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Many people who read this will one day wake up in hell...

 and they will beg and cry, gnash their teeth in pain

wishing they would have taken heed but they did not. 

Better it is to wake up from your slumber today

to be saved from hell's eternal fire

while you still have time!

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers, and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables." - 2 Timothy 4:3-4.


"Blow the trumpet, and warn the people..." - Ezekiel 33:3-6.

  1.  When did you first discover the apostate church?  It was a gradual process that took a few years, but I noticed in 1999 something was wrong but I could not bring myself to believe what I was seeing and hearing so I swept it all under the rug.  In year 2001 it began to hit me harder that I was the only one Reno, Nevada  leaving Gospel tracts on a daily basis.  I rarely ever seen tracts left by others.  Even after my heart attack incident I still got up and went out to proclaim the Gospel, but I was all alone.  In 2003 I moved to Las Vegas and discovered the same situation existed.  I bought a RV and traveled across country in 2003 and 2004 stopping in big cities and little towns and still I was alone distributing tracts and giving away Christian gifts to all I would meet (and not meet) and still no evidence of other Christians working to save the lost.  I saw a lot of cult literature everywhere, but nil to no Gospel tracts.  I then started to read some books to see if my perception was wrong, but it surprised me that other great Christian teachers were crying about the apostasy in the church and how they do not bear good fruit.  I learned about how cults operate and control their congregations with a brutal grip and filling their ears with outright lies.  That's basically how I discovered the apostate church.

  2. So, you were an apostate Christian?.  Yes, I was very good at it too just like everyone else in the church.  I thought all was well.  Belonging to a Christian church and listening to the pastor tell us wonderful uplifting stories (actually fables, but I didn't know it at the time).  Do you know why I was an apostate Christian?  I will tell you.  I blame the silent and hidden protestant Christians who failed to warn me of the false cult religion I was in.  And now that I have broken free from that church system I am doing my best to help expose and free others who are trapped.  I am appalled how many Christians are silent and not warning others who are trapped in the cults and other false churches.  A good question to ask yourself is how many people have you witnessed to that exposes these apostate religions?  As a Christian, a real Christian, you can't remain silent.  Your silence is like taking sides with the Devil.  You are willfully and intentionally rejecting the Lord.  Your light must shine and you must be salt.  You must stick your neck out to save the lost.  You can't just belong to a church and think you are working for the Lord and doing His will.  More Christians need to get to work exposing these false churches and pastors and priests who have enslaved them, so Jesus Christ can set them free.  I was an apostate because of silent Christians and pastors who fail to teach their congregations to "Blow the trumpet, and warn the people..." - Ezekiel 33:3-6.  I could have ended up in hell because of these silent Christians who care not for the lost and will only attend church services thinking they are on their way to heaven.  Many will be totally surprised that they will get what they did to others... they let others go to hell and they did not warn them.  Read what Jesus said about the religious who think they have the ticket to heaven, they are cast out into outer darkness!   

  3. So you did see some Gospel tracts being distributed?  Yes, I did but very few.  I would work for a month in a city each day going out leaving Gospel tracts everywhere.  Each ten seconds I would leave a tract somewhere when I am walking down a street.  In a month of work I would be lucky to see one or two tracts and that's in a city of a million people or more.  I dare you to look in the yellow pages of the phone book under "churches" and count them.  You will find a hundred or more.  Let's assume there are 100 churches each church has about a thousand members on average.  That's 100,000 Christians.  Of that many Christians and we still can't see evidence of them saving the lost.  No Christian literature, no street preaching, no handbill giving, nobody leaving Gospel tracts where the lost can find them.  The church has successfully hidden themselves from the eyes of the lost.  I am certain that there are some devout grandmothers leaving Gospel tracts and these are the ones I find, but where are the others?  Who excused the 99,000?  In a big city there are millions of Christians.  Where are they?  They are in church one day a week and can not be found the other six days a week.  We are talking millions, not a thousand.  There is no excuse for this.  The flock is being mislead to believe they don't have to proclaim the Gospel disobeying Christ's direct orders, with impunity.

  4. Your articles on the church appear brutally hard.  Why is that?  Because what the church pastors (and priests) are doing is brutally devastating.  They are sending their congregations to hell's fire for eternity, just as Jesus warned over and over again, but they will not repent and teach the entire Gospel.  It is serious business to send people to hell for eternity, especially Christians who truly wish to go to heaven discovering at the day of judgment Jesus says; "Depart from me, ye cursed into everlasting fire preserved for the devil and his angels."  Jesus sounds harsh in the delivery of His warnings because it is serious business.  Today everybody wants to sound politically correct and lovingly polite and as a result the harsh reality of a warning call is muffled into silence.  Christians everywhere should be crying in a loud voice the warnings to the lost because the lost are lost.  Now we are discovering the saved are lost!  Jesus and the Apostles warned that false shepherds would come that would not spare the flock.  They certainly  have arrived in full measure deceiving God's elect.  I have a very strong calling to save the lost and my heart just can't tolerate the apostasy going on inside so-called Christian churches.  The corruption has reached full bloom.  I don't believe it can get worse than it is now and the next step will be the consolidation of of one-world church system.  The condition is ripe.  If you read Jesus' parables about hell and judgment you can tell by the tone of the wording He was not trying to sound lovingly nice.  He was threatening and warning and He even outright scolded and slandered the Pharisees for making their converts "sons of hell" as they themselves were.  A warning is not meant to be polite because in reality it is a threat.  Jesus threatens to send people to hell if they don't obey His commands or do not become saved. Today, pastors ignore these parables like a plague to cover up their own sins and omissions.  They have become the new Pharisees.

  5. There is no need to preach sermons on hell to the saved.  What if the saved are told they are saved and they believe they are saved, but are not saved?  Then we have a big problem!  Making an alter call to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, getting Baptized and joining a church and paying tithes does not mean "born again."  There are millions of Christians that are not born-again attending church and that means, millions are going to hell.  On judgment day Jesus will say, "I do not know you."  Jesus is not a liar, but pastors are making out that Jesus is a liar by hiding Jesus' parables from the eyes and ears of the flock.  False conversions are taking place in churches at a frightening pace.  You can become a Christian by "head knowledge" and not be born-again.  You can even become a Christian by joining a church and supporting that church with financial donations and tithes.  There is no requirement to convict the person of sin so they can be forgiven of sin and to come to a realization they need a savior, Jesus, to save them from hell.  That's right.  To be saved from God's judgment of eternal hell fire!  That is what saved means.  Your sins are forgiven so you will not end up in hell.  Read the Bible!  Christians do not realize their need for a savior and do not become born-again from true repentance and they continue in sinful activities and disobey the commands of the Lord to save the lost.  John the Baptist and Jesus first words spoken in the Bible both say to "repent" or you will perish.  There is no true repentance in the church today.  The fruit they yield bear witness to their condemnation.  I believe there are a few in each church born-again, but the majority are not and heading to hell on greased lightning.  Pastors need to stop giving lovingly lovely sermons and preach like Jesus preached.  We all need to regain a fear for the Lord and it will take brutal truth to deliver the message of damnation Jesus delivered.  There is not easy way to preach the hell-fire Gospel.  Jesus does have the power to cast into hell and He said He will do it to many who call Him Lord.  That should give you the shivers!

  6. You say churches should not have been built, but what should be done now?  In all rights the church   building should be abandoned and Christians should again meet inside their homes in small manageable and in true fellowship groups as the New Testament church did.  There was no system of ownership and lording-over of the flock by highly esteemed individuals as we have today.  The church building is a money trap stealing the wealth of the true church (its members) and this seriously drains away finances to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  Millions of dollars are used to build the church and it takes millions just to pay the mortgage interest, utilities, maintenance, salaries, etc.  But the churches will not disband from the church building.  It has become way too ingrained into their culture.  The next step would to at least take these apostate churches and bring them into line with producing true born-again Christians and training them "all" to go forth and proclaim the Gospel to save the lost.  I think the Lord would forgive innocent errors and mistakes as long as the fruit truly produced meets His approval and every Christian becomes obedient to Jesus' Word and His commands, and does them.  Today, Christians believe the Bible, but they do not obey it.  And yet those are the protestant churches who proclaim the Bible as being their ultimate authority.  We have not even touched on the cult churches and their gross breaches of Biblical disobedience.  That's a real hornet's nest full of idols and false teachings!  Read II Corinthians  6:16.  It says we are the temple of God, not a physical building.  That is the model for the real Christian church, but the apostate church has brought the temple system back simply by building church buildings.  Now multiple evils have spawned from this one big error.  The physical church building is the foundation of the evil apostate system.  The Bible never authorized us to build church buildings and the New Testament church never desired or dreamed of constructing a physical church building.  Think about that!

  7. My pastor is my shepherd.  I must obey him?  No, Jesus warned you of false shepherds that will appear as from Him.  Pastors today all want the lock to obey them to the point it is now more obedient that when you obey the pastor it is considered to be doing God's will.  Beware!  Jesus said He is the Good Shepherd.  You must listen to His Words and obey what He says to do.

  8. How can you say with confidence all churches are apostate?  This is a general statement but a valid one at that.  To properly judge a church let us shift the burden of proof where it belongs.  Let the church prove it is not apostate!  How?  By its fruit.  Jesus said you will know them by their fruit.  He said those who follow Him will let their light shine before men and not hide themselves from the world.  Jesus said a lot of things about false church leaders and it is only proper for the church to prove to you that they are not apostate, that they actually do bear good fruit and their members actively proclaim the Gospel to the lost on a routine basis.  Not many churches today obey the Lord's commands.  Few church members proclaim the Gospel.  Salt that has lost its flavor has no value and men trample it under foot. 

  9. Everyone is happy in my church.  We have fun.  Could it still be apostate?  Yes.  Church is not just to edify the Saints, but that is what church has become today, places of secular entertainment to attract worldly people to feel at home and they bring their sinning way of life with them and the church ends up doing things to please and entertain these new church members.  Your church could be the most happiest of them all, but how many church members are actually going out witnessing to save the lost each week?  You may find a few, but likely you will find none!  The pastor is not interested in proclaiming the Gospel, he is only interested in giving you a good time, keep the church-thing going.  You will eventually find out that you are following your pastor and all along rejecting the Lord's Word, commands and desires.  Worship services is the attractive theme for the churchgoer, but they will not work for the Lord or obey Him.  Apostate churches simply do not obey the Lord's commands.  If you read what Jesus told you to do you will find your pastor is not teaching you these things, but that is what he should be doing.  If you believe these are the last days, then you should believe Jesus when He said a great falling away from the truth will take place by apostasy.  It is here bigger than you can ever imagine.  It is worse than you think.  As you learn more about how the apostate churches operate then you will be enlightened and help to expose it, too!         

  10. What gives you courage to be outspoken on the ills of the church?  I did not want this job, not at all.  I just wanted to proclaim the Gospel to the lost, and I did not want to do that until after I became born-again.  I would attend a church and see all the singing and praising of God and Jesus words would tell me these people praise Him with their lips but they do not obey Him and that Jesus does not know them.  I also would see the hypocrisy of these loyal worshippers leaving church and not one had any plans to proclaim the Gospel to anyone.  They were going home to cook, or going to an amusement park, a movie theater, or some other social event.  Jesus Great Commission to save the lost was not on their mind at all.  I never heard a pastor give anyone instructions on how to go forth and reach souls for Jesus.  They tell stories about witnessing, but they do not instruct or demand that the flock actually do it.  They keep telling people they are saved but James said in the Bible that faith without works is dead.  That means if they are not working to save the lost for Christ they will be cut off and their faith would die. They may still believe, but faith is still dead.  Miracles and answered prayer will not be evident as the Holy Spirit pulls out of this church.  The church members stay with the church so the dead buries the dead.  It is very hard to remain silent when you see millions of people heading to hell by those whom the flock truly trust.  They trust their pastor and their church to save them and they are being lied to.  It is horrifying what is taking place.  I have to speak up.  I just have to warn those who are being deceived to wake up and follow Jesus before it is too late.  Too many Christians are too fearful to speak up and expose the wrongs they see in the church.  I fear God more than man, so I will speak up and take the arrows by the modern day Pharisees.  This is a cross I bear that I did not want, but I will do my best to expose the apostasy and lead the victims back to Christ.  At least I must try.  Silence I must not be.  When God chooses you to do something it has to be honored.  I can also be outspoken because I am not afraid of being evicted from an apostate church and I am not a hireling so I can speak freely.  I believe the Bible when it says to let every man be a liar and God be true.

  11. Some will feel condemned reading of the apostate church will they not?  The apostate church takes Ephesians 4:29 to the extreme, "Say only what is good and helpful... and what will give... a blessing."  But Jesus most certainly did not speak in such delicate tone.  He was a truth-preaching repentance hell-fire preacher and He was at times very insulting to those who were stubborn and that were responsible for leading others into hell.  The apostate pastor will not preach about anything Jesus did that angered people because it will still anger listeners even today.  Repentance is not even preached.  To be sorry and morn over your sins is passed over in place of "celebration-type worship services" filled with unrepentant people who are not even born-again.  They need to feel condemned now and get truly saved before God condemns them to an everlasting hell.  There is no fear of the Lord today, yet Jesus did say to fear Him who has the power to kill the body and also cast you into hell.  Apostate pastors have been telling fairy tales and the flock gleefully believes them.  Jesus' first spoken words called persons to repent from their sin or they will all likewise perish.  There are many people in churches today who think their sins are forgiven, but they are still under the wrath of God because they are not born-again.   They will wake up to find themselves in hell's fire wishing they had a second chance only to discover they are forever doomed.  They will curse their pastors and priests for deceiving them.  But the fault is really theirs.  They chose to be deceived.  They chose not to seek so they could find the truth.  They chose to ignore reading Jesus' warnings and His parables.  They condemned themselves to hell for believing a false Gospel that was taught to them by churchmen. They have received the grace of God in vain.

  12. You believe a pastor should not write a book?  I think it is a grave conflict of interest for a pastor to write a book so he can get rich off the congregation and to sell it as being part of his ministry.  It would be okay to write a book, but like everyone else, they let the publisher publish and market the book, but they should not entice church people to give a donation to the ministry to obtain the the book (often at an outrageous inflated price) inside the church building.  What right does the pastor have to take the congregations tithe money to write his book, publish it and sell it in his ministry and keep all the money from book sales for himself?  That is stealing money from the the flock.  What is really happening is that pastors are busy selling sermons to the public and to the flock.  The ministry they have is distorted and unlike anything the Apostles would ever have imagined.  They never wrote or sold anything.  They never charged admission to preach a sermon, so why should pastors today be selling sermons?  Jesus said, freely you receive so freely give.  A pastor is in a highly trusted fiduciary position of responsibility.  For him to make money at the congregation expense is unbiblical.  Jesus used a whip to chase those who where making merchandise of the Temple.  Pastors are doing it big time today making millions of dollars and getting filthy rich.  The apostate church has one goal, to make money and to make it from selling God's Word.  In the mean time, you can walk down the street near this church and see the lost everywhere and not one faithful church member stopping to save one, not even one.  They just drive by not caring for the lost.  Not one person will be saved today by these professional worshippers.  They will not even donate the pastor's book to the church's own neighborhood.  The Gospel is really only for those who can afford it.  That's why pastor's should not be selling products to make money, but they should be preaching the entire Word of God to the flock and to the lost.  Can you see the apostasy?  Imagine the sheer arrogance and gall of pastors making tons of money on the backs of selling the Gospel to their own congregation of which many in the flock are poor.  Now they even sell the church choir songs.  The performers must do it for free and are never paid, but the pastor sure gets all the money because he sells the music.  Apostate pastors given nothing away for free.

  13. You do not believe God's tithe should be given to the church?  The apostate church should not be given a dime.  If Christians would wake up and see that they are being fleeced by apostate pastors and priests these apostate churches would tumble out of existence.  And that is a good thing.  Nobody needs a church that habitually robs God's tithe and produces stinking fruit; churches that set their own members up to enter hell's fire.  What good is that?  The apostate churches and their corrupt pastors should be put out of business and let them go get a day job like everybody else.  Paul worked a day job as a tentmaker.  If it is good for Paul it is even better for pastors to follow his example, since the quote Paul all of the time in their sermons!  The tithe money was for the Jewish Temple (that no longer exists) and it was meant to bring food to God's table.  Today food for God is saved souls and that is why Jesus sent the Great Commission command for us to obey.  The apostate church does not obey Jesus commands.  It will disobey the Bible with great courage.  When you give you money to apostate pastors you are becoming a lazy, unfaithful and untrustworthy servant.  You have given your honored tithe money to a physical church to spend it as they wish.  You have not taken your tithe money, not even one-dollar of it, to proclaim the Gospel yourself.  Think about that.  So, the church and the church member rob God of His tithe.  People who are in cult churches do the same thing and they will reap no reward, so likewise the Christian giving money to the church is not working for God, but is working for the church.  There is a big difference.  It is better to buy Gospel tracts and distribute them with your tithe money and put treasure in heaven.  What is going to happen is Jesus is going to remind you on judgment day about His parables regarding being a good and faithful servant and He will slam the door shut in your face.  Jesus is really a tough guy on judgment day. It is a day of wrath, not of love.  Better wake up now and serve the Lord and serve Him alone.  When the churches stop being apostate it would be good to tithe to them if they truly did the job of saving the lost, etc.  Today, they don't. So it is better not to tithe than join up  and financially support a church full of apostate believers all heading for eternal destruction.  Jesus said not to let the blind lead you or you will fall into a pit.  The pit of hell, that is.                                                

  14. Your views are quite forthcoming.  Why should we believe you?    You don't have to believe me.  All I am doing is identifying heresies and pointing the way to Jesus.  You must believe God, not me or your pastor.  Church people are going to church to listen to sermons.  These sermons are great sounding but they are full of corruption and lies.  They sound so wonderfully true and devout that they will fool you if you are not diligent.  They even fool me many times, but then I catch myself when I hear Jesus' message and compare it to what they are saying.  They are really good at what they do, that is to deceive people.  They had me deceived for years.  I just could not imagine that a pastor could lie.  I just could not fathom that a pastor could intentionally deceive and entire congregation.  How could a servant of Christ do such a thing?  I am still amazed how good these con-artist are.  Jesus warned us to be on the guard for false shepherds.  Christians do not look for the them, so they do not find them.  They are dressed up in lamb's clothing so it is hard to detect them, at first.  Jesus' parables teach of servants of the King being thrown into hell.  That means these people are not unbelievers, but those of the King's own household!  When you read the word "servant" in the New Testament Bible it means Christian.  Pastors sweep all this under the rug.  They won't even preach about it.  Jesus hard parables that are meant to inject fear of the Lord are replaced only with the Gospel of love.  That is not what our Lord Jesus Christ only taught.  He did preach about 33 times about hell.  Imagine that!  What I am saying is Christians need to believe what Jesus says, not what your pastor says.  Jesus' words come first and remain the ultimate authority.   The New Testament church did not fellowship together to come hear a sermon from a pastor like we do today.  The pastors have confiscated the fellowship and built church buildings that they own to prosper themselves.  Then they give us sermons that are not what Jesus said to preach and teach.  Can you see the apostasy in this?  

  15. You sell Christian items.  Some would say this is wrong.  First, I am not a pastor and I am not taking God's tithe money or financial offerings from people.  I do not even accept money donations and I do not ask or beg people to send me money.  I am a layperson just like everybody else and my publishing business is not a church, so I am not conflicting with God or church members.  I also give away many free Christian gifts to people as a witnessing tool.  I make a living from my publishing business not from donations from the public or church members.  I use my Website to proclaim the Gospel, which all Christian businessmen should be doing to reach the lost.  My business is still not a church just because I use it to proclaim the Gospel as a personal ministry.  All of these ministry expenses I have to pay for.  It comes out of my own pocket.  The Lord supplies my needs.  There is a big difference when the Lord supplies your need because you don't need to go around begging people to send you money to support your ministry.  Yes, I do sell Gospel-related items such as Books, Gospel Coins, Gospel Tracts and Refrigerator Magnets, but I do not use Christian tithes or donations of money to develop these products.  Again, I have to pay for all my expenses and I am not a church.  My business is not pretending to be a church.  Like Paul, who earned a living as a tentmaker who proclaimed the Gospel, I likewise do so in my own small way, but I am a book publisher by trade.  I do not make money by begging money from financially-strapped or poor church people and give them nothing in return like pastors are doing to their own flock.  There is a big difference between being a church and an ordained pastor in a position of trust; to a layperson with a personal ministry.  A huge difference.

  16. What do you see is the prime wrong in the church?  Believe it or not it is the extreme focus on prayer, praise and worship.  This is not what the Lord wants at all.  What He really wants is obedience to His commands.  How would you feel if your children smothered you with kisses, but when they left home they disobeyed your commands not to take drugs, have sex, steal things, etc., but they do it anyway.  Then these kids come home and smother you with kisses saying, "We love you mommy and daddy."  They do what they want to do, but claim they love you to the max.  Get the picture?  This is what church is doing.  They focus the church service as a worship service and use this as an excuse to not focus on obedience to God's law and commands.  They want revival in the church and urge everyone to get back to prayer and holiness, but none of the congregation are going out saving the lost.  While the worship services are taking place the devil is busy working the church neighborhood destroying people.  The cart is before the horse.  Jesus did not tell the Apostles to build church buildings, conduct worship services and pamper a church of people who chronically disobey the Word of God.  Jesus had those same conditions to face with the Pharisee church system.  There was a lot of praise and worship going on in that church system, but it was corrupted to the core by false shepherds.  This is what is going on today inside our modern day churches.  The devil is up to his old tricks and it is working.

  17. Why do you believe everyone should be witnessing?  Because Jesus said so.  Just because your pastor remains quiet about this disobedience to God's Word will never excuse you from bearing much good fruit by witnessing to the lost.  It is the Christian's job, his mission, his purpose.  It is not attending services and playing church; you are supposed to be giving glory to God the Father by bearing much good fruit.  Search the Scriptures and you will not discover an excuse to deny this personal responsibility, but you will find verse upon verse proclaiming that you must go forth and witness to the lost.  If you are not waking up each day, redeeming the time, to save that which is lost you are in serious trouble with the Lord.  That is why these worship services are improper because it replaces God's desire to save the lost.  People spend time and money to attend worship services, but they don't give a nickel to leave Gospel tracts around so the lost can find them.  They believe by praising God they can substitute good works to reach the lost for Christ.  After all that Jesus did, to die on that awful cross to save that which is lost, it is insulting that Christians do not go forth and proclaim the Gospel and become a "disciple" of Christ.  Pastors teach that if you do not sing and praise God you are not being Christian.  They should be saying you are not being a Christian if you are letting people fall into hell by not preaching the Gospel to the lost.  Salvation is only for those who attend church, but the lost do not get saved unless they have to come to a church and put up with this false worship system.  When a person is truly saved (born-again) he wants to tell his friends about this wonderful salvation.  Christians at these church worship services are not interested in saving the lost.  Don't kid yourself.  They are not interested whatsoever.  Watch them leave church.  None will be found working for the Lord in the ghetto, bars, casinos, public park, downtown streets, etc.  Worship is their complete duty and the Great Commission is disobeyed by them.  They have reversed the Gospel message so that it has no effect anymore.  They are given up to believe a fables and lies.  What they need to do is read their Bible and discover the Great Commission and their responsibilities before the day of judgment arrives.

