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Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment©


4-Stroke Power You Can Feel & Hear - Use In Gas or Oil - Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV's, Farm & Construction Equipment

"Amazing is the only Oil & Gas treatment that economically cleans gasoline and diesel engine internal fuel path elements (fuel filter and fuel pump, valves, pistons, upper cylinders), lubricates metal & nylon engine oil components (piston rings, crankshaft, cams, gears, wet clutch, drive shaft) and externally clean your wheels, rims, engine cases, chain, sprockets, and removes oil from metal, skin, concrete and much more!" - James Russell

Made In USAMade In USA

Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment - Small size and Larger Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment - 32oz One Quart Size

100% made in the USA (includes all USA made ingredients from an American oil well, American oil refinery, USA made bottles, caps, labels, shipping & packing supplies).  Nothing is imported.


Sample of 32 oz (1-quart) Product Label



Note: You may not gain every benefit listed below depending on your engine application, but you will gain valuable benefits for we are certain you will.


bulletAdd To Fuel: Cleans upper cylinder: piston rings, ring lands removes carbon varnish, lubes valve seats, reestablishes cylinder compression.
bulletAdd To Lubricating Oil: Cleans lower cylinder: piston skirts, wrist pins, crankshaft, camshafts and every oil-lubricated part.
bulletWhen compression is restored so will power, acceleration fuel mileage increases.
bulletAmazing reduces engine wear and is used in both the fuel (gas or diesel) and motor oil for engine protection of all rotating and sliding parts.
bulletPrevents carbon buildup to retard pre-ignition piston damage, reduce power loss, prevents burned valves, broken piston rings & valve stiction.
bulletAmazing penetrates metal which lowers heat generation from power-robbing bearing friction points.
bulletRestored compression increases power and responsiveness that you'll feel and also hear (motorcycles, ATV's, diesels).
bulletAdded to fuel will clean carburetor and fuel injectors to help reduce: loss of power, hesitation, pinging, dieseling, loss of fuel economy.
bulletWhen used in fuel and in lubricating oil increased smoother acceleration from reduced friction will be felt by the seat of your pants.
bulletWhen used in gasoline or diesel fuel you'll notice a difference in just 3 to 8 miles (but gets even better as you drive more).
bulletAfter a few hundred miles the engine and fuel system will be cleaned and engine will run cooler, smoother, running better.
bulletAmazing will not materially alter the viscosity of motor oil when used in the low or high recommended dose.
bulletProduct persists a long time when used in lube oil and stays penetrated into metal even after an oil change.
bulletEngine power, efficiency and economy can be restored when fuel injector or carburetor deposits are cleaned. 
bulletA clean engine will naturally increase engine longevity and give better fuel mileage.
bulletBy reducing friction and cleaning engine components these listed benefits are materialized.
bulletSmoother shifting when used in motorcycle transmissions and primary chain cases in Harley-Davidson's.  See Question #63.
bulletCleans tools, drive chains and sprockets with amazing speed leaving a protective film to stall rust formation.  See Question #27.
bulletAs Amazing penetrates metal, it is always present to lube bearings, cams, chain followers and friction points at cold engine startup.
bulletHelps reduce harmful emission from exhaust as a clean engine uses less fuel and burns it cleaner.
bulletReduced maintenance cost in the long run should be realized as the engine remains clean and efficient.
bulletAmazing protects under all throttle position from street to drag-strip to track racing conditions.
bulletUsed in fuel Amazing will clean ports and valves improving intake air and exhaust flow raising power and economy.
bulletReduced friction makes for a cooler-running and a longer lasting engine.
bulletUpper cylinder lubricant to prevent cracking of piston rings.  Lubes intake valve seat and guide to prevent damaging valve sticking.
bulletWill reduce need to use high octane gasoline fuel so it can save you money at the pump.    See Question #66.
bulletLess turbo lag in diesel engine, more felt power and acceleration with a stronger exhaust tone.
bulletAmazing performs many functions.  See Question #70.
bulletRemoves baked on tire rubber from metal wheel rims with great ease.  See Question #72.
bulletMakes gasoline and diesel fuel more powerful as it increased heat content of the fuel.  See Question #77.
bullet100% compatible with all vehicle fuel and engine lubricating oils including Ford, Chevy, GM, Harley-Davidson, Flex Fuel engines, etc.
bulletAs a diesel fuel additive it complies with low sulfur Federal law requirements for on and off-road vehicles.
bulletAmazing lubricates fuel pumps in fuel injected gasoline and diesel engines.
bulletAmazing Oil & Gas Treatment performs many uses.  It can even clean shop equipment from years of solidified oil and grease, etc.
bulletRead Below For More Uses And Benefits -  If you want to order Amazing scroll to the bottom of the page.


bulletCleans Hands.  See Question #73.
bulletPolishes chrome, stainless steel with great ease.  Just apply and wipe.  Works good with a soft household Mr. Clean Magic Eraser® pad or plastic bristle brush.
bulletRepels water, protects all metals from oxidation rust.  Yes, Amazing easily cleans porous cast aluminum and cast steel engine parts.
bulletCreates a non-stick slippery surface (but dust will be attracted, nothing is perfect).
bulletCalcium Carbonate scale deposits simply dissolves and is lifted from metal, porcelain and plastic surfaces. You got to try it on sinks and faucets!  And, Amazing leaves a waterproof shine with a non-stick surface to prevent dirt from sticking.  You'll be amazed!
bulletAmazing releases rusted and frozen nuts and bolts and pipe threads.
bullet Cleans kitchen and shower/bath grout.  Be careful to removed Amazing from bath tub surface to prevent slip/falls.
bulletRemoves water mineral "yellowing" of plastic shower/tub stalls.  Just apply Amazing and wipe with a Mr. Clean Eraser® or soft cloth.
bulletCleans exterior and interior cooking ovens.  After cleaning oven use a damp cloth with dishwashing soap to wipe excess so the oven will not catch fire.  Amazing can burn near or above 270°F so be careful to remove traces of product from inside and outside of oven.
bulletReleases glue on sticky labels and silicone rubber from engine gasket surfaces too.
bulletLubricates sticky difficult to open drawers.  Use on mechanical slides or on wood friction areas.
bulletProfessional Home/Business Cleaners will find Amazing will speed up cleaning time even on the toughest jobs and leave a highly polished shine on all surfaces!  You will be amazed! 




Special Note:  When you add Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment to the engine oil it will intensely clean the carbon deposits from cylinder head combustion chamber, piston crown, valve guides, valves and valve seat area.  It will clean the piston crown, piston rings, piston lands and piston skirt.  Some of the carbon grit will be blown out of the exhaust pipe, but oil lubricated areas will permit carbon to contaminate the oil.  This is normal, but  after 600 miles check your oil to determine how dirty the oil has become due to the internal engine cleaning.  If the oil is jet black as in the image below, change the oil and the oil filter and then add Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment again to the fresh charge of lube oil.  Usually the first time you use Amazing the lube oil will become black fast, but thereafter on future oil changes the oil will be cleaner once the engine is cleaned up of the power-robbing carbon deposits inside your engine.  Here's a photo of a Harley-Davidson V-Twin motorcycle lube oil at just 600 miles after adding Amazing to the lube oil.  This proves Amazing is doing a fabulous job of cleaning the engine in a rapid manner!  A clean engine will generate more power, run cooler, faster and absolutely last longer.


Amazing Dirty Oil

Just 600 Miles Dirty Oil Proves Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment Cleans Engine Carbon Deposits Rapidly

1.  Question: How does Amazing work?

Answer: Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is created by refining crude oil so completely the oil has actually turned "clear white" in color (trade secrets can't be revealed here but the product does contain white oil formulated to our specifications, etc.)  The base oil we use is the "crown jewel" of refined oils, you just can't get any better refining, period.  It's the best as it gets!  As a result the oil resembles water, is not heavy and thick like molasses, but is extremely slippery unlike any other oil you have used in your engine!  Amazing also has small molecules that creep into tiny cavities in metal to penetrate the metal, so it is a metal treatment.  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment has a powerful cleaning solvent detergent effect.  To demonstrate: apply a drop or two on dirty tools, drive chain or sprockets and you'll see the dirt melts off like butter when wiped with a cloth.  The oil simply soaks into the oily grime, weakens the grime's bonds from the metal. What you end up with a highly cleaned and lubricated surface.  This cleaning effect works to clean engine components and to protect metals from wear.  As the engine is cleaned the engine is restored to its designed clearances which can increase power, mileage, engine longevity.  It is a common sense approach, not a miracle product.  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment will not repair a damaged engine, but it may help a damaged engine last longer and run better.  Try it and see if Amazing will help you remove baked on stuck gaskets on engines.  Apply Amazing on the exposed metal edges of the gasket, and the gasket too, let it soak for ten minutes or so and see if the gaskets release.  Amazing should creep under the gasket and release the bond.

"Amazing will even help repair and remove scratches in leather."

2.  Question: What is the maximum dose I can use?

Answer:  The economical dose for diesel or gas fuel in a 4-stroke engine is 1/8 to 1/2-oz per gallon.  You may double that to 1-oz per gallon if you wish, but do not exceed the 2-oz per gallon maximum dose.  As for lubricating oil the economical dose is 1 ounce per quart, but you can add 2-oz per quart.  It is okay to start with 1-ounce per quart of oil then reduce that amount to 1/2 ounce on the next oil changes.  Do not exceed 2-ounce per quart of oil as that is the maximum dosage for stock engines.  Higher performance gasoline racing engines may use a higher dosage as per your specific needs, but we do not recommend exceeding 3 ounce dose in the oil or gas.  You may ask why?  Because Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is designed to work with fuel or with lubricating oil.  Your engine was designed to burn gasoline or diesel fuel, not oil or other chemicals.  Your engine was designed to be lubricated with base engine oil.  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is an "additive" not an oil replacement and works best when added to gas, diesel fuel or lubricating oil.  Overdosing in a small 5-gallon motorcycle fuel tank, or smaller gas tanks, may prevent the engine from starting.  This can happen with any oil-base additive.  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is harder to overdose due to its low viscosity (highly liquid state) compared to other products which use a thick heavy-base oil.  But we still recommend you dose accurately for best results.  There is no need to use more than what is prescribed on the product label.  In fact, you should even try cutting the recommended dose in-half in small engines, even in big cruiser 125 cubic inch V-Twin motorcycles, ATV's, portable electric generators, etc.  With Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment using less is always best!  Also read Question #40 below along with #43, #44, #56, #68 (2-oz rule) and #69 for dosage advice.  Amazing is an oil and fuel additive not a replacement for lube oil or fuel.

