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  Many Christians do not see or believe there is great apostasy (false teachings) operating within Christian churches.  This page is dedicated to expose some of the apostate actions so doubters' eyes may be opened.  Jesus said the end times would become so bad that the truth would not be found.  The Bible says, "There shall be false teachers among you," and "The way of the truth shall be evil spoken of."  Read on...

New York - September 5, 2005.  Some 410 pastors in New York State have enlisted for a homosexual agenda called "Pride in My Pulpit," in which they hang signs in their churches bearing this motto.  The message is, "We're proud of the homosexual community, and we endorse it."  The numbers of these pastors are growing.  Source: David Wilkerson Pulpit Series Newsletter - World Challenge.com    

My Commentary: Think of it, over 400 pastors in churches in just one state endorsing such perversions inside hundreds of Christian churches with thousands of churchgoing members also going along with it.  Can you see how these poor Christians have become subjected and enslaved by lying pastors?  That is why Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice and follow Him, not pastors!  In fact, Jesus said His sheep will "run away" from other pastors trying to take His sheep.  These churchgoers have not run away, they have followed their sinning pastors right into the jaws of hell's fire.  Are you listening too much to your pastor?  Who are you obeying, the commands of Jesus or the desires and expectations of your pastor?  Be honest with yourself.  Most Christians do not listen or obey Jesus' commands at all... they just go to church listening to the pastor speak sweet sermons dripping with honey and are not taught what Jesus desires of what we must be doing for Him.  In the end, you end up listening and obeying your pastor more than Jesus.  It is true.  It happens.   

Pastors Sign Agreement With IRS:  Pastors have signed an agreement with the government not to preach the entire gospel of Jesus Christ.  Click here to obtain a free gospel tract exposing this abomination.  Your pastor signed it too!

Apostasy Books:  More and more books are now being published by dedicated Christians seeing the great apostate church taking over the churches and deceiving the gullible churchgoer.  Here's a list of some of the books.  Click  here.

Pastors Steal Tithe Money from God:  Read our Article The Tithe Lie.  If you are paying a pastor a tithe you are being robbed!  And that's according to the Bible God's own Word!  This article is an eye-opener of truth that will shock you.

Troops Can't Witness:  Our troops serving in the Middle East have lost their constitutional right of freedom of speech.  They are forbidden to proselytize (share their religious Christian faith) to Muslims.  Imagine that! - Time Magazine May 18, 2009.

Roman Catholics Call Jesus Allah:  Catholic Newspaper in Malaysia edited by a Roman Catholic priest is using the name Allah for God.  What it means?  They are saying you can now pray to God in Allah's name!  How about that for apostasy?  They want you to believe that the Lord of the Bible is the Muslim Allah in the Koran! - August 2009 Christianity Today Magazine (almost a full page article).

Two Pastors Sentenced to Jail:  Richard and Philip Cunningham for stealing 3.1 million from the Calvary Baptist Church in California.  The father and son are both pastors and will serve two years in prison!  - Christianity Today Magazine, August 2009.  Comments: Crime pays?  I wonder where is that 3.1 million dollars? And they only get two years in prison?  That's one year prison time for good behavior.  That's big money.  Pastors nationwide are stealing tithe money from saints.  Read our eye-opening article The Tithe Lie.  Are you being robbed?  If you are tithing, you are!  Wise up.  Pastors are robbing you and God.  Pastors are supposed to be highly moral, but the great apostasy is upon us and pastors have gone crazy with greed, cheating, lying, doing the devils work in the name of Jesus Christ.  Read our book Apostasy Devotional to learn how pastors trick their congregations.  You will see your pastor exposed of wrongdoings.


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