  18. But Christians are not subject to the law.  This is not true and it is a false teaching.  You are subject to the law of God.  You can't break the Ten Commandments and get away with it.  You can't kill, steal or commit adultery can you?  Jesus said that those who practice lawlessness will not enter heaven.  Do you want to spend eternity in heaven with thieves, liars and murderers?  You can, but it will be in hell, not heaven.  God will not tolerate filth in his home.  We are saved by grace, yes we are, but we are still subject to law.  We must still obey the law.  Pastors will tell you to obey God to give tithes to their church or you rob God.  A thief is not going to enter heaven, so if you are not tithing you are a thief.  They use the law of God for their convenience to get you to give them money, but they will never teach you how to start your own personal ministry to participate in the Great Commission to save the lost.  See the apostasy taking place  here?  The Great Commission is a command, it is in itself a law given by Jesus Christ to you.  Disobey that law and you will be found to be a lazy, lukewarm unfaithful servant.  You won't be able to keep every law perfectly.  You will make mistakes and sin.  But to use grace as an excuse for you to do nothing to save the lost is disobeying Jesus' commands and ignoring His many warnings in His parables.  You must learn to obey God's commands (his command is a law).  Your pastor will not bother to teach you the truth regarding such things.  He would much rather you just do nothing but attend his church worship services.   

  19. Why do you insist Christians use Gospel tracts to witness?  Because it is the easiest method a person can use and it is effective.  Put one in your pocket and see how difficult it is to remove it and place it here on the table.  Was that hard to do?  It was so easy you should be kicking yourself as to why you ignored this technique to reach the lost.  This method requires no skill or training and is a good first step to break the fear of witnessing.  You just leave them everywhere you go.  You don't have to talk to people  if you are shy and don't know what to say, just leave them by telephones, table tops, vending machines, restrooms, waiting rooms, etc. Everywhere you normally go each day you will discover places to drop a tract.  Pastors don't want you to do this unless you stamp their church address on the tract.  They are not interested in getting people saved, they just want you to go "recruit" more church members for the them.  Do not be mislead by these apostate pastors.  Just distribute your Gospel tracts and let God do the saving and the leading.  Jesus has the power to do that.  You don't have to corral the person like cattle to slaughter.  You may be doing just that if you lead the person to a cult or an apostate pastor. Think about that!  If you can't even remove a piece of paper from your pocket each day to save the lost, you have no salt.  You have become worthless in God's eyes.  Read Jesus' parables as to what he does to those who do not gather for Him.  They end up in hell.  Jesus will not have worthless servants in His house.  That is a Biblical fact.  In the mean time, the devil has his cults using tracts and magazines to create converts of hell.  Example: Muslims are flooding the streets in New York and other cities proclaiming the Muslim religion reveres Jesus, the Bible and the Christian faith.  And Christians still sit back and do nothing?  The Great Commission is being ignored in the church and the churchgoers are not being instructed to go to work for God's Glory to save the lost.  Distributing Gospel tracts is so easy to do that there will be no excuse on judgment day as to why you did not use them for Christ. 

  20. What do you see is causing the apostasy?  It is so simple to understand.  Read 2 Corinthians 4:4 and you will see that the devil is given authority to blind those who do not believe the truth.  Also, you will see that God also permits people to be blinded who disobey Him, read Luke 19:42.  So, to get the devil to make his moves all one needs is a blind-guide pastor, priest or denomination that tilts the truth a tiny bit, then a bit more and then the people get blinded to the deception.  Now, the apostasy can grow unimpeded.  It is no mystery.  God warned of it and Jesus gave us a direct command to beware of false prophets and teachers.  Those who are blinded have disobeyed Jesus commands.  There has always been a nasty penalty for disobeying God.  The Bible is full of examples, but few read it so they remain blinded to the truth.  Why?  They are too busy playing church with apostate pastors and listening to their lying fables.  The more you listen to these false teachers the more convinced you become that they are right and God is wrong.  Throw all those tapes and videos in the trash and read the Gospel for yourself.  All they are doing is "stopping" you from reading the Bible and give you a "false interpretation" of the Bible.

  21. What is your biggest regret?  It is that I started proclaiming the Gospel to the lost at a late age of 47.  I started with Gospel tracts and I still use them by the thousands each year.  I feel I have wasted my life.  I have not redeemed the time for Christ.  I am glad I started, but I am still remorseful for all the years I have wasted.  How many people are going to hell because of it?  Tens of thousands!  It is my fault and that's what I regret the most.  It is a hard fact to discover you have been a good-for-nothing lazy unprofitable servant.  It's insulting, but it is true what Jesus says in His parables.  I strive now to work double-time to bear much fruit as the time is short due to I am getting older each year and when I am gone thousands of people will not get the Gospel message.  That is my second regret.  My third regret is the churches are not teaching the flock to go forth and witness and share the Gospel with the lost.  Nobody is doing it.  It's like the Great Commission has been abolished by church authority.  I see the lost not being reached.

  22. How can you say nobody is working for the Lord?  Of course there are people working for God, I am not the only one, but on a daily basis I am out witnessing and it is extremely rare that I bump into someone else witnessing.  It is very infrequent to even see a Gospel tract somewhere.  You need to try this, just once, and you will get the big picture quickly what the apostate church had accomplished.  Fill your pockets full of tracts and go downtown to leave them here and there.  Go into the courthouse and leave some there too.  After about fifteen minutes stop and look around at all the lost people.  Now consider how many tens of thousands of active Christians in this city attend worship services.  Now ask yourself how come you are standing here all alone?  Of the thousands (or millions) of Christians in this city, where are they?  Why is it you can't even find a Gospel tract anywhere?  Now, pretend you were a lost person facing the wrath of God.  How come there is not one Christian trying to reach you for your own salvation?  It will make you feel that Christians don't care about you at all.  They don't care if you end up in hell.  That is why Jesus said to pray for more  workers.  He knew there would always be few to obey Him.  He also knew it would be a few going to heaven.  One thing you will come across is a lot of x-rated materiel and you will see cult literature spreading their  Gospel of lies.  They are capturing the lost for themselves because you are not there to counter this false Gospel literature.  The devil uses what he knows works.  He will also use you to further his goals if he can get you to not proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Go ahead, do this test and see for yourself the awful job the apostate church has done.  The lost will be lost in hell because you did not go forth and warn them of God's wrath to come.  The lost will not be saved by you attending  worship service and plinking your tithe money into the pastor's basket, but they will be saved by you if you obey the Word of God to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  Are you scattering by not gathering?  After you do this test you will be amazed just how alone you really are, but you will know that you are walking with the Lord.  Go ahead, I dare you to try this test this week.  Mark your calendar. 

  23. How many people will take this test?  From my experience I will say few will do so.  The churchgoer is simply not interested in saving the lost.  That in itself is a great apostasy.  It is our prime responsibility as Christians to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  They rather attend worship services and praise God than save the lost.  Don't they realize they insult  God by doing this?  How bold, arrogant and brazen they have become.  Imagine that is is considered holy and righteous to disobey God's commands.  To call evil good and good evil.  I would hope Christians would take the test I mention above so they can see it for themselves.  Well, maybe they won't see it because the Lord has blinded them.  They go to work each day and see no Gospel tracts reaching the lost.  They see the x-rated material and the cult literature daily.  They just don't care about saving the lost.  All they want to do is save themselves.  What will be horrible is that they will be rejected by Christ and thrown into hell.  They will beg and plead for mercy, but they will receive no mercy because they were not merciful to the lost.  They think they are saved because they "feel saved" and that they belong to a church with powerful music and worship service.  But if they are disobeying Christ, they are not getting into heaven, period.  Jesus warned them with His parables.  They ignore Him at their own peril.  Jesus said if you love Him you will obey His commands.  I will believe Jesus words over the praising actions of disobedient Christians who argue otherwise.  You can praise God all you want, but if you disobey His commands you do not love Him.  Yes, you can be a professional worshipper and feel religious and still be lost as hell.  This is the fruit of the apostate church.

  24. You make it sound like all pastors are bad.  Why?  Because they are not doing the job Jesus told them to do.  They have all chosen to ignore the examples given in the Bible and do it man's way.  They are all building expensive churches, robbing the tithe money from God's people and what fruit are we really seeing?  Not much.  We see a lot of false converts who think they are saved and are not.  We see Christians disobeying the Lord's commands.  We see churches celebrating the Sabbath on a pagan day, Sunday, that honors the Sun God.  The church has become blinded by these evil things it portrays as being good.  They have changed the Commandments of God and disobey others.  Now we have huge denominations of apostate churches with billions of dollars in savings and investments.  Imaging that.  That in itself is not Biblical to be hording God's money.  In reality the rob God of His tithe.  The lost is not being saved.  They build missions to recruit new church members, but this does not mean they are saved and truly born-again.  Now we have churches ordaining homosexuals, priests molesting children, con-artist pastors quitting their church and taking all the money and then run off to another town to start a new church.  We have ministers and pastors begging Christians to send them money donations and to buy their Gospel sermons all to make a profit (to support a so-called ministry that is really just a scam to make money on the sore aching backs of Christians).  But you go downtown and you see nobody working to save the lost.  The entire church system is crumbling.  It is about time, thank God we see the apostate church die.  It has been robbing people for centuries and God's judgment is coming.  Jesus said to come out of them.  Now is it he time!  There are some good pastors, but if they have a church building I have serious issues with that.  Why?  Because that building is the beginning foundation of all that is wrong with our churches today.  It does more harm than good in God's eyes.  That is why Jesus never told us to build physical churches.  God destroyed the Jerusalem Temple because He despised it.  He said He does not live in building built by men.  Pastors need to come into line with the Bible, not what they see as being normal today in regards to churches.  They just copy and follow each other.  They need to follow Jesus and obey His commands.

  25. Do you enjoy exposing the apostate church?  No.  I did not want this job.  I still do not like it.  I wish some other person would have been chosen who knows the Bible better than I do.  I am not trained or learned from a seminary school.  I don't have scholarly degrees.  There are better  qualified people than I.  I am just doing what I feel led to do.  I am busy each day proclaiming the Gospel to the lost and I see the tens of thousands of churches all doing nothing.  I travel the nation for many months at a time and see the same apostate patterns from city to city.  Even in the Bible Belt there are gross violations of God's law and commands.  It is really sickening to see just how apostate the church has become.  I can't remain silent.  I will do the job the Lord called me to do to expose the apostate church.  I will do my part as best I can, even though I do not like the job.  I feel like a prophet proclaiming doom.  It is not a happy message.  It is a condemning message and I take no pleasure in it.  It's a cross for me to bear.  God should have used a more Biblically professional and educated person than I, and He does have them too exposing the apostate church, so I am not alone. I was chosen because I see the results of these apostate churches ignoring the lost.  I know one thing, Jesus came and died for the lost and the Father does not want any to perish.  He does not want worship and praise.  He wants the lost to be saved.  The great apostate church has flipped the purpose of the church toward praise and worship service and ignores God's sole and most important agenda to save that which is lost.  The church even ignores Jesus parables warning them of disaster to come upon them and they believe a fable that the parables do not apply to them.  I believe we are now seeing the beginnings of the great apostate church to fall only to rise again into a bigger one-church apostate system.  What is important is to not join with these apostate churches and to get out or you will receive the plagues that are coming upon them.  I don't enjoy saying these things, but it must be said.

  26. What can you tell those who still don't believe the church is apostate?  I can tell them to read the newspapers and watch the television news.  You will hear of Christian churches (Yes, protestant churches) cursing Israel by pulling out financial support for the Jewish people who are surrounded with radical and hostile Muslims all to willing to kill, wreck and destroy the Jews.  They have even gone so far as to boycott businesses that do business with Israel.  You will see homosexual gays and lesbians being ordained as ministers to pastor the flock.  Child molesters hiding inside the clergy waiting to pounce like lions on children and that's not just the Catholic church that did that evil thing.  The protestants do not perform "background checks" on clergy and members so hardened, unrepentant rapists and murderers are in the church pews, looking for their next victim.  Much of this is covered up, but it does leak out.  The church has become a house of abominations and filth.  They promote sin as being holy and acceptable behavior. Must I continue? 

  27. Do you believe it is the devil destroying the church?  No, I believe it is God's Word come true.  He promised that there would be a great falling away of the true faith in the last days and He also promised that those that do not bear good fruit will be cut off from the vine and given up to believe in fables and lies.  The apostate church is to blame and those who live the apostate lifestyle as a way of life.  I am sure the devil has his henchmen inside the church posing as good shepherd pastors and that is how the devil has infiltrated the churches.  From the apostate pastor and priests arrives all the misery we are now seeing in the church and why churchgoers do not share the Gospel to the lost.  They have killed the church.

  28. Who then is to be our spiritual authority?  Jesus Christ and Him alone.  As the flock, we should be listening to His voice, but we spend too much time and money listening to our pastors who can't be trusted and should not be trusted.  Our trust must remain with the Lord at all times.  Even the New Testament church did not allow the Apostles to lord it over them.  Read Galatians 2:9 and notice the words "...who seemed to be pillars..." It did not say they were overlords or those in spiritual authority of any sort.  They did not exercise superiority over the others. God's Word is final and an example.  Pastors are going too far teaching the flock that they must submit to them as being their spiritual authority.  They have displaced themselves as pastors and now rise upon the pedestal equal to God.  This is the same tactic Satan used.  He wanted to rise above God and take His place.  He told Eve she would be like God.  Now pastors and priests tell you that to please God and to abide by God's Word and commands you must be under their spiritual authority.  This is a great abomination of desolation happening before your very eyes.  Joshua 24:15 said it, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  Today, Christians are serving their church, their pastor and their priest and their pope.  They serve everyone except the Lord.  They say they believe in the Lord Jesus Christ but they despise and disobey His commands and instead listen and serve their spiritual leaders.  Blind leaders taking the flock to the pit of hell. The Lord said, "Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you."  2 Corinthians 6:17.

  29. If people left the church it would fall.  Where would the people go?  Let the apostate church fall with a mighty crash to the glory of the Lord just like the Jewish Temple Jesus proclaimed would crash to its utter destruction.  Read the last paragraph of 2 Corinthians 6:17 and you will see the people will end up right into the Lord's own arms as sons and daughters. "...And will be a father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord." God does not care about church buildings, He cares about you and me, the people.  You can follow the Lord without an apostate church pressing down hard on your back.  The Apostles had to go forth and preach the Gospel where there were no Christian church buildings or Christian denominations.  They didn't even bother to build a church building and that should tell you a lot in itself.   We are being mislead by the apostate ways of the church and pastors are leading the pack.   They teach a born-again believer will backslide without going to church.  That is impossible and makes Jesus a liar when He said that none could snatch His from His hand.  The thing is that churches are filled with people with false conversions.  People who believe in Jesus and the Bible, but are not truly born-again.  Yes, they will backslide, but they have already backslidden by remaining inside an apostate church.  They are not saved in or out of the church!  The people who leave the church can assemble in small groups and mimic the New Testament church.  Then you will see the power of the Holy Spirit return with great power.  Do not let pastors gain control as being spiritual authorities or build church buildings or handle al the money tithes or it will corrupt the church again.

  30. What happens to those who do not leave the church?  They will end up in hell fire with all the other unbelievers.  That is what the parables of Jesus warns that His servants will end up in hell; those who are lazy, fearful, unfruitful, not worthy, not born-again, etc.  Face the fact that "everybody" is going to hell.  The wrath of God is upon all mankind.  It is only when the Good News of Jesus' salvation sacrifice on the cross permits "born-again" believers into heaven. But to be born-again requires true repentance from sin and the desire for the Savior as the only way out from God's wrath.  There is no other way.  Even Jesus warned of this by evicting a patron from the wedding feast who did not have the proper wedding clothing.  He was tossed into miserable hell.  That is a clear warning to Christians who think they can follow their religion, pastor and or priest and get into heaven.  Jesus says no way that is going to happen.  People with false conversions faithfully attending church services are religious pagans.  That sound harsh, but when you think of it, it is true.  The cults are full of religious pagans.  The Christian church is too.  That is the fruit the apostate church brings and ultimately the fires of everlasting hell.

  31. The church does save the lost.  Not effectively.  Lets assume there are 15,000 Christians in your town.  Take a walk today and look to see if you can find just one Gospel tract?  Wouldn't that mean we should at least see one, two, maybe 12,000?  If each Christian gave only one Gospel tract we would see 15,000 tracts each year in this town.  How many do you see?  Take a big city with two million Christians, and we can't even find a handful of Gospel tracts, not even five tracts!  There should be two million or at least a million on any given day.  In comparison the church is doing nothing to save the lost sinner.  Do the math. 

  32. If a person leaves a church they are generally doomed.  That is what Pastors want you to believe, but there are a lot of doomed people already attending churches, millions of them!  The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will do the teaching "He will guide you into all truth..." - 1 Corinthians 14:1-25.  Not your pastor, Sunday school or denomination.  This is why so many have fallen away because they are not listening to God for guidance and sound teaching.  They assume their pastor or priest will never lie or mislead them.  They are wrong.  The Bible says not to listen to these false shepherds and Jesus warned many would come in His name to deceive.  This is happening before your very eyes.

  33. But the Bible says we should have fellowship with one another.  Yes, fellowship and we are doing that this very moment one on one.  Fellowship is the farthest thing happening inside churches.  Nobody gets to talk to each other or exchange views or whatever.  They arrive and are subjected to a "programmed performance" and then are dismissed.  Where is the fellowship?  The pastor giving a one-way sermon speech is not fellowship at all.  The early Christians met in small groups inside individual homes to "fellowship" and they spoke to each other freely.  Joining a physical church will give you no true or realistic fellowship.  Most church members are outcasts within their own congregation.  They appear, sit, stand, kneel, listen and leave and most are not smiling and fulfilled when they do leave.  They have been duped by this modern church system.  The Bible says if we walk in the light we will have fellowship with one another (1John 1:7) but pastors have duped us into believing that fellowship is happening inside their church when it is clearly not happening at all.  There is more fellowship going on upon Christians with pagans outside of church than Christians with Christians inside that pastors church.  Be honest.  It is true.  When was the last time you fellowshipped with others inside your church?  It should be every week or every day, not just once upon a special event put on by the pastor or priest. Wake up!  If we are to fellowship then lets get on with it, but let us get out of those controlled church environments so we can all fellowship like the early church did.

  34. There must be some value inside the churches today.  What if on judgment day Jesus says what He said He was going to say, "Depart from me into everlasting fire..." but He says it to you?  You say that can't happen, but Jesus warned us that He will say it to religious people.  The church does one thing right, it teaches you not to fear the Lord and that is the first step to stupidity (the opposite of wisdom) and will turn you into a religious slave to believe in fables (2 Timothy 4:3-4).  Jesus also warned that you can become trapped into worshipping Him in vain.  The average church is attempting to worship God in Spirit, but not in truth. The truth is the worshipper is not producing much good fruit.  Nobody in that church he attends is out saving the lost each day when everybody is supposed to be doing it.  They are attending church services just to attend because they are supposed to attend and they are not being taught how to go fish for men.  So, there is no value to these apostate churches and Jesus has cut these dead branches off from the vine.  If the dead teach the dead then death results, life does not spring forth from the dead.   If lost people are not being saved and brought to life, then the church is producing death by not proclaiming the Gospel to the lost.  There is no value in this.  We have become a bunch of professional worshippers and that is not what the Bible says to do.  It says to go save the lost.  That is God's values and we are not doing it.

  35. But Jesus said the work of God is to just believe in whom He is.  Yes, but how is anyone going to believe that Jesus is the anointed one of God and believe in the Father who has sent Him if you don't go and tell others about this?  Pastors intentionally hide this fact from your eyes.  They just want you to believe in Jesus and believe in God and not go start your own mini-ministry to reach the lost for Christ.  That is why they do not teach you evangelistic skills and have classroom instruction on how to witness to the lost.  Evangelism to save the lost is the farthest thing from the modern day pastor's mind.  They are not interested in sharing the Gospel.  They may throw some money at another ministry that does, but they won't do it themselves, so they lose their reward.  Beware of teachers and pastors who claim their ministry is good soil to sow your tithes into.  It is usually barren land in God's eyes and is building a pastor's dream, not God's.  If you spent your tithe money to buy Gospel tracts and distributed themselves you can be assured you are witnessing and sharing the Gospel to the lost.  God will certainly see and reward you for this. Go ahead and see if God will reward you for this in the here and now.  What is better, to throw a life preserver to a drowning person or to huddle around one and praise it's potential to save the lost?  God wants action, not words, lip-service or worship without works of mercy.  Attending church today has little Biblical truth to it.  It is a dead and dying system producing death and destruction.  That fruit is not of God, so do not be deceived any longer.  Come out of that system and go to work for the Lord directly.  It is of no good to be misled by corrupt pastors and priests who only want to keep you enslaved to them. Better to be a slave for Jesus and be rewarded for obeying Him.  Do what Jesus says to do!  You will bear much good fruit for Him.

  36. You like Gospel tracts don't you?  Yes, it takes no skills or special training to drag a piece of paper out of your pocket and place it down somewhere where the lost can find it and get saved.  Jesus can save that person right there on the spot and never even see the inside of a church.  Jesus has the absolute power to save anyway He chooses.  The thief on the cross was saved without fanfare and did not need a pastor or priest.  When Jesus commands us to go save the lost we don't know how to do it because our pastors are grossly negligent and will not teach us.  They are to teach us how to save the lost, but they don't.  They are like feeding sheep that bear no wool.  The sheep eat somewhat grass but are actually starving.   The sheep hunger so much for grass they can't be bothered to channel energy into wool production.  They are dying and spreading death to others by not being productive.  A churchgoer today is the same.  He does not care to save the lost and he will not do so.  He will go to church and obey the pastor, but he will disobey Jesus command to go save the lost.  They churchgoer hides his light so nobody will see it and does not share it with others, so the light is taken away from him.  The first thing to do is to distribute Gospel tracts and God will see  you are trying to obey Him and He will have mercy on you.  He will lead you to greener pastures if you will listen to His voice.  You will only starve listening to a blind pastor.