"Amazing has no friction drag like thick oil additives.  Consistency of water but amazingly slippery."

3.  Question: Can I use Amazing in my motorcycle?

Answer: All 4-stroke motorcycle engines are okay to use Amazing Oil & Gas TreatmentAmazing Oil & Gas Treatment works with wet clutches because it has no added friction modifiers.  In most metric bikes all of the lubricating oil is circulated through the engine, wet clutch and transmission.  Just add 1-oz of Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment per gallon of lube oil as the dose.  The cleaning solvent and lubricating power of the product should amaze you.  Added to gasoline at 1/4-oz per gallon should also, we hope, amaze you.  Fuel mileage should increase, that is, if you can stay off the throttle due to the increase of power and acceleration you will likely be feeling.  You can use Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment in all Harley-Davidson® V-Twins including the V-Rod and new 500 and 750cc water-cooled Harley's.  Note:  do not use Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment in water cooling system.

Want to see proof how powerful Amazing really is?  Watch it bore a hole into asphalt yet at the same time Amazing will not harm or burn your fingers.  Just pour a teaspoon of Amazing on black top pavement and watch it silently dissolve the asphalt.  Poke the asphalt with a stick and you'll see it turn into mush as Amazing breaks the carbon bonds in the asphalt.  Since carbon inside your engine is like asphalt caking up piston rings, valve, ports and injectors you can see how Amazing will remove the hard carbon contaminants restoring power and fuel economy to your engine.

4.  Question: How soon will I see results?

Answer:  Our testing on motorcycles revealed impressive results in just 3 to 8 miles when added to gasoline tank.  You should notice a smoother more responsive engine, more acceleration and even a louder exhaust note.  These effects continue to get better until the engine is cleaned and lubed after about 100 miles or one week of intermittent use of the motorcycle, but give it a thousand miles or more for maximum cleaning and lubricating benefit.  When added to engine oil you should feel more acceleration, smooth shifting, louder exhaust note, good fuel mileage.  Even if you do not feel or hear results the product is still working.  Your engine may be old, worn or very dirty and just needs more time to clean and lubricate the engine, primary chain case or transmission.

5.  Question: When should I add Amazing to the fuel and to the lube oil?

Answer: Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment should be added to the fuel when you are filling the fuel tank with fuel, but it can be added after you fill the tank.  Amazing will mix with the fuel as you drive down the road anyway.  Add Amazing to the lube oil at the time you change the oil is best, but it can be added to oil at anytime.  At the very latest?  Add Amazing to oil at least 1,000 miles before your next oil change, change the oil, then add Amazing again.  If you have a motorcycle transmission and primary chain case that has oil separate than the engine oil (as in Harley-Davidson 3 oil compartments) you can add Amazing to the primary and transmission at any time, but better to do so at least 1,000 miles before your next oil change, then when you change the oil, add Amazing again (just like what we did with the engine oil).

6.  Question: How loud will my motorcycle exhaust get?

Answer: It's not going to get so loud the neighbors complain, nothing of the sort.  What you will hear, even on bikes with stock mufflers, is a crisp explosive sound with a deeper tone.  Bikes with louder exhaust will hear the same, but louder, of course, as the high-performance mufflers are not as muffled.  The sound is just a nice powerful explosive tone.  That is what we heard in testing.  We did not use a decibel meter to measure the sound difference, but just relying on rider hearing.  We heard the impressive tone change even wearing a full-face helmet in just 3 to 8 miles when Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment was added to a five gasoline tank on a carbureted Triumph motorcycle and a 3.75-gallon gas tank on a fuel-injected Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200. The engines just sounded so much better which was a pleasing tone which enhances the joy of riding.  Give it a try and see what tones develops for you.  

Amazing Clean Sparkplug 

Photo of a Ultra-Clean Iridium Spark Plug at 600 Miles of Adding Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment to Gasoline 

7.  Question: How much horsepower increase can I expect?

Answer:  Maybe 3 to 8 horses in most cases on motorcycles, but you should "feel" a difference in power by the seat of your pants.  You will appreciate the smoothness of the engine, increased acceleration along with a power increase.  Some bigger cubic inch, more powerful engines may see elevated horsepower gains.  You'll have to try it in your bike or car to see what develops for your make and model as all vehicles are not the same.  If your engine is in good condition, but was simply internally dirty and in need of enhanced lubrication to reduce friction and needed to "unstuck" piston rings, valves and lifters you could see some serious increases of horsepower as compression is restored to near factory specs.  Amazing can fix a dirty engine, but can not repair a worn-out engine.   Read Question #32.

8.  Question: If the product is so good, how come it can not take the place of engine oil completely?

Answer 8-A: Additives are missing.  Lube oils have many chemicals added to the oil to combat acid, keep combustion soot particles in suspension and all sorts of temperature and pressure related additives to lubricate the engine.  Amazing Oil & Treatment is a "treatment" not a replacement for lubricating oil.  Example:  The engine running with lubricating oil will find that carbon deposits are building up on the piston rings preventing a good tight compression and combustion seal with the cylinder wall.  This power-robbing "blow-by" pressurizes the engine crankcase causing vapor drag on the rotating crankshaft and is a loss of power due to loss of cylinder compression and combustion sealing.  Our product simply dissolves the carbon deposits from the piston rings and piston lands so the piston rings can once again contact the cylinder wall restoring lost power and fuel economy and reducing crankcase drag in small engines like motorcycles, especially V-Twin engines that are very susceptible to crankcase overpressure problems.  Our product enhances and works alongside lubricating oils as an "additive."  Adding Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment to the oil does not treat the oil, it uses the oil to be circulated and delivered to metal parts inside the engine.

Answer 8-B:  This answer is expanded as we use the word "additive" to help explain that the product is "added-to" lube oil or fuel, but to be technical it is not an "oil additive" as the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) describes an additive to enhance the performance properties of the base stock oil (lube oil).  Amazing Oil & Gas Additive is not a lube oil additive in this regard.  It is added to oil to clean and penetrate metal and to directly lubricate metals along with base stock motor oils.  The product will not react with engine oils.  It is added to gasoline, but is not a technically required additive in formulated gasoline sold at the fuel pump.  So, when we say it is an "additive" we mean it is an additive in the sense it is "added" to lube oil or fuel.  Frankly, we do not know of another word to use other than "additive".  Even the word "treatment" would not work as it does not treat the oil or fuel.  Many fuel and oil additives on the shelves in auto parts stores use the word "additive" even though they are not additives.  It's not intentional false advertising, it's just a lack of English words to describe what the product is.   

"Amazing removes calcium build-up around faucets and shines stainless steel and chrome."

9.  Question: What makes your product better than other products?

Answer: We don't claim our product is "better" than other products.  We just say try it and see if you like it.  That is the desired determining factor.  There are other fuel treatment products that you should still use such as; fuel stabilizer and fuel preservative treatment to help combat the awful sludge being generating due to the use of ethanol and gasoline mixed fuels.  Octane boosters eliminate knock and ping when using inferior gasoline.  These types of specialized fuel treatments can be used and Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is compatible with them all (but we still can't recommend blending of unknown chemicals) but if you do please do reduce the dosages of the products when used together so as not to weaken the gasoline mixture in the fuel tank, especially in small engine generators and motorcycle gas tanks 2 to 3 gallon size.  Never use too many additives in the gas tank at the same time as it usually results in poor product performance weakening the desired effect.  Each product is designed to be used by itself with the gasoline.  We suggest you suspend using our product while you are temporarily treating your gas with another product just so you give the other product a good chance to do its intended job.  Later, you can revert back to Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment as a routine maintenance level.  We do not sell or offer our product to cure ethanol problems in the gasoline that ethanol can generate a strange green or white film that can block tiny carburetor passages and fuel injectors, but our testing, so far, has actually unblocked a severe ethanol problem in a Triumph motorcycle where the right cylinder was flooding from slime preventing the float from closing a needle valve.  If you have severe ethanol problems use a dedicated ethanol fuel treatment designed for treating the gasoline to prevent slime formation in the first place.  We just do not sell our product to cure these ethanol problems, despite indicators that the product works.  Dirty fuel injectors our product will clean along with carburetor varnish.   See Question #66 regarding octane boosting.


"Amazing contains no fillers, colors, dyes, abrasive ceramics, odors, strong poison additives, explosive fumes, Teflon solids.  It is a pure slippery small-molecule ultra-pure cleaner & lubricant."

10.  Question: Is Amazing a one time treatment?

Answer:  It can be if you want it to be.  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment will, or at least should, do wonders the first time you use the product and continue on, say with, five more tanks of gas being treated.  After you no longer feel improvement you can discontinue use, but that carbon problem will return again on the valves and pistons and grow worse with time.  You can continue to use the gas treatment for maintenance and you can even cut the dose down even further as low as 1/8-oz per gallon of fuel to keep the engine clean and running smooth, etc.  Experiment and see which works best for you.  You should, at each oil change, add Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment to keep all the benefits going.  You can reduce the dose if you wish to as low as 1/4-oz per quart of lube oil, but we recommend staying at the 1/2-oz per quart.

