective of the movies you watch and financially support.

  2. A Christian is a faithful churchgoer and appears very righteous indeed.  When you enter his home you find idols of all sorts everywhere.  Pictures and statues of saints and the virgin Mary, crucifixes, pictures of Jesus, porcelain angels.  This compromise violates God's Ten Commandments #2 "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images..."  God is so serious about this he commanded you not to do it, but you still do it?  That is compromise.  Gather all the idols and break them with a hammer and toss them into the trash.  The Bible says that there is a demon behind every idol (even if it is a New Testament related idol).  Jesus never commanded or asked us to make an exception in His case.  Get rid of the idols.  If you don't, expect the demons to remain welcome inside your home to create havoc.  That is why God commands you to have no idols in your home.  Think about it, then destroy the idols.  Do not give them away so others will be infected.  What you can do to replace the idols is to buy plaques that just have the Word of God Bible verse on them.  Demons can't infest the Word of God but they can infest images.  Notice the power of the idols; they are difficult to get them out of your house!  They already have grasped you by the throat.  Follow God's commandments.  Do not compromise your faith.  Just because other Christians do it does not void God's law. God's first commandment is "I am the Lord your God thou shalt have no other gods before me.  So, by installing one idol into your home you violate the first and second commandment of God.  He will hold you accountable for that!

  3. If Jesus came to your home today what would He find disturbing?  Will he find idols?  Will he hear filthy music by pagan demon-worshipping musicians?  If you examined your video movie collection would He be impressed to see movies filled with filth, violence, hatred, taking God's name in vain, cussing, nudity, etc.?  What kind of magazines would He see?  Will He wipe a thick layer of dust off your Bible asking you why you put all these other things ahead of His Word and commands?  Will He see a religious candle burning with an idolatrous image on it?  Will Jesus be surprised to see that one of His own has betrayed Him like this?  Is it time you cleaned out your home of these things?  Compromise is easy to do. It is time to clean house!  Do not expect God's blessings when filth and idols reside inside your home.  If it is in your home; it is also within your heart.  There are many religious pagans heading straight to hell.  Don't be one of them.     

  4. You discover a business is owned by people who are known to hate Jews or Christians.  They are likely to be indirectly donating money to terrorist to buy bombs, rockets and bullets to support  their beliefs.  It may even be a gasoline station or a restaurant these people own.  Yet, as a Christian, you continue to support these people by buying their product.  You have now compromised your faith and put a powerful tool of money into the enemies hands to kill and maim more innocent people.  In effect, you have joined the terrorist by financing them.  Open your eyes.  There are many businesses run by foreigners who are dedicated to wiping out the Jews and Christians.  It is a fact these businessmen do give money support to their religion that then sends the money to terrorist.  Wake up!  When in doubt?  Simply do your shopping elsewhere even if you have to pay more money to do so.  You will be held accountable for being gullible.  Stop supporting people who have religious agendas to destroy out country, the Jews and your fellow Christians.  This principle can also apply to those whom you know are of a religious faith that is a known cult.  Every time you support them you also support that cult because they support the cult with your money given to them.  Shop as if you were casting a vote for Jesus because in reality you are.

  5. A Christian sees an immoral television commercial and does not stand up to it.  He fails to write a letter of objection to the television station producer and the Federal Communication Commission voicing his concern.  That Christian compromises by remaining silent.  Evil spreads when the allowed.  Speak up! 

  6. You walk into a supermarket or other business and notice a bunch of X-rated magazines or movies being sold.  The Christian does not complain to the manager about it and decides to "ignore it" and shop at that business anyway.  The Christian should voice his concern and shop elsewhere.  Do not compromise.  If every Christian did this you would see those filthy magazines and movies being removed.  The devil says silence is golden.  Should you obey the devil's wishes?  Speak out!  Get a petition going and present it to managers.  Get Christians to picket the store.  Boycott it if need be, but do something!  Silence is compromising your faith.  It prevents you from performing good works and in this case gives your permission for these magazines and movies to ruin lives.