  37. I have heard Pastor's say not to follow them.  Of course you do.  They lie with humble boldness.  What they say and what they do conflict.  They cry on stage, dripping tears to the floor of how the lost will go to hell.  But he should be out saving the lost himself to prove his tears are true.  Behind the church walls everything goes.  It is big time Broadway theatrics by star-acting pastors putting on a magic show to get you to trust, love and obey him.  But saving the lost is not their goal, it is the raking in of money.  Even pastors that have outreach ministries producing newspapers or magazines can not be trusted.  You see, it is their "product" that they sell.  They give it away for free, but others are paying him to do it behind the scenes.  As a result, the pastor gets rich at the expense of selling the Gospel to the lost.  He takes donations and even begs for more, for the ministry of course.  The Gospel today is well merchandised by slick pastors out to make a big buck.  These pastors tell those who volunteer their services who distribute these products, "Follow Jesus, don't follow me."  But in reality the workers are obeying the pastor, they work for the pastor.  This pastor should be teaching the followers how to reach the lost, but he is only showing them how to distribute his money-making product (and leads them to believe it is God's work).  The  Gospel is for sale and people are buying it and finding out it is a false apostate system they are following.  The early church spoke nothing about employing each other into the servitude of a pastor.  Think about that!  Who are you really serving?  Jesus warned that you can't serve a church and Him at the same time, so beware.  Who are you obeying?  Who are you working for?   What is the fruit you are producing and who is getting the credit?  Who is the last person you just reached for Jesus with the Gospel?  How many did you reach last week?  You need your own ministry to fulfill the Great Commission.  Did you know that?   

  38. The faithful will say Jesus will not allow them to be deceived.  That is not what Jesus said at all.  He said that many will be deceived.  He even said that the deceiving will be so professionally perfected that even the very elect of God would be deceived, if it were possible.  People think this deceiving will take place in the tribulation era, but it is happening right now.  Jesus is saying that if you allow yourself to be deceived you will go to hell.  This may not seem fair to those who are the victims of these con-artist pastors and priests, but there is a reason for it.  Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice and will not listen to another.  Christians do not pick up their Bibles and read Jesus parables as being a direct warning to them.  The pastors have convinced them Jesus is warning unbelievers.  This is a lie.  An unbeliever is never a servant of the Lord and Jesus spoke of "servants" in the King's house, etc.  Christians are too busy listening to pep-talks and feel-good sermons from pastors to discover they are listening to the wrong shepherd.  Church has become a psychological counseling session and take the place of a psychiatrist.  But worse, they are controlling and filling up the flock's mind with lies and deception.  Jesus warned of it, so on the day of judgment Jesus will be justified in rejecting you from heaven.  He told you to watch out for false shepherds who are ravenous wolves.  Do not allow yourself to be deceived.  Search the Scriptures and discover the truth.  Jesus said He came to set you free.  That means free from the slavery of sin and death and that includes freedom from oppressive religion.  The Apostles and the New Testament church were the first to be freed from them all... including the oppressive Jewish religion of that time. It is your responsibility to not allow yourself to be blindly deceived.  It happens when you keep listening to the wrong shepherd and obeying the wrong shepherd.  Obey what Jesus told you to do.  Read the parables again, alone and get a King James Version Bible or you will be fooled again!  Also read Galatians 5:1 about getting free from the yoke of bondage.

  39. The church does many good works.  These works will cease if the church dissolves.  Let it dissolve.  Many of these large denomination churches have stolen  God's tithe money and are hoarding it.  Just one protestant denomination alone I read this week has over seven-billion dollars in the bank and being invested in the stock market and secular real estate worldwide.  And this is a small denomination at that.  If the church dissolved each member of the church would be using his tithe money to directly invest in the proclamation of the Gospel.  There is no excuse for any church to hoard that kind of money.  No wonder the Gospel is not reached in our neighborhoods and streets in our cities.  The churches have funneled all the money into their coffers.  This is totally unbiblical what is going on.  That is why I say the moment a church building is built, it begins to snowball into very unbiblical things.  Primarily, the need for money arises in a great measure and pastors begin to cry and beg for more money to support the church building and its so-called ministry needs.  Then the denominations were born and multiplied the effect to rake in billions of dollars.  What business does God's money have being invested in the stock market?  They say they are being good stewards and multiplying God's money like Jesus parable, but Jesus was not talking about money, He was talking about multiplying souls for God, producing a high yield in that respect, not cash flow and accumulation.  They pervert the Gospel and make excuses to build fortunes and to get rich on God's money.  Now we are seeing God's judgment fall upon these denominations who harbor other filthy things that are an abomination in God's eyes.  Judgment has arrived and they are being exposed by many.  One layperson believer can easily reach 90,000 people each year for Christ just by leaving Gospel tracts each day.  That's just one person.  That is more than some entire denomination reach in years and they have 7-billion dollars on top of it.  Some pastors only reach 2,000 people in their entire lifetime.  That is a low result of producing little fruit indeed, especially for a pastor!  We should expose the apostate church.  All of us Christians should get to work for the Lord.  They have proven they are not interested in saving the Lost, just building up their own church with wealth.

  40. How can one be not trapped by the church?  By not blindly believing that anyone who speaks of the Lord is actually of the Lord.  We are believing way too many apostate pastors, preachers and priest lies.  Yes, they lie.  Religious people are the best liars.  Jesus scolded the Pharisees harshly and they were the religious ones teaching heresies and taking God's tithe money from widows, orphans, the poor, etc.  Read the Bible and you will see how bad it was... just like today.  Just because a person speaks well of Jesus and the Gospel does not make him holy.  Pastors use the Gospel to get you to donate money to them, and it works doesn't it?  It sure does.  Then they go off track a bit and begin to distort what Jesus really taught and teach the teaching of another Jesus.  A counterfeit Jesus who is all love and no judgment.  A Jesus who will accept you just as you are, sin and all, without any remorse and repentance.  There is a good newsletter you should subscribe to that will help you discern many false teachings and apostasies.  You may already know of The Times Square Church by David Wilkerson.  For a free newsletter subscription write to: World Challenge, P.O. Box 260, Lindale, TX 75771 or e-mail texas@worldchallenge.org

  41. Are there more sources you can recommend to research?  Yes,  Click here to be taken to my article "Apostate Church." It lists other sources where you can learn the truth of the Gospel and become free from the apostate church system.  You can also search the Internet for others exposing the great apostate church. 

  42. Why then do people stay in the church when they learn it is apostate?  They do not hear Jesus voice.  They only hear the pastor or the priest voice.  If they had ears to hear they would immediately forsake these apostate churches and come out of them.  For example the Catholic church had a huge child molestation infestation.  They justify in their minds that it is the devil attacking their church, that it is only a few corrupt priests working for the devil to ruin the church.  In reality it is the devil's church all along.  That Catholic religion if full of apostasy and idol worship.  I was a Catholic, so I know all about what they do and how they disobey God's Word.  But let's not just pick on the Catholics. The protestants are being blinded into serving their church and pastor and that becomes their idolatry.  Attending church worship services has become the highest focal point, while reaching the lost for Christ has sunken to the pits of hell.  These people stay in these churches because of family pressure and mind-control.  Jesus warned that many will be deceived, and that is precisely what mind control does; it deceives people.  One can become free if the search for the truth in God's Word.  Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except by me." So, to learn the truth you have to listen to Jesus words and obey Jesus commands, not your priest or pastor's commands.

  43. You were a Roman Catholic?  Yes, I was born into it, but I had to walk away from them when I learned that they are not obeying God's Word.  All we have is God's Word in the Bible (King James Version) as a guide to reveal what God wants from us.  Without that Bible there would be no Catholic Church or any other church.  The Bible and Jesus' Words is all we have as a solid foundation of truth.  Anything that deviates from the truth, no matter how well-meaning, is a lie.  God says, "Let every man be a liar, but God be true."  I can't believe in the truth and a lie.  It has to be one or the other.  I chose to believe God's Word and now I must walk that narrow path.  There are many books you can read about the apostasy of the Catholic church and the Bible is one of the best ones of all, but there are also other sources like Chick Publications who can lead you to some awful truths.  When I read the Chick tracts and books I also read the Bible to see if what they were saying was in fact true.  It was true and I was appalled and utterly shocked and disappointed and even angry with the Catholic hierarchy for lying to us and promoting such abominations.  I can't just blame Chick Publications for teaching me the awful truth, I was maliciously beaten by angry nuns and imprisoned by their beatings with sticks, fists and slaps and punches to the head, stomach, and grabbed by the throat on many occasions without provocation. I was sent to the dungeon (dark cellar) alone.  I was used as an instrument of their torture and this took place at the Holy Family Catholic Church.  I told my mother about it and she would not believe it.  Other kids were also tortured and beaten, even my cousin.  He was beaten up by nuns inside my 3rd grade class for all to see.  We were terrified of the church.  We bled real blood by their hands.  Even prisoners of war are not treated like this, never mind children as we were.  I know how brutal these people are.  It does not surprise me one bit that priests molested children.  It is a violent church full of evil things and evil people.  It has a long and bloody history on top of it.  They killed many thousands of people in the Inquisition.  And it could happen again!  Nothing has been changed in the Council of Trent, 1545-63, authorizing death and violence against who the church declares a heretic.  There is no salvation in the Roman Catholic system (Acts 4:12 and I Timothy2:5).  There is more to expose, but I will stop here.  I can say they ruined my life.  To this day I still suffer from what they did.    

  44. How did it feel to leave the Catholic church?  It was horrible.  I felt terribly betrayed and swindled.  It almost ruined my faith in God.  I really believed that the church was the true path to heaven.  They even told me that I had to be a church member to go to heaven that only Roman Catholics are saved and all others go to hell.  I felt like I was abandoning God and sending myself to hell.  I was devastated, again.  The Catholic religion destroyed my life from a child and now as an adult they were doing it again.  They had a grip on me that was very hard to let go.  In fact, it is impossible to escape that grip unless Jesus Christ reaches out and releases you from it.  It is that strong.  Cults are very powerful and they know how to keep their churchgoers, loyal church members.  You will go to hell if you do not go to church.  That is what they implant into your mind one way or another.  I had to get out and get free.  Thankfully, Jesus did set me free and now I can live in freedom to proclaim the Gospel to others.  I reach the lost for Christ each day.  That is a wonderful privilege to have.  It is a wonderful freedom.  When you get born-again everything changes.  Church does not mean much to you anymore.  Associating with unbelievers is light entering darkness and it is not pleasant. It's like a Christian hanging out in a dirty, filthy bar room full of drunkards.  They don't like it.  When you see God's truth, what used to look whitewashed and clean, is actually full of dead men bones.  Jesus said that to the Pharisees.  I am better off leaving an apostate church than to stay with it and end up in hell fire.  We can not serve two masters.  Like Joshua, I chose to serve the Lord, not the church system we have today.  However, I am still amazed and upset as to how I allowed myself to be deceived.

  45. Did you join another church?  I checked out many churches; protestant churches, Mormon, Jehovah Witnesses and found apostasy everywhere I looked.  Some worse than the others, but it was there.  After being deceived by one church that I trusted and believed to be true I was not going to blindly leap into another church.  I  have refrained from joining a church that has a physical church building and demands tithe money be given to it and owned and controlled by a pastor or denomination.  I am working directly for the Lord now as the churches can not be trusted to obey the Lord or teach the Lord's truth.  The Bible warned a day would come that the churches would become apostate.  This is that day.  I will know a true church when I see the people on fire for God and are busily doing God's will and obeying Jesus commands on an individual basis.  Just seeing people singing in church and listening to sermons is not obeying Jesus commands to save that which is lost. 

  46. What is your opinion of Christian television?  I used to love Christian television.  They really tricked me again.  These television evangelist pastors and priests are slick indeed.  I was giving $50 a month to Trinity Broadcasting Network, $50 a month to Benny Hinn and $80 a month to Christian Broadcasting Network.  When I wrote to them for an accounting each ministry totally ignored my letter.  They are supposed to send an accounting when asked for.  All three confidently ignored me, all at the same time.  That tipped me off something was wrong.  Not one responded.  I then learned from MinistryWatch.com that TBN pastor and wife had $800,000 salaries, had 30 homes and two mansions in Newport Beach, California.  I was enraged.  These people are living in opulence taking God's tithe money for themselves.  I stopped tithing to all ministries after this.  I  then read that another powerful healing minister was building an eight-million dollar home in California and he had some trouble with authorities over missing church money .  These so-called men of God were "begging for money" all of the time to send forth the gospel.  "Send us your love gift to support this vital ministry for Jesus Christ."  Does that sound familiar?  The truth being, they do send forth a Gospel, but they take your money and get rich doing it.  But what they really are doing is taking the truth of the Bible and simply casting these pearls to swine.  God's promises are for those of His household.  God does not owe the unbeliever anything.  In fact, they are under God's wrath, not under His blessing.  These television ministries do not preach true repentance and the cross of Christ unto salvation or create born-again Christians.  They preach another Gospel. It took me a few years of being deceived by them to wake up, but Jesus did set me free from them too.

  47. Now what do you do with your tithe money?  I created my own gift ministry.  Everywhere I go I leave a Gospel tract and a Gospel coin.  Everyone I meet I give them a nice gift with the Gospel message on it.  The tithe is now going to work directly to save the lost, just as Jesus wants it to be.  Now I know the money I spend is bearing much good fruit and not enriching some denomination church, priest or pastor.  I hate to think of all the tithe money I gave away to churches and ministries that bore no good fruit that I could see.  Now I can see the fruit for myself and be glad.  I still give money to homeless people or just pay for someone's meal who looks like life (or their own choice) has given them a hard time. I give them a Gospel tract with the money to ease their pain, at least for the day.  I use the tithe money to bear much good fruit for the Lord.  I do it myself, just as the Lord commanded us to do.  We all need to have our own personal ministries.  I do not beg the lost or saved to give me money.  I pay my own bills.  Thank God!

  48. Were you trained to evangelize?  No, not at all.  When I started I did not know how to proclaim the Gospel.  I was terrified to even leave a Gospel tract anywhere.  I would secretly leave one and look over my shoulder to see if anyone saw me do it.  I was terribly shy and scared, but I did try and the Lord now has me bold as ever.  I walk up to sick people and give them healing tracts and Gospel gifts.  I approach the toughest guys you would not want to meet in an alley anywhere at anytime and give them Gospel Coins.  I approach motorcycle gang members, Latino and black gang members, you name it.  They are afraid of me because they know it takes great courage to do what I am doing.  They tell me that themselves, that I have a powerful calling. Even they can recognize God's power inside a person.  Even then, I still get afraid at times.  My training has come by simply obeying Jesus commands.  Learn and do.  I am still learning and still doing.  I like to say that I have the Master's Degree.  That is all the degree of authority one needs.   If you do not do what God commands you will bind up with fear and do nothing.  You will not gather and you will scatter.  You become the enemy of God.  That can end you up in hell according to Jesus own word and warnings.  This is an exciting job to proclaim the Gospel.  The Lord is hiring.  Read this article Employment Opportunity.    

  49. How should a person leave an apostate church?  First, you should simply voice your concerns to the pastor (priest) and elders and see if changes can be made.  Take a witness with you.  If that does not work, tell others why you are leaving the church.  Warn the flock, then leave.  Do not stay in this church and try to overhaul it as you will only be a thorn in their side and the pastor who owns the church will have you evicted anyway and your reputation torn to shreds.  Apostate pastors are vicious wolves and they know what they are doing by design.  They are well aware they are deceiving the flock and they have no interest to change their apostate ways.  You can't convince them, so just leave the church.  Start your own ministry, maybe even your own assembly inside your home for "fellowship" (not to create a another apostate church).  Now you can teach others how to obey the commands of Jesus.  That should be your goal, just as Jesus said to do before He ascended to heaven.  He said to teach them to obey all that He has commanded and to go proclaim the Gospel to all.  That is what He said.  That is what He wants us to do.  Do not be afraid to leave your church to follow the Lord's commands and to bear much good fruit.  It is much better to work for the Lord than to be held hostage to the devil's church.  Jesus will set you free, if you let Him.  By the way, Jesus never insisted that you have credentials to be His disciple or to minister His word.  You don't need a college theology degree to obey Jesus' teachings.  Let the Lord ordain you with His Holy Spirit.  That is all you need.  Read the Bible to learn how to run a church God's way.  You won't see one church building involved in God's New Testament church.  Do likewise.

  50. You do not like celebrating Holidays?  I do like holidays.  I think they are fun, but the pagan holidays need to be kept out of the church of God.  They should not have ever been mixed in with the church.  Take Easter with the painted eggs and bunny rabbits out of the church.  Where in the Bible does it say to observe Jesus' resurrection as a holy day?  It does not exist.   Halloween is totally evil and pagan and Christians bring it inside the church grounds to celebrate it.  I even see Christians dressed up as red devils and witches.  This is an abomination to God as He despises the devil and witches.  Even if pagans did it, they have no business doing this on church property.  Christmas appears nicely Christian, but it is not.  How?  I will make this brief.  Nowhere in the New Testament church did any of the above holidays were mentioned to be celebrated each year.  These rituals are fabrications by men.  It is okay for the pagans to have their days of celebration as it is their right to do so, but the church has no business assimilating pagan holidays inside the church.  Easter and Christmas are now called holy days, yet the Bible, which is the Word of God, is clear as to what days are to be called holy.  Easter and Christmas are not on God's list.  Santa Clause should also be kept out of church, he's a devout pagan often called Saint Nick who is not recognized as a true born-again saint of God.  Christians must draw a line as to whom they are going to serve.  Satan is always looking for ways to get you to compromise.  Read Jeremiah 10:1 as God commands us to learn not the way of the heathen.

  51. What do you think of Christians having an altar in their home?  It would be best if they are made of uncut stone (as God instructed), but they are not.  Anyway, the old priesthood and altars are no longer a part of the New Testament.  That system was destroyed by Jesus in 70 A.D.  The New Testament church did not build a physical church and they certainly did not build altars.  What are Christians doing with an altar inside their home?  Whatever it is, it is not New Testament Biblical.  This brings us to the apostate church again.  They have altars that are not made of uncut stone, so the disobey the Lord's command to not build them any other way, but they don't care, they do it anyway.   Altars are not required or desired of God in the church.  So why are they there?  This is just another example of deliberate disobedience.  I  would suggest removing the altar from the home and the church.  The Catholics have an altar because they believe they are repeatedly sacrificing Jesus on the cross at mass.  An altar has no business being inside protestant churches because they don't practice what the Catholics practice even if it is just used to hold flowers.  Get rid of it.  Why?  Because it becomes an idol.

  52. What do you see is the major difference of the church today?  In regards to the New Testament church as described in the Bible there is one very big difference to the church today.  In the New Testament church their religion was lived.  They actually did what what Jesus told them to do.  When they did so, then the miracles happened, as the Holy Spirit was not grieved like we do to Him today.  Today's Christian is just a professional churchgoer church members.  Very few work for the Lord.  Bless them that do!  I believe the church has sunk to a point that it can not be retrieved and the only choice left is to come out of it or perish with it.  Jesus stated there was no salvation for anyone who did not follow Him by obeying His Word.  Read John 8:12.  You follow the light when you follow Jesus.  The church has become darkness masquerading as a bright light of truth, but it is far from obeying Jesus' commands.  Those who do not obey Jesus' commands are following darkness.  The fruit will bloom the moment Christians go forth to bear fruit to save the lost.  But to do that you have to obey Jesus' command to do it.  Attending a church worship service is not getting the job done whatsoever because saving the lost is not the church's goal. 

  53. Give us examples of false teaching.  I could write a book and then some.  Let's just take one example pastor's like to use.  They preach "parts" of what the Bible says leaving out the last part of the sentence to deceive people.  Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God,..."  Sounds nice and everybody hears this wonderful message thinking it is for them, but the last part of this sentence say's otherwise; "to those who are called according to His purpose."  That means those who heard the call of Jesus to proclaim the Gospel and are actually doing it.  It is not for those who just attend church services and disobey Jesus' commands and purposes.  You can read the article Amazing Biblical Facts to learn more. 

  54. What motivates the church today in America?.  Church finances, Sunday school and other teaching programs, building projects, entertainment events, singing worship and happy sermons, conferences and even expensive vacation trips on cruise ships, etc; everything to make the congregation happy, but there are no real focus or programs to teach the flock how to obey the commands of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  They teach the commands of "another" Jesus, but not the anointed one in the Bible.  Millions of dollars are taken from the flock in tithe money and donations that are not invested into saving the lost.  So, people give money thinking they are bearing fruit, but the church itself is not even bearing fruit.  In the southern Bible Belt states you will see massive and beautiful churches.  A mile down the road or less you will see pockets of crime and deathly dangerous neighborhoods and the lost are all over the city like fire ants on the march, but you won't see one church member out there trying to reach the lost.  I know, I went to the Bible Belt numerous times and saw it with my own eyes.  This pattern exists everywhere in America and no wonder we are seeing the fall of morals and decay.  God's judgment is progressing worse and worse each day upon us because of the apostate churches in America.  Churches that do not share the Gospel with the lost in public places are hiding the Gospel.  Their light does not shine into the darkness, so the darkness grows ever stronger. The church needs a strong house-cleaning and a complete overhaul.  Do you know that a poll was taken and they found that only 11% of Christians believed the church and pastor's role was to proclaim the Gospel the the lost?  The vast majority of 89% believed the church was to take care of their own needs and not to save the lost. This is 100% unbiblical and demonstrates the church teaching the flock that the church exists to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  They are too busy edifying themselves to save the lost.  Imagine that!  That is not what Jesus commanded the church to do at all.  People are being duped by hirelings and false shepherds on a mass scale.