11.  Question: Can I experiment using more or less?

Answer: Yes, you can and you should. There is no possible way we can test every motorcycle, car and truck, farm and construction equipment on the market.  Our dose recommendations are general in nature.  You should try different doses for your vehicle, but do so in very small increments because at some point you will find the dose is now too low or too high.  You don't have to experiment with dose amounts if you do not want to.  Just stay with the recommended doses and the product will work okay.  You don't want to use more product, but less, when trying different dose amounts.  Less is best!  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is powerful stuff and is more economical to your wallet when less product is used.  To see its power, just try cleaning up some oily items with just one drop applied! -

- One Quart Size (32 FL OZ)

12.  Question: You say the product can be used for general cleaning?

Answer: On dirty vehicle frame, engine, metal wheels, yes.  Not for use inside the home.  This product is best used in a commercial workshop or as a home garage item.  It is way too slippery to be spilled or used carelessly so in-the-home use is not advised.  It is very important not to get Amazing on motorcycle rubber tires, brake rotors or foot pegs as it is very slippery and dangerous to do so as friction is lost and the motorcycle can fall over to the ground, fail to stop or you can lose control and crash.  This advice applies to all oils not just Amazing.

00.  Question: Why no question #13.

Answer: For the same reason buildings do not have an elevator stop on floor #13.  No such floor exist.  It is a bad luck number.

14.  Question: How does Amazing work?

Answer: Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is created by refining crude oil so completely the oil has actually turned "clear" in color.  This oil is the "crown jewel" of refined oils, you just can't get any better refining, period.  This is as best as it gets!  As a result the oil resembles water, is not heavy and thick like molasses, but is extremely slippery.  It also has small molecules that creep into tiny cavities in metal to penetrate pores, small fissures and tiny cracks in the metal, so it is a metal treatment.  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment has a powerful cleaning solvent detergent effect.  To demonstrate: apply a drop or two on dirty tools, drive chain or sprockets and you'll see the dirt melts off like butter when wiped with a cloth.  The oil simply soaks into the oily grime, weakens the grime's bonds from the metal. What you end up with a highly cleaned and lubricated surface.  This cleaning effect works to clean engine components and to protect metals from wear.  As the engine is cleaned the engine is restored to its designed clearances which can increase power, mileage, engine longevity.  It is a common sense approach, not a miracle product.  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment will not repair a damaged engine, but it may help a damaged engine last longer and run better.


15.  Question: Is the product safe? What are the warnings?

Answer: No product is safe.  Even household spray cleaners, if digested or inhaled, can make a child sick or die.  Nothing is safe.  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is a highly refined oil that is safer than many oils and products.  It has not been found to cause cancer and it is not poison and not explosive like other fuel treatments, but there are hazards.  Here are the most common warnings to be aware of:

Slip & Fall: The product is very slippery so you got to clean up spills immediately so nobody, including yourself, not step on the product and slip and fall down.

Skin Irritation:  Most people will not find any irritation, but wear rubber gloves just in case you are sensitive to it.  Our product can be used in lipstick, face creams and skin moisturizers so in this regards it is considered in the industry as a safe product indeed.

Cancer:  The product has undergone well-founded testing and no instances of cancer were reported.  The product does not even need the California carcinogenic warning as not trace of cancer causing chemicals are found.  Remember, our product is ultra-refined oil that has had all impurities and contaminates removed, it is that pure!

Keep Away From Children:  Keep the product sealed with bottle cap installed and stored in a high shelf where children can not access the product.  See warning below for ingestion and breathing spray.

Ingestion by mouth & Breathing Spray:  Bother are very dangerous.  The product will not poison a person or animal when swallowed, but the danger is if the person/animal vomits up the oil and it gets into the lungs a deadly pneumonia can develop.  Lungs are not designed to take in oil and the oil can block the air sacs in the lungs.  Do not use the product in a spray bottle as the fine mist droplets or vapor can also be inhaled and cause severe and deadly lung air sac blockage (all oils can do this even cooking oil - see Question #36).  If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, call a doctor.  If inhaled call a doctor.  There is a Chemical Emergency #1-800-424-9300 you can call.  Tell them you were exposed to "refined white oil" and they will know what it is.  The product does not produce vapors on its own, but keep the bottle cap sealed to prevent contaminating the product.  Do not store near an elevated heat source that could make the product boil and product vapor in the air.  This includes welding metal with trace amounts of product on the metal.  Clean the metal first to remove the oil product, then weld.  

Explosive & Burning: The product is not known to be explosive at normal temperatures, but if exposed to heat and open flame, the product can burn.  The product is not listed as an explosive or dangerous flammable product. All oils can burn, even castor oil, glycerin, lube oil, etc.  Most gas treatments on the market today are highly explosive, extremely poisonous to touch or swallow and many of them can cause cancer.  Compare Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment to those products and you'll see our product is safer, though not perfectly safe if ingested or vapors in air breathed. Keep away from open flame.  If your clothing becomes soaked by accidental spill of product remove clothing right away and put in washing machine.  Do not wear oil-soaked clothes and become a burn hazard due to a stray welding spark or open flame.


16.  Question: Can Amazing be put into a motorcycle shaft drive?

Answer:  Yes, just add 1 oz per quart of drive shaft oil (1/2 oz per pint).  There are 2 pints to a quart.

17.  Question: Are their any solid particles in the product that can change engine tolerances?

Answer: No.  Amazing is a low-viscosity extremely refined oil that is very slippery.  No solid particles are added to the oil.  The oil will penetrate metal engine parts and this will not alter engine tolerances.

18.  Question: Have you performed Dyno tests to prove an increase of power output?

Answer:  Not yet, the product is very new and is still undergoing on-going testing.  So far, "seat of the pants" feeling is very convincing in itself.  If you do not feel the power and acceleration and smooth engine, even if a Dyno test is run and shows a power improvement, the product may still not be fun to use.  A Dyno can not measure the thrills a rider will experience of throttle response, exhaust sound, smoothness of the engine, wet clutch and transmission, cooler running and longer lasting engine.  A dynometer lacks many things, it measures torque and horsepower.  If you want more torque you can do a simple sprocket/pulley change or do a Stage 1 or 2 tune up to the engine.  You should not expect any fuel oil additive to add a dozen horsepower, additives do not work that way.  But you will feel a difference as long as your engine is not worn out then nothing but reconditioning of the engine will work.

19.  Question: How long does Amazing work?

Answer:  Amazing cleans engine parts as it lubricates and begins working right away.  You should feel and hear results in just 3 to 8 miles and it gets better as you ride more miles.  When you next change your oil if you do not ad Amazing the product still works as it has penetrated the metal.  It is best to replenish Amazing at each oil change to keep the process of penetration, lubricating and engine cleaning ongoing.  When Amazing is used in the fuel it cleans the entire fuel system and the intake sections of the cylinder head such as valves, seats and guides and upper piston and cylinder area to a minor degree on the intake stroke of the piston.   When you stop using Amazing your engine will run just fine, but slowly the carbon deposits will again return.  Each engine is different as to the rate of carbon deposition occurs so use Amazing regularly or set up your own system of adding it every other or every 5th fill of the gas tank.  Whatever works for you is fine.  Keep in mind you can reduce the dosage (cut dose it in half) to keep your additive expense under control.

20.  Question: Can Amazing damage the engine?

Answer:  Amazing is a "crown jewel" oil that is ultra refined to the point oil can not be refined any further.  The oil is still a very slippery oil.  Oil can damage an engine if you use the wrong grade of oil in your engine.  Amazing is not meant to take the place of engine oil, it is an "oil & fuel additive" to be added to the proper grade of oil your vehicle is designed to use.  As long as you do not exceed the maximum dose on the product no engine damage can occur. 

21.  Question: Will it harm O2 sensors?

Answer:  No.  Excessive oil burning can ruin O2 sensors, but this usually applies to blue oil smoke emitting from exhaust pipe from worn piston, piston rings, valve guides, or cracked cylinder or head letting lubricating oil to enter the combustion chamber.  Amazing's dose is way too low to harm O2 sensors.  One thing to consider though is some bikes, if too much Amazing is used, may experience hesitations.  If this happens just reduce the dose.  If you overdose by accident the engine may not start.  This happens with all oil-base fuel additives in a spark ignition engine.  Simply siphon off half a tank of fuel from the gas tank, add fresh gas to fill the tank and that should be all it takes.  Amazing is a super thin oil unlike other thick additives, so there is very little chance you will run into this overdosing problem with Amazing.   

22.  Question: What are all the benefits of Amazing?

Answer: Instead of listing a boring list of benefits (we mention some here and on the bottle labels).  We do not want to overdue it and not be able to satisfy all customers.  If we list a benefit and it does not work on some vehicles it just makes the customer unhappy.  The best benefit is the one that satisfies you the most and that means you should just try the product and see if you like it.  That is the most practical method we prefer you use.  If you like it, great.  If not, that's okay.  You may like it in your motorcycle and not in your car, or vice versa.  There's just no way we can promise everybody perfect satisfaction in all vehicles and equipment... that is not practical for us.  In fact, customers will tell us benefits we could never realize.  Here's a few benefits you may realize:

22-A.  Question: How can this product do all that is claimed it can do? 

Answer:  There is a "snowball effect" taking place.  Let's assume your engine has sticking valves in valve guides and frozen piston rings.  This will create a huge loss of power, fuel economy, dirty the lube oil fast to create abrasive wear and tear on all engine parts.  If Amazing frees those piston rings and valves so they can again seal combustion in the cylinder then a myriad of desirable benefits occurs.  You get the power, acceleration, a more powerful exhaust tone sound, fuel economy and engine longevity with less wear and tear on all oil lubricated engine parts with less friction which permits a cooler-running engine.  Now, adding Amazing to the fuel (gas or diesel) frees up a dirty carburetor or fuel injector power, economy, acceleration, smooth-running engine, reduced emissions and better throttle response.  The "snowball effect" is what permits Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment to do so much because it does not just clean the piston rings... it does so much more like cleaning intake ports, freeing and lubricating sticking valve stems, valve seats, valve guides, etc.  Amazing also penetrates metals and friction contact surfaces along with sleeve, Babbitt, roller bearings and gears which reduces friction and heat which "snowballs" with results in less wear of these expensive parts.  It's not a miracle... it's just common sense cleaning & lubrication taking place.   


