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  1. Consider purchasing a sidewalk brick from the Sturgis Brick Project.  They will engrave a gospel message and place the brick into the downtown area sidewalk.  I have 3 bricks placed 12 feet from the Sturgis Rally Headquarters.  Each has a Gospel theme;  "Discover 800 promises.  Read the Bible."  "Got Jesus?  It is hell without Him!" (Both located in Block 10 Row 12) and "Jesus of Nazareth is here." (Located in Block 10 Row 17).  The bricks will last many years and will witness for the Lord all year 'round.  Don't just buy a brick to promote your ministry, but rather use this opportunity to actually make a statement of faith, so anyone who reads it "gets a message."  Let's get the Word of God on these bricks before the program stops and there is no more room!  You can purchase the brick and find the Sturgis Brick Project on the Internet.

  2. Have you visited Pastor Smith in Deadwood?  He is waiting for you and he has a job for you to do.  Pastor Smith was a man of God serving the gold mine community of Deadwood, South Dakota in the Old West days of Wild Bill Hickok.  He was assumed murdered by Indians at this place on August 20, 1876.  You must go see where he died as a nice monument and historical information is given here.  Place a gold-plated Christian bookmark or a Gospel verse card here so others who stop to see it (many tourist stop here) can get a message from Pastor Smith... he is still preaching today!  Directions: from Deadwood main street go north and stay on 85 North when you get to the 14A intersection (take a left turn).  From this intersection you will go 1.6 miles up the hill.  On the right is a huge paved area with a white monument and black fence.

  3. Everybody goes to see Wild Bill and Calamity Jane's grave sites at Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Deadwood.  However, just a few feet away (about 100 feet down the hill) is Pastor Smith's grave and monument.  Place your Christian gifts and Gospel tracts here so Pastor Smith can keep on preaching!  For even now he is still saving the lost for Jesus and offering the gift of eternal life from this resting place.  That is the job Pastor Smith (and the Lord) wishes you to perform and you will be blessed for your faithfulness!  Visit often and leave more Gospel gifts and tracts.  People leave pennies and dimes at his gravesite, but now the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth will be left as a strong witness for God that will do the work of God.  (Yes, tourist do take these tracts and gifts).  Pastor Smith does not want pennies and dimes... "he came west not to mine gold but to claim lives for God."   People who visit this historic cemetery are "surprised" to discover Pastor Smith is actively witnessing to them.  They just never expected this to happen and it makes them remember this experience greater than visiting other gravesites of questionable and dishonorable characters.  Leave quality gifts by the monument.  Give God's Word to people on items of value.  God deserves the best and so do those who need the Gospel.  Coffee cups with God's promises on it is a good gift idea, too.    Direction: from downtown Deadwood just follow the signs to the historic Mt. Moriah Cemetery.  They have a map at the cemetery to locate the gravesites.  During the rally thousands of bikers visit this place!

  4. Get a copy of our Free Motorcycle Tour Guide Map - Free Tours.  You will like these very different maps and you will see things you have never seen before!  We have Sturgis and other rally area free tour maps.  Yes, you can use them for witnessing.  You just print them out and give them away with your name, business or organization imprinted on the free tour map.  It is a powerful advertising method not to be overlooked!

  5. Go to a Christian bookstore and buy some gifts to give away while you are attending any motorcycle rally.  These gifts should not have an organization logo on it to promote a ministry, it should promote Jesus Christ and His Gospel first, foremost and final in that order.  The gift only needs "The Word of God" on it.  That is all the advertising required.  Visit a Christian bookstore and buy some gifts to give away.  Give everyone you meet a gift and you will have a powerful personal "gift ministry" of your own.  There is no better gift to give than the Word of God!  Locate gifts that has "promises" from God on them.  Promises the average unsaved person needs to hear.  Other gift ideas are gold-plated bookmarks, tiny Gospel picture frames, Bible verse cards, plastic bookmarks, coffee cups, books, etc.  Any gift is good as long as it has Bible verses on it.  Fill your saddlebags and pockets full of gifts, go to the rally and have fun giving fine gifts to people, especially to those who are lost.  It is a wonderful personal ministry to have a gift ministry and the Lord sees your gift and multiplies it so you may continue to witness for Him.  Use your tithe and offerings money to save the lost - James Russell Publishing.  