  55. What about ministries that focus on reaching the lost?  I have found that they are also in the money-making game.  Behind the scenes you will again find a pastor who is begging for money to build a church building or some other expensive financial building program to care for all the lost people he is saving.  It's just another scam where the saved are not really born-again, but go out and work the streets to recruit more saved members and the pastor get rich.  I mean fabulously rich beyond your wildest dreams.  I tell you some of these pastors are living beyond the Beverly Hills lifestyle and the measly paychecks movie stars are getting.  You don't know what rich is until you meet these apostate pastors.  They are the elite of the rich and they do a good job of acting humble and dressing down in public and inside churches.  Jesus never said to go forth and proclaim the Gospel, build church buildings, build schools, build whatever seems good for the ministry and to get rich on the flock's tithe money and offerings.  The church has become so apostate it just could not get worse than it is now.  Some people do get saved though, so God can use evil for good, but this is still no excuse for the apostate pastor.  Today, you will always find a pastor hiding something and it will be that "he owns" the church and every dollar donated to it.  So beware.  "Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only."  Matthew 4:10.

  56. So what is the Christian's prime responsibility?  We are to share the Gospel where ever we are.  That means you do it at work (if permissible by employer), you do it when you go eat at restaurants.  You  do it when you fuel your vehicle.  You do it when you are on vacation.  You do it on weekends.  Everywhere you go you should be witnessing to the lost every day.  It is a full-time job.  Gospel tracts can do this.  You just leave them where ever you go as a way of life.  It's a good start.  Later you will build courage and experience to speak to strangers.  This is what your pastor is supposed to be teaching you, but he is not doing it.  Find out why!  Make the pastor conform to the commands of Jesus Christ or get him out of your church (if he does not already own the church he will kick you out).  Your soul's destiny is not related to your church membership or worship service attendance.  It is related to how you obeyed Jesus' commands and that is the truth Jesus taught.  If your church is apostate and not proclaiming the Gospel to the lost you need to correct the church or get out of it, so you can obey Jesus' commands.

  57. What about the church witnessing on television?  They reach the lost.  They reach the lost with a false Gospel.  These mega-churches are the most clever, apostate monsters on the planet.  They preach feel-good sermons and sell Gospel sermons to make millions upon millions of dollars.  And they don't stop there.  They take God's tithe money from the flock to produce fortunes.  Many of these television churches have incomes and assets of well over 50 million dollars.  The huge denomination churches are even worse, they have billions of dollars, not millions, billions; tens of billions and much of it is invested in real estate and stock markets around the world.  Imagine releasing that money back to the original givers and they each started their own personal ministry to reach the lost.  God's Kingdom will come and His will be done.  Churchgoers need to wake up from their slumber and see the truth.  There are a lot of books and news articles and ministries on the Internet that help expose these things.  I am only doing my small part to help free the captives and get them back to serving the Lord where they will bear much good fruit and Glorify the Father.

  58. What is a personal ministry?  Is it Biblical?  The perfect example of the first person to start a personal ministry was when the Apostles saw a man sharing the Gospel.  This man did not belong to the Apostle's group and they asked Jesus to go tell him to stop.  Jesus rebuked the Apostles and said that anyone that is for Him is for us, so leave him alone.  That man was so touched by Jesus that he just had to go out and proclaim the Gospel, right away with no training, ordination ceremonies, etc.  But when Jesus gave the Great Commission he meant for all of us to go forth and proclaim the Gospel in our own way, with our own talents and abilities, but He did say, go.  And he meant, get to work!  A personal ministry is what the New Testament church was all about. Each able-bodied person proclaiming the Gospel.  Only the very old were excused as they could not evangelize due to age.  There was no ruling pastor owning a church and being subject to him as spiritual authority to mislead them.  Although the wolves were at the very door ready to attack and spare not the flock.  Today the wolves have full control and are devouring the flock toward extinction.  The elect of God's people are in very small assemblies and individuals and they are not inside a great big denomination of inside a huge church building.  The broad road to hell has become our church system.  A personal ministry does not rely on a church to control it or to leave itself open to be defrauded or to become barren of bearing fruit.  A personal ministry means you answer to Jesus Christ and you do His work.  You obey His commands to the best of your talent, ability and the anointing by the Spirit of God.

  59. What drives you to share the Gospel each day?  I go out each day because of two driving factors.  I am so grateful Jesus has saved me from hell and for all He has done for me by His promises I just have to repay Him for His great mercy and kindness.  I have received many miracles, so I will not forget His benefits.   I can't repay Him, but I can at least do what He commanded us to do.  That is our Christian duty and to save the lost is the #1 priority on God's agenda.  It is like returning a favor to a friend.  Jesus does things for me and I do things for Him in return.  Best of friends.  The second thing to motivate me is the awful fate of hell for the lost.  People do not know they are lost and that God's wrath is upon them.  They do not realize this.  Nobody is telling them.  They don't realize how horrible hell is going to be.  Nobody in the right mind wants to go to hell.  They would all rather be saved from that terrible place.  It is my job to go forth and warn them of hell's fire and the great salvation of Jesus Christ who will save them from  that certain fate.  Jesus said the unprofitable servant will go to hell.  He said those who are merciful shall obtain mercy.  I need that mercy badly, so by proclaiming the Gospel I am being merciful to the lost, showing them the way to life.  By being silent you are being cruel and spreading death if you do not gather for Jesus.  These are my two motivating forces that compels me to go out each day.  Also, it is fun to proclaim the Gospel in the United States and it is still legal to do so.  People who begin a gift ministry will discover just how fun it can be.

  60. People do not associate sharing the Gospel as being fun.  That is the pastor's fault for not showing the flock how to share the Gospel.  It is fun to do.  It involves hardships, yes, but it is still a fun job to have.  God does have special promises and benefits for those who proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  God is always hiring.  See the article Employment Opportunity to see just some of the benefits.  I have has so many laughs and good times just leaving Gospel Coins on the ground for people to pick up. I toss them to people on sidewalks and watch them go crazy picking up the "gold coins."  It is fun.  I leave Gospel tracts is funny to find locations.  I may put one in a shirt pocket at a clothing store.  The person buys the shirt, takes it home and gets the Gospel.

  61. Any suggestions on specific Gospel tracts to use?  I used to give out all the typical good news salvation ones, but I have discovered the lost do not know they are lost and they do not realize that they need to be saved.  They can't relate to many tracts because of this.  The message is too deep for them.  I now  have switch to the hell-fire method Jesus used to show how breaking God's laws brings condemnation and a death sentence which leads to repentance and the need for a savior, Jesus Christ.  Jesus spoke of hell about 33 times in the Bible and it leads to a true repentant heart and a true born-again experience that will last forever.  It results in a respectful fear of the Lord.  No false conversions or momentary crocodile-tears here that only result in backsliding.  We need to get back to the awesome fear of God.  And for good reason.  God said hell exists and many are going to hell for all eternity.  It is a fearful place and He who sends people to hell is a fearsome and just God.  If the fear of God really existed in the apostate church it would no longer be apostate.  Today we have Christians who have lost their fear of God.  They have lost their fear of Jesus' parables filled with warnings of hell fire for lazy disobedient servants.  I do not want to go to hell.  I will obey Jesus' commands to prove that I love Him.  I will do what He said to do and I trust in His mercy to save me from hell-fire.  The stakes are high and I do not want others to end up in hell because of my failure to warn them of this certain fate.  I will gather for Jesus, I do not want to scatter and end up His enemy.  There is a war going on and Christians are not even meeting the enemy.  They just hide inside their church.  They need to put on their armor and come fight the battle for the Lord.  Use Gospel tracts.  It is better than using nothing.  Most tract publishers have hell-fire tracts.  Ask them to send you samples. They may even save yourself from going to hell by learning to fear and obey the Lord, or else.

  62. You are too harsh regarding church buildings.  I could be less harsh if these churches actually did perform the work of God and really did use these buildings to teach and prepare honest-to-goodness disciples that actively proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost.  However, because they don't, I still must go back and see how these church buildings have become the "first step" in building the apostate church.  From this first step of building a church building it then sets up the dominoes for corruption to exist.  Someone's got to legally own that church and someone has got to pay to build and maintain it and pour more money into paying salaries, utility bills, etc.  That church building absorbs the flock's tithe monies.  Money that could very well be used to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  Then the church building becomes the focal point of worship services and still nobody is proclaiming the Gospel to the lost.  The pastor or denomination gets rich and few if any bear much good fruit in God's eyes.  The lost stay lost.  Those in the church who believe they are saved remain lost.  Everybody loses except those who "own" the church buildings and assets, but they too will lose on judgment day (which they could care less about).  There is much truth in what I am saying.  Just go downtown to proclaim the Gospel to the lost and you will see just how alone you will be.  There is no excuse for this silence.  When you are alone downtown ask Jesus, "Where are the Christians?  Where are those who are called by your Name?"  You will find that you are the only Christian Jesus can see downtown doing His work.  I blame these church buildings as the "first unbiblical step" in constructing a worthless apostate church. It is an abomination of desolation in its own right.

  63. But we have each other for support in the church.  Do you?  What you may have is you have supported the pastor, but he will not support you.  Financially, that is.  The New Testament church used the collection of money to "help each other" and to "send forth the Gospel."  How much money from these large denominations or rich pastors ever given back to you?  What of the financially poor people inside the church.  Who helps them when they are in deep need?  The pastor may ask for another "special donation" to get people to give even more money to help out, but that is over and above what the pastor should have done in the first place.  The pastor should have paid the hardship bills from the original collection of funds.  These pastors believe that all the money you give them is theirs to keep and is not to be shared with the congregation.  They did not do this in the New Testament church - Romans 12:13.  The pastor is a thief and if he is a thief he will also kill and destroy because that is what Jesus said a thief will do.  We have thieving pastors in our church stealing God's tithe money and not using that money to propagate the true Gospel to save the lost or to share with other Christians in dire need of help.  These pastors keep all the money for themselves.  It is the church's money, but they legally own the church, so you are out of luck the moment you give him any money.  Christians are being duped and they need to wake up to the apostate system and flee from it or they will perish with it.  There are many wolves in sheep clothing today who are not abiding by the New Testament church example.  As a result, they have built the apostate church.

  64. Will the apostate church cease to exist?  Not until Jesus returns.  This false system will only grow from what we have today into a big one-church-world-system apostate church now underway.  Alliances are being made by the big denomination churches as we speak.  It is at the very door.  It is important to warn as many as we can, but the Bible says many will be lost.  The news is not good.

  65. Many pastors preach sermons that mention we should witness to others.  Yes, they do, but if you listen carefully they only "encourage" those to participate in the Great Commission.  They do not teach with classes or programs on how to do it. They do not demand an accounting that each church member must proclaim the Gospel one way or another to reach the lost.  Church members have no fear of excommunication from the church as grounds for disobedience of Jesus commands or for not following official church policy.  It is just a nice speech the pastor is performing in his wonderful sermon that tickles the ears of the flock.  The pastor knows what he is doing.  They are highly educated and smart men, believe me.  They are polished con-artists who know that religion is a sure-fire way to get rich or at the least to make a good living.  Stop listening to pastors and start listening to Jesus Christ.  He has said very important things in His parables. He wants you to listen to His voice and to follow Him.  Don't let the apostate pastor convince you that you must attend worship services inside a church building and belong to a church to abide by God's desires and commands.  The very church you trust can be the very enemy of God.  That's how cults operate and they too are enemies of  God, but the church members of these cults will not agree with this assessment.  You need to start witnessing for Jesus to the lost.  You need to get serious about who you are really serving; your church or the Lord.  You can't serve both.  Not today.  Too many have gone apostate.  Way too many indeed.   

  66. Amazing Bible Facts article pulls no punches.  That is so.  Someone has got to have the courage to tell it the way it is when exposing apostate churches.  It is serious business to see the lost go to hell.  It is even more serious to see those who want to be faithful also end up in hell.  Churchgoers do go to hell because Jesus warned the Pharisees about them making "sons of hell" worse than themselves.  More Christians need to speak out in these last days exposing the apostate church system.  We may be swimming up-water, but I am going to do my part to help warn Christians of the impending danger.  The lion has them in his jaws and they don't realize they will be swallowed into damnation.  I am not the only one speaking out, there are others, but too few.  Christians are being herded like cattle to the slaughter.  Not one cow warns the other because they just can't believe what is to soon happen.  If they knew they would be killed, they would stampede!  False shepherds are leading them to death and to hell.  They will actually be singing religious songs and praising God as they fall into the pit.  They are not being taught to obey the Lord's commands and they are not truly born-again. If they were, they would be working for the Lord and saving the lost every day.  Churchgoers are just churchgoers who have been deceived by crooked pastors posing as angels.  They are good at it too.   It's tough talk, but it is true.  There is not polite easy way to expose apostasy.  I am throwing a lifesaver to those drowning in the water, but few will grab hold of it.  Jesus said this would happen, but it is still disheartening.  Too many people are not going to make it to heaven.  Too many will gnash their teeth in remorse.  Where is the Christian compassion to save the lost from hell?  How come Christians don't care to save the lost?  How can they praise the Lord and disobey Him?   

  67. How do churches become apostate?.  Many are born right out of the gate as pastors graduate from college and approach a bank to get a loan to build a brand new church. Others simply are born into the apostasy.  Daddy had a church, now his son has taken over.  You will notice how the "formula" for success is not altered.  The same programs, same songs, same type of sermons are mimicked.  Pastors learn how to operate a modern church from college and are taught that this is the right way, when it is the wrong way according to the New Testament Bible standards and example.  Pastors copy each other.  They attend pastor conferences and listen to speakers and highly apostate pastors tell them how to run a successful church.  All of this effort is to build and grow a church.  They even learn how to steal other church members from other churches.   That is how many churches grow today beside generational growth.  Pastors are working on a house built on shifting sand.  The Lord is not inside these churches because He will not be confined by man to a church or temple building as Christians would like Him to be.  That is why you don't see church buildings in the New Testament church.  Even then, they had to fight off corrupt pastors and teachers coming into the flock to deceive it. Today pastors herd the flock inside their church, slam the doors shut and lead them to slaughter.  It works to get them money and wealth, so other pastors want a "successful church" too.  Whatever makes money is successful to their eyes.  Saving the lost cost money and if it does not put a penny into their coffers, based on a successful rate of conversions to become tithe paying church members, the evangelism program is cut off.  Now you know why many churches do not evangelize.  It is a worthless church that does not save the lost.  Watch out if you do not tithe to the church! 

  68. Pastors will not evict persons who do not tithe.  Oh, yes they will.  Not all churches, but the bigger ones will come after you and hound you like snarling mad dogs if you dare stop paying your tithes.  They will come knocking on your door at your home to negotiate with you.  Imagine that.  But if you do not go forth and save at least one lost person each month?  They could care less.  Other churches press you hard to sign a contract pledge that you commit yourself to supporting the church with tithe money.  If you fail at any point to pay your tithes they come after you.  That is a legal contract you signed and you are legally held to pay it as you promised.  Contracts should never be used upon church members, but pastors love them as it protects them and they can now take even more money out of the coffers, legally.  The contract never spell out a condition of restriction as to what the pastor can or cannot do with that tithe money.  That is why they use contract pledges.  Tricky isn't it?  It is cunning stuff going on inside the church designed to steal God's tithe for themselves, in the name of the church, of course.  If you signed one of these contracts you will be accused of lying and breaking your promise and demoted from church position and responsibilities.  You are then subject to mistrust, being a Judas betrayer, isolated from the flock with ridicule and embarrassment and that will make you leave the church as a devil or a "backslider."  These slick pastors learn these things from other apostate pastors.  But what happens if you simply refuse to obey Jesus command to go forth to save the lost?  You are still a loyal tithe-paying obedient church member with all privileges and honor intact.

  69. Years ago pastors did preach in the streets.  Yes they did, but what they were actually doing is this.  They were all starting or building a new church and they were desperate to get it filled with new church members. The lost would come to check out the church, but the pastors soon discovered they did not like the "quality" of the lost.  Most were drug users and homeless and had no money.  Pastors do not dare reach out to these "low quality" poor people as they could never have a "successful church."  Are  you seeing the picture?  That is why you don't see apostate pastors reaching out to the lost in the inner cities or other degenerate areas where the lost are.  They don't want "those kind of lost people" to attend their church.  It will also upset any decent tithe-paying church members terribly so that they will leave the pastor's church.  Can you see why the church today is building on sand?  It does not follow the New Testament church and it disobeys Jesus' command to save the lost.  Pastors are fishing for "decent folk" to come to church.  People with jobs, money, family and often religion already ingrained.  They are in the business of saving that which believes it is saved, but in reality taking those who want to be saved and turning them into sons of hell.  Let's assume a pastor lives in another city close by.  He would be too far away for most poor people to attend his church, right?  How come then we don't even see visiting pastors from other cities preaching the Good News of the Gospel in public places?  He could send converts to the local homeless Gospel rescue mission for follow up, but he won't even do this.  Now we see the pastor's true colors and the condition of his heart.  Pastors don't care about the lost and they will do nothing to save the lost themselves.  The congregation sees this perfect example and follow the pastor's lead.  Now you know why nobody in that pastor's church is actively proclaiming the Gospel to the lost.  The pastor does not want the lost to be saved.  Can you imagine how apostate this church system really is?  It is frightening to think of it.  

  70. Some pastors do preach inside jails prisons.  Yes, but again it will be noted that these inmates will not be attending his church, ever.  Many are doing life without parole, others live in far away cities.  Many of these pastors are paid money to preach from government treasury sources.  It's just part of the job.  However, there are some real good born-again Christians donating their time to reach the lost in prisons, but don't expect to see pastors doing this, unless they get a nice healthy paycheck.  The hireling does not care about the flock or the lost.  If there is no paycheck there will be no pastor donating his time to these lost convicts.  Do you think pastors of the big successful churches visit prisoners?  Few do.   

  71. So, pastors should be street preachers?.  That is correct.  All the Apostles and Disciples, including Jesus Christ were "street preachers."  Jesus traveled from town to town and even met and dined inside the homes of known sinners.  When was the last time you ever saw your pastor do these things to share the Gospel to the lost?  He will not dirty his hands! Paul was a street preacher.  The goal was to save the lost and it still is in God's eyes, but pastors will not leave their church environment to reach out to the lost.   They are too busy ministering to the everlasting demands of their flock to care about saving the lost.  They have too many important sermons to formulate than to take time to save the lost.  Saving the lost is what a pastor could care less about.  He wants money and he will go where ever he can smell it.  The lost are often poor so they do not interest him one bit. 

  72. Pastors are not going to like what you say.  It is obvious that they will revile the truth and use justifications to explain away their apostate church.  The fruit that they bear is not the fruit Jesus wants and they operate, behave and teach everything except how to commit churchgoers to the Great Commission.  The unrighteous Pharisees called Jesus a devil and a sinner for associating himself with sinners to proclaim the Gospel.  Today's pastor is like a Pharisee.  They don't obey the Gospel and they will not save the lost.  They love their apostate church and they love their incomes the church brings them.  They have sold out and lost their own souls in the process.

  73. Have you spoken to pastors to expose these things?.  I have been led to scold them in public at times.  The Spirit of God just unleashes on them.  I never have these things planned.  For example I was out proclaiming the Gospel and I took a turn into a parking lot entered a building in a warehouse and discovered it was a brand new church.  Inside I met a pastor playing his guitar, writing up a new song for the choir.  I unleashed a hail storm on his head accusing him of playing church while the entire city of Reno, Nevada goes to hell.  That he is not teaching his church members to even blanket the downtown streets with Gospel tracts.  I could not find any tracts in his pocket.  I even donated about 2,000 tracts to him that cost me about $200.   During that entire year of its existence I still did not see not one of those tracts I bought for his church downtown, not one.  A year later after that meeting this church folded up and failed.  These pastors simply do not care about saving the lost.  You can even give them the tools and they still won't use them.  I see pastors all over the country at motorcycle rallies and other events and they are in the center of lost people and they are hiding.  They are not working to save the lost.  They have not even one Gospel tract on their person to give to anyone.  I scold them for confiscating the Gospel.  Paul scolded Peter when he was in the wrong.  I don't mean to be mean, but the Holy Spirit arises with righteous anger.  Many of these pastors perk up, but they are so hardened they have even refused to take free Gospel tracts from me so they could leave some around to share the Gospel at this event.  These are tracts that I buy from other tract publishers, they are not custom tracts.  But some have a hell-fire message and pastors don't like talking about hell, only heaven.  In any case, these apostate pastors are too busy eating, drinking and having fun to take time to save the lost at these public events.

  74. What to you mean they confiscate the Gospel?  The Gospel is only shared to those who attend church services.  Take a walk downtown and see it for yourself.  No evidence of anyone sharing the Gospel will be found.  You might be lucky to find one pitiful Gospel tract once each month, if that!  You will find a lot of cult literature and porn, but no Gospel message being shared.  You don't see "the church" out en mass with the pastor downtown preaching the Gospel.  The lost, if they want to hear the Gospel must attend a church worship service or no deal.  The pastors have changed Jesus' rules. Instead of sending out Christians to reach the lost, we now have to "advertise" to get them to attend church services.  That tells you church attendance has become so important that pastors have rejected Jesus instructions to "go" to the lost.  Jesus even said the Good Shepherd goes out to seek the lost sheep.  Apostate pastors don't seek the lost and they don't teach others to do it.  The lost are truly lost when nobody cares to throw them a lifesaver (the Gospel).  As it is now, the Gospel is confiscated by the pastors and is hidden from the eyes of the lost.  The pastors run the churches and give the sermons, so it is their fault this is happening.  They are the ones to blame.

  75. But the Gospel is preached on television too.  That is true, but it is a false Gospel that does not bring a born-again conviction (in some cases it can) but the prime motivator is money.  These pastors have found a medium to reach millions of people to give them money.  They shamelessly beg for financial donations on television.  Even telethons are used to raise even more money, yet these ministries have tens of millions of dollars in savings accounts for the pastor and his family.  The Gospel is still confiscated.  It is not preached in its fullness, only in bits and pieces to delight the ears of the television audience.  It is entertainment.  Pastors twist the Gospel around to fit their cleverly constructed sermons.  It is highly apostate.  I admit it is enticing and they do preach some Gospel truth, but it is often mixed in with untruth.  That is how cults operate and deceive many.

  76. What would you like to see the church do?.  Obey the commands of the Lord.  Do whatever training it takes to get the people in the church into the streets to proclaim the Gospel.  Develop true born-again conversion so the flock will be "on fire" for the Lord to bear much good fruit in saving the lost.  Get back on God's agenda to proclaim His Gospel to those who are to perish.  Instill a healthy fear of the Lord.  Take discipline to get unrepentant troublemakers and criminals out of the church.  Share the tithe money with those in need in the congregation.  Use an open accounting and disclosure of tithe spending and reveal the salaries and assets of the pastor to the congregation.  They have a right to know if too much money is going to the pastor or not.  Church business is not a private matter.  A pastor loses his right to privacy when it takes God's money from the flock.  If the pastor will not comply to overhaul his church, then leave his church and start another church that has no church building.  Do not even rent a large building.  Keep the individual church very small meeting in individual's homes, but you can have many such churches. And do not let any pastor obtain control of the church as spiritual authority or as lord and master of all.  You should only serve the Lord and obey His voice (His commands).