  We Internally Inspected the piston crown and valves on our 40,000 mile Harley-Davidson V-Twin engine in February 2015 and what we saw was Amazing. Their were zero carbon deposits on the valves, (including the exhaust valves) so this is like maintaining air and exhaust flow porting from the factory for maximum horsepower preservation and fuel economy.  The piston crowns were salt and pepper with more aluminum metal showing (salt color) than carbon spots (black pepper color).  It means Amazing is doing its job keeping the piston crowns  carbon-free and preventing carbonization pre-ignition and detonation maintaining factory spec cylinder compression for maximum horsepower (carbon absorbs fuel, cause a glowing condition pre-ignites and wastes power and fuel.  There was no build-up of carbon.  The carbon that did exist was like paper-thin flakes the size of pencil dots that were easily dislodged.  It means carbon simply was not sticking to the piston crown or the combustion chamber, or the valve faces (looked like brand new valve seating surfaces) and the combustion chamber was remarkably clean along with the valve stems.  Amazing will clean your engine.  Use it in the fuel and in the lube oil. 

    HERE'S MORE...

  The rocker arms, valve springs and push rods looked like a new clean factory fresh engine!  There was no measurable wear on the valve tappets or the valve stems or the rocker arms and shafts.  The engine looked like a new engine inside, so Amazing is cleaning and lubricating with engine oil revealing great results.  The primary chain, engine and transmission sprockets all were in perfect operating condition and the clutch was smooth operating like a brand new factory clutch.  That's our scientific proof that Amazing is lubricating and cleaning the engine internally.  Seeing is believing. Try Amazing and let your mechanic give you his visual results when he services your engine.

28.  Question: If I lose oil pressure will Amazing still protect the engine?

23.  Question: Is this Snake Oil?  Just another product that does not work?

Answer:  We do not use snakes to make the product, sorry.  Just kidding.  Amazing is just a highly refined superior quality, low viscosity (almost like water) product that has the amazing ability to both lubricate and clean metal and deeply penetrate metals.  It cleans carbon from the engine (the engine oil dispersants encapsulates and keeps the microscopic particles in suspension for the next oil change).  If you can clean engine components compression returns and all sort of nice things happen.  Fuel mileage increases, more power, exhaust sound is better, more acceleration.  That is why you see so many products that clean fuel injectors.  Just that one device alone, when cleaned, does wonders to the engine.  Amazing cleans injectors and a whole lot more engine components!  Cumulatively, when the engine is cleaned and deeply lubed friction is also reduced to make for a cooler-running engine.  Actually there a many benefits to be had.  Our testing proved to us the product worked on our vehicles we tested them on.  It should also work for you, but you'll have to try it to find out for certain.  On this page you will see photos of how Amazing cleans and lubricates.

24.  Question: Do you offer free samples?

Answer:  We are working on it, but discovered so far, the cost is just too high.  We do have a 2 fl oz sample size below for only $6.  See Pay Pal links at bottom of this page.  This offer is for USA orders only, however, if you live in Canada or other countries you can order from Amazon.com and these links are also provided at the bottom of this page ordering section.

25.  Question: How can I become a dealer to sell Amazing?

Answer:  Suggest you  e-mail us and we will consider the venture.  Protected territories are not available.  The market is wide open in the USA.  No foreign accounts at this time.  We are seeking Factory Reps to sell to repair shops for the mechanics use to help out in the factory or repair shop environment as a general degreaser, lubricant, hand cleaner, etc.

26.  Question: Will I hear a louder exhaust from my car?

Answer:  Mostly motorcycles will hear the tone shift as the rider is in the open-air very close to the exhaust pipe.  Some cars and trucks may experience a better sound tone from the exhaust, but due to the cab enclosure the driver may or may not hear it.  A convertible or open top hot-rod should be able to hear a tone shift.  Cars and trucks have large mufflers that may "muffle" out the increased exhaust note.  Motorcycles are not as muffled so the change in tone can be heard.  However, if you do not hear a tone shift you will likely be satisfied with the felt power increase and smooth throttle.

27.  Question: Is it a sport bike motorcycle chain lubricant?

Answer:  Yes and no.  Amazing cleans tremendously fast on street motorcycles with chain/sprocket drive.  When you try it you'll see how fast and easy it is to clean a drive chain, sprocket and wheel rim.  After you clean the chain Amazing is now soaked into the chain and sprocket metal even after you wipe off the excess product.  For an o-ring chain this is all you need for exterior chain lubricant as the main lubricant is sealed inside the chain.  Amazing, over time, may or may not degrade the chain o-rings (depending on o-ring composition).  If so, the degradation should be so slow that the chain will wear out before the o-rings fail.  Usually, the chain o-rings are oil-resistant to degradation so it should not be of concern.  Amazing is not meant to be a chain lubricant, but you can use it for that purpose if you desire.  Amazing will do one more thing and that is it will absolutely increase acceleration due to strong reduction of chain link friction and sprocket contact.  You'll see once you try it.  A better-lubed chain and sprocket will last a lot longer too!  And yes, you can still use your favorite chain lube along with Amazing.  Give Amazing a few hours to soak into the metal, then apply your chain lube.   Amazing, if used as a chain lubricant will soak into the chain metal, but the excess will fling off, as most chain lubes will.  Be careful to watch and see if the flung oil does not contact the rubber tire, foot pegs or disk brake rotor on a motorcycle.  If you use Amazing to clean chrome or cast wheels or engine cases clean off Amazing by using rubbing alcohol or common household/garage degreaser as Amazing will attract black dust (microscopic air contaminates).  Though the fine black dust (similar to brake past dust) will easily wipe away if formed why bother with it? 

Answer:  After Amazing has penetrated into the metal, and with continued use to maintain that penetration, Amazing will be available to lubricate all friction points.  We don't sell Amazing for a loss of oil condition, but it is there to reduce engine wear under normal oil pressure conditions.  As the lube oil molecule fails (not oil pressure failure) and metal-to-metal contact begins, Amazing will be in the metal and will be released to restore lubrication.  This all happens on molecular level.  Even if a pin-size speck of metal is torn away from stress failure Amazing may be present in the metal to lubricate that friction point to prevent more damage.  This is complicated to explain in a paragraph.  Bottom line, if you lose engine pressure Amazing may let the engine run longer than with motor oil alone, but you must remember a loss of oil pressure is horrific to an engine and Amazing may prolong damage, but eventually no additive product will permit an engine to run normally without oil pressure for very long.  A few minutes at best.  This is still good though as it give you time to safely shut off the engine without seizing it up.   

29.  Question: How do I adjust the dose when adding oil at oil change to avoid overfilling?

Answer:  You simply add the same amount of oil you normally do to the crankcase, then add Amazing at the recommended dose mentioned on the product label.  Yes, this will appear to overfill the crankcase (or a Harley-Davidson with an external oil tank) but Amazing will seep into the metal parts to be absorbed by the metal and the oil level will return to normal or near normal soon thereafter.

30.  Question: I accidently put a quart of Amazing in my motorcycle.  Must I drain all the oil?

Answer: No.  Use a automotive battery squeeze bulb and suction the oil out of they engine compartment.  To gain length you can slip a 1/4" rubber vent hose over the bulb's stem to reach deeper down into the compartment.  Pull out two quarts of oil and replace with two quarts of motor oil.  Save the old oil and use it for your next oil change as the oils are still good if you did not run the bike more than 200 miles.

31.  Question: Can I use it in a brand new engine?

Answer:  No.  Wait until the engine has been broken-in.  After broken-in then you can add Amazing in the oil change after the engine is broken in.

32.  Question: Will Amazing restore a worn engine?

Answer:  No.  A worn engine is a worn out engine and needs to be overhauled.  No oil or gas additive can repair a worn engine.  However, what you may perceive to be a worn engine may only be a dirty engine that is losing cylinder compression, power and performance.  Example: carbon deposits can prevent valves from lifting wide open and seating on the valve seat which leak compression and restrict fuel/air filling of the combustion chamber reducing power output.  Piston rings can be stuck in the piston lands allowing a serious loss of compression along with oil burning out the exhaust pipe and pressurizing the crankcase which also creates power-robbing drag on the crankshaft.  Same with dirty fuel injectors and fuel pumps and dirty fuel pump suction filters.  Amazing can help fix a dirty engine, but it will not go beyond this point to "fix" a worn out engine.  Using a very thick oil will help restore cylinder compression and there are oil treatments such as STP that will work in worn engines.  If you have a worn engine use STP.  Do not bother to use Amazing in this case in the oil as the engine is just plain worn out dying horse (why waste your money?).  You can use Amazing in the gasoline/diesel fuel to clean up the fuel tract and intake valves and guides where STP's thick oil formula additive will not reach.

33.  Question: Is Amazing an upper cylinder lubricant?

Answer: It can be, but we do not list this feature as an important benefit.  If you add Amazing to the gas it will enter the upper cylinder on the intake stroke.  Some oiling will occur, but likely not enough immediate benefit to realize.  Maybe over the long term it may work to prolong upper piston ring wear.  Actually, modern piston design does a superb job of lubricating upper piston rings.  In this case, Amazing will work to clean and lube piston ring and piston metal when used in the engine oil.  That's where upper cylinder lubrication will occur, but not with the fuel treatment alone.  Since Amazing is used both in the fuel and lube oil the product is present on top and beside and below the piston.  However, we have found using Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment in the gasoline did clean the piston rings reducing carbon blockage combustion blow-by.      

