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And you thought witnessing is not fun?  Try these fun methods!

Tips on how to distribute Gospel Coins in a funny way!

    Most people who want to witness fear rejection.  You will see very little rejection giving gifts to people.  People love gifts and to get one from anyone is sheer uplifting and joy to them.  You need to try these methods.  Having a "gift ministry" is fun and wins souls for Jesus of Nazareth.

    Also, people think you are a very rich person to be giving away what they see as real gold coins.  Nobody is going to question you as they inwardly fear people in authority.  You instantly control the situation at hand.  You will find that people will simply be dazzled seeing the gold coin in their hand.  They will not will argue or cast doubts.  They simply take the gift.

    Imagine if some perfect stranger walked up to you and handed you a gold coin.  It would shock you!  Things like this just do not happen.  In fact, it never happens!  It is like a dream come true when it does. 

   If you are shy or fearful to witness?  Then try these funny ways to proclaim the Gospel. They will give you boldness.  Remember, everybody wants to have fun and they all appreciate seeing something funny or unusual.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You see a small child with parent.  Just approach and say, "A seagull (or black bird) flew by and dropped this gold coin into the parking lot and told me to give it to him (or her)."  The child sees the gold coin, saying "Wow!"  The parents laugh and everyone smiles.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes) You see a person with a dog.  "Wow, that's a money dog.  You must have paid a lot of money for that dog."  The dog owner at this point is confused and off guard. "Can I pet the dog?"  If yes, go into the dog's fur and retrieve a gold Gospel Coin.  This always is funny and people love it.  Kids then start searching the dog's fur for gold coins.  But only you can find them, so you search the fur and deliver more coins.  Even the dog is happy to get all those wonderful back rubs!  This works good where kids are near the animal.

    Note:  If you can't pet the dog, then just say, "If you look into it's fur you will find money.  That is why they call this breed money dogs."  Then pretend you found a gold coin on the ground where the dog was and give it to the owner.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You are driving slowly down the street.  You see some kids on bicycles or skateboards, or just loitering.  Toss a few coins from your window.  the coins will cling and clang and roll around.  The kids see this and will instantly rush with pure greed and delight to get those gold coins!  You have got to try this.  It is fun to do.  Kids will even violently throw their bicycles to the ground so they can race on foot to get those gold coins.  Note: do this in low speed or zero traffic areas so kids will not run into a busy area or street and get hit by a car.  There are many empty parking lots and school yards where kids play and these are good places.  Keep in mind a child will chase a rolling ball into a street.  So, don't toss a coin that will land on a busy street.  Vacant parking lots and playground areas are best.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You see kids playing basketball behind a tall fence.  Toss some coins onto the court and leave.  Suddenly, sports do not seem so important to them right now.  The power of seeing a gold coin is amazing.  It makes people stop and chase them.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)It is near the Christmas season.  You see a child with parent looking at pine trees.  You reach into the tree they were looking at and say, "Did you know there are gold coins in these trees?"  Then you pull out the gold coin and give it to the child.  "Wow!  Mom, look at that."  The kid will then go searching for more gold coins.  Give a coin to the parents too.

    You can be very bold walking up to complete strangers saying, "Hi, I am from the North Pole and Santa Clause sent me to deliver to you your Christmas gift because you were good this year."  You hand them the gold coins.  This most always gets a good smile and a laugh.

    Idea: maybe you would like to wrap the coin in a small jewelry box with gift wrap and a bow, then give small gifts away.  However, it is not really required.  Just give the coin without any wrapper at all.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)It is near the Easter season.  You see parent with child in a restaurant, parking lot or anywhere for that matter.  "I saw the Easter bunny plant these coins right over there.  Did you find golden eggs like these?"  Then hand out the gold coins to the kids.  

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Some people enjoy wearing costumes to entertain children.  You could use these costumes  when giving away Gospel tracts in public places just for the fun of it.  Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, scary Halloween monster, a funny animal or clown costume can be used.  People like to be entertained with the unusual and they will gladly accept your Gospel tract. 

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You are on a crowded sidewalk.  Secretly drop a coin.  It clings loudly and people begin to search for it.  When the person finds the gold coin it creates curious interest.  In many cases the person who found the coin reads aloud the Gospel message engraved on the coin.  You just turned an unbeliever into a street evangelist - ha!

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You are taking a lunch break dining outside.  Sit where you are near a walking path.  Place a gold coin on the step or pathway where customers or pedestrians walk by.  Then watch the excitement as some lucky person finds a brilliant gold coin.  You can also place on the seat of a nearby chair.  In moments, it will be discovered and treasured.  Often, you will see the person pass it around to everyone at the table.  You just reached more people with only one coin.  More people will see and read the coin's Gospel message when they take it home. 

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)As you walk, pretend you are fixing your shoe and slip a gold coin under your foot, then walk away.  Stop and watch who finds the coin.  It is most comical to see people freeze in their tracts, bend down and retrieve the coin.  Nothing else will stop them, but the Gospel Coin will.  Today, they get the Gospel message they otherwise never would have.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)When at a tourist attraction sites such as zoos and amusement parks, plant coins like an Easter egg hunt.  Leave some where they can easily be found too.  As you walk you will begin to hear kids find the gold coins, "Mommy, look, I found gold."  But there is something else that is going to happen.  Kids can't hold anything in their hands.  They always drop the coin so it "clings" on the ground.  As you walk you will hear all day long "clings" in the air.  Kids everywhere are "clinging" like bells a sweet song to the Lord.  You have got to hear this song.  It is lovely and funny, too.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Use mounting tape on the gold coin and paste it to a leaf dangling from a tree over a walkway.  You have created a real money tree.  Somebody will find it and be overjoyed. 