  77. You do not believe Christians should invite unbelievers to church?  That is correct.  It is the wrong process.  Churchgoers are led to believe that they are reaching the lost by asking others who are not churchgoers to attend church services with them.  Most all of the lost who do this will still remain lost, but they will eventually become good tithe-paying church members.  Pastors use this method to enrich themselves.  Jesus said to first "go" out into the streets and towns to preach the Gospel.  Those who accept are invited.  Those who reject are not invited.  In contrast, pastors invite everything into the church and that is how criminals and other undesirable enter inside the church.  Now you have ravenous snakes with the wolf and Christians fall victim to crimes of rape, robberies, home repair scams, investment fraud, etc.  Jesus' way "prescreened" the potential wheat from the chaff, but pastors bypass Jesus method to use their own methods.  They then have a successful church full of misery.  The flock suffers, the pastor gets rich.  Deviating from God's ways is a recipe for disaster and many choose to go that route to their own peril.   A Christian who believes he is actually reaching the lost using this method of asking friends to attend church with him is likely lost himself and does not preach the Gospel to the lost on a daily basis.  He is deceived and just obeying his pastor's suggestions and commands.  Getting church members to ask a friend to come to church is an old multi-level marketing tactic pastor's are using to increase their membership count.  It is a man-made device that is not Biblical whatsoever.  Pagan tactics are used by apostate pastors.  The church members are truly blinded by these pastors to see what is going on. 

  78. This brings us to the subject of church loyalty.  And that is the great tool of the apostate church.  They want the entire flock to unquestionably be committed to church loyalty.  The church becomes the idol and God's commands to save the lost become dung. The Lord uses the word "dung" in the Bible when His people worship Him falsely, and even your prayers are dung in His sight.  Harsh words indeed.  The Lord also says He has sons and all others are bastards.  Harsh, yes, but Biblically true nonetheless.  The churches are full of bastards who are not of God, who habitually disregard and despise His commands.  These people do not care about what God tells them to do.  They only listen to their church.  Their loyalty is with their church and their pastor.  Then the pastor presses even harder to get them to submit to him as being their spiritual authority. If you refuse, he threatens this; sheep without a shepherd the wolves come to devour.  I will say this once more, Jesus  Christ of Nazareth is Lord and Savior.  He is our Shepherd and He is our Spiritual Authority.  Do not let these apostate pastors get away with them taking the place of Jesus.  That is what the Catholics do, they have priests representing themselves as Jesus among us and they are even called Father which is a direct violation of what Jesus commanded not to do.  Pastors are now desperate to keep their congregations and are pushing themselves as God when they insist they are to be held in high esteem of being your spiritual authority.  Watch out!  You have a false shepherd in your midst!  This wolf will bite you.

  79. How can pastors betray Jesus?  I believe many do start out right in their heart, but for many when the tithe money begins to flow and accumulates they get sidetracked with worldly things.  Many churches bring in a million dollars a month.  That is serious money. It is true wealth on earth.  It is very hard to keep your hand out of that cookie jar.  Family and relatives also need that money.   A pastor can't say no to his family that needs financial help.  It may only be to buy a new house or a car or pay medical bills, but now the pastor has compromised and is stealing God's tithe.  The church members did not agree to this and much is hidden from their eyes how tithe money is spent.  It may be legal by man's court system and laws, but it is a violation of trust to the congregation.  Again, we come to that church building being owned by the pastor (or denomination) and it calling itself the house of God thereby proclaiming they have a right to collecting God's tithe money from the flock.  This evil step in the apostate system is the beginning phase to the corruption and troubles that are later built upon this sand castle.  Soon the pastor becomes jaded and takes more money for himself and then becomes a total outlaw disobeying many of Jesus commands like a bad habit.  Money is the prime factor why pastors betray Jesus, just as Judas did for 30 pieces of silver.  Nothing has changed.  Imagine a church taking in a million dollars a month in tithe income.  Walk around that church and the neighborhood.  Do you see any free Gospel literature anywhere to save the lost?  What you see is a tree that bears no good fruit.  It stands naked as a church building resembling a dead branch.  What is it doing with that $1,000,000.00 each month?  Who is getting saved?  Just 10% of a million dollars could pave the streets with the Gospel for an entire year!

  80. But the church does minister to its members.  That is the only goal the modern church really has when it comes to ministry, to employ members within. to promote them into what they call ministry to appease the flock and patch their wounds, and not one has even gone out to fight the battle!  They are serving the church and not serving the Lord.  There is a huge difference, but pastors teach people that by serving the church you are serving the Lord.  This is a lie.  Jesus harshly scolded the Pharisees for putting their church traditions first so they could disobey the Lord's commands.  The servants of the Lord are to hear the Lord's voice and follow Him and obey His commands.  Not the church and not the pastor.  The pastor's job was to teach and guide the flock to walk in the Master's path.  They instead take the flock down another path so far away they can no longer hear the Master's voice calling out to them.  Now the flock is suffering and the pastor hires ministers to appease them and to soothe their awful cries for help, but the pastor will not lead them back to the Master. He only tells them he has in wonderful sermons, but he does not actually do it.  It is horrible what is going on inside churches today.  Shameful things. A false Gospel is preached.

  81. Why be so hard on pastors?  Because they are the ones who are in control. They are the ones who are teaching the flock to disobey the Lord.  They are the ones responsible for the apostate church to thrive and flourish.  They are the ones who's hand is filled with silver coins.  They are the ones selling the Gospel.  They are the ones selling graven images and idols.  They are the ones who are sending people to hell, yet telling them they are going to heaven, or worse purgatory, a place that does not Biblically exist nor did Jesus teach of it.  They are the ones that need to be exposed to correct them of their Biblically unlawful ways that are destroying people and ruining God's Kingdom.  They are the ones who are not saving the lost.  The pastors have the power and the obligation to clean up the church and make it pure, but they choose to defile it.  I am not hard on the pastors and priests.  Just read what Jesus had to say to the Pharisees.  He called them snakes and vipers, dead men, devils and other awful insulting things.  I have not done this because Jesus has already said it to these apostate pastors and priests.  On the other hand, I have found there is no easy way to expose corruption.  Jesus had to take the hard approach using insults if need be and there was need to do so. You have to compare pastor's words and teachings to the Word of God and the spirit of the Word's intent and purpose and then tell it like it is to expose the apostasy.  It is serious business to see the innocent go to hell because they believe apostate pastor's and priests; blind guides leading the flock into the deep pit of hell.  Jesus warned of that too!  The pastors are keeping these parables away from the eyes of the faithful in order to sideswipe and mislead them.  The pastor's and priests deserve a good tongue-lashing.  If that insults them or hurts their feeling, too bad.  Like Pharisees they deserve it.  It is better than what Jesus is going to do them on the Lord's Day of judgment!  Justice will be served.

  82. Who is listening to you and what is your target audience?  I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness.  I do not say I am equal to John the Baptist, I'm just saying I am voicing my concerns into a great wilderness of apostasy.  I am not concerned who hears me.  My concern is to shout as loud as I can for those in the flock to lift up their heads and look around to see who they are following.  If anything,  if it helps people to examine if they are in the faith or not, my job is done.  If they can come to a point where they will be willing to leave their church, if need be, to follow Jesus Christ of Nazareth - so they can walk with the Lord without compromising Biblical truths - so be it.  Christians are following their pastor's and priest's desires and forfeiting Jesus' instructions in the process.  This a recipe for great danger because it is hell without Jesus.  They think they can have Jesus and disobey Him?  Jesus hates hypocrites more than you want to believe otherwise.  Just listen to Him as He scolded hypocrites in the  Bible.  You can be sure that praising and worshiping Christians who are hypocrites and disobedient will not be with Jesus in heaven.  Pastor's and priest teach that churchgoers will go to heaven.  That is not going to happen.  Only those who obey the will of the Father will enter heaven.  I choose not to believe or to obey false pastor's and priests who contradict God's written Word in the Bible.   God said to let every man be a liar and to let God be true.  Amen.

  83. Who gave you the authority to expose the church ills?  I will say the Lord gave me the insight to see the great apostate church system.  He opened my eyes to see these things, things I never saw before or suspected was taking place.  I was very naive, like the majority of churchgoers.  When I would go downtown in major cities I often would stop and complain to the Lord that there are no workers in the harvest field.  I would ask Him, "Lord, were are the Christians?  Where are the pastors?  Why am I all alone doing proclaiming the Gospel to the lost?  There are tens of thousands of Christians in this town and not one is here to save the lost.  Where is the evidence that they were here?  I don't see any evidence.  Not even one Gospel tract left behind, not even one.  Here I am in a courthouse and not one Christian is here to save these lost people, why?  Who is responsible for ignoring the Great Commission?"  From these experiences the Lord exposed more of the apostasy to me.  It is common sense that it needs to be exposed.  I did not want to do it, but the Spirit inside is just bursting at the seams, crying out for the church to save the lost and to save themselves from their own religious leaders and pastors who are misleading them.  I just could not contain this knowledge.  I am sharing what the Lord has revealed to me.

  84. You have much learned knowledge.  That I do not have by men.  I never graduated from a Sunday school or Bible study.  Believe it or not, I learned this by just reading the Bible and speaking to God.  I ask Him for knowledge and He gives it to me. I am not a scholar, not at all.  The average churchgoer knows the Bible way more than I do.  I can't even memorize verses, my memory is that bad.  That is why I flunked all my grades in grammar and high school.  I have a learning disability that I am well aware of.  I have to rely on God to give me knowledge, skill and ability.  If you really knew how uneducated that I am, you would be amazed of how I accomplish so much.  It amazes me to this day.  I could not even pass a high school G.E.D. test, yet the Lord made me a success in life - praise be to God for His miracles and His promises that He always keeps!  I live on God's promises.  I could not survive a debate on my own with any learned Bible scholar.  What I am doing exposing the apostate church is not of my doing.  It is the Lord urging me on and all I am doing is following His desire as to what He wants me to expose.  If I am making a big mistake, then I am going to hell because I am condemning the modern-day church.  But from what I see in the Bible, I am exposing an apostasy that conflicts with the Word of God.  I am not a talented person.  I let the Lord give me the talent when I need it.  He supplies all my needs at the time I need it.  I am so unlearned that I often complain to the Lord that He is using the wrong person to do this job.  A priest and a pastor would be the best person to expose the apostate church, not me.  I still don't feel I am the right person and I never will.  But I will do the job if Jesus commands it, and so here I am.  But I still wish somebody else would do it for me.  I don't like exposing the church's wrongs. Why do I have to do it?  Why does God use the weak people to do His strong work?  At least God used Martin Luther who was a priest to expose the Catholic church.  At least he was a person of influence.  I am not and my job is to expose a much bigger church system.  Does anyone want to take this job for me?  I hear a great noise of silence, don't you?

  85. I assume you are angry with the church.  Yes, because the church is in a position of great trust and literally millions of people rely and believe in these pastors and priests and they are being deceived by the traditions of men.  Even pastors and priest themselves are deceived and they don't realize it, but there are many who do know it and are the cause of apostasy.  To get changes to happen, those who are in power must be exposed of the wrongdoing that they are endorsing and promoting.  You can't scold the churchgoer  for the wrongs of the pastor or the denomination.  All you can do is warn the churchgoer of the apostasy being taught to them.  I am warning the churchgoer and exposing the pastor.  Yes, it gets me angry but that is not a sin because Jesus showed a lot of anger toward apostate Pharisees, leaders of the church!  I am not happy and thrilled to see the flock heading head-over-heels toward hell's fire.  I am very upset that the church does not care to save the lost.  I see the lost everyday not being reached by dedicated churchgoing Christians.  That does not make me happy and the Lord is angry with the wicked everyday.  In this instance, the wicked is the Christian churchgoer and the wicked pastor leading them on not to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  Should this make a Christian happy to see this every day?  No, it should make him angry at the church for disobeying God's Word and commands.  I am angry, yes.  I admit that.  I have lost complete trust in the modern day church.  The lost will be angry to when they see the flames of hell.  They will curse those who did not warn them of this awful place.  The Lord say's He will be angry and hold those Christians responsible for the blood of the lost.  That is what He said.

  86. The church says men are justified apart from observing the law.  That is not true.  The Bible does not say that.  This is what the Bible says, "Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law" - Romans 3:28.  It means faith overrides the law that keeping the law in itself will not save you, but your faith will.  The law still exists and if you kill, steal, commit adultery, not keep the Sabbath holy, etc., you will still be deemed a law-violator.  This Bible verse does not give a license to disobey the Ten Commandments and it does not give you permission to sin.  Christians think they can disregard the laws in the Bible and disregard the commands of Jesus as being legalistic.  They think their faith overrides the Lord's commands and expectations.  They take this verse out of context and run with it  "Whoopee, we no longer need to keep God's laws."  They will be sorry on judgment day.  They need to repent and obey the Lord's commands or they will face destruction.  I am not happy when I think of the apostate church.

  87. The Bible says a man need not work to be saved.  Yes, that is partially true, but that man who chooses not to work had better have a good reason to convince God not to send him to hell.  The Bible says in Romans 4:5 " But to him that worketh not, but believeth on Him that justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness."  Pastors love to use this one verse to justify to their congregations that nobody needs to go proclaim the Gospel.  Nobody in his church needs to obey Jesus commands.  Nobody needs to be concerned of Jesus' parables warning the servants that they will be cast into hell if they do not bear good fruit, etc.  They twist the Gospel to make excuses to not go to work for the Lord.  "Hey, everybody.  Just have faith, that is all you need to get into heaven, so don't bother trying to reach the lost, you already got your ticket to heaven!"  I will warn those who read this.  They better start listening to what Jesus said and take heed fully over and above any of what His servants have said.  The Bible had to be translated from a difficult Greek language and we can miss specific meanings.  He could have been addressing the sick or the frail elderly who can't work.  Jesus never expects you not to bear good fruit, so don't rely on Romans 4:5 to cancel Jesus' commands and expectations.  Once verse in the entire Bible will not make void Jesus' multiple warnings to those who choose to disobey Him.  Read the Bible yourself and discover Jesus' parables and commands, then do what He said to do. Stop looking for excuses and justifications so you don't have to bear much good fruit or save the lost.  Read what Jesus does to the lazy and unfruitful servants.  He does not send them to heaven.

  88. What good work can you recommend in a nutshell.  I believe when you see the down, out and hurting homeless man or woman you are looking at Lazarus.  You are the rich man in Luke16:20.  We are in big trouble, very big trouble if we habitually keep turning our eyes away from these suffering people.  It means hell.  Your faith may not save you and it certainly would not be wise to even take that chance to challenge Jesus' parable.  God said that those who give mercy shall receive mercy.  We need that mercy!  If we pass these homeless people by without giving them some money and food to help them get by we are in danger of judgment for being unmerciful to others.  Even calling a man a fool puts us in danger of judgment, imagine facing the Lord face-to-face as He reminds you of this parable.  What could you possibly say in your defense if you passed the unfortunate by without performing merciful works?  Where was your love?  You are doomed.  Jesus Words will not be erased.  His Word is law itself.  If you violate His Word it will be a stone to grind you into powder.  It is high time we begin to fear the Lord and to keep his parables too!  They are His final warnings to us.  I am not saying you must stop to assist every beggar.  Let the Spirit of God guide you on a case-by-case basis.  But if you feel the urge, then give.  You will know when it is right or not with a little practice.  The point is to be merciful, so start being merciful if you want Jesus to grant mercy to you.  I discovered that Jesus gives miracles to those who are merciful to others.  I have had my share of miracles and I want more mercy and more miracles, so I keep being merciful to those who deserve nothing.  See how much we can learn and do just from one of Jesus' parables?  Just one parable alone can do wonders for you.  Change your life, even get you healed from disease.  Mercy is a wonderful gift.  Now pity requires no action, but mercy does.  So you need to act out your mercy or it will just be deemed faithless and ungodly pity.  Be merciful.

  89. That brings us to healing.  How do we get healed from disease?  I will quote God's promise, "And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and they water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee. - Exodus 23:25."  Notice God says you will serve Him, not your pastor, not your priest, not your church, not your denomination.  If you go to work proclaiming the Gospel you will certainly be serving the Lord your God.  Put the Kingdom of God first and everything else will be taken care of.  Stop working for your church and go to work for the Lord and you will be healed!  Put God's tithe money where it belongs; back into His purpose to save that which is lost.  Invest in Gospel tracts and leave them everywhere you go.  Now, if you do this, who do you think you are working for?  Your pastor may not approve because in his evil eye you are stealing his tithe money and he will refuse to ordain you.  The Lord has already ordained you to proclaim the Gospel.  You don't need any church approval to obey the Lord's commands.  You are now free to serve the Lord and Him alone.  Go to work and let the Lord keep His promise to heal you.  And He does keep His promises.  Do you believe that?  Dare to believe it!         

  90. What do you think will come of exposing the apostate system?  I believe we will see the Christian world turn up-side-down as the apostate church is exposed and the flock's eyes are opened.  Many will come out of the churches to follow the Lord and Him alone because the churches have gone astray beyond the point of redemption.  The great falling away from the truth has already culminated into a great apostate church, but now the Lord is calling people to come out of it, before the plagues arrive. "Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." - Revelation 18:4  If you are in an organized religion you are in great danger and that can be a huge denomination church or a small pastor-owned church.  As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. - Joshua 24:15.  

  91. Paul said he laid a foundation as an expert builder.  Was this a church he was building?   No it was not a physical church.  Paul never built a church building and he never asked anyone to do so.  He was explaining that he built a foundation based on the truth of the Gospel (I Corinthians 3:10) but apostate pastors use this verse to justify themselves constructing a physical church building.  You will see new church buildings popping up everywhere in our cites.  This is the last thing we need.  The cities are riddled with crime and the lost are deeply lost.  Another church building does nothing to reach these lost souls.  What it will do is steal God's tithe money so the Gospel can't be proclaimed where it is sorely needed.  The pastor's church "program" is not to save the lost, but to serve the selfish needs of church members.  They are more interested in having Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Fourth of July concerts, plays and music productions.  They say it attracts the lost, but it only attracts those who will become apostate members of the apostate church.  The real lost are never given the Gospel; those in the cities, streets, courtrooms, jails, etc.  The church only wants to play church and to follow the pastor or priest to its certain doom.  The fact remains, the Bible never authorized the construction of any physical church building.  Once that Biblical foundation was breeched it opened the door for countless unclean and foul demon spirits to inhabit it.   What appears to be holy is actually a worthless system that is an abomination in God's eyes.  A system hell-bent on disobeying God's laws and commands' a counterfeit church.

  92. What more have you seen that disturbs you inside the church?  I find it appalling that some of the biggest churches in America have armed guards walking about the congregation when worship services are being conducted.  I don't care what the reasons are for this, but it has no place in a real house of God, that is if it were possible it could be a house of God.  The guards are to protect the pastor from violence.  So, I suppose Jesus was wrong when He said not to take up the sword?  I dare not.  This is just another example of the apostate church system going haywire trying to patch up the mess they have created upon themselves.  The Lord did not take up arms.  The Apostles did not take up arms to proclaim the Gospel and they did not have armed guards when the met in fellowship.  If you see armed guards in a church I would strongly suspect that the church is corrupted by an arrogant and lawless pastor posing as a holy disciple of the Lord.  A false prophet who is selling everything he can to take money from the congregation.  That is my brief opinion and I believe it is true.  The Lord said to beware of false prophets and teachers.  Who's paying for the armed security officers?  Should we now bring armed guards and weapons with us when we go downtown to witness to the lost?  Jesus was a celebrity, so were the Apostles and Paul was too.  They did not carry weapons and they were not escorted by spear, sword or crossbow carrying security personnel.  If you can't see the apostasy going on here, there is little hope you ever will see the truth.  There is a good reason why some pastors get attacked  and it is not because they are men of God.  It is usually due to an improper act. It could be investment deals gone sour, outright theft, lies or adultery.  Regardless, it is not Biblical to employ armed guards and to have them patrolling the isles during fellowship meetings or during church services.  Do missionaries in the third world nations carry guns?  Why is it that only the filthy rich pastors in America must have armed protection services?  Put two-and-two together and you'll see the apostasy in this activity.  By the way, your tithe money pays for these armed guards!

  93. How can you tell if a person is in an apostate church?  I can see his fruit and that will tell me.  A person who believes the Bible will do what the Bible says to do.  A person that believes in his church will do what the church tells him to do.  Jesus said you can't serve two masters and that you will actually despise one or the other.  Christians despise God's commands to proclaim the Gospel.  They rather believe their pastor or priest and faithfully show up for Sunday (or Saturday) worship service, but they will not proclaim the Gospel to the the lost.  They have no passion for that.  The way a person spends his time and money is a perfect demonstration of fact.  It reveals what his true passion is focused on.  It reveals who he is really serving.  So, if I see a person that is not evangelizing I know right away that they are not serving the Lord.  If they don't even want to talk about evangelizing I know by this fruit they are false converts and not truly born-again.  These people are hearers and not doers.  They are lazy and unprofitable servants.  They can sing up a storm and memorize the Bible verses and study the Word with zeal, but if they do not bear much good fruit they are no longer attached the the vine and are dried up.  It is easy to recognize an apostate church member.  Primarily, they are not reaching out to save that which is lost.  They do not want to do what God commands them to do.

  94. What else upsets you about the apostate church?  I could write a book, maybe three.  I don't like the scheming pastors do.  They do all sorts of market research on the community they want to reach and most all of it boils down to targeting rich people; meaning anyone who has a home, a good job, a family to feed and a high income.  Then the pastor develops methods to attract these rich people to come worship at his church.  Never mind about the poor lost people, they can go to hell as far as these pastors care.  It is amazing to hear such sweet words come from their sermons. They say the kindest things about Jesus to melt your heart, but they are wolves pretending to be sheep.  It takes quite a professional hypocrite to do such things, but they learn these things in the church when they are young and then learn more when they go to seminary schools, then learn even more wicked worldly tactics at pastor seminars.  You should hear the secret things pastors talk about among each other.  It will make your ears curl.  The mere fact the apostate church has become "acceptable" in the eyes of the congregation is upsetting.  If you look at the New Testament church and what they did and compare it to the modern church you will see the modern church is no longer Christian.  It calls itself Christian, looks Christian and even sounds Christian, but it is far from what the Lord desires.  It steals money so God's real work to save the lost is not performed and it blinds the eyes and deadens the heart of the flock to just attend church and do no more for the Lord.  They are taught to ignore Jesus commands and parables.  Must I continue?