34.  Question: Why did you develop Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment?

Answer:  I ran into trouble with a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle that hesitated and I tried dozens of fuel treatments.  Some of them did not work, but some did help.  The fuel injection map was faulty, so that was the prime problem and it was re-mapped.  But during the process of experimenting with fuel and oil treatments I discovered which ones worked and which ones did not to work.  After researching, I came upon a simple formula that was at first unlikely to do anything positive to an engine, but to my surprise ended up being more powerful than imagined.  I then tested the product in my own vehicle engines and to my complete surprise I felt and heard immediate positive results.  Mainly increased power, smoother running engine, louder exhaust tone, more acceleration and this was felt and heard within the first 3 to 8 miles. That was incredibly fast.  None of my vehicles were worn out and did not burn oil, but they all ran and sounded better.  The product just made the engines and myself happier.  That's how I developed the product.  But I also wanted a low non-toxic, non-explosive, no skin burning acidic or alkaline, no deadly aromatic fumes product.  A relatively safe product I would be comfortable selling.  The product is considered non-hazardous in the shipping industry so it can be mailed by the US Postal Service.  Most oil & gas additives can't do that. 

35.  Question: Does Amazing contain sulfur or other harmful chemicals that can damage modern air pollution controls?

Answer:  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is an unbelievably pure refined oil that is incredibly "super refined" so all sulfur and a variety of other impurities are removed.  There are no damaging elements in the Amazing product.  Just think of Amazing as a highly refined watery slippery oil that can seep its way into porous and polished metal to deeply clean and lubricate engine parts like a strong solvent.  That's the power of Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment.

36.  Question: Can I use Amazing with other fuel and oil additives?

Answer: You can, but reduce the dose of Amazing or the other product cut in half.  This is so you will not over treat the fuel or lubricating oil.  Remember, too many additives are not better.  Example:  You will still need to use additives to control octane-related knocks and pings (Amazing helps here a bit by preventing pre-ignition from glowing carbon deposits), and ethanol fuel treatment to combat the bad effects of ethanol (though Amazing does help here too).  Amazing may help, but sometimes you just got to use products that focus on certain problems.  There are fuel injector cleaners too that can act quicker than Amazing.  Our product is powerful and it is pure, but may take some time to perfectly clean and lube up an engine.  If your engine is experiencing serious running troubles you may need quick results, so products like Chevron's Techron® work fast and are very powerful chemicals to help clean up problem engines.  Amazing may work to slowly in your particular case.  Just use less or omit using Amazing temporarily when using other gas and oil treatment products.  Generally, it is never a good idea to mix competing products as nobody knows if the cylinder temperatures can rocket out of control and melt a piston.  Some products burn really hot so make sure you read the product label carefully and refrain from mixing products.  Amazing will not an oxidizer so reactions should not be a problem.  However, too much additives mixed into a small motorcycle gas tank can dilute the fuel to the point the engine will not start or run too hot and that can damage an engine.  Be careful of "non oily" additives.  Look at the label.  If the product is inflammable it likely will burn hot and hard.  What you get is a hole in the piston, not more power.  Overdosing additives and mixing additives is to be avoided.

37.  Question: Can the product be used in a spray bottle?

Answer:  Safely yes, as long as the nozzle is set to a "stream" setting, not a "spray" as the fine mist produced by a spray can be an inhalation hazard.  If you do use a spray bottle at the "spray" setting you should consider wearing a dust mask and/or perform the spraying outdoors.  A fine mist spray of oil (any oil, including common household cooking oil) will be an explosion hazard.  Also, spraying is not advised as the oil spray can wet the floor or nearby rubber tires causing a slip/traction hazard and disk brake rotors.  A good method is to use a spray bottle's stream setting and squirt the product into a hand-held cloth then apply the product that way to clean an item.

38.  Question: Is Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment suitable for use in low sulfur vehicles?

Answer:  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is a "super refined" oil that contains no sulfur or harmful impurities to adversely affect air pollution systems in vehicles so, it complies with Federal low sulfur requirements for gas and diesel fuel.

39.  Question: Is there a test I can use to see if the product penetrates metal?

Answer:  Yes, just apply a drop or two of Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment to a bare metal tool or motorcycle drive chain or aluminum crankcase.  The product will not soak into hard chrome plating, but it will penetrate into chrome roller bearings as they create wear imperfections into the chrome ball bearings and underlying bearing race metal. 

40.  Question: How should I use Amazing the first time?

Answer:  If you have a five-gallon gas tank on a motorcycle just add 1oz of Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment to the fuel tank and ride until the tank is at 1/2 tank then add another 1-oz and fill the gas tank.  After this, cut the dose to just 1/4 oz or 1/8 ounce each time you gas up from a half to a full tank it does not matter.  Formulate your own dose based on your fueling habits, but do not overdose the fuel tank.  In the oil just use the recommended formula on the label which is 1/2 or 1-ounce per quart with a maximum of 2-oz per quart of oil.  In a car or pick-up truck with a large gas tank of 8 to 12 gallons or more just add one cup of Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment and see what develops.  There is no reason to add 1/4 cup for each gallon of fuel.  One-cup to a large full fuel tank full of fuel of 8 to 12 gallons of gas or diesel will not overdose your vehicle.  At your next filling of the fuel tank, you can add 1/8 or 1/4 or 1/2 ounce per gallon of fuel added depending on which dose works best for you.  Don't keep blindly adding 1-cup at each fill-up as eventually you may come to an overdose concentration.  You can keep adding 1/8 to 1/4 cup at each fill-up and never run into overdosing problems.  You will be surprised how powerful Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment really is.  You can use much less than you think is possible and still gain results when added to fuel.

41.  Question: Will your Amazing product lubricate cams, cam chains and the plastic cam chain followers in motorcycles?

Answer:  Yes, everywhere lube oil contacts metal Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment will lubricate and penetrate, including any oil lubricated plastic or nylon cam chain and balancing chains and their tensioning followers to reduce wear and tear on these relatively soft non-metallic items.  Our product should extend the life of these items.  Everything is lubricated, even the oil pump itself.

42.  Question: How will I know the product is working or not?

Answer:  Let's just say put Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment into your vehicle and drive away and see if you can hear or feel a difference.  You should see results in the first tank of gas or less.  Small vehicles like ATV's and motorcycles should realize benefits in less than a dozen miles.  I felt great improvement in my Cummins Turbo-diesel truck in just dozen miles and it kept getting better each mile travelled in the very first tank of fuel.  We hope you too will feel and hear results just a quickly, but if not, give it some time to work. 

43.  Question: How do I measure a dose when traveling?

Answer:  Purchase an inexpensive plastic shot-glass size measuring cup that measures up to 1 or two 2-oz.  These little measuring cups are light in weight, take up little room in motorcycle saddlebag and makes for accurate measuring.  Never eye-ball a pour from the product bottle as you will always pour in too much and waste money.  Remember, with Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment using less is more!  Less is best!


44.  Question: How many doses do I get per bottle size?

Answer:  You can easily cut the following dose in half or more to more than double the doses or more per bottle size.  Give it a try and see if it works for you!  Start with the product label dose then make adjustments from there.  Never increase dose more than the recommended dose.  See the chart dosage below:


1/2 Ounce per Gallon of Fuel - (Note: 1/8 to 1/4 ounce dose is recommended for engines in good condition)

2-oz size gives 4-fuel treatments at 1/2 oz per gallon or treat 2-quarts of oil at 1-oz per quart.

4-oz size gives 8-fuel treatments at 1/2 oz per gallon or treat 4-quarts of oil at 1-oz per quart.

32-oz size gives 16-fuel treatments at 1/2 oz per gallon or treat 32-quarts of oil at 1-oz per quart. 

1/4 Ounce per Gallon of Fuel

2-oz size gives 8-fuel treatments at 1/2 oz per gallon or treat 2-quarts of oil at 1-oz per quart.

4-oz size gives 16-fuel treatments at 1/2 oz per gallon or treat 4-quarts of oil at 1-oz per quart.

32-oz size gives 32-fuel treatments at 1/2 oz per gallon or treat 32-quarts of oil at 1-oz per quart. 

1/8 Ounce per Gallon of Fuel

2-oz size gives 16-fuel treatments at 1/2 oz per gallon or treat 2-quarts of oil at 1-oz per quart.

4-oz size gives 32-fuel treatments at 1/2 oz per gallon or treat 4-quarts of oil at 1-oz per quart.

32-oz size gives 64-fuel treatments at 1/2 oz per gallon or treat 32-quarts of oil at 1-oz per quart. 

Note:  How low a dose can you go?  We have tried a maintenance level of using just 1/8 oz per gallon in the fuel and 1/2 oz per quart of oil and the benefits were still felt and heard).  Try cutting back on the product dose as soon as you can after a few tanks of fuel or after an oil change.  When the engine is cleaned and running strong you can cut back on the product dose.  You should reduce the lube oil dose too, but remember the product will be absorbed by the engine's metal parts, so don't cut-back lower than 1/4 oz of product per quart of oil at each oil change.  When in doubt?  Use the lowest dose or skip a dose if need be.   

45.  Question: Are there any dangerous chemicals in the Amazing product?

Answer:  As Coca-Cola® has trade secrets and will not disclose the product's formulation, we will not reveal the exact formula of the product, but we can say with certainty there are no dangerous chemicals blended into the product in any quantity that would be deemed to be dangerous.

46.  Question: Will Amazing explode if I add it to my crankcase oil and the engine gets too hot?

Answer:  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is non-explosive, but it will burn.  The flash point, depending on the specific blend and mix of the final product can vary, but is above 300°F to 380°F just to reach the "flash point" and "Amazing" will not combust until the temperature rises way above that flash point.  If your engine ever were to reach those 300-to-400 degrees Fahrenheit your engine has already seized-up way before reaching those temperatures.  Let's assume your engine did get to 400°F "Amazing" still would not even "flash" as there is little to no oxygen inside a crankcase so nothing would happen so no explosion could take place.  The crankcase is filled with explosive lube oil mist and vapor all of the time due to the spinning crankshaft and yet the oil does not create explosions.  There is no need to be concerned using Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment in your engine.

