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We do not want you to buy our tracts, they are free!  Our mission is to help you begin tract distribution. 


Once you try it, you'll see the Lord's blessings increase upon your life as you place the Kingdom of God first in your life. 


We are not recruiting you to buy tracts from us.  We give our tracts away free; for the Lord's work.


However, if you want to purchase our gospel tracts you may click here to order them.  


  A powerful tract to reach the unsaved reveals the wonderful benefits the Lord has to offer and a direct call for forgiveness and salvation.  After reading this tract they will want to know the Lord as their best friend.  Try it!  Order a free sampleNote:  We are not selling these tracts, they are free!

Tract WIAM.jpg (31223 bytes)

The above tract is discontinued, but we have others.



  Go to our Order Free Tracts Page to obtain your free tracks.  Read below for other sources.  Note: we also may substitute the above tract for another Gospel tract.

$100 Gospel Tract

bulletPhoto Above is our $100 Gospel Money Tract - Click Here to read about the tract.

Click Here for our Pastor Taxes gospel tract.

Click Here for our Traffic Parking Ticket gospel tract.

Newspaper Gospel Tract - A Brand New Idea!

You Can Be a Newspaper Publisher

New Newspaper Tracts  We have 2-page newspapers that is a gospel tract.  You can have it for free.  See sample of page #1 below:  Click on the links below for issues.

USA & World Reporting News Vol 1 - Click Here for the PDF file then print as many as you wish. 

The Awful Truth News Volume 1 - Click Here for the PDF file then print as many as you wish.

Newspaper Gospel Tract 

Page #2 is in the PDF file.  Above image is a sample of page #1.


  Many of us, on an individual basis fail to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  We rely on the church, ministers and missions to introduce the Lord to those who need him, but he said you must proclaim the Gospel, each of us!  Luke 6:38, James 2:14.  Not all of us have the gift, talent and the privileged calling to preach, but you can distribute Bible tracts!   In an instant, you can become an effective witness to the Lord!

  Distribute the tracts leaving them in restaurants, casinos, homeless shelters, supermarkets, hospitals, jails, churches, stores and office buildings, you name it, everywhere you go.  It's not hard to do.  Every Christian should be distributing tracts, bar none!  It is your job, according to the Word, to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel.  You don't even have to say a word using tracts.  Just slip them on counters and shelves and walk away.   You can even drop them on the floor; they do get picked up and read!

Are You Doing What The Lord Commands? 

  When Jesus warned we may be cut off from the vine if we do not produce fruit, that is a turning point.  Is your account in Heaven near zero?  On judgment day, will you be in trouble for not proclaiming the Gospel and hiding the light? James 4:17.  It's one thing to be a faithful churchgoing Christian, but it is dangerous to ignore what the Lord told us to do.  Jesus made his warnings clear, so have the Apostles.  You need to do something to proclaim the Gospel. 

  We should not gently push the mission of proclaiming the Gospel out of mind, letting others do it who are more qualified.  The adversary has his way, effectively restraining millions of Christians from performing God's work.  If you take the New Testament seriously, there is no turning back to the old "do nothing Christian" ways.  Yes, salvation is a free gift, but don't forget to read what the Bible has to say about faith without works and you will see the light.

  Many Christians do not understand what the Lord wants them to do.  If you put the Kingdom of Heaven first all things will be taken care of for you by the Lord.  Distributing tracts allows the Christian - regardless of age or ability - to put the Kingdom first.  Essentially, you are placing food on God's table by putting his purposes first.

  Tracts are easy to distribute and by using tracts you know you are accumulating treasures in Heaven where moth or thief can't destroy.  There are other means and methods to accrue treasure by those who have been called to do so, however; tracts are only one way and a good way for those who are not experienced to preach or perform other services.

  You don't need to buy our tracts.  They are free!  Don't let the adversary stop you from doing this wonderful work.  No matter how busy you are, you can always find moments to slip a tract somewhere, everywhere you go, every day!   Frankly, there is no valid excuse for any Christian to not carry tracts with them, no excuse at all.  Think about it, it's true.  Here's a source for Gospel Tracts; Good News Publishers and Chick Publications.  Why not ask them right now for a free catalog?  And while you are at it, go to our order form and obtain our free sample tracts, too!

  Want To See Your Church Grow? 