  95. People will say you are nuts.  What do you say to that?  I can tell you it will not be a surprise to me.  Jesus was at great enmity with the organized church of His time, the Jewish religious system.  They hated Jesus so much they plotted to trap Him and they did kill Him on the cross (even though Jesus came for this purpose) the fact remains the  Bible tells the story of how the church leaders reviled Jesus' teachings.  The Apostles were also attacked, beaten and killed by these religious hypocrites who pretend that they know God and that they will show the way.  Jesus called them many things and He warned that they were blind guides.  He sternly tells us that if you follow false teachers you will go to hell with them.  Today, pastors and priests have people hoodwinked into believing their church is the way to heaven.  However, Jesus is the only way to heaven as He is the Son of God and we are told in God's Word to only serve the Lord.  Attending church services is not serving the Lord, not today it isn't.  It is serving the pastor's church and lining his pockets with gold.  That is the real fruit the apostate church blooms; money in someone's bank account and lots of it too.  Those big denominations pay huge embarrassing salaries to it's top-level administrators.  If people want to call me nuts, go ahead.  I am exposing the apostate church system and how it operates contrary to the Bible's examples we are to follow.  If that is being nuts so be it, but I think  the people in greatest danger are the ones who are being fooled by these apostate churches.  I'd rather be called a fool for Christ than end up in hell for all time for following the apostate church.  I need to warn the flock that they are in danger of perishing.  They need to come out of these apostate churches before it is too late.

  96. How do churches grow today?  In America they do not grow by reaching out to the lost and saving them.  That is what the Bible instructs, but the pastor's have come up with a brilliant technique that by-passes what  God wants.  They market their churches to the rich, upper and middle-class to attract them to attend their church.  They have all sorts of church programs to cater to these people.  The church thrives on programs.  The more programs the better.  About 70% of America is full of lost people who never attend church, but these pastors only target the 30% of Americans who have jobs and money and are already a member of another church.  Pastor's "steal" members from other churches and call it growth.  Denominations do the same and both rely on internal growth as families within the church grow, the church grows.  But remember, the 70% is left behind.  No church member goes out to witness to the lost, especially to the poor.  Lazarus is always left behind with his sores and illness begging for the bread of life, but not one Christian goes out looking for him.  If they accidentally see him, they turn away and pretend they did not see him.  Or they feel pity, but no mercy is extended.  This conditioning is created by modern church teachings and it is not Biblical I assure you that.  A Church was to grow by saving the lost.  That was the original purpose of the church.  That is not done today.

  97. Many Christians do not believe that is true.  I can tell you from experience it is true.  There is one test I tell Christians who doubt.  Fill  your pockets full of Gospel tract and head on out downtown day or night.  Look around to see the evidence a Christian has tried to reach the lost.  Now ask the Lord why you are all alone?  Ask Him, "Where are the Christians, those who are called by your name?"  Now think just how many Christians are attending weekly worship services and ponder that of the tens of thousands (even millions of Christians in large cities) and none desire to do what you are doing today.  Here you can see the lost everywhere and there is no Gospel being presented to them.  The truth is the Gospel does not exist here.  You may even see a church, but the doors will be locked anyway and there will be no church member downtown reaching out to save the lost.  They are home watching TV or going to the movie theater, or dining out.  Ask yourself where is your pastor right now?  Where are all those fine young speakers you see in your church boldly proclaiming the Gospel in the pulpit?  Shouldn't they be here witnessing to the lost?  Have they ever done so?  Do they teach the flock how to evangelize?  Do you see any Christian working to save the lost?  Sadly, you will find yourself all alone. You will be the only one working for the Lord today downtown!  If you are very lucky, you may see one or two Christians working, but the odds are against you will.  And even if there were three, there should be more, a lot more!  There should be thousands upon thousands working the streets proclaiming the Gospel to the millions of lost people in this city.  But what you see is a barren desert filled with the faces of the doomed.  When you go downtown to proclaim the Gospel and find yourself all alone you can blame your pastor for all these doomed people heading to hell.  After all, it is the pastor who runs the show in his church and if he says with authority that you must go proclaim the Gospel and means it to remain a member of the church in good standing, then you will see members doing it or leaving his church by the droves.  Who wants to go save the lost?  Raise your hand!

  98. Why do Christians believe their church is the only true church?  They believe what they are told by church tradition and doctrines.  They are told by their pastors or priests so many times that their church is the only way to heaven that they simply believe that they could never be lied to.  At least not by their church.  The interpretations of the Bible by these churches are contorted so that it conforms to their belief system.  Some even make up their own versions of the Bible and then tell their members, "Here is the real truth."  The King James version is the only version that is the most accurate translation of the Greet texts.  This is a proven fact.  Any other Bible will steer you in another direction one way or another.  If you tell a lie enough times it will eventually become known as a truth.  This is why Jesus explained that He was the way, the truth and the life.  Notice He did not say that the church was the way.  If it was the way you would be certain the church would have been mentioned.  Religion is not the way to heaven it is the highway to hell.  God hates religion.  He wants obedience and loyal born-again servants who will do His will.  To do things that make Him happy.  What makes Him happy is spelled out clearly in the Bible; meet the needs of widows and orphans and to save the lost are just  two things that makes God smile.  The pastors convince the flock that if the church does some of these things then each individual will be deemed working for the Lord and will get their reward in heaven.  The Bible does not say that at all.  In fact, the Bible warns Christians to watch out for the hireling and the false teachers as they will surely lead you astray.  People are believing lies because they do not read the Bible themselves and they refuse to do (obey) what they learn in the Bible.  Most are just following in their parents footsteps believing their faith is secure in their church, but the Bible says they are in very great danger of hell.  How come we don't see or hear pastors warning these people?  When I was a Catholic, not one pastor ever warned me that I was in a cult, not one!  If found out the truth by reading history books about the Catholic church and reading the King James Version of the Bible.   You won't get the truth from false pastors and you certainly won't get any truth from deceived priests.

  99. How then can those trapped be rescued?  This is big trouble because so many are deeply deceived and totally convinced their church is the right church on earth. They still believe they must belong to a church to be saved.  The Bible wants to set them free from this entrapment of religion and church membership and participation in worship services.  They are deeply brainwashed to believe these things to be true and they can't escape.  They could if they read their Bibles for themselves and believe what Jesus is saying to them in His Words and in His parables.  If they started obeying God to reach the lost they would be touched by the Lord and their eyes will be opened to see the apostate church for what it is.  As long as they steep themselves with the apostate church system and do not act with mercy to save the lost, they will be doomed to be cast into hell.  They believe they are saved, but to be a saved churchgoer is not  Biblical.  A saved person saves others.  Imagine you were just saved from a sinking boat.  You turn around and see a passenger sinking in the cold water and she is screaming for you to help her, but you just turn away.  That is how apostate Christians behave toward the lost.  It is this rotten fruit the apostate churches create; filled to the brim with do-nothing Christians.  No good works are performed, just attend church and all is fine, so it is they say.  Jesus will rescue any who will dare to reach out and call on Him to save them from their apostate church.  I believe this very much.  But you will find Christians too busy defending their church than to humbly admit they are wrong and to fall at the feet of Jesus for real salvation.  They believe the fables and the lies more than they believe God's Word.  They also have no fear of the living God.  If they did, they would wake up and obey Him without delay.  Pastors do not teach the flock how to witness to anybody, never mind those who are trapped inside the cult religions.  Many are lost because pastor's are not doing their job.

  100. What about Sunday school and Bible studies?  They never graduate anybody.  Nobody get graduated or trained to proclaim the Gospel.  They are on a perpetual search for the truth and it evades them.  Many go to their graves and have never saved one lost person or even try.  So what good is to have knowledge that can't be used?  There are fine knowledgeable men in churches across America and you certainly will hear them in the pulpit behind closed doors loudly and with great confidence teach Scriptures and produce powerful sermons.   They will dazzle you with their brightness, but you will see them cower like little girls if they are asked to go downtown and proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  These very talented church members are in the businesses of saving the saved, but not saving the lost.  They have neglected their talent and misdirected it and yet they believe God is pleased with them.  No.  God wants them to get out from behind the pulpit and go save the lost.  Lazarus is waiting for them, but only the dogs show up to lick his sores!  So, there you have it.  Sunday school and Bible studies will only produce useless knowledge that can't be applied if it is not performed as intended.  All of the Apostles and Paul would scream harsh scolding if they could tell us of what they see the church is doing today.  They all obeyed Christ to proclaim the Gospel to the lost as the church's prime mission.  Is that what Sunday and Bible school is doing?  It does not prepare people in training to reach the lost.  That's what Satan wants.  He wants churches that do not obey God and churches that will not save the lost.  He built the apostate church so he can get Christians to join him in hell's fire.  What good is a surgeon if he does not perform surgery?  What good is a Christian if he does not reach out to save the lost?  Read Matthew 4:19.

  101. What about false apostles?  The Bible said there would come unto you false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.  That is a perfect description of the modern day pastor and priest who is taking money from you.  Jesus never authorized Christians to give money to apostate pastors and priests, especially priests because the priesthood was dismantled and annihilated by the New Testament.  The New Testament never mentions the word priest on how to run a church! Go read it for yourself.  The corrupt pastor will be selling you many things for you to buy that make money for his church.  He will beg you to give love-gift money to his church.  He will preach powerful sermons in a tone of voice that that denotes authority has been granted to him.  Some will speak with a gentle tone of Christ-like humility to deceive those who listen to his sweet-sounding sermons.  He will transform himself into a loyal apostle of Christ to get you to follow him, in Jesus name of course.  Read II Corinthians 11:13-15 if you don't believe it.  The apostate church is alive and thriving before your very eyes.  The Bible said it was to happen and here it is happening just like it said it would.  Learn all you can about the apostate church system and how it operates then expose it to warn others to come out of it before they perish with it.     

  102. My pastor said we are all saved, forever saved.  That is what is preached to keep you doing nothing for the Lord.  The moment you realize that you may not be saved, that maybe the pastor is wrong and maybe Jesus is right after all, then that "once saved-always saved" theory goes down the drain.  You can not backslide and become a thief, a murderer, a homosexual or a pervert and go to heaven.  The Bible says you can't. There are churchgoers who are backsliders that are not in those severe categories but the Lord will spit out of His mouth those who are luke warm.  That is not an example Jesus was giving to say you are saved!  He said he will cast those who practice iniquity (also interpreted as disobedient to His Words) into outer darkness and their smoke of their torment will rise forever.   That is not going to heaven!  If so, it sounds like hell is heaven.  In that case, if your pastor keeps telling you, you are saved you may be going to a heaven that is a mighty hot place indeed.  The moment you start trusting men and not God you are in great danger of losing your soul, especially with the apostate system in place today.  It is a ticket to hell.  I am trying to warn you as best as I can to wake up and start listening to Jesus and obey what He said for you to do.  You must get to doing or you risk doing nothing for Him.  Many people will be in hell screaming at their pastors and priests who have lied to them.  Don't be one of them.   

  103. Many Christians are terrified to preach.  This is true.  They are very afraid, but they don't realize how easy it is to do in America.  Pastors will not show them how to do it.  I've seen pastors cry on stage inside the church, tears streaming down on the pulpit over the lost.  What a faker.  If he was so concerned he would say, "Folks, I've had it.  Tonight we are going downtown to save the lost.  Who is with me?"  What you will hear is, "Please, please, give your love offering to this ministry to help us save the lost."  The pastor needs to teach all of his church members to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  However, you will notice there is no "program" to teach "everyone" how to do it.  There is no hands-on demonstrations given and there are certainly no "field trips" into the land of the lost to put into practice what they have learned in church to save the lost.  No wonder the Christians are terrified to preach the Gospel, they are being led to believe they must be special and ordained to save the lost.  Every Christian is ordained by Jesus Christ already, so you don't need your church approval, just go do it.  Fight your fears or you will remain fearful.  The Lord said the fearful will not enter heaven.  Believe it because He said so.  It is a warning to you.  Perhaps it would be better to start your own evangelistic program from your own home, just like the New Testament church did.  The pastor knows he should be teaching God's Word and God's will and God's commands.  The fact he does not is a clear sign of apostasy.  Leave this pastor behind, follow Jesus and go save the lost.  Do not fear, the Lord will be with you.       

  104. Share some advice to those who want to share the Gospel.  First, realize that Jesus never said to sit down and try to convince people to believe.  He never said to argue or debate endlessly, so you don't have to be a great speaker or speak to people face-to-face on the street.  You should first start by not speaking to anyone and just leave Gospel tracts around town.  This will get your feet out of that dry church you belong to and get your toes wet in the real world.  When you feel more comfortable try handing out tracts to people as the walk by.  If this is what you want to do, then do it.  If not, just continue leaving tracts like an undercover spy, never to be seen in the act of doing so.  At least you are now getting the Gospel out to the lost. Remember, you do not need to argue with anyone.  Jesus said to proclaim the Gospel and shake the dust from your feet if they do not want to hear it.  No hassles required.  In the mean time read this wonderful book by Ray Comfort The Way of the Master.  It will plainly show you how to avoid all arguments and theories from atheists and skeptics.  You will love this book, you really will.  It will change your life.  You will now have the knowledge that should have been taught to you in Sunday school and Bible studies, but was never given to you by your pastor.  You will now use the techniques Jesus used to save the lost and they will become born-again Christians, not another crop of unconverted religious pagans.  Just start with what I have  given here and let God give you the courage to expand your ministry.  I am not authenticating Ray Comfort's ministry.  I did enjoy his book and found it to be of great value.

  105. But they must tell the saved what church to attend.  I would never do that, not today.  You may send the saved person back into slavery and hell's fire if you are sending them to become members of an apostate church.  Think of that.  It is best to leave this matter entirely to the Lord.  His arm is not so short that He can't lead a person where He wants them to go.  And if the Lord leads a person to a church that later proves to be apostate, I truly believe the Lord will wake that person up and draw him out of it.  Perhaps the Lord wants him to go into another apostate church so he learns about the cult then later expose it himself.  Don't play God in this matter, leave it alone.  Just proclaim the Gospel.  If need be, start your own church in your own home just like the New Testament church has done with great success to save the lost and to proclaim the Gospel to the world.  I believe it is a very big mistake to lead a person into a specific church.  If you later discover it is apostate and find all the people you saved doomed to hell, your reward may be nonexistent.  All wasted work.  Maybe a lifetime of wasted work.  If there were no apostate system, I would say yes, go ahead, but not with the system that is ruling today. It certainly can't be trusted.  It violates too many of God's principles and commands.

  106. What about neighborhood evangelism?  The Lord Jesus said not to go door-to-door.  He did not want His Disciples to be knocking on doors disturbing people.  Some of the biggest apostate churches started and still do knock on peoples doors, disobeying Jesus' command.  I believe it is okay if you sent postal mail to residents as this does not "disrupt" people like a knock on the door.  I believe it is okay to leave a Gospel tract by the front steps or toss one in a driveway as this is not directly disrupting their peace.  But never knock on the door and debate with people or try to get them to attend your church.  This is one method Jesus specifically said not to do.  If  you look at the past activities of cults you will see that they knocked on doors to start their church, and still do so today whenever they feel like doing so.  Read the history of you church and find out if the original founding fathers did this.  If so, be assured the foundation of this church is already crumbled in God's eyes and will not be blessed by His Spirit.  It's like praying to God asking Him for a favor when you have a stolen item in your pocket.  He will not hear your prayer.  We are to openly proclaim the Gospel in public places and not to do so behind closed doors, even the closed doors of a stranger's home we should not do it.  We are not to be proclaiming the Gospel behind the closed doors of a church building.  It should be proclaimed to the lost who know nothing about attending church.  That may even be far away from your church deep into crime-ridden neighborhoods. 

  107. What qualifications should church members have?  The apostate church just opens its doors and lets everyone inside.  All are welcome. That means even the hard-core rapist is welcomed into the flock, unrepentant murderers and child abductors, you name it.  This is wrong.  The disciples of Christ would go forth and proclaim the Gospel to the lost and those who heard the Good News, repented and were baptized were then enjoined into church fellowship meetings inside personal homes, not a church building.  Outlaws and unbelievers were certainly not invited to church.  In fact, the Bible repeatedly says to not enjoin yourself with the unbeliever, do not be unequally yoked with them.  So, the apostate church builds a church building and lets anybody inside.  No wonder it is so corrupted.  The only people who should be invited inside the church are those who are truly born-again believers.  Only the born-again ought to be eligible for attendance.   We know the New Testament church did this by example and with common sense.  With persecution they had to face, you don't invite just anybody to your fellowship meetings or you will be turned over to the authorities to face the death penalty.  The church today actually invites violent gang members and career criminals into the church.  It is a criminal's paradise with easy victims at hand.  It's how the devil can infiltrate the church with ease to kill, steal and destroy.  You can thank your pastor for this horror.  He advertises his church in the newspapers and yellow pages inviting everyone is welcome.  Imagine that.  Now you are not even safe in your own church.  Your house may be robbed, car broken into or stolen or subject to worse acts of violence because of the pastor's wide open invitation policy.      

  108. How do we evict an apostate pastor?  Read II Corinthians 6:14-18.  You are not to have him in your church.  You are not to associate with those who serve darkness and you are not to listen to their false Gospel.  The Bible gives instructions on how to discipline members, but I must warn you in advance, the pastor likely "legally owns" the church you thought was your church, so you can never get rid of him.  You have to leave his church.  If you see the gross sins in the big denominational churches taking place you will find even they are "very reluctant" to discipline sinners in the church.  Take for example the multitudes of Catholic child-molesting priests and the protestants ordaining homosexual Bishops and performing gay marriages, etc.  You can't change these apostate systems.  The only option is for you to get out of them, just what the Bible commands you to do.

  109. You believe the fear of God is not taught in the church?  The amazing thing is that people can listen to sermons on the fear of God, but they will ignore it.  Mostly because the pastor is not boldly preaching about the fear of God to develop the fear.  Pastors only permit songs that sing about the nice things of God and give happy sermons.  They won't dare preach about hell-fire or tell the flock that Jesus is warning them in His parables that "servants" of the house of God will be tossed into hell.  The fear of God is what keeps me going day and night.  It motivates me to proclaim the Gospel.  If I am not merciful to others I will not obtain mercy.  I fear God because He is a hard taskmaster.  Jesus said that He was.  It takes a hard master to toss people into hell.  These are not wonderful acts of kindness.  God has enemies and He does hate certain things.  Read His Words in the Bible and you will see what the pastors are telling you is a false and misleading Gospel.  They preach the truth, but half of the truth is missing.  That is the greatest trick the apostate pastor uses.  He can develop fabulous sermons using what appears to be the truth, and it is the truth, but it is a distorted view of the truth.  A very ingenious scheme I must admit and it did fool me too, until I was awakened to the apostate church.  Now I have the eyes to see!  The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.  Today, Christians fear their pastor or their denomination or they fear ridicule by others.  They fear to believe God's Word.  They fear to proclaim the Gospel.  They fear everything except God.  They wrongly believe they can please God by worshiping Him, but what pleases Him is obedience; not praise or sacrifice.  Pastors are lying to the flock and the flock loves what they hear.   They do not love the Word of God, they only pretend they do.  They will not obey Jesus' commands.  Jesus said that if you love Him you will keep His commands.  That is the great test.  Who are you obeying? I dare you to read Deuteronomy 13:1-5. There is a fear taught in the church today; the fear to disobey the church or the pastor!        

  110. What church do you attend?  I travel a lot now across the country witnessing and sharing the Gospel and I do not anymore attend the apostate church system.  I often do come across other Christians working to save the lost and I have fellowship meetings with them.  These meetings are great.  It is like being back in the New Testament days when fellowship was just that, we sit around a fireplace and talk to each other.  The apostate church has even confiscated our Biblical right to fellowship. It is so controlled.  You walk in and you are told when to stand, sit, kneel.  They tell you what to sing and what to pray.  Then you have to sit there and listen to a pastor lying to you or teaching you how to disobey the Lord's commands.  Then they tell you about the new product they want you to buy from them.  But when do you fellowship with other church members?  Most everybody just leaves after the service, so fellowship does not really happen.  Those who stay around are still not interested in proclaiming the Gospel to the lost and they will not go with you.  They make all sorts of excuses why they can't or should not witness for the Lord.  I would have to backslide to join such churches we have today!  My business is to proclaim the Gospel, that is my heart's burning desire and that is what I am doing.  I have no time to be playing church and I certainly will not do so on Sunday, the day that dishonors the true Sabbath and is an abomination in God's eyes.  Sunday is not the Lord's Day and it is still the day that honors the Egyptian sun god Osiris.  Beware of the apostate church! 

  111. Why do people look up to pastors as being special?  Because they are lifting themselves up before the congregation to appear as being special.  Many wear elaborately holy-looking robes.  Nowhere in the New Testament church or New Testament Bible did it ever indicate that pastors or other church members wear special clothing that sets them apart or above anyone else.  What nerve these pastors have to put on an open display of superiority by wearing a robe.  This costume and robe-wearing implants superiority into the minds of those who see it.  That is why these pastors wear them.  They want you to look up to them, listen to them and make you think they are an authority figure to recon with.  They are false prophets and false shepherds.  The Jewish priesthood has been abolished, so nobody should be walking around trying to look like a priest or wear anything that may appear to be priestly or holy.  When you see a robe, be on guard as a false teacher is near you.  There is no Biblical reason for pastors to be wearing robes.  It is only theatrical show business designed to entertain you with the ultimate goal to get you to part with your money one way or another.  Most of these robe-wearers sell the Gospel message and the coat and tie preachers so the same thing too.  Pastors today have become idols and objects of worship and obedience.  Don't kid yourself into believing they are not.  The people listen and obey them as if they were God.  So much so that they actually push aside God's written Word so they can listen to their pastor's fabulous sermons.  And they buy almost every sermon that pastor can produce.  It is no wonder they don't go out to save the lost... the pastors don't want them to spend a dime on personal ministry and witnessing. They want all the money for themselves.  All of it.  The devil does not want you to spend money to save others.  Put one and one together and you have the apostate church in a fancy robe portraying themselves as angels of light.    