47.  Question: Will the Amazing product dilute the lube oil?

Answer:  No, "Amazing" will actually be absorbed into the engine's metal so it will not dilute and weaken the lubricating oil.  Also, "Amazing's" dose is too low to dilute the oil, and, Amazing is a very slippery oil so there is no harm using Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment.

 48.  Question: My Harley-Davidson has 70,000 miles on it.  How will I benefit using Amazing?

Answer:  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is going to make your engine feel like it was just overhauled and the power and sound you will feel will be impressive.  Amazing is going to clean up and lubricate those loose-fitting pistons by releasing stuck piston rings in the piston lands.  This will raise the cylinder compression and power will be regained.  Also, the carburetor/fuel injectors will be cleaned giving you more power.  Sticking and leaking intake valves due to carbon deposits lowering compression will be reversed.  Just try Amazing and see if it puts a smile on your face! 

49.  Question: Does Amazing emit foul odors and fumes like other products do?

Answer:  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment has no odor and no fumes, period.  Amazing does not contain obnoxious explosive chemicals that other products contain.  Just because a product does have foul-smelling chemicals does not make it a bad product for it will do things Amazing may not do or the foul-smelling product will do a fix quicker.  Amazing will not remove water from the fuel.  (It may raise the octane level of gasoline as we are testing this see Question #66).  It will not solve all ethanol related problems, but it will prevent and cure many such problems, we do not sell it as a ethanol problem solver.  Amazing will not preserve gasoline fuel over the winter in storage.  So you can see, there is still room for other products you can use to solve specific problems you may have with your engine.  Starting with Amazing is a good place to start though.  Amazing may take 400-800 miles to solve a problem, even ethanol problems of slime deposits in float bowls or fuel filters, but it will slowly dissolve the mess if you give it time to work.  If you do not have time to spare and are in need of a fast fix then use a specific treatment product and live with the fumes and odors.  No product can do it all.  When the problem is fixed, then go back to Amazing.

50.  Question: My gas tank on my motorcycle is only 5 gallons.  What dose should I use to start with?

Answer:  You can start with just adding 1-ounce of Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment for the entire tank of gas.  What you want is to start with a lower dose so the engine computer will make adjustments when the O2 sensors detect a change in power/performance/fuel mixture changes.  The computer has a "learning phase" so we let the computer make its fine adjustments.  You will still feel and hear a change of engine performance in less than 12 miles of riding.  After the first fuel tank you can then add 1/8 ounce per gallon of fuel added to the gas tank.  Suppose you failed to do this?  Don't worry about it.  The computer will play catch-up.  Engines with carburetors do not usually have computers with "learning curves" so the results will be felt sooner.

51.  Question: I put 1-ounce in my gas tank in my Harley-Davidson and I felt and heard no change.  Why?

Answer:  If your engine is brand new with less than 3,000 miles your engine is still cleanAs you accumulate miles beyond 5,000 miles the engine is getting fouled with carbon deposits already, slowly, but surely and power is slowly being reduced.  If you have higher miles and still do not feel or hear a power increase using Amazing it can be you are not sensitive to the engine power output like a mechanic senses minute changes in power.  In fact, you could have experienced a big jump in power and sound output and you missed the transition point so you did not recognize the change.  Despite you not feeling or hearing - your hearing may be insensitive to the tone shift - your bike is so heavy you can't feel the power output like a heavy bagger with a stock engine - Amazing is still working to clean the engine.  It has to work.  When Amazing detects carbon it will attack it and break its bonds to the metal.  To see this in action, just apply Amazing to a dirty, filthy, crud-laden drive chain or drive sprocket and see how the solidified grease melt away from the metal.  That's what happens when you put Amazing inside your engine crankcase or inside your gas tank.  Seeing is believing.

52.  Question: Will Amazing harm my paint on my vehicle?

Answer:  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment likely will not, but it is good practice not to permit contact with paint without testing first.  It is possible if there is no clear-coat protection Amazing could see paint as dirt and attack it.  We just don't know, we did not test it on unprotected paint.  We tested it on vehicles with clear-coat with no problems detected. 

53.  Question: If I spill Amazing will it splash and stain nearby items?

Answer:  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment when spilled by accident will make an ugly mess of oil droplets expanding everywhere as it penetrates the material.  Depending on the product Amazing touches it can create a stain that will eventually evaporate, but it could take a few weeks.  We spilled it on a uncoated concrete garage floor and it made polka-dot dark images, but eventually soaked in, dissipated and evaporated.  You got to clean up the mess right away as the "slippery" oil is devastating to step onto it like polished ice... you can fall down!  Wipe up any spill immediately. You can clean up spilled Amazing product using a common household cleaner as with any spilled oil.  Amazing is a clear product so it will not stain with dye like dark motor oils will.

54.  Question: Will Amazing corrode fuel pumps and fuel pump lines?

Answer:  Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment will not harm plastic or metal fuel pumps or fuel hoses inside or outside of the fuel tank.  Amazing contains no corrosive chemicals and will actually clean the fuel pump intake filter screen and lubricate the fuel pump and help keep ethanol slime from building up that will cause injector and carburetor blockage.  Amazing will actually seek to penetrate gas tank and metal parts inside the fuel pump to help protect metals from corrosion.

55.  Question: Do I add Amazing first then fill up the gas tank?

Answer: It does not matter if you add Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment first or after you fill the fuel tank.  Amazing will mix with the fuel from the rocking and vibrations motions of the vehicle.  It is a good habit to add Amazing first to the fuel tank then add fuel so immediate mixing occurs.

56.  Question: Help me create dosage measuring marks on my bottle so I can make pouring without a measuring cup.

Answer: Stand the bottle up vertically on a flat level surface then slide a ruler alongside and use a Magic Marker® to draw a line on the Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment bottle at the increments below for 1-oz dose.  To create a 1/2-oz dose just pour Amazing between the marked lines.  For 1/8-oz dose you'll still need to use a measuring cup. 

Your Dosage Marks on Bottle - Each Mark = 1-oz Dose.

2-oz bottle: mark bottle adjacent to the 1-1/2" line on the ruler.

4-oz bottle: mark bottle adjacent to each 1" line on the ruler.

8-oz bottle: mark bottle adjacent to each 3/4" line on the ruler.

32-oz bottle: mark bottle adjacent to each 1/4" line on the ruler.

Shot Glass Tip:  If you do not have a measuring cup purchase a shot glass.  When filled to the very top of the glass it is a tad shy (1/8" below) 2 fluid ounces... it's close enough for all practical purposes.

57.  Question: Should I run the engine when I add Amazing to the lube oil?

Answer: Yes, add Amazing and take a ride for 3 to 8 miles to circulate Amazing in the engine right away.  Let's assume you add Amazing to the lube oil in the engine, let it sit in the oil pan overnight, you will lose some Amazing as it penetrates the metal oil pan.  It won't be a disaster if you do this, but what we really want is to circulate the oil with Amazing right away so the product can begin to penetrate all the engine's moving parts immediately.  If you did not circulate the oil right away?  Do nothing, just drive away the next day or so and after a week of driving check the oil level.  If the oil level has dropped a bit after checking with a hot engine, then add 1/8-ounch for each quart of oil of Amazing to replenish what may have been lost in the oil pan.  You won't mess anything up if you make a mistake of not driving away after adding Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment.

58.  Question: Do you have a flyer describing the Amazing product so I can print and mail in my order?

Answer: Yes, this is one flyer below?  It is a JPEG image.  It's okay to copy the flyer and print it out on your computer.  If you can't print from this Website send us your e-mail address and request a flyer.  mailto:jrpub2002@yahoo.com

Note: Use links below to order product.

59.  Question: Has the Amazing product matured yet or are you still improving it?

Answer: We are still testing the new product and finding interesting new uses for it.  We recently discovered it is a powerful degreasing agent to clean heavily caked solidified grease from industrial chains and in the process also dissolves the rust and lubes the chain at the same time.  We tested for ten minutes a very old fork lift chain and it came clean with surprising ease.  Amazing penetrated the solid grease, then penetrated the metal chain and the grease lost its bond and simply fell away with a wipe of a paper and cloth towel.  We are also tinkering with our "Trade Secret" formula.

60.  Question: I got one bottle that has a different tint color to it.  Is it contaminated?  Should I return it?

Answer: No, nothing is wrong with the product.  If you look inside the bottle by removing the bottle's cap the product is still clear and the clear bottle is actually casting a tint of color to the product when viewed from outside the bottle.  It's just bottle manufacturing anomaly.   It is possible we sent a newer version of Amazing too that has a different tint to the product.  Just use the product if the product itself is clean and contains no solid particles (tiny bubbles can look like particles, let it sit to settle down the air bubbles).  If you shake the bottle you will see very, very, tiny bubbles.  This is okay and gives you an idea just how "thin" this oil is so it can penetrate metals to clean and lubricate.  If in doubt?  E-mail us.

61.  Question: What about synthetic oil compatibility?

Answer: Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is fully compatible will all lubricating oils including base stock engine oil, semi-synthetic and full-synthetic oil.  Remember, Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is actually a oil, but is highly refined to "crown jewel" status.