End of Article 

  PUBLISHING RIGHTS - the article is copyrighted August 24, 2004, but you are granted the right to publish the article herein titled "Motorcycle Ministry - Going To The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally" in perpetuity.  You must include the entire article as is, with no changes of wording.  That includes the commentary section by James Russell.  We do request you give full credits to James Russell Publishing and to post an active Website link to James Russell Publishing Website.  This publishing right may also be arbitrarily rejected and withdrawn if the article is misused or employed into an obscene or an offensive environment of which it was not intended to be portrayed.


  1. Many motorcycle ministry members are not working when they attend a motorcycle rally.  Most are simply just walking around.  Many are shy and need increased boldness to witness.  You will become very bold if you just walk up to another person you have never met and hand them a gift.  You will be surprised just how bold you will become as you see everyone smile and take it with great happiness.  Even the 1% bikers take a gift with great appreciation.  Giving a gift really does work wonders and it will get all those roving Christians walking about actually "working diligently" to proclaim the Gospel in a lasting way. Once you have used the method of giving a gift with a Gospel message, it will increase your boldness to approach people with absolute conviction and bravery.  You will develop the power to witness with much less fear.  I used to manufacture gold-tone Gospel coins as gifts, but the cost of the coin minting went through the roof and I had to stop selling them.  Make sure the gift item you select is a handy item that you know a motorcycle rider will use. 

  2. Not just bikers get the Gospel gifts.  Tourist and the local folks you meet at motorcycle rallies also get the gifts.  Just give them to everyone you meet.  Now you will discover that when the rally is over, you can now witness to "everyone every day."  The entire world is your ministry now, not just motorcyclist.  Jesus instructed the disciples to go into "all the world" to preach the Gospel.  He did not say, "Peter, I want you to only preach to thieves.  James, I want you to preach to the horse-riding outlaws.  Matthew, you shall preach to the liars and prostitutes, but not anyone else."   Get the idea?  Biblically speaking, there really is no motorcycle ministry in God's eyes.  Do not be so narrow that you can't reach out to everyone. The world is your ministry and you meet the lost each day and it is time to reach out to all.  Starting a gift ministry will help you move forward.

  3. When you leave Gospel tracts, don't just leave tracts that promote a specific ministry.  Find some good Gospel tracts and leave them around town, too.  Remember, you work for the Lord, not a man-made ministry.  Your job is to proclaim the Gospel, not proclaim the ministry.  I have had Christian bikers tell me they can't leave other Gospel tracts, only the ministry approved tracts.  That is not right and you should be made aware of it.  Be careful of organizations that "control" what you can and can not do when it comes to proclaiming God's Word.  If what you want to do is Biblically sound and supported by God's Word, then you have a "right" to do so.  I left a Christian biker ministry because of the restrictive rules, regulations, not witnessing effectively, etc.  I would never work for any ministry that institutes an "authorized materials only" rule.  Never lose focus that you work for the Lord first.  You hear Jesus' voice over the Pastor's voice or you will be led astray.  Ministries tend to recruit members to recruit more members to make the ministry grow.  Jesus never authorized this method and cults form and prosper using this method of recruiting, so beware.  It is easy to be led astray with good intentions!

  4. Our job as Christians has no bearing on the church you attend or the organization you have joined. For all you know your church could be apostate or a cult, yet you believe it is the true path.  Jesus is the only true path and the moment you associate Jesus with your church or your organization as being a path to heaven, watch out, it is a diversion away from Christ!  That is how cults operate.  They use the name of Jesus and even the Gospel to "divert" attention and focus away from Jesus and His Word (His Word is truth). Christian biker ministries can also fall away from the true path, so be careful.  There are some that are even criminal enterprises cloaked in the light of the Gospel for law enforcement avoidance tactics.  Satan is not stupid.  He is very smart and more intelligent than us.  Don't ever forget that.  He is very good at what he does.  If he can get you to believe in other things along with Jesus, he can slowly and surely pry you away from God's Word. In no time at all you will find yourself not witnessing for Jesus, but witnessing for something else.  Remember, you can't serve two masters!  You can't serve Jesus and your pastor or your church or your organization at the same time.  Chose whom you will serve!