  112. How should a church distribute the Gospel?  I will tell you how it should be performed.  If the members are tithing to a pastor, this pastor is to take the money to pay the expenses to produce the item and it should then be given away for free to the lost and anyone else who wants it.  What right does the pastor have selling the product to get rich?  It was not his money to begin with... he stole it from the Lord's tithe.  Jesus said, freely you have received so freely give.  Pastors that take God's tithe money then sell the product made from the tithe and offerings is a thief and an outlaw in God's eyes.  And if you follow this apostate pastor you will reap the reward the pastor will get; a well-deserved trip to hell's fire.  Some of the large denominations and the cults take tithe money and use it to produce free magazines and free books to the lost.  This is a proper way to do it, but they do it to "recruit" new church members, but many of the church members are already not truly born-again and not saved.  The end result is still not good.  It would be better for each church member to simply go out and witness to the lost just as the New Testament church did.  Once Christians "employ" others to do the job of evangelizing you end up with a hireling that does not care about the lost or the flock.  He is only loyal to his wages and he will lie, cheat and steal if need be to protect his employment.  Jesus commanded that we should never trust the hireling!  If a pastor is taking God's tithe money to live on, then he too is a hireling and is not to be trusted.  The apostate church can no longer be trusted to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a pure and honest form.

  113. How can one find a church that is not apostate?  Good luck.  They are now everywhere and anywhere.  I would suggest looking to find a small group of Bible-believing Christians that meet in individual homes.  It may be very hard to find, but it is better to keep searching than to bet deceived by an apostate church.  There is nothing in the Bible that says you can't start your own in-home church.  Believers who see the apostate church should come out of it and meet in their homes.  This is what the New Testament believers did and there was nobody lording it over them.  Even Peter was "considered" to be a leader, but He was not an official leader in the church.  They looked up to him, but he never ruled them in any way.  Can you believe it?  Not one Apostle took charge of the flock.  Protestants complain that Catholics follow a pope, but in all reality the protestants are follow their pope, the pastor.  They both are following the wrong person, they should be following Jesus of Nazareth.  Peter was never a pope and he never built a physical church or took a collection of money to do so.  The churches we have today do nothing of what the early church did.   God tells us not to touch the unclean thing.  When a church becomes unclean, get out of that church system.  Jesus said the gate to heaven is a narrow gate and few thereof find it.  Being a church member is a very wide road millions of people take.  They believe this will get them to heaven.

  114. People must walk away from their church?  Well, that is what all of the Apostles had to do to follow Jesus of Nazareth.   They had to leave their Jewish religion and later started the New Testament church.  They did not go back to the temple or synagogues to fellowship, they did that in privately owned homes.  If a person can't leave their church to follow Jesus of Nazareth then there is something strong holding them inside of that church. They may believe if they leave they will go to hell or lose God's favor, but the Bible does not say that.  It never said you would lose your salvation by not attending physical church services.  But you will lose your soul if you follow anything or anyone other than Jesus of Nazareth.  The church has no salvation, but Jesus does.  Today, people are misled into thinking they are serving Jesus when they serve their church.  It is a nasty trick Satan uses to enslave them to his church system.  The average churchgoer is not producing good fruit, so why stay in it?  It is better to leave it behind and go out and proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  That is the entire purpose of the church.  Attending church worship services is the entire apostate church's first goal.  The second goal is to disable you from saving the lost.  The third goal is to take your money to enrich Satan's servants.  These are hard things to say, but it needs to be exposed.  Too many churches are sending their flock to hell's fire.  There is much deception going on today.  More need to speak out against this end-time church system; if only to save the saved that are lost. 

  115. Do you believe the apostate church can save some people?  Actually, a church can save no one.  Only Jesus Christ of Nazareth can save.  Only He has the power to save or to condemn, so let's make sure that the church does not stand in His way regardless of good intentions.  Yes, I do believe there are born-again Christians who are members of apostate churches who hear and do the work of the Lord, but let's be honest that most churchgoers hear the Word, but do not do much of anything themselves to save the lost for Christ and that is the big test of bearing much good fruit or bearing no fruit.  It scatters or gathers and doing nothing to save the lost scatters.  The born-again Christian always hears the voice of Jesus of Nazareth, the Good Shepherd, over the pastor's voice and even over another-Jesus' voice that is a counterfeit of Jesus of Nazareth that is often taught by apostate pastors and priests.  I wish it were not so, but Jesus did warn that many would end up in hell who thought they were going to heaven.  Frankly, I am grieved that those who want to go to heaven are being misled by apostate churches.  I have to speak up, I just have to take action to warn the flock that the wolves are already gnawing on their bones.    

  116. Is there anything good about the apostate church today?  Yes, there is.  I do like to listen to the uplifting sermons as they are brilliantly delivered and there is a good dose of Biblical truth in what even the apostate pastor speaks in these sermons.  But it only takes 5% of the truth missing in a sermon to corrupt it. So, to those who know the Bible (nobody knows it all perfectly) they can detect it and discard the apostate part of the sermon.  Now, I may be hard on the apostate church, but I do realize it is better than Islam taking its place though both systems can take you to hell's fire.  To choose which is the better evil is a terrible choice.  I do believe the apostate church does save some people.  The Lord can use evil for good and he can make wrongs right in ways we can't fathom.  There are sincere church members in apostate churches and they may be sincerely wrong, yet Jesus has ways to snatch them out of the apostate system.  He did with me and He has done so with others and He still will save others in the future.  Listen the the apostate sermons as they will always uplift Jesus and give you some truth, but there must come a time when you must seek the truth on your own and not be spoon-fed to you constantly by a pastor.  You need to read the Bible and begin doing what it says to do or you are sleeping like dead, dry bones.

  117. Tell us how to awaken from this slumber?  Well, let's say you just listened to a wonderful sermon.  It will make you feel like the apostate church is not apostate after all.  But you must now stop and look for fruit.  If the sermon did not get you motivated to go help people in trouble and to save the lost then the sermon did nothing but give you entertainment.  That is not always the pastor's fault if people do not obey, but it is his fault if he does not demand performance.  Did this sermon get someone else you know on fire to go save the lost for Jesus?  If you do not see the fruit, then beware.  Ten thousand more sermons will pass into your ears and you will still not bear much good fruit; you will become religious.  A believer who does not obey the Word of God.  Remember, Jesus said to "be careful" to obey what He has commanded you to do.  Jesus has the best sermons in the Bible and the wise man will listen to the Master and obey what He said to do to the most of your ability.  Why did Jesus say, be careful?  Because there is some punishment coming for those who are careless and it may very well be that the lukewarm believer will be horrified to wake up inside the fires of hell.  It is better to wake up now.  Consider this a clear warning to gather or you will scatter.

  118. Can a Christian lose his salvation?  Yes, a reformed Christian can, but a true born-again Christian will not.  The trouble is that pastors are teaching the reformed Christian they have salvation when they do not.  These are the lukewarm, lazy and unprofitable servants.  These are the ones that cry out saying, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name... etc.  They act and believe like Christians but are led by blind-guided false shepherds. 

  119. What is your greatest trouble?  I am greatly sorry, deeply troubled and distressed the church is not capturing the vision of Jesus to save that which is lost.  I sow the Gospel with sadness and in tears every day.  Sure I have fun moments, but overall it is a lonely job and the thought of so many people going to hell is scary.  I am trying to do my best to save some, but I wish there were more Christians attending churches who would wake up and get to work to save the lost.  There are way too few workers and the fields of harvest is enormous.  The USA alone is a gigantic mission field.  Believe me, this nation needs the Gospel exposed to the lost, not kept inside churches  It must be proclaimed in public to the public because they are the lost. That is why evil is spreading in the nation, Christians are sitting back, dropping the ball, not taking care of business.  The devil is working hard to steal, kill and destroy while the church sleeps.  The devil does mind if you attend church, he just does not want you to bear fruit to save the lost.  That is what bothers him.  He hates people who obey Jesus of Nazareth.  The devil has no concern with the churchgoer as long as the church member remains silent and takes no direct action in evangelism.  The apostate church system creates this do-nothing attitude and is responsible for millions of people going to hell.  That is what troubles me.  We need to get to work.  Jesus said He worked because His Father worked.  He told us to get to work too to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  Yes, right here in your own city the Gospel is badly needed.  God wants you to begin delivering His Gospel. Yes, you.  You do it.  He commanded you to do so. 

  120. Have you read books on evangelism?  No.  I actually read the Bible myself and read what Jesus wanted above all other things.  He wants the lost to be saved.  He wants others to believe that He is the one that God sent.  So, I had absolutely no training whatsoever.  I did not even have a clue how to begin other than to simply leave Gospel tracts wherever I could.  That's how I started.  That's how I tell others to begin because it takes no talent or skill to remove a piece of paper from your pocket and leave it somewhere.  But from this small step of faith I have rapidly expanded my personal ministry to reach hundreds of thousands of people in many other different ways.  God begins with little beginnings.  He will lead you.  I tell you if you just dare to believe God and do what He says to do, make a sincere effort and dedicate yourself to save the lost, the Lord your God is going to move on you in a powerful way.  He will make sure you bear much good fruit.  Plus, I fully enjoy the miracles and healings I have received so I can continue to proclaim the Gospel, but that only happened after I stepped out in faith and started doing evangelism.  Only now, after four years since I started evangelizing have I begun to read books on evangelism, when I can find them.   You don't need these books, believe me you don't.  Just start placing Gospel tracts around town and let God deal with you directly.  Let Him do a new thing in you.  But please, do begin.        

  121. People are fearful to witness so how do they get started?  Don't you dare wait for your pastor to teach you how to witness because he won't.  It is not on his agenda to get you to start your own mini-ministry and by now you should know why.   The plain truth is that you begin by beginning.  You learn as you do.  Yes, you will make mistakes.  Yes, you will be afraid.  Yes, you feel out of place (elders in the church should be doing this but they are too busy playing church than to save the lost).  What matter is that you begin to proclaim the Gospel.  I started by using Gospel tracts because I was shy and terrified.  I still use them even though I have become much bolder today.  Get the Word of God out there, anywhere, everywhere.  Flood Satan's kingdom with God's Word and kick down the devil's strongholds.  Get them into the schools, just leave them around when you visit a school or leave on sidewalks, etc.  A lot of cults are reaching our youth in schools.  It is a hot market for Satan.  When you begin the Lord will give you more courage and help you with the words to say.  It may take a couple years or three  to feel comfortable witnessing, but you will enjoy doing the process.  Remember, Jesus did not select the learned or the religious to become His apostles, so stop waiting to become learned or an elder in the church. You may not even live long enough to become an elder.  If you do not have a zeal to proclaim the Gospel to save the lost then there is something seriously wrong with you as a Christian.  You may not even be born again.  You may be reformed, but not saved.  The apostate church is full of reformed believers that are grossly lukewarm and in great danger of being sent to hell.  Jesus said you must be born again.  When you do get born again you will be on fire to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  That is the true identifying mark of a born again Christian.  Every day it is time to seek out that which is lost!  

  122. Isn't God's tithe money to be used for the church?  It is not in the Bible to tax the people for money to build or operate a New Testament church.  This is a ploy developed by pastors to set up businesses (churches) whom they own for personal profit and gain.  Giver beware.  Pastors love to preach about giving God's tithe money to God's house, but God no longer has any temples and God says he does not live in a building made by man's hands.  To put food on God's table is to give to God what He nourishes and that is to go forth and save the lost for Him... that puts food on His table.  Now go back and read Malachi 3:10 with this new view and it will all make sense to you why you need to personally go forth to save the lost.  Do not be fooled by pastors into thinking your tithes are going to God's house, as what they claim is totally unbiblical and highly deceptive.  There are many apostate churches today, even the ones you thought could never be, are.  Just type the word "apostate church" into an Internet search engine and start reading the warnings from many Websites that are doing their best to expose these lying pastors, ministers and ministries who are deceiving millions of people.    

  123. Is there hope those lost in apostate churches can be saved?  There is always hope, but it is a dim hope at best.  They are lost.  They have chosen to believe and serve their denomination over Jesus Christ and His Words.  They are trying to serve two masters and the Bible says they can't do that to enter heaven.  They believe their denomination and their church worship services and their tithing to the church will save them from hell, but the great and small denominations are Satan's church by design.  It is nothing but a new Pharisaical system.  If you are not willing to leave the church you are not worthy to follow Christ.  The Apostles had to leave their church system to follow Christ and so do you.  The church system today is so corrupted it does not even follow the New Testament church teachings and examples it has given us.  It disobeys God's commands with a vengeance, yet it appears to be a holy church.  Disobeying God's commands and desires is the common theme of the apostate church system; to perform religious services, but do not obey God to save the lost or perform other good works to bear much good fruit.  The church claims they do, but the individual members don't do it.  They still disobey Jesus' commands regardless.  Jesus said many would be lost and the gate to hell is wide.  The church is the widest gate, yet people do not see this.  It really is sad, but I am amazed to see such dedicated blindness.  I believe the Father must draw people out of the system or they will never come out on their own. They are trapped. 

  124. So people must walk away from the false church?  That is correct.  The Bible does say it very clearly; "Know them that labor among you, and be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship has the righteousness with unrighteousness?  And what communion has the light with darkness?  Withdraw yourself from every brother that walks disorderly."  People need to understand that it is the churchgoer who attends these churches led by wolves in sheep clothing to appear and say holy and righteous things and the churchgoer dare not entertain the thought that they are deceived by them.   Jesus gave an important command for his followers, "Do not be deceived."  That means, even in his time on earth false doctrines and false prophets were surfacing to deceive His own.  He put the responsibility on His followers not to be deceived.  Multitudes of churchgoers are deceived and are following the crowd and following their pastor and the lost in their own communities are not being saved, etc.  They bear no fruit and yet they believe they are not "cut off the vine" yet they are.  If your church is cut off the vine how then can you be otherwise?  A good tree bears good fruit, not entertaining church services and fellowship as the sole accomplishment.  Notice the Bible verse in the second sentence above states the word "labor."  Not many churchgoers are laboring to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  It would be hard to even find one in one-hundred thousand!  Open your eyes and you will see your church is not producing disciples in it's own church.  That fact that you are not proclaiming the Gospel to the lost in your own community each day is answer enough.  You feel you don't have to.  You believe you can just be a good and faithful pastor pleasing, church attending Christian and disobey Jesus' commands to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  The more you refuse to obey Jesus' commands the farther away the Father tosses away the dead branch.  It comes to a point that the Father will give you strong delusions to believe a lie and that will be your final doom, by your own choice.  He will let you have your apostate church and your religion but you will have no part of Him.  You can't serve God and the modern apostate church, you will hate one or love the other. 

  125. For many it is hard to walk away.  Sure is.  It is not an easy thing to do.  But one must not play games with your own soul's destiny.  Eternity is too long to wish you never made the wrong choice.  Jesus said if you follow him and hear his voice you will be safe.  If you do not you will be led astray.  He warned you in advance, but now it is your choice to whom you will follow.  Too many are following denominations and pastors instead of following Jesus.  Each claim they are the way, but we know only Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  He is the one I will follow and listen to.  Too many pastors are teaching lies, telling fabulous ear-tickling stories and stand in the  pulpit with an absolute aura of God-given authority that was never given to them by God.  Tremendous arrogance, yet the churchgoer loves to hear him.

  126. What about women pastors?  I used to think it was okay as when you hear them they seem to meet the needs of women, but as time passed I now see these women pastors or speakers telling stories and distorting the Word of God to meet psychological therapy needs of people.  They too are part of the apostate church.  They are crawling out of the woodwork hawking their goods for sale to Christians. It has become a den of thieves atmosphere with entertainment in first order, then marketing the products in second order.  Great wealth is being showered upon these so-called ministering Christians and it is a sign of the end times as many are being deceived by them.  I used to enjoy listening to the women speakers.  They are really good, but I found myself listening to them and not listening to the Lord.  Little by little you end up distancing yourself from God and His Word and you end up believing and following the speaker.  You get a new spin on life and personal happiness and the give me what I want attitude sets in.  Everyone reacts differently of course, but regardless you will see one important characteristic... none of these listeners are being trained to actually proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  It's all a waste of time if you find yourself being religious and you are not out each day saving the lost.  You are just not gathering for Jesus, you are scattering and are no part of Him... regardless of what you think or believe.  Jesus' Words are final and you will be judged based on what He has said.  Go read it. It is in the Bible.  For this reason I believe it is improper for women to preach and the Bible says that too.  If you find a way to disobey the Word of God no real good is going to come of it.    

  127. What would be a sign of a good pastor?  A good pastor will teach everyone in the congregation and demand performance to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  If the congregation refuses then discipline needs to be taken (which is Biblical, but never enforced in the apostate church).  To bear fruit and perform good works is a must.  It is what is required of Christians.  Today we have a bunch of do-nothing pew warmers who will not even bother to distribute Gospel tracts.  They have zero interest to proclaim the Gospel.  They will not even take their hand out of a pocket to place a piece of paper on a desk and they all think God approves of them.  A good pastor will tell the truth that hell's fire will burn those false professing Christians who consistently refuse to follow the commands of Jesus of Nazareth.  There are very few good pastors today.  There are many polite and socially pleasing pastors, but the true preaching pastor will preach the truth of God's Word, even hell fire preaching, just as Jesus did.  A good pastor today would likely find himself alone in his own church, witnessing to the lost all by himself.  Church-people today run and control the church, not the Lord. A good pastor will sell his church building and follow the Lord and lead others to follow the Lord to produce good fruit.  A church building was never authorized or commissioned in proclaiming the Gospel or even in running a church.  You will not find it anywhere in the Bible to build a physical church.   Remember, the temple of the Jews was totally destroyed and never rebuilt (yet).  God has no interest in church buildings, not anymore.  We have gone crazy with church building and false pastors by the millions are jumping in to cash in.  A good pastor will speak out, not behind closed doors, but in the streets denouncing the false churches and apostate churches infiltrating our society.  A good pastor will save the lost, even if the lost are Christians trapped in the cult denominations.  It is amazing how quiet pastors are today.  They dare not speak out against apostate churches.  A good pastor would and make it a requirement of the congregation to actively participate.  A bad pastor just preaches nice sermons at the worship service they have created.  He will say to himself, "Let's not dare speak of hell or let others think they are going to hell, not in my church.  Everybody is saved in my church." Jesus warned to beware of these guys and yet most Christians don't hear Jesus' warnings, but they do hear and obey their pastor.

  128. Where you ever an apostate Christian?  I was the biggest fool in the world.  I believed the Roman Catholics lies because I was indoctrinated by them from early youth in Catholic schools.  Brainwashed by them.  I was physically beaten and whipped by the Sisters of Mercy nuns to believe and fear them.  This happened in New Bedford, Massachusetts Holy Family School.  If I asked why idols are in the church I would be beaten.  I was just a child, but I was forced to endure prison camp tortures.  I would come home and tell my mom and she would not believe it.  My cousin was beaten a lot and forced naked in the class to be beat on his exposed behind by multiple nuns with rods and rulers.  Many of my classmates were beaten too.  The class laughed.  It was like being in a small Roman Coliseum and we were the Christians used for entertainment.  Yes, through fear of the church and priests and others in authority I became a good loyal apostate church Roman Catholic.  But one day the Lord delivered me and set me free from their iron fists and chains.  They ruined my life.  Half of my life was a psychological wreck with strong personality disorders due to the prison camp atmosphere.  I hated school and learning and teachers and this kept me in a low education status all of my life.  I even became homeless, giving up on life.  The Lord saved me and made me a success, thanks be to Jesus of Nazareth!  The Roman Catholics will move against you if you dare question them.  I know, I still remember those severe beatings.  Yes, I was an apostate Christian, but no anymore.  I did check out the Mormons and found out they were false.  I examined the Jehovah Witnesses and found them to be a false cult too.  I liked the Seventh Day Adventist church but left them as they do not believe in hell and nobody works for the Lord to save the lost because everybody is going to be saved, so they believe.  The Southern Baptists, I said, must be right.  Look at the huge churches everywhere and they preach the Bible, but again, it's all to run the church denomination and pay the  church bills and the lost are not being saved so I am getting one big run around after another with no end in sight.

  129. You have given up on the church.  I have given up on them, but I will follow Jesus of Nazareth and do what He said to do as much as I can. The Apostate church system has been operating for thousands of years and in my (our) lifetime is has bloomed into the devil's perfection.  There is no church you can go to today that is the true church of Christ.  They all claim they are the way to heaven.  I will tell you the way to heaven.  Jesus told us how to get their and He said that He was the Way the Truth and the Life and nobody gets to the Father except by Him.  By Him, not your church.  Not once in the Bible does it say your church can save you.   Church building is the tool of the devil.  Even Paul, the Great Church Building Disciple, never built a physical church.  He never did.  He never told us to.  Never even hinted at it.  It is so obvious what is going on.  It seems the moment you join a church, you will need to backslide away from performing Jesus' commands.  You will not be trained to proclaim the Gospel to the lost and you will bear no good fruit for the Lord, but  you will end up being a fabulous churchgoing pew-warmer giving tithe money and offerings to the pastor.  I have been that route and I much rather work for the Lord each day to proclaim the Gospel than to attend church and scatter.  Jesus warned if you do not gather, you scatter and have no part with Him.  The average Christian today laughs at that, but they won't be laughing in hell's fire.

  130. Some would say you are just disgruntled.  I am angry that I was fooled by the apostate churches.  It was a terrible blow to my inner strength (ego) and a great personal embarrassment.  I did not believe such trickery existed.  I am angry of the suffering I had to go through in my youth and adult life because of these "silent and hidden Christians" who are not speaking out and warning us people.  They have an attitude, "I'm saved, let the others go to hell."  Well, they will end up in hell themselves for not caring to do the Lord's Word or to follow His commands.  You have to warn others of hell.  That is what the Good News of the Gospel is; Jesus saves you from hell.  Christians are not even talking about hell anymore.  They believe they are saved for going to church.  They believe they are saved and have no responsibility to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  Yes, those trapped in cults are lost too.  When was the last time you tried to save 10,000 of them.  Yes, 10,0000.  You can buy 10,000 Gospel tracts exposing these cults and get them distributed in your community.  You could do this each year!   How many Christians (yes, even wealthy Christians) have purchased 10,000 Gospel tracts to reach those trapped in these cults who are doomed to hell for all eternity?  When was the last time your pastor taught a class on how to reach the lost trapped in these cults? When was the last time you reached out to save the lost in these cults?  In the past year you should have reached thousands, not just a handful or a dozen.  You are to bear much good fruit, not a little bit of fruit.  I am disgruntled at the arrogance of the churches to remain silent and let a billion Catholics go to hell.  That's just the Catholics, what about the Jehovah Witnesses, the Mormons and other cults?  We have spineless and unbelieving pastors who just want to play church and they breed others like themselves... they are the false prophets and teachers Jesus warned us about.  Look at their fruit! They produce a luke warm product that the Lord will spit out of His mouth (He says this in the Bible).  Jesus is also disgruntled about this and He is warning you now in your day.      

