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Apostasy Devotional Book


Apostasy Devotional Apostasy Devotional Book

Apostasy Devotional – A Daily Guide Exposing False Shepherds             

ISBN-10: 0-916367-62-2

ISBN-13: 978-0-916367-62-6

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  This is the first daily devotional published that is specifically dedicated to exposing false Christian pastors operating within the great modern day end-time apostate church system.  Each day of the year a paragraph is given to instill Biblical wisdom helping you to discern the truth from a lie and to recognize deception within your church.  This is the hidden, but now revealed, Biblical knowledge that will set you free from the damning heresies being taught inside modern day church pulpits without you even realizing it. 

  Today, more than ever, this book is needed as millions of Christians are being duped by a multitude of “Angel of Light” dishonest pastors preaching a different gospel and a different Jesus that is deceptively somewhat Biblical in nature, but is clearly not Christian! 

  Learn how church people are being deceived today by apostate pastors and how these false shepherds avoid detection and exposure.  Discover how the predicted “Great Falling Away” is operating in the churches creating a new Christianity that is designed to lead people astray to form a new world order. 

  Don’t let them deceive you!  Get this book before it is too late!  365 paragraphs, 98 illustrations, 160 p.p. 6x9 size perfect bound book.  $24.95. 


Most people are born into a religion and automatically assume that what they are being taught is the Biblical truth and yet most people, 99% of all churchgoers, will discover they are in fact being mislead and deceived by a very slick apostate system that has not only fooled themselves, but their entire family and friends.  That’s what happened to me. 

I met a Jewish rabbi one day and he was rude to me when he discovered I was of a certain Christian faith.  That was the tipping point.  Why was he not interested in conversing and abruptly turned his back on me? Well, it was painful to discover that I was a member of a church system that was anti-Jewish and I never even knew it.  Then I discovered more protestant faiths were guilty of despising the Lord they serve by disobeying His commands.  Impossible?  Not at all.  In fact it is so easy to disobey the Lord.  Example:  Jesus said to go share the gospel to the lost.  Then how come you are not doing it each day?  Be honest.  I found myself being a churchgoer that was disobeying my Lord.  I chose not to do what he said to do and my pastor did not preach on the subject and so we all did not have any motivation or desire to go save the lost.  That’s just one example.  In my book I give hundreds of examples how Christians are disobeying Jesus of Nazareth and are in fact following a different Jesus that is not of the Bible.  He’s a clever counterfeit.

  Then there is another Biblical command to “contend for the faith” that I (and I can say “we” churchgoers) absolutely disobey and it creates hell on earth!  Example:  When was the last time you exposed a false religion in your town?  That’s what contending is!  But our pastors are mysteriously silent about this in their sermons to us, but it is a Biblical command for us to adhere to.  Example:  Then there is silence in the pulpits on many Biblical subjects and guess what?  I discover the pastor has signed a document with the IRS promising he will not preach certain subjects. What?  Your pastor signed it too?  What is going on here?  Read the book and find out all of the tricks being used to deceive us.  And there is one more command from Jesus.  He said to his disciples in the last days, “Do not be deceived.”  Are you disobeying that command too?  If you are like most churchgoers, you are being deceived in these last days just as Jesus promised would happen.  Buy the book today.  Your eyes will be opened to the truth so the Lord can set you free.        

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