  5. Keep in mind that Jesus' Apostles and Disciples all had to choose to leave their religion to follow Him.  It was a hard choice to make, very hard.  That is why Jesus spoke so much about leaving things behind to follow Him.  So, go to the motorcycle rallies and now go to work to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to all you meet.  No restrictions need apply.

  6. Think of all the people you met at the last motorcycle rally you went to.  If you did not meet anybody new, then think of all the waiters and waitresses you met... dozens!  There you had the opportunity to leave a gift and a Gospel tract to reach dozens of people.  Without having to speak to anyone, you can witness.

  7. Think of how many telephone booths and gasoline pumps, newspaper stands and countertops you came across during the rally.  Each of these items you could have left a Gospel track.   Without having to speak to anyone, you can witness.

  8. Walking around with colors on your jacket is not effective witnessing.  It is only advertising yourself and the colors.  Leaving or giving Gospel tracts is effective witnessing.  So, it is important to "get to work" to save the lost by leaving a trail of God's Word wherever you go.  That means leaving Gospel tracts at the AHDRA drag strip, downtown areas, restaurants, gas stations, vendor row, campground or motel, tourist attractions, highway rest areas, etc.  Just walking around wearing colors of your Christian organization is not witnessing, it is wasting time and not redeeming the time you have.  The harvest is ripe and the Lord need workers.  Will you work?  Or will you continue to just roam about pretending to be working for God?

  9. If you will not actively work for God with zeal and burn on fire to proclaim the Gospel to the lost, you may not be born again.  Born again believers are always "on fire" to save the lost.  You could be a stumbling block wearing colors and not actively working hard to save the lost.  Examine yourself.  Do not play games with God.  He will not play games with you when it comes to faithfulness and bearing good fruit.  God does not play church and He does not care about colors and organizations.  God has only one agenda and that is to save the lost.  Is this your agenda, too?  If so, you have your work cut out for you!

  10. When you are at a motorcycle rally at a distance from your home there will be a hospital nearby.  It does not take much time or effort to at least leave Gospel tracts (related to the Lord healing the sick) in the magazine racks and table tops in waiting rooms.  People do find them and they do read them!  Don't forget to leave some in the cafeteria area.  A very good tract to use is; God's Prescriptions for Health published by Osterhus Publishing House, 4500 W. Broadway, Minneapolis, MN 55422.  I have distributed thousands of these tracts and give them to sick people who I see where ever I go on a daily basis.  God still heals the sick and by giving them this tract they can get healed if they only believe God's promise.  Note: you do not have to be first saved and baptized to be healed.  Jesus healed those who were not baptized or saved.  The Apostles did that too.  Just deliver God's Word to the sick and let God do the rest.

  11. At the rally there will be many homes with mailboxes and driveways.  Load up on some Gospel tracts and toss them from your motorcycle to the driveways like delivering a newspaper.  You can staple the tracts so they will fly a long distance without opening on air contact.  You can even drive into church parking lots and leave them near the walkway into the church (tracts related to witnessing) so churchgoers will get the idea they should be out witnessing during the motorcycle event happening in town!     

  12. Leaving our $100 Gospel Money Tract on sidewalks is a lot of fun.  People see the bill and rush for it then everyone gathers around as they examine it.  Many people get God's message from just one bill.  Delivering $100 tracts can be fun.  At motorcycle rallies the $100 tract makes a big impact on the lives of those who ride motorcycles. 

  There are many ways to witness Christ to the lost at motorcycle events.  The above are only a few suggestions.  Here's more.  Click here for this free article; Biker Witnessing Tips - James Russell Publishing.  

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   End of Article

  PUBLISHING RIGHTS - the article is copyrighted August 25, 2004 and June 2009, but you are granted the right to publish the article herein titled "Obtaining Boldness & Freedom to Witness" in perpetuity.  You must include the entire article as is, with no changes of wording.  That includes the commentary section by James Russell.  We do request you give full credits to James Russell Publishing and to post an active Website link to James Russell Publishing Website.  This publishing right may also be arbitrarily rejected and withdrawn if the article is misused or employed into an obscene or an offensive environment of which it was not intended to be portrayed. 


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