62.  Question: How should I store Amazing inside my home?

Answer: Do not store the product inside the home!  Residential Home Storage: Do not store product inside the home where children and pets may easily access it. Keep cap tightly closed on bottle.  Place material in the garage or in an outside locked storage shed, placed on an upper level shelf so children and animals may not accidently reach the product. Keep the container bottle sealed tightly. If ingested the product is not poisonous but if burped or swallowed into lungs a chemical pneumonia can develop and be fatal. Do not transfer product into any spray bottle. Consumer Protection Agency does not permit this low viscosity petroleum product to be set to a "stream" setting in a spray bottle as a child may squeeze the trigger and get a large dose into the lungs. We do not recommend using any spray bottle or placing the trigger spray bottle to "mist" or "spray" setting for risk of lung exposure by breathing or vapor mist in air contacting a heat source with a fire or explosion mist and to protect children from harm. Even baby oil, cooking oil vegetable, olive, canola oils will seriously damage lungs or kill a child (or an adult) if oil enters the lungs. All oils are dangerous so store the product (and your household kitchen oils) in a safe location. Amazing is a low-viscosity oil that is very thin and easy to flow and very slippery and if placed in the mouth could be accidently breathed into the lungs.  Keep product away from children.  A small amount (spoon or tablespoon) of Amazing if swallowed is not considered a health hazard in adults as diarrhea will be the end result.  If a child or adult swallows Amazing sit down or if unconscious lay on left side with head erect so product can not enter lungs and get medical attention.  Do not wait until symptoms of difficult breathing surfaces as that can be too late to survive (may take three days or less for difficult breathing to develop).  When you suspect a dose of product was delivered to the lungs don't wait... get medical attention right away.  Do not store product in a different bottle or container so nobody will drink it by accident.

63.  Question: What can I expect using the Amazing product in my motorcycle transmission?

Answer: Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment© will give you better more precise silky-smooth shifting with much less resistance and "clunking" noise as a Harley-Davidson® and other bikes are known.  The product penetrate the gears, shafts and bearings to reduce friction and heat.  If you have a wet clutch you will notice the clutch engages and disengages quicker and the clutch plates bite down tight when disengaged so slippage and clutch burnout will be reduced.  Your transmission and clutch, including yourself... is just going to be happier.  And, if you want even more smoother shifting check out Silkolene®  oil.  They have blends for all bikes.  The oil is incredibly slick and durable and used in racing engines (mostly metric bikes on street, dirt and paved race tracks).  For Harley's and V-Twins go with RedLine® oil.  They too are ester-base full-synthetic low viscosity (low friction) oil.  Even the 20W-50 RedLine oil is very thin, but thickens as heat rises and thins as heat drops.  Just shake the bottle and compare it to other brands of oil and you'll notice the RedLine ester oil is much more liquid at room temperature.  This RedLine oil along with Amazing does wonders in Harley's and V-Twins.  Amsoil®  synthetic brand of lube oil is also really good oil so do buy it.

64.  Question: Can I use Amazing in two-stroke engines?

Answer:  We are testing Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment© and we will post the results here.  Right now we know it will lubricate and clean the engine internals, but we do not know if it will substitute as a stand-alone two-stroke oil. We assume Amazing will be added to the 2-stroke oil & gas mixture as a gasoline additive.  In a two-stroke engine the gasoline is added to the lube oil prior to being burned in a automatic oiling system or the oil is manually added to the gasoline tank prior to being burned. 

65.  Question: How does Amazing break the carbon and grease bonds?

Answer:  Amazing easily penetrates the carbon or grease because Amazing has very small molecules and are much tinier than oil or grease molecules.  Amazing then penetrates into the metal behind the carbon or grease attacking from behind releasing the "grip" of the carbon or grease so it can no longer adhere to the metal anymore.  That is why we say Amazing a "lubricating solvent" as it is a powerful lubricant with intensive cleaning abilities.  Carbon and grease just can't stick to metal surfaces anymore and is now easily removed.  Try it and you will see for yourself that is works!  Cleaning greasy chains and sprockets is a good visual test of Amazing's powers and abilities.    

66.  Question: Can Amazing be used to raise the octane level in gasoline?

Answer:  Yes, we are testing this and our first test on a Screaming Eagle Stage-1 performance 2012 Harley-Davidson in June of 2014 revealed adding 3 ounces to a tank of 87 octane gas Amazing will permit running regular 87 octane gasoline in the fuel tank (Harley's require premium 91 octane fuel).  We tested this at 4,000 foot elevation to 8,000' feet elevation in 70°F to 80°F temperatures so the testing needs to continue to be certain.  For now, you may want to keep 4oz of Amazing with you in case you need to fuel but only 87 octane gas is available. Amazing may not actually raise the octane content of fuel, but it likely creates a burn condition that prevents pre-ignition, knocks and pings.  Lucas Oil® fuel treatment product claims to also permit using regular fuel instead of premium fuel, so this is not an unusual benefit for an oil-base fuel treatment.  In our case, we are still testing Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment.  For those who are running high-compression engines (over 9:1) you may want to try Amazing to see if it can help reduce knocks and pings.  So far, our limited testing reveals Amazing permits the use of low octane fuel which is amazing.  Why not try it and see if it works for you?  If it does work you could save a lot of money at the gas pump.  IF it does not work in your vehicle at least you'll end up with a clean better running engine!  If you still suffer from knocks and pings you may need to purchase a octane booster product or fuel with no ethanol alcohol or a higher octane fuel above 92 octane (racing gas).    Read Question #68.


67.  Question: Should I change the oil after running Amazing as my oil became black in a few hundred miles?

Answer:  See photo on this page.  This black oil reveals Amazing is stripping out carbon deposits from oil-lubricated parts such as valve stems, pistons, rings, skirts, etc., and depositing the carbon into the oil where it is held in suspension ready for the next oil change.  It is up to you to decide if you want to prematurely change the oil, but we do recommend that you do as carbon grit is abrasive, so it is wise to dump this grit out of your engine.  The photo on this page shows black carbon contaminated oil from a Harley-Davidson motorcycle after just 600 miles of using Amazing in clean oil and certainly is now due for an oil change.  After you change the oil and add Amazing the oil will not become jet black so quickly because the first time you use Amazing has a big job of scouring heavy carbon deposits from a dirty engine.  Over time, after a few oil changes, you should be able to return to a near normal oil change schedule.  Keep in mind that Amazing will keep cleaning the engine so you may need to change the oil more frequently.  This is actually a good thing as a clean engine will last longer and run better.  Tip:  When looking at used oil in a glass jar it may appear a deep filthy black color, but it may not be as dirty as it appears.  Dip a clean dip-stick or chrome plated screwdriver into the oil and remove it and you may be surprised that you can still see through the oil and it appears much cleaner than you thought.  This is a decent visual test to make to determine if your oil needs changing or not. 

68.  Question: Can Amazing be overdosed in the gasoline tank?

Answer:  It can if you go way beyond the maximum dose.  To make things easy keep in mind this magic number rule, "2-ounces per gallon of gas or 2-ounces per quart of oil" is the maximum dose.  So, if you have a 5 gallon fuel tank you can add 10 ounces to the full tank of gas for a max dose.  But, that's an overkill dose for the fuel tank.  You should use much less such as 1 or 1/2 or even 1/4-oz per gallon.  Overdosing in the fuel tank will not wreck the engine, but it could prevent the engine from starting.  Just remember the "2-oz rule" when adding Amazing.    When making adjustments to see if Amazing can permit the use of lower octane fuel in your vehicle first start at a low dose in the fuel tank and slowly raise the dose until knocks and pings reside.  Every engine will be different as to the amount of Amazing will be needed per gallon of fuel, but do not exceed 2-ounce per gallon which is the maximum dose (unless you are racing off road and you have non-stock high performance engine, then use your own judgment regarding dosage requirements) read Question #66.

69.  Question: The dose on the 2-oz and 4-oz sizes of Amazing says to pour entire contents into gas or oil or split the difference.  Why?

Answer:  The reason is due to comply with a bottling/container law that the portion size should be used all at once called a 1-shot application.  This way no product remains in the bottle when it is thrown away and that no child can accidently get access to the product.  You won't overdose your motorcycle, car or truck.  That is also why the label says on these small size bottles you may also split the difference by adding 1/2 of the contents to the gas tank and 1/2 to the engine oil.  The 2-oz size is not for sale as we only use it for demonstrative samples.  The 4-oz size is for sale as a 1-shot use and it is meant for you to purchase and use right away, not to store it at home where a child can gain access to it as it has no child-resistant cap.  The product is not poison, it only becomes a hazard if a child drinks and then burps the oil product into the lungs.  The 8oz, 32oz and the gallon size containers all have child-resistant caps.  With the child-resistant cap system you can use as much of the product as you need leaving the remainder in the bottle, but still, keep the bottle out of the reach of children.


70.  Question: Is Amazing superior to other products?

Answer:  Amazing is not superior to other products, it just performs in a different way and in some cases can be more beneficial such as the ability to penetrate metals for long-lasting lubricating protection and deep-cleaning endurance.  Most fuel additive products contain volatile chemicals (odorous chemicals that evaporate at room temperature) that burn hot and quickly when added to fuel to remove carbon deposits.  Amazing works quickly too but also uses a gentler, slower, long-lasting process to penetrate metals to release deeply embedded carbon deposits.  Many of the volatile chemical fuel additives can not be used in the crankcase while Amazing can.  We still do recommend other competing products because they do work faster than Amazing and perform other functions Amazing can not do.  No one product can perform all tasks.  We do stand by our product as being a worthy competitor and we do ask that you give Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment a try to see if you like it.  Competitor's products actually do work.  I personally who developed Amazing still do use competitor's products simply because they do work.  Example #1: if I need a E-10 alcohol gasoline protection I will use the product designed for that specific use as Amazing is not effective for treating ethanol alcohol.  Example #2: If you have a blocked fuel injector from using ethanol fuel the competitor's volatile chemical can clean it faster than Amazing, but Amazing may prevent its reoccurrence due to its long-lasting metal treating performance.  I have even blended competitor volatile product with Amazing with no problems, but I can't endorse the practice to the consumer due to having no control of how and what was is being mixed.  I will never say that Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment is superior to other products as that would be unfair to competitors and simply untrue to make such a false and misleading claim.  The best testimony will be when you use Amazing you can decide for yourself how much you enjoy its benefits.  Order Amazing today and give it a try!  Click on the ordering links below.