  7. A product is made by avowed homosexuals and lesbians, but you buy the product anyway.  You have compromised your faith using your wallet to cast your vote for an evil lifestyle.  These homosexual businesspeople do finance gay rights organizations to push their gay reforms agenda upon society.  The Bible says this homosexual lifestyle is sinful and an abomination.  That is what God says.  Christians did not make it up out of thin air.  Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed due to this sin.  For that reason alone you should not purchase or financially support homosexuals.  It may even be a little coffee shop they own.  Buy your coffee and pastries elsewhere.  Stop compromising your faith!  Find a Christian coffee shop if you can.  Just become more aware of what is going on around you and be wise in your shopping.  At least when you do discover that something is not right, you take corrective action and not just ignore the problem.  In this case, simply shop elsewhere.

  8. You compromise when you do not obey the commands of Jesus.  You compromise when you choose not to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  Christians often say, "I don't feel led to do it" because they are led by the devil.  If they were led by Jesus they would do it.  Most who don't are not truly born again Christians but have a false conversion whom become a withered root.  If you compromise on this, you will compromise in just about everything else. 

  9. Are you cussing and telling dirty jokes or gossiping or lying?  We have all compromised at one time or another.  But at least we can make strong attempts to forsake this activity and eventually succeed.  The problem of taking God's name in vain is very serious.  God gives a death sentence to those who do so.  He will throw people into hell for blasphemy.  Read the entire sentence:  "Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh His Name in vain." - Exodus 20:7.   By the way, gossip violates the 9th Commandment; "Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor."  Let's get right with God's law.  Time to start is right now.

  10. Are you supporting satellite and cable TV movie channel program packages that promote filthy movies that also blaspheme the name of God?  Get rid of that program package.  There are other programs you can watch.  Do not think you can support such filth and God will take no offense.  Don't expect miracles in your life as long as you keep compromising God's Word and His commands.  Jesus said you are either for Him or against Him.  If you are lukewarm He will spew you out of His mouth.  That is what He said He will do.  Read the Bible for yourself and understand what He is saying to you.

  11. Christians are taught they are no longer under the law, but that is not true.  You still can't kill, take God's name in vain, commit adultery, bear false witness, make and keep idols, etc.  The law still exists and we are still to keep the law.  We are saved by grace, but the law still exists and must be adhered to.  Jesus said those who are lawless shall be thrown into hell.  So, don't believe for a minute that you can void the law of God and get away with it.  The Bible is full of commands and Jesus also made commands.  Are you obey them?  If not, you will discover that you are compromising.  The law is good that it is the ideal and a light to help you walk.  Yes, the law is a curse, but it still exists and must be respected.  A born-again Christian is not going to violate God's laws even when saved.  Don't compromise on God's Commandments.  Jesus said we will all be judged according to His Words.  Jesus spoke those Ten Commandments and we will be judged by them and other Words of God.  Do not be mistaken thinking the law still does not apply to you.

  12. Some of the biggest compromisers on planet earth is the Christian businessperson.  Most all faithfully go to church each week and even serve position in the church.  Take a walk inside their business and you will not see any evidence whatsoever that this business is owned by a Christian.  Customers, whom many are lost and doomed to spend eternity in hell, are not reached for Christ.  You won't even find a Gospel tract on the counter or in the waiting area.  You will find secular magazines with sinful headlines and stories, but you won't see a Christian magazine or Christian books.  These businesspeople think they can compromise and fool God into taking them into heaven for living a double-standard life.  They don't care about the lost entering their business except to take their money and send them to hell.  That is how God sees it.  The businessperson is in an ideal position to reach the lost as they come to the business.  Many Christian businesspersons are ashamed of the Gospel and are denying Christ by keeping Christ out of their business.  God will not forget to punish those who deny Him.  How come the pastors are not preaching to the businesspersons in their congregation how to reach the lost?  Because if the pastor does not care the businessman will also follow the pastor's lead and do nothing to save the lost. 

  13. Shopping at pawn shops supports criminals who steal.  It is a fact that thieves sell their stolen goods to these shops.  Certainly you can get a "good deal" but often the merchandise is stolen from another city or state. When you patronize pawn shops you are making profits for thieves and that stirs them on to steam even more creating career criminals.  Christians patronize these shops and they should cease.