  Imagine if every church member distributed just 20 tracts per week for one month, imagine the thousands of people who will be reached!  That is a church reaching out into the community in a big way!  It's also a method to create an active church membership.  A church of doers working for the Lord.  Did you know that Bible tracts have the ability to prevent crime, drug abuse, murder, suicide and other horrible crimes before they are committed?  Tracts can be the means and method the Lord can use to reach the lost before they go over the edge.   The day will come the Lord will hold each of us accountable for what we have chosen to do, and what we have chosen not to do.  Ask yourself, what are you doing for the Lord today? 

"We all should be distributing tracts so that wherever we go, we see a tract, somewhere!" 

 It is amazing, with all the tens of thousands of professing Christians in our cities, hardly any evidence of the church's presence is in our communities.  Take a walk, look to see how many tracts you can find!  Jesus traveled far and wide to find the lost and so should you!   Yes, you will see churches, but those who are lost do not go to church.  They are on the streets, working in office buildings, in restaurants, shopping in malls, supermarkets, patients in hospitals and the destitute in homeless shelters.  Tracts can penetrate these areas with ease.



  Our cities are full of hurting people searching for truth, hope, love, acceptance and salvation.  They would love to have the faith you have and the benefits and blessings God has given you!   Will you share the Good News of the Gospel with them?  You can be a solution by being a witness.  You can be the one who introduces them to the Lord and it can be a tract to get the job done. 


  Distributing tracts is taking a positive step in working for the Lord.   Isn't it time you begin to work?   The time to decide is now.  The choice is easy, just do it for the Lord, for his sake.  We will supply you free tract samples.  Fair enough?  Remember, the Lord said if you have mercy on others, God will have mercy on you.  But if you do not have mercy on others, then no mercy will be given to you.  Have mercy upon those who are lost; those who know not the Lord's free gift of salvation.  Be merciful.     


  Proclaiming the Gospel is serious business because there may be many people that you know who will go to Hell and blame you for not telling them about Jesus' salvation.  The Bible says you will be held accountable for not sharing salvation. "When  I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; BUT HIS BLOOD WILL I REQUIRE AT THINE HAND." Ezekiel 3:18   There are many such warnings in the Bible and many warnings were made by Jesus himself.


  To fear the Lord is not abolished by the New Testament.  It is wise to comply with the commands of the Lord.  Reaching out to the lost is your responsibility whether you like it or not, it is.  The Lord made the rules and you can choose to accept or reject his commands.   The Lord needs workers for the harvest.  When you work for the Lord you will experience blessings in good measure. 


You should take up this issue ask your pastor to promote a sermon regarding the personal responsibility of each believer to proclaim the salvation of the Lord to the lost.  This important subject is not preached in churches resulting in believers who are not sowing for the harvest.   Millions of people will perish because millions of believers will not work.


  You can believe you are saved by faith and you may very well be, or you may not be.  Judgment is for the Lord and not for us; the Lord will judge.  We do know this; we will be judged and rewarded according to our works.  It is a fact.  It is not worth the risk to discover on judgment day your denominational teachings are wrong and you'll be held accountable to the Lord by failing to abide by his commands and fall into judgment head-first.  That is a gamble with unfavorable odds.  Do you feel lucky?


  The choice is yours.   You can ignore the Lord or you can begin a ministry to save the lost.  Those who do not know Christ are doomed and who will be to blame?  A lot of proclaimed Christians may be in a hot place for disregarding the proclaiming of the Gospel.  I hope you will seriously consider reading what Jesus said to do in the Bible then begin distributing Bible tracts to sow the Word to the lost.


  You may be thinking that you cannot afford to buy tracts.   Remember this, the Lord pays for what he orders.  If he orders you to proclaim the Gospel (and he has in his Word), he will give you the money to do so.  But you must plant seeds to see a harvest.  Start with only $10 if you must, then increase your tract purchases monthly.  You could ask your church to help you with funding or just do it on your own.  The Lord pays for what he orders. 


We do not want you to buy our tracts, they are free!  The mission is to help you begin tract distribution.  Once you try it, you'll see the Lord's blessings increase upon your life as you place the Kingdom of God first in your life.  We are not recruiting you to buy tracts from us.  We give our tracts away free; for the Lord's work.  To buy tracts contact Good News Publishers and Chick Publications  


And may the Lord say unto you on the day of judgment "Well done my good and faithful servant.  Come into the joy of the Lord."         



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