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)It is funny to see people stop and pick up gold coins.  The best place to plant them is on steps and curbs.  People's eyes must always glance down at these points, so the coins get found quickly.  It is fun to see their reaction.  Some take it so seriously they look over their shoulder to make sure nobody is looking at them. 

  Another good place to leave a gold coin is by a jewelry store door entry.  People who find it think somebody dropped and lost it from the jewelry store.  You will witness a person stealing.  They will not turn it in, but God catches them in the act.  Ha!

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Leave a coin on a counter by a cash register then sit back and watch who steals the gold coin.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)If you ever visit a historic or old gold mining town people will be quick to pick up a gold coin all the more.  Many are tourist and think they have found an old gold coin.  You will see them hunting for more gold coins as they walk on, eyes glued to the sidewalk. 

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You see a mother pushing a baby carriage.  Say, "Did you know that is a money baby?"  Then reach into the carriage pretending to snatch something, then reveal a Gold coin.  Then say, "That baby is going to get you rich." Give a gold coin to the mother too.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You see some kid following his parent.  "Hey, excuse me.  This gold coin fell out of his (or her) hair."  Then give the kid the coin, saying "You should not let your gold coins fall out of your hair like that, you could lose them."

    Another technique is to just lob a coin near the child and pretend you don't know what is going on.  The kid will gladly chase it down.  When parents and kids look in your direction you can play dumb, or just say, "Did you see that?  A bird dropped it from its beak.  Amazing, I have never seen that before."

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You see a person wearing Christian jewelry.  "That's a neat necklace (pin or ear ring).  Are you a Christian?"  Regardless of answer, "Here, this is your gift." or if they say they are a Christian you can say, "The Lord rewards those who witness for Him" then hand them the gold coin. 

    Note:  Normally, I do not hang around.  After I give a person the coin I walk away.  Why?  Because I am approaching people who are on their way doing things.  All I want to do is give them a gift, then get out of the way to let God do the rest.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)It is easy to just walk up to someone you do not know with the gold coin in hand, saying, "Did anyone give you a gift today?  Well, here, you have one now."  or if they said yes, "Here, you deserve another one."   

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)When walking or shopping have you ever had a stranger look and smile at you?  Wave them over and say, "Just for being a nice person I have a gift for you."   Give them a gold Gospel Coin.  This is funny because it is so out of the ordinary it just makes people laugh.  Or, someone smiles at you and you say, "I know why you smiled at me.  You knew I had a lot of money."  Then hand them the gold coin.  This really stuns them and is fun to do.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You are standing in line waiting for the cashier.  Don't just be a silent person, talk to the other person ahead or behind you.  Just say, hello or whatever you want to say.  You'll talk a bit then before they or you leave just turn around and say, "I want to give you a gift that will last a lifetime."  Then hand them the coin. 

    Note:  Once in a great while someone will take the coin and then say, "I can't take this, it is too valuable."  Just say, "That is why I gave it to you.  You deserve to have it for being nice to me."  They usually then accept it.  You will develop your own responses as you get the hang of it.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You could be at a zoo.  Drop a gold coin near a child, "Did you see that?  That monkey just threw a gold coin at you."  This will get a laugh as kids really believe the monkey did it.  It could be another animal, a bird, elephant or giraffe.  Use your imagination.  You may think this is silly, but kids just love things like this.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Everybody needs an excuse to go somewhere and to get badly needed exercise.  Why not fill your pocket with Gospel Coins and go to the local events in your city?   Satan is promoting events to gather people to keep them busy and entertained.  All you have to do is show up, enjoy the event and you will be proclaiming the Gospel to the lost while having a ton of laughs at the same time.  

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You will find that you can't do these things with other gift items or with Gospel tracts.  These Gospel Coins are truly a unique means of witnessing unlike anything else you have tried before.  You will be able to boldly walk up to complete strangers and give them the coin with ease and they will thank you for it.  You can do this with tracts, but they usually know you are soliciting.  Not so with the gold coin.  It is different.  Many people laugh with joy if you say something funny when you hand them the coin.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)You see some construction workers, approach them saying, "You guys are overworked and underpaid.  It is time for you to get a pay raise".  Then hand each a gold coin then walk away.  It gets them to laugh.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)When you get brave you can stand on a street corner near a police station or courthouse just so you will feel more comfortable that you will not be robbed.  "Free money, free gold coin.  Yours for the asking."  People will take the coins, especially kids.  You could say, "Free gold  coin if you take and read this Gospel tract."  This way you give them a tract and coin.  It is funny because people don't know how to react seeing a man with a palm full of gold coins giving them away.  Things like this don't happen every day, right?  When was the last time you saw this?  Never!

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Place a gold coin on a ATM machine at a bank, then step back and watch the next person find it.  Often, they will look carefully that nobody is looking and pocket the coin.  Seeing this is fun and funny. 

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Every day or so you will be the subject of an act of kindness from someone.  It may just be a smile or someone who lets you by with your shopping cart.  Use this moment to reward the person with a Gospel Coin gift.  This makes people glad in heart.  It sows happiness so you will reap happiness in return.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Use mounting tape and stick a gold coin on a bronze historical plaque or other sign people will be reading.  Sit back and watch the people examine the coin.  Some will pick at it with their finger.  Others will look around to make sure nobody is watching and steal it.  Ha.  Very funny to observe people's behavior.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)It is absolutely amazing how much fun you can have distributing Gospel Coins.  

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