71.  Question: Can I give Amazing away as a promotional prize?

Answer:  The 32-oz size of Amazing is an excellent gift for hot-rod rallies and motorcycle rides.  The winning hand of a poker run, a raffle or consolation prize.  If you own a vehicle repair or accessories shop you could use the product as a monthly prize drawing for your customers.  Local golf courses, shooting competitions, bowling and other sporting events can use Amazing Oil & Gas Treatment such as the losing score prize or be presented in silent auctions.    

72.  Question: Can Amazing help me change tires?

Answer:  Amazing will make short work of cleaning residual rubber sticking to the tire's metal rim.  When changing tires a thin portion of the old tire is often left behind on the rim that must be removed to create a safe, air-tight, metal-to-rubber bead.  And, that rubber is not easy to remove!  But, by applying Amazing to the rim's bead area you can immediately wipe the stuck on rubber right off the rim.  No need to use those abrasive pads or scrub or let Amazing soak for ten minutes...  in just ten seconds to at most 1-minute time that rubber is coming off the rim right now.  In fact, if you apply Amazing to an abrasive pot-scrubbing pad the rubber comes off even faster than using a cloth alone.  If you change tires in a shop you'll truly appreciate how fast Amazing removes the baked-on rubber residue on the rims, but you will like how quickly Amazing cleans the grease and grime from the rim, spokes, sprocket or pulley too!  Amazing works by soaking into the metal then migrates under the stuck rubber (or grease) then releases it from behind... the grime just has to fall away!  Note:  Amazing is not a tire lubricant so keep it away from rubber tires, foot pegs and clean up spills right away as Amazing is super slippery slip & fall hazard.

73.  Question: Can Amazing be used as a hand cleaner?

Answer:  Amazing is not designed as skin cleaner, but we have tested it to see if it will clean greasy grime from skin and it does work.  Even with small finger skin cracking where grime seeps into the crevices that is hard to remove, Amazing does a good job and also moisturizes the skin to prevent skin cracking in dry weather.  If desired, use ordinary soap and water to remove the oily Amazing product after using on hands.  If you apply Amazing to the skin and you do feel a warming sensation or develop a rash it means you have an allergy to the oil product, so wash skin with soap and water and then use rubber gloves to avoid skin contact.  Amazing will not cause cancer so you need not worry about that.  You will be amazed how easily and completely Amazing is removed from skin using ordinary hand soap.

74.  Question: Will Amazing dissolve rubber?

Answer:  Amazing can dissolve rubber, but not all rubbers. 

Rubber to Avoid: Natural Rubber, Styrene Butadiene, Butyl, Ethylene Propylene.

Amazing is Okay to Use on: Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone, Flurocarbon, Fluro Silicone, Urethane.   Amazing will dissolve asphalt so wipe up any spills and wash the surface with soap and water right away to prevent damage to asphalt paving surfaces.

75.  Question: Can Amazing be used on a motorcycle o-ring drive chain?

Answer:  Amazing can be used to degrease and to lube the chain. Wipe off the excess and apply WD-40 to the chain, wipe off the excess and you are ready to go.  Did you know that some chain cleaners and lubes can actually dissolve the o-rings, permitting the internal grease to escape resulting in kinking the chain links ruining the chain?  It is true.  WD-40 is a good chain lubricant, but it is not designed to absorb metal-to-metal shock, but it won't dissolve the chain's o-rings.  Don't use gasoline, brake or carburetor cleaner as they all destroy the o-rings.  Never use a bristle brush to clean a o-ring chain as the bristles will force grit under the o-ring, allow the internal chain grease to leak out and ruin the chain.  Also, the brushes will scratch the o-rings weakening them so the o-rings will fail early.  Once you try Amazing to clean and lube your o-ring drive chain you won't want to use anything else. 

76.  Question: Can a dyno measure the power gain Amazing will give?

Answer:  It can, but may not due to the dyno being run too soon.  It can take 500 to 1,000 miles for Amazing to dissolve most of the carbon deposits in an engine to reseal the piston rings, valves, add slipperiness to the crankshaft, bearings, gears, etc.  Then again, dynometers will not measure "acceleration" which is what you "feel" when opening the throttle.  So even if the dyno showed no torque or horsepower increase, you can feel the engine accelerating, running cooler, better engine response, quiet shifting, etc., these desirable things a dyno can not measureDrag Racing Magazine had an article on this in their September 2014 issue regarding using slippery oil in race engines and the dyno weaknesses to measure true performance.  Dynos measure horsepower, not performance and faster accelerating engines wins races against engines with more horsepower.  You don't see an accurate acceleration curve on a dyno print-out, you see a torque and horsepower graph.  A lot of performance issues are missing.  A dyno can not feel the fun factor of rapid acceleration and reduced mechanical frictional impedances. Live and learn.  Do not rely on dyno's to give you all the details and facts as they fail miserably in this department.  Amazing will increase felt pulling power and the thrill of increased acceleration.  

77.  Question: How does Amazing make fuel more powerful?

Answer: Amazing's formula contains soluble oil which permits mixing with fuel completely.  The oil formulation in Amazing contains more heat energy than gasoline or diesel fuel due to the oil density which when added to gas or diesel fuel Amazing's potential heat energy increases the energy available in gasoline/diesel fuels.  That gives the engine more power using less fuel.  Not only does Amazing increase power by energizing fuels, it also cleans and lubricates engine parts to gain even more engine power and fuel economy.  For best results use Amazing in both the engine lubricating oil and in the fuel tank.

78.  Question: Will Amazing removed ink stains?

Answer: On smooth hard surfaces, yes.  On hard rough surfaces and cloth, Amazing will not work.  We tried Amazing on a ink-stained shirt and it failed miserably to remove the dried ink and even made the ink spot expand a bit larger.  Amazing can't do everything.

79.  Question: Can Amazing be used as a general home cleaner?

Answer: You can as long as you keep the Amazing product away from children and do not put it into a spray bottle... and, remember that Amazing is a very slippery product so do not use on floors or bathtubs (unless you immediately wipe surface with soap and water to remove Amazing after use).  You will find Amazing will polish stainless steel, clean tough hard water calcium and magnesium from sinks, faucets, bathtubs.  It should not be used to clean oven as Amazing, if not completely removed after cleaning, will create smoke when the oven is started and could ignite... remember, Amazing is a very thin oil and all oils can ignite and burn (even vegetable oil).  We have used it on outdoor BBQ grills where smoke is generally not an issue.  Amazing will remove tough grease stains.  Amazing is so powerful of a cleaner if you place a few drop on blacktop pavement it will melt and dissolve it, yet is still safe for your skin.  And yes, it will remove tar from your car with great ease.  Try Amazing to degrease engine blocks, wheel rims and as a bug remover wherever tough grease and oil stains reside.  You will be amazed how fast Amazing removes the grime... instantly before your eyes!  If you have a home cleaning business consider using Amazing to speed up the cleaning tasks and you will enjoy that Amazing has no odor or perfumes which is annoying for professionals who have to smell chemical cleaners day-in and day-out.  No smelly fumes in your garage or in your business. 

  80.  Question: How does Amazing react with piston rings?

Answer: Baked on carbon deposits settle into the piston's ring lands where the piston ring resides.  The carbon builds up and prevents the piston rings from expanding against the cylinder wall which creates cylinder blow-by and loss of compression destroying fuel economy and contaminating lubricating oil that will damage the engine with harsh acids dissolving metals.  Amazing dissolves the abrasive sticky carbon deposits on piston rings, piston skirts, valve faces and valve guides.  As a result, proper engine cylinder compression returns to normal and so will engine power, acceleration and fuel economy.  We advise using Amazing in the lubricating oil and in the fuel for best cleaning benefits.

"Amazing is colorless, odorless and tasteless and its specific gravity is thinner than water."

81.  Question: What about direct fuel-injected engines?

Answer: Amazing works on every lubricated engine part including wherever fuel contacts metal when used in the lubricating oil and in the fuel (gas or diesel).  The inner face of the intake valves in DFI engines no fuel or oil additive will clean the fuel side of the intake valve as the additive never comes into contact with the intake valve.  This applies to all fuel and oil additives on the market today.  Most all gasoline cars and motorcycle engines have EFI (electronic fuel injection) which is not DFI, so Amazing will clean the fuel-soaked intake valve on all of these vehicles.

82.  Question: Why did you discontinue the 8-ounce size of Amazing?

Answer: Few customers wanted that size, so we opted to sell the 32-ounce (one-quart) size as that's what our customers desired.

83.  Question: Will Amazing harm 02 sensors?

Answer: Like all gasoline additives Amazing will temporarily foul an 02 sensor's sensitivity if you use too much of it, but it will not ruin the sensor.  If you use too much Amazing the sensor will send a wrong voltage signal to the ECU creating a lean burn which will make the engine run rough and hesitate.  Once the fuel in the tank is refilled the 02 sensor will return to normal operation. 

84.  Question: What about those thick oil-based fuel additives?

Answer: Amazing is a thin oil based product unlike the thick oil additives.  Amazing will not prevent an engine from starting if too much is used, but a thick oil additive will stop the engine from starting.  You must use a lot less product to get the thick additive diluted enough.  Usually for a five gallon motorcycle tank, no more than a shot glass of thick oil is recommended as anything more can stall the engine or prevent it from starting.  You'll need to siphon out some fuel from the gas tank and add fresh fuel to fix the problem.  You should not run into this problem using Amazing


85.  Question: How come you do not export Amazing to other countries?

Answer:  The cost of shipping just one quart of amazing in the continental USA is $17 - $20 with the U.S. Postal Service and with UPS and FedX the cost is even higher.  With those high shipping rates we can't sell direct to the customer on small order sizes and most customers only order one or two quarts at a time, not cases or pallet sizes.  To keep costs down, as we pay the shipping postage fee, we just can't export to individuals as the shipping fee alone can exceed $60 just to ship one quart.  It's not feasible when selling direct in small quantities to individuals.  Amazon.com/Amazing sells Amazing and they can export if you are willing to pay the shipping fee.


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