  14. When you offer exclusive loyalty to your earthly employer or church or religion you have broken the first of the ten commandments, "Thou shall have no other gods before me."  You may believe wrongly that serving your employer is God's will or serving your church is serving God.  You need to directly serve the Lord, not your employer or your church or your pastor or your priest.  Who are you putting first in your life?  Who are you obeying?  Who speaks and you jump?  Have you performed any of Jesus' commands last week?   Have you tried to save a lost person from hell's fire?  Were you merciful to an undeserving and unknown person? Don't be deceived, Jesus never commanded you to religiously go to church on Sunday.  Go find that instruction in the Bible, it does not exist.  You are likely compromising the truth and you did not even know it.  You may have other idols like these in your life, so then you break the second Commandment; "Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image."  Anything that displaces God's #1 position in your life is an idol.  Your pastor or priest should be teaching you these things, but he won't.  Read Matthew 6:24.

  15. Do not compromise church obedience for God's commands or you risk compromising your true faith.  It is being taught that church attendance and church membership is the path to heaven.  It is not a path to heaven, but a highway to hell.  Many apostate churches exist today taking millions to hell.  People are being duped by false shepherds.  God's commands must always come first, over and above every church requirement.  Read the Bible and "do" what Jesus said to do.  Ignore your church if you must, but do what Jesus said for you to do.  Jesus Apostles all had to leave their church to follow Jesus.  You may need to do the same thing.  To be a churchgoer and not bear much good fruit is a compromise that can send you to hell.  The Gospels repeatedly warn that many of God's servants will be shocked and surprised on judgment day as they are rejected and turned into hell fire.  Don't be one of them.  Read the Bible and obey God's Word.  Do not believe what the pastors are telling you.  Believe Jesus' Words.  This compromise can cost you your soul for all eternity.  It is not to be taken lightly.  Examine yourself to see if you are in the faith, or to see if you are just in some church or denomination's faith.  Click here to read more about the apostate church.  

  16. Christian bookstore owners need to clean out the idols from their stores.  There are way too many selling what appear to be harmless "gifts" but are outright idols.  You will see the virgin and child idol, statues, spoons, plates and sculptures depicting angels and of other beings in heaven above.  You see hat and tie pins, jewelry and medals of so-called saints being sold.  All of which are graven images and idols.  Even statues and engravings of Jesus is prohibited by His own Word.  These things may appear harmless but they are not.  To bring these idols into you home is an act of disobedience to God and invites death, disease and disaster upon you and your family.  Why?  Because behind every idol is a demon!  Do not be deceived that by grace you can do all these things that offend God and not be held accountable.  Christians need to stop buying these idols and to ask the bookstore owner to stop selling them.  Christians also need to take a steel hammer to these items that are found inside their homes and destroy them.  Do not give them away to wreck havoc upon others.  Smash them to pieces.  Clean your house then God will hear your plea and answer you!     

  17. "Oh, my God.  Oh, my God.  Oh, my God."  You have heard young Christian girls repeating this as an expression of awe in normal conversations.  Tell them it must stop.  It is taking the name of the Lord in vain and He will not hold them guiltless for doing so.  It is called blasphemy.  God is so angry when people violate His Ten Commandments that he demands the death sentence!  Yes, God will toss you into hell for taking His name in vain.  Use your own name to express your feelings of emotion, but keep God's name out of it.  How would you like to hear other people speak your name in a meaningless, flippant and joking way?