  131. You say we are still under the law?  Yes, we are.  We are saved by faith, but that does not mean we have thrown the Lord's commands out the window, not at all.  Never!  "And whatsoever we ask, we receive of Him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in His sight" - 1 John, 3:22  With the Pauline Gospel being preached we are still warned by Peter that the unlearned and unstable would wrest Paul's writings to their own destruction.  Your pastor should be teaching the truth and properly dividing the Word of God, not just teaching a Pauline Gospel that Peter warns will lead to your destruction.  You can not disobey God's commandments and disobey His instructions given to you in the New Testament and expect to remain in God's favor.  Jesus proves you can be lost and that He will spew out of His mouth the luke warm.  Even Paul ran the race knowing that if he floundered he too would be lost.  It's all in the Bible and most every churchgoer has read it.  They don't believe what they read.  They believe what the pastor says and teaches and misinterprets the Word of God.  If you murder, steal, lie and commit adultery you are not getting into heaven. It is just is not going to happen despite what your pastor says otherwise!  Even Jesus said He came to fulfill the Law and that not one word of the Law would be changed.  Pastors have distorted the message to mean, "Just come to church, for you are saved.  You don't have to bear fruit or obey any laws anymore, just come to church for all is well.  Trust me.  Come listen to me.  I am the true shepherd you can trust."  That is what is going on.  The pastors have taken the place of the Lord.  They are literally worshipped with honor and praise from the flock.  They have become idols to the flock and they mesmerize the flock with false teachings, heresies, itching ear sermons full of wonder and dazzle.  Remove the law and Satan will take over.

  132. Do you believe in Revival?  Not as the typical Apostate Church does.  The false church sees Revival as a celebration.  That is, to have a packed full church filled with churchgoers celebrating for the sake of celebrating with an earthly party atmosphere disguised as being a worship service.  But heaven sees it a different way.  God's Revival is seeing the lost being saved, not church members celebrating while the lost slide into hell's fire.  True Revival will come when the churchgoer goes out to save the lost, otherwise it will never come!

  133. You are too focused on bearing fruit.  Not so, not I alone.  It is the Lord himself who is too focused on bearing fruit.  "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit." - John 15:16.  We are all called and chosen to bear fruit.  To do otherwise is to disobey the Lord.  That is what pastors should be teaching in their churches, but they won't even do that.  There is no training of the flock except to show up next week to church and plunk more coins into the offerings basket.  Why can't the people come forward to proclaim the fruit they bore for the Lord during the church service as a testimony and witness to encourage and instruct others how to do likewise?  Pastors want you to not bear any fruit.  That is the truth.  They are in charge.  They are the leaders.  They run the show with a tight script.  To bear fruit, to save the lost is to glorify God.  God will not accept your offering of going to church without obeying His commandments.  Read Malachi 2:13.  All of your tears, weeping and crying out will be ignored.  He won't receive anything from you.  He will leave you with your religion, your real true love.  If you loved the Lord you would obey Him and you would save the lost, one way or another on a daily basis to bear much good fruit.  Most churchgoers are going to hell and they must be warned.  That is what I am doing sounding the alarm for the sheep to escape before they are sheered and butchered.  The Apostate Church is a conniving monster that is very good at destroying people's souls. 

  134. How can you say my church is apostate?  I don't have to.  All you have to do is read the New Testament and write down the elements that identifies a true church and a true believer.  Then, look in your church to see if these elements exist.  Look to see if the average church member is actively working to save the lost.  Look for that because it is the one critical element missing in the churches today, yet it is what the heart of God wants.  Forget the singing and worshipping and the pastor's sermons.  Look for evidence of good fruit by each member of the church.  If you can't see any evidence then you can be certain when they leave the world won't see any evidence either.  Look for those who are doers, those who work to save the lost on their own personal time.  Every Apostle in the Bible gives warnings about apostate church members and false shepherds.  They warn you for good reason because these false believers will bring in damnable heresies to deceive you.  They warn you because if you follow them you will go to hell.  If you were saved permanently then there would be no reason to warn anyone, since you are saved no matter what.  Beware of those who say you are forever saved as that will make you relax and you will let your guard down.  Warnings in the Bible are just that, "serious warnings" to heed.  The Lord will have no mercy on those who persist in supporting apostate churches or insist on not coming out of them as He commands to do.  If you read the Bible again, you will start to see the apostasy in your church.

  135. We are taught the wheat and the tares are to remain together?  The Lord did not say that the light and darkness should dwell together!  He said to separate  yourself from those who practice darkness.  Pastors today admit anyone into the church.  You don't know who is sitting next to you in church today, and many are dedicated career criminals.  That is not what the Lord wants.  The churches are full of filth and dedicated sinners who have no intention of obeying the Lord.  The Apostles took action to get sinners out of the church assembly and some were even killed by the Holy Ghost.  The tares are to be saved then attend church services.  Today, the tares are invited into the flock as wolves in sheep clothing to prey on the flock.  The moment you think your pastor is the good shepherd you reject what Jesus said that He was the Good Shepherd.  You can't serve two masters.  If your master is letting tares into your assembly you need to get out of that assembly of darkness.       

  136. You are very much against pastors.  I am.  "Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them." - Ezekiel 34:10.  The pastors and priests are eating the sheep as meat, but the Lord is telling us to get away from these pastors and false shepherds or be eaten by them.  Satan uses the same old tricks from generation to generation because we do not learn from the past.  This warning is very valid to this day.  Heed or perish.  Read Jeremiah 23 for a real eye-opener.  Did you know that in the Bible it is not recorded that a pastor is to be paid money for his services.  Jesus warned of the hireling who does not care for the flock.  The Bible is clear that pastors are not to be paid wages for proclaiming the Gospel.  Today, many pastors are getting rich selling the Gospel.  Many live better lifestyles than the very members who attend their church.  He takes money from the flock to preach and that is not Biblically sound.  A broken foundation makes the house crumble.  The entire practice of pastors owning churches and taking God's tithe money to support themselves is not New Testament Biblically Supported.  Peter, Paul, John, James, Matthew, Mark, Luke or others in the Bible never made a living selling the Gospel, and to make things worse, they never just preached to the flock, they actively went forth to save the lost.  You won't find pastors doing that.  You never see them preaching the streets, it is beneath their dignity.  Crime in their own cities is due to their silence.  Their failure to teach the entire Word of God.  Their failure to train and insist the church members proclaim the Gospel.  A false shepherd will always bear the fruit of disobedience to the Lord.   Jesus warned of them.  Isn't it time you heed His warnings?

  137. What is a Christian Secret Society?  It is your church.  Any assembly of persons who conduct themselves in secrets places behind closed doors out of the public view is a secret society.  Christian secrecy is not condoned by Jesus.  He said to let your light shine, not hide inside your church.  He said to go forth and bear fruit, not attend church services and let the lost be ignored.  Our churches today are nothing but secret societies where Christians gather as a wisp of smoke, but then blend into society, mold themselves into the world scene and don't stir the pot.  They won't save the lost.  They may invite other to come attend their church, but that is not saving the lost.  It is just making another false conversion and another dedicated churchgoer that will not witness to save the lost.  That is what secret societies do.  They only serve themselves.  Charities are given to to appear righteous, but I repeat, the lost still end up sliding right into hell.  It is a church that bears no real fruit to glorify God.  If you do not save the lost, who else will?  If you continue to disobey God's commands do not expect any miracles when the day of trouble comes.  God will turn his face away from your cries.  He will tell you to run to your pastor for your miracle.  You will not fool the Lord.  Bear fruit for His glory now, go out and save the lost and He will deliver you in your time of need.  A churchgoer is simply a disobedient child of God unless he bears much good fruit to save the lost.  People just don't get it.  God wants the lost to be saved.  He does not want more disobedient pew warmers.  Each church building is a little secret society that is in full opposition to God's will.  You shall know them by their fruit.  

  138. Many Christians do not believe the churches have gone astray.  This is so true, they have been blinded by Satan just like Jesus said.  I have a article page Apostasy News that reveals the degenerate filth and sliding away going on inside the churches.  It is for those who need to see the devil busy at work while they themselves do nothing to counter the great falling away.  The article begins with the fact that over 400 pastors in one state alone are hanging signs on their pulpit that they endorse the homosexual lifestyle.  That's about 400 churches with thousands of Christian church members going along with this perversion in the churches.  They are following their lying pastors.  You need to read this article!

  139. You condemn pastors for selling the Gospel?.  Yes, I do.  Who are they to confiscate the Word of God, repackage it and sell it to church members?  Not one Apostle did that.  Jesus said to freely give.  He never said to sell His Word.  Pastors who do this by writing books, making videos, etc., are making merchandise of the gullible.  Now, I am not saying a book publisher can't sell the Bible.  They can't give it away for free because paper, printing and binding costs a lot of money and distribution is costly too.  What I am saying is those who are "entrusted to preach the Gospel" are actually selling it.  They produce sermons and sell them too.  This apostasy has become so entrenched that Christians can no longer see that they are being scammed by lying pastors out to make millions of dollars.  These same pastors will never be found proclaiming the Word of God to the lost in public places, not even in their own city or town because they could care less to save the lost.  They do their dirty work inside the closed-door confines of churches and on Christian television networks that target hungry and gullible Christians.  I was one of them too!  I fell for all their tricks, but the Lord opened my eyes so I can now see the great Apostate church system.  I spend thousands of dollars to distribute Gospel tracts each year and not a dime comes from any begging or contributions from other people.  I use my own tithe money to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  Pastors are selling their interpretations of the Word and to make things worse, they do it with tithe money.  Yes, the production costs to develop these products are taken from the flock and then they sell the product and keep the money for themselves.  The flock gets nothing, not a plug nickel.  The pastor and his family gets rich.  The flock has only one privilege, they get to sit inside a million dollar church that the pastor owns.  The pastor's kingdom is not God's Kingdom, don't you believe it for one moment. 

  140. But churches do perform needed charity work.  I know where you are heading here.  I will tell you this as an example.  There is a pastor in Texas who has over $55 million dollars in his mega-church.  Charity work is done and it is only a "show" as just a very tiny fraction of the 10% tithe money is used for charity work.  Sure, a church may claim they gave $1 million in charity, but that still leaves the pastor's estate filthy rich at $54 million.  The same is going on inside those big denominational churches where "billions" of dollars each year are taken in by faithful churchgoers being fleeced by those corrupt pastors administrating these denominations.  The Lord will hold each church member accountable for where he has invested his tithe money.  They would be very wise to use their tithe money not to build new church buildings, but to use their tithe money to save the lost.  Jesus does the saving, not your church.  Our churches are packed full of unsaved church members who are hungry and craving for the Word of God, but are only getting snippets of the Word mixed with huge doses of human psychology to keep them coming back each week for more.  Jesus said for "us" to do the charity work, not delegate it to others to do for us.  He said if we even give a drink of water to one in need we will be rewarded.  Ask yourself if you have ever, ever, ever given a stranger (or a fellow Christian) who is in dire need a drink of water?  What charity work are you doing personally?  If your church's works are burned up by the Lord as being unworthy, then what will you have to show the Lord if you have failed to store treasure in heaven?  Remember, Jesus said you will be judged according to your works.  Read what Jesus said.  He exposes the apostate church system with His Words.

  141. How quickly did you discover the apostate church system?  Not fast enough.  Much of my life was wasted following the apostate church and its self-serving selfish ways.  It was a process that took about two or three years.  At first you get a glimpse that "something isn't right here" then you sort of dismiss it.  Then you get another dose of "that does not sound right" and then later you get a though "is this really what Jesus wants us to do?" then you find more and more apostate things going on.  You find out that following your pastor and going to church is a dead-end, that we must follow Jesus of Nazareth and him only.  Then you discover you are not doing what Jesus commands you to do.  Then you discover you have been deceived by lying pastors who appear to be such righteous, kind, merciful and caring personalities, but they are taking your money and they expect you to give it to them and you do!  Then the Lord deals with you and starts to open your eyes to see more.  When you think you have seen it all, it gets worse, and worse, and worse.  You see just how powerful and widespread the apostasy has grown and infected all the churches so hardly nobody can escape.  You see the world-church-system as the devil's system of churches enslaving the flock (just like in Jesus day).  It is a process.  The Lord will guide you to sources that will help you to learn the truth and help you to follow Him, not the misled church.  For me it took about three years.  For some, they never see the apostasy and they will fall into hell for it.  Those who are aware of the apostasy must expose it to save those who are trapped by it.  Jesus came to set the captives free.  The captives in His day was church members, as it is today.

  142. Were you an apostate?  Yes, I was an apostate Christian.  I was born into Roman Catholicism and discovered how they have disobeyed God's Word repeatedly.  I left them and discovered the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses were also false churches.  I then found out the Protestant churches (large and small) were apostate in a major way, using even more subtle and more clever ways to deceive.  Who is at fault?  It is the "silent Christians" who are not witnessing the truth whom are at fault for these apostate churches to capture and retains members.  From their silence I never found not even one Gospel tract anywhere to warn me of the apostate church, not one!  As a result I was trapped inside these apostate systems, as millions of people are today.   Yet, still, these silent Christians who refuse to obey the Lord to proclaim the true Gospel refuse to obey Him.  As a result, it these loyal churchgoing Christians who are at fault.  The fruit they produce is death and destruction.  Their pastors and priests control them and influence them to do nothing to save the lost.  The Christian churches today is a demonic system masquerading as a holy church when it is not holy at all.  It's fruit is no good. I could have died and went to hell because of these silent Christians.  Many have already. The attitude in these churches is; praise the Lord, but let everyone else go to hell.  That is not what they say, but that is what they do. 

  143. You just said the church is the devil's church.  I did, but Jesus said it first.  He told the Pharisees that their father was the devil and that they do the things that pleases the devil.  In other words they serve the devil.  They were the leaders of the church and those leaders served Satan, so the church was Satan's church hiding under the disguise of God's church.  This system exists today on a major scale infecting every church from the tiny church on the corner to the mega-church-denominational beasts that are leading the people astray with false teachings mixed with truth to deceive the flock.  God's church can't be seen.  It is not a physical building.  His church is made up of true believers that obey His commands.  Churchgoers generally do not obey Jesus commands.  Jesus said only those who do the will of His Father will enter heaven.  He never said churchgoers will enter heaven.  Are you doing what Jesus commands or are you just a churchgoer?  That will tell you who you are serving.  I was shocked to discover that I was serving Satan when I was a churchgoer and/or believer in my church.  I am still ashamed when I look back that I could have been so stupid, so gullible, so ignorant to be deceived.  I thank God I was set free.

  144. How could you serve Satan being a church member?  It is so easy to do.  If you dare to pick up the Bible and read what Jesus wants you to do you will discover you are not even doing what He commands of you.  The fact that you are disobedient makes you a server of Satan and not of God.  You can only have one master.  What you do determines who you are serving.  When you dedicate yourself to the Lord you will want to please Him and begin doing the very things He says for you to do.  Yes, he wants the lost to be saved.  That is God's biggest concern.  So, if you do not gather you scatter and you are God's enemy even if you do faithfully attend and belong to a church... you are His enemy.  Jesus said so.  That is the great deception.  Churchgoing is not the goal, saving the lost is the goal.  You serve Satan by not serving the Lord.  You are either for God or you are against Him and if you are for Him you will obey His commands.  Jesus said it.  Churchgoers are deceived because they do not read the entire Bible.  They skip over the parts where Jesus says to to this or to do that.  They ignore the Lord they proclaim to serve.  That is devilish.  It is Satan's great plan to deceive the flock and take them hell.  There will be a lot of religious people in hell.  People who do not deserve to be there?  So they think, but Jesus made it very clear in His Word what they should have done to be saved.  I'm not talking about works when I say done, I am saying they should have followed and listened and believed Jesus instead of their pastor and their church.  Choose the master whom you will serve today.  If you do not choose Jesus, you have already chosen Satan.  Church people think they are following Jesus because they belong to a church and believe in Jesus, but Jesus said they must obey Him and that is where they go wrong and slip right into hell's fire.  The devil is out to get you and he will use pastors and churches to get you!  The church in Jesus day tried to get Him too.       

  145. Do you have another article we can read?  Yes, click here for my Question & Answers Article. For books you can purchase click here Christian Books-2 Apostate Church System.

  146. Do you have a list of recommended reading to learn more about the apostate church?  Yes, I do.  What you have read on my Website is nothing compared to what is available, so please do click here for the Apostasy Now article.  It will list many free resources to enlighten you.  

  147. People serve the Lord within the church.  That is the danger.  You can't serve the Lord within an apostate church. Jesus said if you do, you will worship Him in vain.  It means you will go to hell.  Christians do not want to believe that "their" church is apostate.  It is always the "other guys" church or the other persons pastor, but not their beloved church or pastor.  That is what compounds the danger.  What makes it worse is that the pastors will not teach about what church is apostate and which ones are not because they will endanger exposing themselves.  They will not even sound the alarm to warn the flock of danger.  Other denominations may expose each other, but all of the big churches are in the lurch and heading for destruction because they are not reaching out to the lost in their own neighborhoods and cities.  They go overseas to develop missions, but they are only creating "new churchgoers" and expanding their denominational membership.  That is why you do not see individual church members just going out trying to save the lost on their own.  It should be a favorite pastime and a cherished work, but they only serve the church... they do not serve the Lord.  The apostasy has reached full bloom.  You can't serve both an apostate church and Jesus.  The Bible says duel-loyalties will not be tolerated.  Jesus said the lukewarm will be spewed out of His mouth.  The churches are filled to the brim and overflowing with lukewarm Christians... the fruit of the Apostate church - James Russell Publishing.    

  148. Have you even been an apostate Christian?  Yes, I  have, many times!  I was born Roman Catholic and found out they deceived me, then I became protestant and found they too have deceived millions of people.  I checked out the Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, etc., and  with the same results of lies being indoctrinated yet being proclaimed as truth.  The story is a long one, so I won't go into it here, but I have found that the great apostasy is so large it still boggles my mind just how widespread and powerful it has become.  Every church is infected in the USA.  This is the time of the great falling away from truth the Bible predicted before the end arrives.  The season is ripe for the harvest.  Jesus said only a few will be saved and that most will fall away.  Like everyone else I was apostate because I did not know I was being fooled by the apostate system and its agents of deceit.  The first step in coming to the truth is that you have to put your pride in your pocket and admit that you have been fooled.  That is a hard thing to do, but it is way better than going to hell for refusing to obey the truth which is God's Word in the Bible.  You got to read your Bible again and question what the church is doing based on the Biblical instructions and intent.  There are too many religious churchgoers who are not bearing fruit to save the lost and they know it and they like not having to be committed to obey the Lord's commands and instructions.  It is simple rebellion, the sin of witchcraft.  That's what the Bible says it is.  I never dreamed I would be an apostate Christian. It just could not happen to me, but it did.  But thank the Lord Jesus of Nazareth He has set me free.  Jesus will set you free too, but you must ask for His help and be willing to obey and follow Him and Him alone.  That's what most Christians can't do.  The remain apostate because they can't abandon their church system or escape from their pastor or priest's iron-clad grip.  They try to serve two masters.  It won't work.  You can only serve one;  you will love one and hate the other.  They think they can love both, but Jesus warned them they can't do it, but they insist on disobeying the Lord.  Then they become apostate and don't even know it and their pastor or priest will never warn them as they are the wolves in sheep clothing to devour the flock.  Scary, isn't' it?  Nothing new here.  Jesus and Paul warned you about all of this, but you will not listen to or obey them.     

  149. What is a Silent Christian?  It is a Christian that goes to church and believes he is doing God's will by going to church and it results in a Christian that believes he is perfectly saved and he does not have to obey the Lord anymore.   Then this Christian is next led to believe he does not have to share his faith with the lost' that it is not his calling to do so.  There you have a silent Christian bearing no fruit and defying Jesus' command to share the Gospel.  Silent  Christians are created by the church system, they are taught these things by its pastors and priests who they themselves are Silent Christians.  The lost in our world go to hell because the Christians are silent.  They don't care to share the Gospel.  If they did, you would see them preaching, proclaiming God's Word in public and you would see millions of Gospel tracts each year.  How many Gospel tracts did you leave about this past year?  Ten, a dozen or none?  If you can't even leave Gospel tracts for the lost to find them what kind of salt are you?  Jesus  said it is salt that is thrown away.  It is time for you to obey Jesus commands and get to work doing the real job of a Christian... to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost.  It is a job you can't refuse because it is Jesus' command for you to do so.  Do not kid yourself.  You must obey the Lord's Word in the Bible and you will be judged based on Jesus' Words that He spoke.  Of course, you know all of this because you "study" the Bible, but you still won't go proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  You are ever learning and never coming to the truth.

  150. How could so many churches be apostate?  It is easy.  If you are a protestant then get ready, for in the eyes of the Roman Catholic you are a heretic and an apostate.  The Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons will also call you to your face an apostate!  See how easy it is?  Each of them is a church system made by man and that includes the protestant church system.  The systems can be wrong as you can readily see.  All can't be right!  If you are a protestant you can easily call the Roman Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons apostate churches.  It is very easy for a church to become apostate and the Bible warns us of it over and over again.  There is nothing new here except that Christians have been blindfolded to seeing the truth and they insist on remaining loyal to their apostate churches and as a result disown Jesus as they will not obey His commands.  Jesus also tells us to come out from apostate systems.  Remember, the Apostles were Jews and they had to give up their religion to follow Jesus.  You need to do the same.

  151. I want to learn more about this apostate system.  How?  It is easy.    Go to our Apostasy Now article.  At the bottom lists resources.   Many magazines are free or nominal cost.  There are two firms you should contact right away:  People of the Living God and Fundamental Evangelistic Association Ask for their magazines and literature.  These two alone are very powerful and they will open your mind up to the truth of what is really going on in the apostate church systems.  Everything they say will be backed up with the Bible.  Remember God said, "My people perish due to lack of knowledge."  Get this knowledge before it is too late.  If you go to our Apostasy Now article we list more resources.  One more free e-newsletter: News With Views - Paul Proctor has excellent (free) articles about the apostate church system you do not want to miss!

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