  18. There are pastors and church members associating inside lodges of secret societies like the Masonic Lodge.  This is a pagan group of men that honor all Gods of all sorts, but they specifically will not allow the name of Jesus Christ to be preached  inside the lodge.  You can't say a prayer in the lodge and ask it, "In Jesus' Name" or you will be reprimanded for doing so.  So, what business does a pastor have to do with this darkness?  They claim their purpose is to save the Masons, but that is not true.  They are in it for personal influence, honor, respect and privileges. This is like saying, "I have joined the mafia, so I can save them." or "I belong with an outlaw motorcycle gang so they can see my witness of how a real Christian behaves." Pastors that belong to lodges are not saving the members, because if they were, they would be severely reprimanded and instructed to leave the lodge!  Do not believe a lying pastor who attends lodge meetings!  Good people do belong to secret societies, but they are not Christians and they do not pretend to be.  A Christian has no business being a Mason and support an organization that denies the deity of Jesus Christ.  Get out of it today or you will end up being judged by Jesus for denying Him before men and partaking in darkness.  Masonry will not save you, it will bring condemnation from Jesus Christ on the day of judgment.  The top degrees serve a deity whose name is Baphomet, a known demon.  Jesus said He is the light of the World, but Masonry say's not to listen to Jesus because they are the light.  You can't serve two lights that grossly conflict with each other.  Jesus said you can't serve two masters, you will hate one or love the other.  So, a lodge-loving pastor loves the Masons more than Jesus.  That is the truth.  There is no place for compromise.  Serve the Lord or the Masons.  Take your pick, but do not dare mix the two together.

  19. Stop giving money to the apostate church.  They thrive on God's tithe money.  God will hold you fully accountable for giving away God's tithe to the false church system.  The large denominations are apostate.  They have all the signs and warnings of being apostate, so they are apostate.  It does not matter if you do not believe it to be so, the fact remains that they are.  Most small churches in America are apostate, they have followed the ways, customs, mannerisms and deliver the same bad fruit of the larger apostate churches.  They copy each other.  God says to come out of these false counterfeit churches in II Corinthians 6:14-18.  If you don't, then you disobey God's command and you will face His wrath on the day of judgment.   Some say they will stay in the church to be watchmen and to speak against the wrongs they see in the church, but they are bold-face liars.  Because they keep sending their money to the church to support the apostate system.  God said to come out of that church system.  He did not say to stay and try to conform them.  When you see gross sin in the church, get out.  If you see rotten fruit, get out.  If it disobeys God's commands, get out.  God will not tolerate compromise.  He demands your complete loyalty to Him... not to a church.  Read II Corinthians 11:13-15.       

  20. Speeding.  That's right, exceeding the speed limit on roads and highways is violating the law of man and the Lord commands us to obey man's law.  It does not matter if everybody else is breaking the law by speeding, a Christian is not to disobey any laws.  Jesus said those who are lawless will not enter the kingdom of heaven.  When you speed you make it miserable for everybody else on the road.  Vehicles and pedestrians can't cross intersections safely because you are coming toward them too fast.  You may even one day kill yourself or some innocent person or child due to your reckless and lawless activity.  If you can't obey simple laws here on earth, you will not keep God's law in heaven.  God will not have you in His kingdom if you are a habitual and dedicated outlaw at heart and in deed.  Obey the speed limits. 

  21. Those who deem speeding is just fine will also discover they don't use their turn signals, they run yellow and even red lights, do not stop at stop signs, will park illegally and the list goes on.  Speeding opens the door for other motor vehicle violations to enter into your life that causes you to compromise on multiple accounts.  And from this point it will expand into every area of your life such as cheating on taxes, lying, stealing, dishonesty, adultery, hating other people, etc.  Once you plant a tiny seed of sin in your life it grows into a mighty tree of misery.  Compromising is taking sin lightly.          

  There are dozens of ways to compromise your faith.  It is hoped by reading this article you will get an idea of some of the major compromising taking place today and change your course.  God will have no mercy on those who compromise Him.  God does not take lightly being betrayed and that is what compromise is; it betrays God - James Russell Publishing.            

End of Article

  PUBLISHING RIGHTS - the article is copyrighted November 10, 2004, but you are granted the right to publish the article herein titled "Compromising Christians" in perpetuity.  You must include the entire article as is, with no changes of wording.  That includes the commentary section by James Russell.  We do request you give full credits to James Russell Publishing and to post an active Website link to James Russell Publishing Website.  This publishing right may also be arbitrarily rejected and withdrawn if the article is misused or employed into an obscene or an offensive environment of which it was not intended to be portrayed.


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